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| 25 Feb 2018 | A few years from now, looking back on why Twitter collapsed and YouTube was abandoned by every intelligent person, we’ll remember what these totalitarian tech giants did in February, 2018. Starting a few days ago, both Twitter and YouTube began scrubbing all videos and tweets that don’t follow the “official narrative” on the Florida school shooting. Anyone who questions the wisdom of the school students-turned-propagandists — who were all probably eating Tide pods a week ago — [LOL!] is immediately banned and silenced. Only one side of this “debate” is allowed to exist: The side that worships the lunatic Left’s demands that all law-abiding Americans surrender their self-defense firearms because a group of traumatized school kids were shot at by their own lunatic classmate. The insanity, stupidity and derangement of all this is beyond description.

Silence! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official narrative on the Florida school shooting

Sam’s Club


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YouTube will launch a series of workshops to help young content creators “tackle internet safety and issues around fake news”, the BBC reports.
It adds that the workshops, to be hosted in various locations around the UK, will be targeted towards people between 13 and 18 years old and are being promoted as part of International Citizens day.

YouTube personalities such as Beni’s Nadir Nahdi, will provide insight into fact checking, using online tools and how to respond to negative feedback.

Anne Smee, chief executive of UK Youth, said: “In this complex world, there is an urgent need to help young people embrace the positive aspects of connectivity but we must also support them to manage the negative effects.”

Read more YouTube to offer fake news workshops to teenagers

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Fox News, apparently citing FBI liars and mass murderers, tried to frame “radical imam” Marcus Dwayne Robertson just hours after the Orlando shooting. “Law enforcement sources” (a.k.a. FBI criminals) lied to the media, saying that Omar Mateen had been a student in Robertson’s on-line religious school.

The FBI’s slanderous lie appears to have been part of a pre-scripted attempt to “sell” the Orlando shooting as a “radical Islamic terror” event. And yes, “pre-scripted” means that the FBI was in on the mass killing in advance. There is no way they could have cranked out this kind of propaganda, blaming an innocent former CIA asset, if it wasn’t scripted ahead of time.

To its credit, Fox News gave Robertson a chance to respond. And Robertson made the most of it. Watch the amazing “first draft” youtube above, put together in haste by John Hankey, and offer your feedback in the comments section.

Who is Marcus Dwayne Robertson? A decent guy, it appears, but one who made the mistake of signing on as an asset of the  FBI-CIA/Wackenhut-Mossad terror-industrial complex. He probably thought he was going to “help stop terrorism” and earn a few bucks on the side. Big mistake.

The CIA-FBI-Mossad turned against Robertson when he refused to accept a job that required him to shoot American citizens. That isn’t speculation, that’s on an official court document.




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We have a few here too 🙂

Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll?  Well, there is a very good chance that you were not imagining things.  Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have solid proof that paid government trolls are using “psychology-based influence techniques” on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Documents leaked by Snowden also reveal that government agents have been conducting denial-of-service attacks, flooding social media websites with thinly veiled propaganda and have been purposely attempting to warp public discourse online.  If we do not stand up and object to this kind of Orwellian behavior, it is only going to get worse and worse.



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‘According to the group which identifies itself as Anonymous, the ISIS hack of the Pentagon’s Twitter accounts traces back to Maryland – home of the National Security Agency.

Twitter and YouTube accounts belonging to the U.S. military command that oversees operations in the Middle East were reportedly hacked by ISIS sympathizers earlier today, with messages being sent out for almost an hour before the accounts were temporarily shut down.

“American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back, ISIS,” the hackers posted on the U.S. Central Command Twitter feed.’

Read more: ISIS Hack of Pentagon Twitter Accounts Traced Back to Maryland

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This article originally appeared at RT

RT’s five YouTube channels combined have hit the 2 billion views benchmark, strengthening the channel’s role as the leading news provider on the popular video hosting service.

RT content on Youtube has generated over 3 times as many views as CNN & Euronews respectively, and 2.5 times Al Jazeera’s viewership.

Over 540 million views were generated by the network to date in 2014.

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‘Increasingly, Facebook is being accused of censoring material that users post on the world’s largest social media website, prompting outrage and confusion from many who see hypocrisy in the site’s rules.

In one recent instance, as reported by InfoWars.com, multiple users of the site have complained that they were not able to share some YouTube videos from the alternative media site, as well as others (including Natural News):

When attempting to share videos by Infowars and by social commentators E.T. Williams and Mark Dice, Facebook users received error messages preventing them from sharing the videos even though they were able to share videos from other, non-political YouTube channels.’

Facebook is deliberately censoring alternative media and pushing globalist agenda

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Become a Patron: http://www.Patreon.com/AcronymTVIn this wide ranging interview, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Christopher Hedges talks with Acronym TV’s Dennis Trainor Jr about Class War, Non violence, The Great Gatsby, and about the lost art of Satire. “Satire becomes destroyed in essence in the hands of figures like Colbert, John Stewart and others,” Hedges asserts. “They will attack the excesses or the foibles of the system, but they are never going to expose the system itself because they are all millionaires, they are commercially supported. You have very few people (George Carlin was one) who will stand up and do it. If you do that, it is tough to make a living. Carlin maybe being the exception. But if you really use Satire the way Swift used Satire, to expose the English barbarity in Ireland because culture, like everything else in the society has been completely corporatized.”Stephen Colbert, Stephen Colbert satire, Colbert Report, Daily Show, Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, Jon Stewart Satire, Satire, Comedy, Stephen Colbert and John Stewart Have Destroyed Satire , Chris Hedges, Acronym TV, Dennis Trainor Jr, Subscribe – http://bit.ly/VUl21BTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/dennistrainorjrfacebook: http://www.facebook.com/acronymwithdtrainWeb http://www.acronymtv.com

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Google: Surge in pressure from govts to DELETE CHUNKS of the web

Governments, judges, cops and politicians are continuing to lobby Google to tear down online material critical of their operations, we’re told.

Today, the advertising giant said that, in the first six months of 2013, it received 3,846 demands from public officials to remove 24,737 personal blog posts, YouTube videos and other pieces of content it hosts. That’s up 68 per cent on the second half of 2012.

And according to the web giant, which has just published its latest transparency report, 93 requests focused on content that was critical of people in public office. Defamation and copyright infringement were often cited, but less than one third of the highlighted material was removed in the first half of 2013.

“Over the past four years, one worrying trend has remained consistent: governments continue to ask us to remove political content,” wrote Google legal director Susan Infantino, who called out Turkey and Russia for ramping up the number of complaints.

“Judges have asked us to remove information that’s critical of them, police departments want us to take down videos or blogs that shine a light on their conduct, and local institutions like town councils don’t want people to be able to find information about their decision-making processes,” she added.

In the US, Google said that it saw requests for content removal up 70 per cent over last year. Notable cases include the removal of 76 apps from the Google Play store over alleged infringements of government copyrights and the denied takedown request from a local official who sought to remove pages outlining his record as a police officer.

In the UK, Google said it shot down a request from a local government council to take down a critical website, and upheld a request to pull a preview from a book that alleged illegal activity by an unnamed member of Parliament.

The report is the latest in a transparency program that Google is soon hoping to expand. The company has petitioned the US government to allow it to post information and notifications relating to FISA takedown requests. Thus far the requests have not been granted.

Verizon is also preparing to launch its own transparency report on law enforcement data requests, a particularly interesting development given the mobile carrier’s recent interactions with the NSA and the revelations of federal officials collecting mass archives of user activity.

“All companies are required to provide information to government agencies in certain circumstances, however, and this new report is intended to provide more transparency about law enforcement requests,” said Verizon general counsel and executive vice president of public policy Randall Milch.

“Although we have a legal obligation to provide customer information to law enforcement in response to lawful demands, we take seriously our duty to provide such information only when authorized by law.”

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Please Favorite this video, and help us promote it on YouTube in any way you can.

LaRouchePAC Presents: 1932

To Govern a Republic, One Must Know the Minds That Created It.

“…while a nation goes speculation crazy the people neglect to think of fundamental principles.”

These were the words of Franklin Roosevelt in the months leading into the Democratic National Convention of 1932. Roosevelt knew that the fight for the United States Presidency was not simply a game of political machines and punditry, but that this coming fight demanded a leader who understood the historic enemy of the United States and the founding principles of the nation.

Download a high quality version at http://www.larouchepac.com

LaRouchePAC plans to distribute tens of thousands of copies of this DVD freely to the population, contact us if you would like to help in any way.

Donate at: http://donate.larouchepac.com

Please watch the entire film before you comment. Thanks.

The film is narrated by Robert Beltran.

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Dick Gregory renown activist, insightful philosopher, anti-drug crusader, legendary comedian, author, actor recording artist, nutritionist. This talk enlightens and inspires one to stand up and make things happen for a better world for everyone. Covers 9/11 and more. Dick Gregory speaks on the importance of the 9/11 truth movement and the foundation the civil rights movement created that made the 9/11 truth movement possible. This wide ranging talk under scores how government and the rule of law is systematically abused by a few.

Constructive and creative ways are highlighted for living and nurturing the 9/11 Truth movement and the very many other all inter-related movements a foot across the planet. Main stream media at one time had a mass audience of over 70 million people each night which was used along with major universities to dominate what the American and world public. thought. Today that nightly number is under 7 million. The internet allows everyone to find out about much of what is actually happening.

Only a certain few buildings were evacuated during 9/11. Buildings near by were not evacuated. Many other discrepancies are covered showing this kind of decision making has been going in high places since the country was founded. Some people are well aware of this. Too many people think it could not happen to them and look the other way. September 11 was another wake up call that it can happen to anyone.

It is imperative the internet is used to get beyond the usual choir so that everyday people can see for themselves what is actually going on.

Dick Gregory challenged segregation in high school, was on the frontline in the sixties for civil rights, for peace, challenged the factual inaccuracies of the official reports on JFK, MLK, RFK assignations, and 9/11; outspoken for women’s rights, economic fairness, human dignity; confronts entrenched abusive power.- political, economic, social; a life long “drum major for justice and equality.”

He is a fully committed social and moral force. Has done many week fasts in protest more than 60 times. One time in Iran, to 97 pounds, for the release of American hostages.

Recently he reversed lymph cancer through healthful nutrition, exercise, instead of traditional medicine’s chemotherapy.

He challenges the factual inaccuracies of the food industry and the promotion of eating unhealthful foods and harmful practices towards animals. He has helped people with morbid obesity.

Included among his, friends such luminaries as Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.,John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Muhammad Ali.

Through his wit, wisdom and dedication to countless causes for decades Dick Gregory is one of the most uplifting activists of all time.

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Search Engine Manipulation. Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth?


With polls consistently showing that approximately 50% of Canadians and Americans doubt the official story of 9/11, the feat of keeping the lid on a public debate for over 12 years has been nothing short of miraculous.

This article presents a simple case study showing that this miracle is being performed with the assistance of Google and YouTube search engine interference

On September 8, 2013, the popular Russia Today “Truthseeker” program, with over a million subscribers on YouTube,[1] published a 13-minute newscast entitled “The Truthseeker: 9/11 and Operation Gladio (E23).”

Below the video frame ran the caption:

Bigger than Watergate’: US ‘regular’ meetings with Al-Qaeda’s leader; documented White House ‘false flag terrorism’ moving people ‘like sheep’; the father of Twin Towers victim tell us why he backs this month’s 9/11 campaign on Times Square and around the world; & the protests calendar for September.

This paragraph was followed by a list of interviewees, including four people representing three scholarly research organizations:  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,[2] the 9/11 Consensus Panel,[3] and The Journal of 9/11 Studies.[4]

The “Truthseeker” video immediately started to gain popularity on YouTube, reaching 131,000 views in the first three days.[5](The history of the viewing statistics may be seen by clicking on the little graphic symbol under the video frame, and to the right)

Truthseeker posted its program to YouTube on Sept. 8.  Russia Today tweeted the YouTube link to its 546,000 followers and to the interviewer, Daniel Bushell, that day:

RT@RT_com 8 Sep

The Truthseeker: 9/11 and operation Gladio (E23) http://youtu.be/vka7Da6e9LY  @DanielBushellRT

A MOXNEWS copy of the same newscast was also posted September 8 under the title “Russia Today News Declares 9/11 An Inside Job False Flag Attack!” which in turn started to escalate, with over 80,000 views in the first few days.[6]

Other uploads of the program also appeared, with less traffic, bringing the early viewing total to over a quarter of a million people.

What Happened Next?

In both the RT and MOXNEWS cases, the viewer statistics on YouTube suddenly flat-lined on the morning of September 11 — like a heart monitor when a patient dies.

The YouTube search engine had suddenly failed to locate these videos.

Oddly, although the RT video may still be viewed on YouTube through its direct link (if known) from the Google URL box,[7] it cannot be accessed on YouTube by its title, or by portions of its title, or by searching “Truthseeker.”

The MOXNET version was also decoupled from the YouTube search engine for a period of time after September 11, but has since been restored to normal indexing.

Below is RT’s “Truthseeker” “9/11 and Operation Gladio” reposted on GlobalResearchTV:


How Were the Search Engine Failures Detected and Verified?

Investigations carried out independently by a US engineering colleague and myself revealed the following:

I. YouTube Search Results and Rankings:

·        Searching the exact title of the original “Truthseeker” posting (“9/11 and Operation Gladio”) does not yield the original RT post. It does yield other posts with far fewer viewings, but the original, which as we have seen still exists as a URL, is evidently no longer in the YouTube index.


Its viewings have slowly risen over several weeks from 131,000 to 136,000 through the early news reports — but with by far the most views of all the uploads, it should appear at the top of the list.

  • Searching YouTube for the URL of the original escalating RT version produces no result either, although as we have seen, the URL is still a functioning direct link. (Experiment:  Take any URL from YouTube or Google, plug it into the search box and watch it come up on top of the list — because there is only one.)
  • Searching YouTube for the program’s name, “Truthseeker,” displays titles from Episodes 1-22, and also Episode 24, but it fails to show Episode 23, “9/11 and Operation Gladio” in 15 pages of search results.
  • Searching for the MOXNET post on the third day of its existence (September 11) produced a similar result. It should have appeared second from the top with its 80,000 views, but it was difficult to get it to appear at all — except through its direct link (if one had saved this earlier).
  • Oddly enough, the MOXNET post is once again normally accessible on YouTube (as it was September 8-11) through a search of either:  a) its full title, or b) its first few words.

II. Google Search Results and Rankings:

An exploration of the Google Web and Google Video search results revealed the following about access to the RT “Truthseeker” Episode 23:

·        Google Web Rankings:  On a search of “9/11 and Operation Gladio,” Google Web first brought up several news items, followed by an array of low-volume YouTube uploads that did not include the popular original RT version.


·        Google Video Rankings:  On the same search, “9/11 and Operation Gladio,” Google Video first listed the “Truthseeker” website page from which the video may also be watched and downloaded (as discussed below). This was followed by a half dozen uploads from other sources, mostly showing 50-200 video views. The original RT video that is still available by direct link and now records 136,000 views, did not show up at all — yet it should have been on top.


·        On both Google Web and Google Video, searching the original RT URL failed to bring up the early version of the program that had started to go viral[8] — although its direct link still exists and shows up on several early September news websites.

III. The Truthseeker’s Own Website:

The “Truthseeker” produces a new show every two weeks.  As of this writing, the “Truthseeker” home page shows Episode 24, dated September 22, right at the top, followed by Episodes 22, 21, 20, and 19.

Our case-study Episode 23, dated September 8, was displayed at the top of the home page from September 8-11, before it disappeared.

It was then located under a different date — August 1, 2012 — buried on a back page with earlier episodes from over a year ago.

This may have been a simple mistake on the part of a large investigative news network that is attracting personnel and audiences away from Western networks, or it may be the result of hacking or political pressure. [It should be noted that when a September 8 2013 posting is given a new date namely August 1, 2012, it no longer appears on Google News in the days leading up to and following September 11, 2013, the date of commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. This redating of the September 8 posting also affects its ranking in the search engines, GR Ed.].

The bottom line is that at least with regard to the Google and YouTube (which is owned by Google) search engines, something highly unusual has gone awry.[9]

Failure of Email Transmissions Describing the Above Investigation

Perhaps the most disturbing element of this case study is that for more than two weeks after September 11, 2013, it was impossible for some people to transmit by email the link to the original YouTube Episode 23 that had started to go viral.[10]

An email containing this link would at first appear to have transmitted normally, for it would show up in the sender’s Sent Mail. But it would not be received by the addressees — including the sender, if copied to self.

To my knowledge, at least six people, including three IT professionals, experienced the failure of email transmissions containing this particular link.

Of these IT professionals, one concluded, “There is no benign explanation for this.”

Impact and Significance: 

1. Impact: How popular videos behave statistically 

When videos start to become popular on YouTube, the statistics curve usually continues to rise over time.

Some show an initial burst of interest, with the curve rising quite steeply, then settling into an upward sloping line over time. This may be seen with the 2011 “Ultimate Dog Tease” (145 million).[11]

Others have a slower start, then catch on and build steadily, as did the 2012 “Psy-Gangnam Style” video, the first to be viewed over a billion times.[12]

The same slow-start pattern was seen with the 2007 video, “9/11 Clues EVERYONE MISSED.”[13]

Now compare these graphs with the two flat-line interruptions in the case-study videos whose progress was truncated by search engine failure.[14]

The point is that if a particular video is catching on, and people can see the excitement and enthusiasm for it right there in the viewer stats, they are apt to jump aboard and watch it.  They are far less likely to watch a video with 50-200 views that has been rated “ho hum” by the viewing public.

Those who covertly study the impact of “inconvenient” political broadcasts, and who take note and interfere with them, understand these things.

2. The significance of this interference:

The suppression of free political communication in our society has grave consequences for several reasons:

  • It is clear that that there is not just spying and data collection going on.  There is also electronic interference in our media, search engines, and mailboxes that is suppressing freedom of expression at various levels;
  • Media and search engine suppression can be held up for public view, while evidence of individual email tampering, probably carried out by covert state agencies, is frightening.  People are naturally reluctant to report it or write about it — for there is no one to report it to;
  • In the case of 9/11, which has torn the fabric of humanity down the middle — between Muslims and Christians, and between East and West — it is essential that the evidence backing this event be absolutely correct and open to question at all times;
  • The fact that the lid on 9/11 has been nailed down so firmly for so long creates great suspicion that this case study points to possible obstruction of free information transfer by government agencies recently identified through NSA whistleblowers Edward Snowden, William Binnie, Thomas Drake, and others.

This essay is offered to all citizens who believe the government should be investigated when state crimes against democracy are suspected.

It is further offered to all who pay taxes for government care, protection, and the guarantee of constitutional freedoms — and in particular to citizens who may have encountered chilling indications of covert state interference in their lives.

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A Timely World Declaration!

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Forensics of the Malala False Flag Operation

Forensics of the Malala False Flag Operation

And they planned, and Allah planned; And Allah is the Best of Planners! (Holy Quran 8: 30)


Some mysteries are never solved for the public, especially the intriguing thrillers presented in Pakistani politics! Whether it is the Osama Bin Laden fiasco or the Memo-Gate scandal or the latest ‘Malala myth’, the Pakistanis and the rest of the world are left guessing as to what really happened. They are only left to work it out using the ‘Cui Bono’ formula-meaning ‘who benefits’.

Forensic Medicine is a branch of medicine that involves the study and application of medical knowledge in the legal field. Because modern medicine is a legal creation and medico-legal cases involving death, rape, paternity etc. require a medical practitioner to produce evidence and appear as an expert witness, these two fields have traditionally been inter-dependent. We shall use forensic expertise to solve this mysterious case of ‘attempt to murder’.

Prelude to the Malala ‘Drama’


Emotions were running high and public opinion was changing rapidly against the American drone strikes in Pakistan after the Anti-Islamic film against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the successful Peach March against drones by PTI under the leadership of Imran Khan. America had to do something to stop this and do it fast!

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) had blocked YouTube plus a thousand other websites that may leak sensitive information about the events to occur ahead.

The Pakistani patriots are sick of American drones blowing up their children while a study just came out exposing the fact that for every assumed “terrorists’ they kill, drones kill 40 or so innocent people. The attention of the world to the cruelties and barbaric bombardment of innocent civilians in FATA as revealed by the participation of 32 Americans and several British in the PTI march, its coverage by the BBC and the denunciation of drone attacks by the visiting Russian foreign minister, editorials against drone attacks in the Financial Times and other newspapers reveal the global attention that US crimes against the people of Pakistan were getting

The fake liberal fascists of the Pakistani media were also getting battered and bruised on social media by true patriots and were looking towards their masters for an answer!

The timing of the attack on Malala Yousafzai on October 9 just one day after the PTI march against drone attacks is most intriguing and thus, little innocent Malala’s attack could not have come at a better time for the American government and the fake liberals!

Background of Malala, her Father and the CIA


Malala was a SHY 11 year old girl, who is somehow suddenly transoformed into a publically fearless teenager who becomes an educational activist!

Malala’s father a businessman, who is a school owner and whose business had gone down after the trouble in Swat, was looking for more opportunities. Whether it was the father or her daughter or both who seemed extremely enthusiastic to restore female education (which is a very good thing) can be guessed.

The school OWNER’s business is about to be shut down and out of the blue his “obedient” daughter takes up his “personal crusade” to bring more for-profit schools to Pakistan (and thus increase his wealth). There must be a third hand involved and that is where the meeting of Malala & her family with US envoy late Richard Halbrooke in 2010 comes in!

Many suggest that Malala herself was there to meet and come up with a plan to help the Americans out. A journalist covering her story, Mr Adam, said to be a CIA agent, says she was there to plead with Holbrooke to help oust the Taliban from the district so her school could reopen. There may be a different theory. It wasn’t Malala meeting with Holbrooke, but her dedicated businessman father.

Now remember, in 2009, this little girl was just one of many who had a blog about what was happening in her country. But it’s hard to say if the blog was even hers since it was posted under a different name and the only real evidence of it resides at the globalist BBC blog page. But somehow little 11 year old Malala was catapulted to international attention by a documentary film, made by the CIA reporter Adam! The family, in collaberation with the CIA (in exchange for some good), made a documentary about the plight of schools and education in the terror-struck area of SWAT.

According to Adam, he started filming little Malala the day before her school was to be shut down by the Taliban (American Taliban) after meeting with the father and Malala 10 days prior to the shut down. What a coincidence. Seems like they had everything in place.

And so Malala would become the face of the for-profit global school system CIA wants to impose in many underdeveloped countries for its own political interests! Now, is that bravery or simple business? Doesn’t this tells us about the true nature of this whole drama?

Questioning of the Timing & the Perpretators of the Attack

Just two days after a protest against U.S. drone strikes killing innocent civilians in Pakistan, along comes the fake Taliban to claim credit for shooting little innocent Malala in cold blood. The fake Taliban spokesman in Pakistan, Ehsanullah Ehsan, took credit for the attack on the schoolgirl by a “phone call” claiming they did it because she liked Barack Obama and because she supported “Western Ideas”.

This by the way is the same fake Taliban spokesman who told the drone protesters to basically “f*ck off” after the protest was turned back. This is the same Ehsanullah Ehsan who took credit for a double bombing in 2011 claiming it was in response to the killing of bin Laden. That confession was also by phone from an “undisclosed location

And with them the whole fake liberal brigade, who had been severely wounded by the protests against anti-Islam film and the drones, and were looking for some opportunity for a strike back, came out with their weapons blazing!

Discrepancies in the Malala Hoax

Remember the different stories that were being related on the Mainstream Media (MSM) concerning the events of 9/11? For example, the live report on BBC of building 7 falling before it actually fell. This is one way in which God plans; He knows humans make mistakes, they are never perfect; that lies never have any feet. Soon after the stories became coming out on about the Malala drama, disprecancies were noted in the stories that were being related.

First there was report of a single bullet injury. A single bullet went from her forehead into her skull, then somehow manged to end up in her shoulder near her neck. They had to change the story of her being shot in the head AND the neck because even as they kept putting out pics of her with her neck covered up someone screwed up and published the photo which clearly shows she wasn’t shot in the neck.

There was also a two bullet report: “Malala was shot twiceonce in the head and once in the neck but HER WOUNDS WERE NOT LIFE-THREATENING”, according to Tariq Mohammad, a doctor at the main hospital in Mingora. But pictures show no wound on her neck. 

Then pictures came out in the electronic media of a certain man and a smaller girl walking towards the helicopter that was ready to take Malala to a hospital in Peshawar. They do have a canny resemblance to Malala and her father. The question is: if they are not THEM according to liberals, then WHO ARE THEY? Could any TOM, DICK and HARRY get into that helicopter or even get the courage to do and WHY do so?

Then there is a picture of Malala with bandage on the RIGHT side of her forehead and another picture of Malala with a bandage on her LEFT. There is one picture of her on the stretcher with RED clothes and another with a BLUE dress. Now WE HAVE PICTURES OF HER RECOVERING IN A HOSPITAL IN UK WITH NO SCAR ON HER FOREHEAD OR ANY OTHER SIGN TO SHOW THAT SHE HAD BEEN SHOT IN THE FOREHEAD. SO NOT SHOT IN THE NECK, NOR IN THE FOREHEAD, WHERE WAS SHE SHOT?

Also, banners and posters printed in English, were ready in such a short time, within 24 hours in protest against the Malala attack and were displayed in protest demonstrations the next day. Were they prepared beforehand?

The Medical Miracle

This is the report by the operating surgeon in Pakistan: “The surgeon who operated on her said a high-velocity bullet, shot from close-range, damaged critical areas of her brain. It is not just Malala’s survival which is in question, but what kind of survival.” This report contradicts the report of the doctor mentioned above at the hospital at Mingora hospital.  It’s a miracle that the gunmen didn’t kill these girls, considering they were at close range.”

Is the main stream media trying to tell me that ‘the bullet that went into her skull from the front temple above her left eye, traveled through her head, down through her neck and lodged itself in her shoulder, that bullet, fired by an evil Taliban member, did absolutely no damage to her brain as it bounced around inside her head til it slipped down her neck and into her shoulder’!?

Then suddenly Malala undergoes miraculous surgery with no brain damage: “The medical tests done on Malala Yousafzai after a bullet was successfully removed from the gunshot victim have revealed that her brain had not sustained any damage”

Now the story from UK doctors is that the bullet grazed off her young skull at the left temple or just above it and it moved down her cheek area damaging her jawbone (or the connection of the jaw) then down the neck somehow passing the carotid artery without nicking it.

What Dr. Rosser at UK wants us to believe is that no other medical facility noticed the fact that she was having trouble breathing due to the fact that her airway was swollen by the passage of the bullet during that entire time. A swelling caused by a bullet wound is VERY MUCH OBVIOUS EVEN TO A LAYMAN. That is highly unlikely.

Furthermore, there is a photo of Malala that was taken while she was at one of the two military facilities, it clearly shows she has not had a tracheostomy at that point and there is no apparent swelling of either her face or her neck.

Malala has also now been given a tracheostomy because as Dr. Rosser says, “her airway was swollen by the passage of the bullet”. This does not conform to what we know about her previous treatments.

It is unlikely as well that a bullet passing her airways would cause swelling some 5-6 days after the contact, though certainly hospital malpractice could explain it, but aside from that, I don’t know what would delay a body’s reaction to a bullet in this way. But clearly, the swelling was not present when this photo was taken of Malala in the hospital some days after the event. No swelling and no tracheotomy.

Dr. Rosser then goes on to explain the path of the bullet which he claims entered her skin at the left temple and traveled under the skin but apparently above or outside the skull, down past the front of her ear to the jaw connection where it may or may not have damaged the bone, and then down her neck and ending up in her back near her spine.

I’m not exactly sure how the bullet is supposed to damage her airway and then end up in her back, but somehow the bullet is supposed to have done that. Perhaps he is suggesting it changed direction after making contact with her jaw but if that is the case, how did it cause swelling in her airway?

Another good question becomes how did the bullet not damage her carotid artery?

In looking at the pictures of Malala after the shooting, it seems highly unlikely to me that a bullet passed through her skin under her temple and down the side of her face through her jawline area, to say nothing of her throat. Gunshot wounds to the face leave very serious swelling behind and the photos of her after the attack show absolutely nothing with regard to a possible bullet path moving along the side of her face under the skin. Just go look at that first photo of her.

She is ‘now opening eyes and uttering words’ and ‘will fully recover’ to tell the world her story and what should be done about it.


There is enough forensic medicine evidence to prove that Malala was not shot. Many pictures were photoshopped and the film made of her injury was just an action thriller!

Such false flag operations for political purposes using ‘innocent children’ have been done before. Just google Jessica Lynch of USA and Aesha of Afghanistan, other children that were chosen for playing the dirty games. IF CHILDREN CAN BE BRAINWASHED INTO DOING THIS, THEN THEY CAN ALSO BE BRAINWASHED INTO SUICIDE BOMBING!

I will be discussing this under the motives of this false-flag operation in a future column!

 For me the case of Malala has been solved and is now closed
Note: Any facial changes/distortions afterwards may have been produced deliberately by surgeons unless explained medically on how the injuries and required changes occurred. From her latest pics circulating on social & other media, it seems her facial nerve has been damaged which was not obvious in previous pictures!

For pictures please see my facebook album http://www.facebook.com/Dr.NaumanShad/media_set?set=a.10151276981132718.519730.551242717&type=3

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