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Another one of these blokes who never gets put on mainstream TV. I wonder why?? Barrie Trower speaks about how they’re killing us softly. Note. I say before bed because youlre not using the wifi. It’s helpful while awake. If you can remove all wifi then great, but if you cannot, at least turn it off before bed so it’s not killing you while you sleep.


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Google, Facebook, and three other companies (here, here, here, here, and here) are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from space within the next three to four years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare, according to a recently-formed international coalition: the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS).


Help The Internet Post and get a real deal on a USB flash drive


We are currently running a drive to support our expenses and for possible expansion plan this year. Get your 64GB flash drive and help support The Internet Post. This flash drive normally sells for up to $39.00. It allows computer users to store information privately away from their computer. Some computers don’t have half the storage capacity this drive has. For readers of the TIP, we are offering this gold bar flash drive for $20.00 and will send it for no shipping cost to US Residents.


for orders outside the US add $5.00 usd for a total of $25.00 thru PayPal

 Interface: USB 2.0
High speed USB 2.0 Read/Write Transfer
Pre-formatted ExFat

Environment Temperature: -40°C – +70°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C – +80°C
Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years
Operating System: Win98/ME/2000/XP/ Vista/ Windows 7, Mac OS 9.X, Linux2.4
Convenient to carry and comes already attached with free keyring
Easy to read/write data at very high speed
No driver or power supply needed, simply plug in USB and away you go
Small design and very fashionable in chrome silver metal finish
High quality weighty stainless steel metal chrome casing
Shock resistance, damp proof, antimagnetic
Use A-class chip, can be erased repeatedly for 100,0000 times
Compatible with PC, laptop, notebook, MAC, Tablet, etc.
Can function as hard drive
Data retention 10+ years
Capacity: 64GB

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