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It was a joy ride that the soldiers at Ft. Pickett won’t soon forget.

A soldier was arrested late Tuesday after he stole an armored personnel carrier – or “tank” as everyone on social media called it during a brief frenzy late on Tuesday night – from Ft. Pickett in Blackstone, Va. and led police on a more than 60-mile, two-hour chase through Virginia that ended in the streets of Richmond, according to NBC 4.

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  • U.N. ‘tactical vehicles’ have been spotted in Virginia driving on interstate
  • Motorists have been positing pictures online sparking debate about them
  • One website asks if the U.N. is preparing for economic collapse in America

The white trucks, equipped with large off-road tires, were seen being transported on Interstate 81 on Friday.

Jeff Stern posted photos of the vehicles on Facebook, writing: ‘Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington VA. Interesting times ahead!’

U.N. vehicles have been spotted in Virginia, shocking motorists and sparking conspiracy theories

U.N. vehicles have been spotted in Virginia, shocking motorists and sparking conspiracy theories

Fernando Johnson questioned online: ‘Tactical Vehicles, with bullet proof glass? Whatever could those be for, and why are UN vehicles here, in THIS country?!’

Meanwhile, Vincent Sammons noted on Facebook: ‘They are sealed against gas too.’

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It started with a reporter’s attempt to learn whether problem police officers were moving from department to department. It resulted in legislation that is again bringing national scrutiny to the Virginia General Assembly: a bill that could keep all Virginia police officers’ names secret.

In a climate where the actions of police nationwide are being watched as never before, supporters say the bill is needed to keep officers safe from people who may harass or harm them. But the effort has drawn the attention of civil rights groups and others who say police should be moving toward more transparency — not less — to ensure that troubled officers are found and removed.

If it is made law, experts say the restriction would be unprecedented nationwide.


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Two months ago we went inside the Fed’s “doomsday” bunker: a 135,000 square foot facility built in 1969, and nestled inside Mount Pony, east of Culpeper, Virginia that housed some $4 billion in hard currency as well as the central hub of FedWire, the computer network which allows the nation’s banks to communicate and transfer funds.

It was meant to ensure that the US banking system could still function in the event there were still any banks left in the post-apocalyptic world, Culpeper Switch (officially the Federal Reserve System’s Communications and Records Center) was equipped with everything a Fed official would need to survive in the wake of a nuclear holocaust.

And yet, it was in a word, “spartan” even by 1970s standards. After all who wants to greet the post-nuclear holocaust world surrounded by sterile plastic, a Fed spreadsheet (which caused the nuclear holocaust in the first place) and all the cash in the world, especially since the only currency accepted is silver, gold and of course, lead (not to mention a bunker-full of voodoo economists).


Then along came Vivos, a company which specializes in creating the ultimate in luxurious Doomsday bunkers which, however, are not only for the world’s richest, but also for those who Vivos founder, California entrepreneuer Robert Vicino, deems worthy: anyone can apply for a spot in the post-apocalypse world but only a select few will be admitted.

Until recently, the company’s only community shelter product was Vivos Indiana, a shelter “strategically located in midwestern America”, which the company describes as “one of the most fortified, nuclear hardened shelters within our network, located within a one-day drive from anywhere in the Midwest and the Eastern seaboard of America.  Built during the Cold War to withstand a 20 megaton blast, within just a few miles, this impervious underground complex accommodates up to 80 people, for a minimum of one year of fully autonomous survival, without needing to return to the surface.

Like a very comfortable 4-Star hotel, this massive shelter is tastefully and comfortably furnished and decorated, completely outfitted, fully stocked with food, toiletries, linens, medical supplies, a one year supply of fuel, a deep water well, NBC filtration systems, geothermal heating and cooling, bedroom suites, full size showers and bathrooms, a theater area, dining area, lounge area, exercise equipment, kennels, a garden area for fresh vegetables, laundry area, abundant storage areas, ATV’s, bicycles, tools, a workshop, security devices; and, just about everything else that may be needed to ride out virtually any catastrophic event.  You only need to bring your personal clothing and medications.  We’ve thought of everything else!

Far from any known nuclear targets, this shelter is also strategically located a safe distance away from the New Madrid fault line, the Mississippi River, and all oceans that might cause submersion as a result of a tsunami-type event.  The site is also surrounded by excellent farming, fishing, hunting and water resources.

more and video: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-14/doomsday-bunker-billionaires


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Shooter at U.S. Army base in Virginia wounds self, sparks lockdown

25 Aug 2014 A female soldier shot and wounded herself at Fort Lee, Virginia, on Monday, sparking a lockdown of the U.S. Army installation, the base said on its Facebook page. The soldier turned the weapon on herself inside the Combined Arms Support Command Headquarters and fired one shot, the statement said. Her condition was unknown. The base, about 100 miles (160 km) south of Washington, was locked down at about 9 a.m. EDT after a report of a shooter, the base said.

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USIS, accused of killing Iraqis and overbilling, vets national security clearances for US government

Col. Ted Westhusing, a military ethicist who volunteered to go to Iraq, was upset by what he saw. His apparent suicide raises questions.

27 Nov 2005 Col. Westhusing’s task was to oversee a private security company, Virginia-based USIS, which had contracts worth $79 million to train a corps of Iraqi police to conduct special operations. In May 2005, Westhusing received an anonymous four-page letter that contained detailed allegations of wrongdoing by USIS. The writer accused USIS of deliberately shorting the government on the number of trainers to increase its profit margin. More seriously, the writer detailed two incidents in which USIS contractors allegedly had witnessed or participated in the killing of Iraqis. A USIS contractor accompanied Iraqi police trainees during the assault on Falluja last November and later boasted about the number of insurgents he had killed, the letter says.

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Picturing The Plunge In Gun Crimes (As Gun Sales Surge)

A majority of Americans say they think gun crime has increased over the past 20 years, even though it has actually fallen dramatically, a recent Pew Research Center survey shows. The infographic below provides a closer look at some recent numbers.

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2 FBI agents killed in Virginia were on ‘very, very elite team’ involved in arrest of Boston bombing suspect

20 May 2013 Two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism unit died Friday while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope, the FBI announced Monday in a statement. The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.” …In interviews Monday, the founder of the Hostage Rescue Team and other former special agents called the unit “elite” while outlining the difficult training exercises members must endure. Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.


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Unmanned drone

NASA’s Ikhana unmanned aircraft heads out to aid in fighting a wildfire at Lake Arrowhead. Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. are making increasing use of such craft. (Jim Ross, NASA / April 23, 2009.

By Brian Bennett and Joel Rubin, Los Angeles TimesFebruary 15, 2013, 5:20 p.m.

WASHINGTON — While a national debate has erupted over the Obama administration’s lethal drone strikes overseas, federal authorities have stepped up efforts to license surveillance drones for law enforcement and other uses in U.S. airspace, spurring growing concern about violations of privacy.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it had issued 1,428 permits to domestic drone operators since 2007, far more than were previously known. Some 327 permits are still listed as active.

Operators include police, universities, state transportation departments and at least seven federal agencies. The remotely controlled aircraft vary widely, from devices as small as model airplanes to large unarmed Predators.

continued here

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Martha Boneta’s story should be a wake-up call for all Americans, and for farmers in particular as well as all property owners. You can read that story in the Canada Free Press which reports::

The war against U.N. Agenda 21 just got hotter in Virginia. Thinking Americans understand now what U.N. Agenda 21 is and are not backing down from fighting the anti-American, anti-prosperity, wealth redistribution scheme of the United Nations against our way of life.

The U.N. has deemed commercial agriculture unsustainable and has used taxpayer dollars and local supervisors to re-zone, re-shape, and prohibit land use for local agriculture or building that is not approved by their bio-diversity plan of limiting human habitation – all in the name of saving the planet.

Our planet does not need saving, Mother Earth is doing fine. The problem lies with progressive humans in positions of power who want to control everything we do while they line their pockets with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Unfair regulatory actions against Martha Boneta, a farmer in Fauquier County, Virginia, “violate fundamental rights and unfairly restrict her property rights.” Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Woodbridge/31st district) plans to strengthen Virginia’s Right to Farm Act and to “protect farmers against future encroachments by local government.”

Delegate Lingamfelter, who represents four of the Fauquier County’s 20 voting precincts, is planning a press conference to discuss his proposed legislation on January 8, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. Two prominent property rights advocates will be in attendance, Joel Salatin and Mark Fitzgibbons.

“Martha Boneta’s rights have been wrongly challenged. I am bringing legislation in the 2013 session of the General Assembly to improve the Right to Farm Act here in Virginia, so small farmers like Martha will enjoy fully their property rights. It’s not about demonizing anyone in this controversy. It’s about standing by property rights and our Founder’s vision.”


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“If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law”
― Henry David Thoreau

Imperial conditioning is the means by which a state through subtle and overt means make obedience to government a habit and sole course of action for citizens.  It may not necessarily be a conscious effort on the part of the state but merely the inevitable outcome of the initiation of aggression on a mass scale.  Absent violence, the state cannot exists.

One can read many of my previous essays on cops to see that they are the foundational element that makes governments work.  Absent the armed praetorians to conduct “law enforcement” (one of the more honest labeling enterprises of government), the state has no engine to uphold its legions of edicts and diktats over the unfortunate inhabitants in the tax jurisdictions.

I just went on a trip overseas.  As usual, every stage of travel within the American borders was awash in a sea of uniformed agents of the state directing one to do this or that on the condition that non-compliance would be most unpleasant.  At one point after my return to the vaunted home of the free, I went through the porno-scanner to save time for a connection we were close to missing to return to Arizona.  When directed to put my hands on my head so that they could get a better view I rendered the appropriate one-finger salute east and west to which one of the unemployable TSA drones said “that is unnecessary” to which I replied then that there is no more fitting tribute to an organization for whom the word unnecessary should be part of the slogan for the blue-shirted shamblers. Of course, this resulted in a punitive grope and rifling of my carry-on bag.  No surprise.  Discretion on their part to harass those who object is part of their charter.  One is supposed to grin and bear every infringement on liberty in the name of national (read government) security.  They are, in fact taken aback, nay offended, when one of the cattle resists or says no.  Much like the ritual at the Border Patrol checkpoint 40 miles north of the border south of Tucson in Arizona where all inquiries are answered with a firm no.

One reason these enforcement drones are so incensed when a mere mundane refuses the easy compliance they expect is that so many do comply with bad laws, it is rather unusual for one of the subjects to get uppity.  Sometimes it ends badly and lethally as Mr. Grigg has so expertly and poignantly pointed out to us.

The biggest head-scratcher of all is the notion that violence and theft will never be tolerated in the behavior of mundanes but absent both of these tools, the cops much less the state could not exist. The virtue of zero aggression and embracing the non-initiation of force is a principle embraced by most ethical individualist anarchists and abolitionists.

Most folks have become so inured to the state of nature that they live in that they accept that police practice of terrorism is simply the way of the world for them to retain their freedom and safety.  Quite simply, two pillars must be established to keep these systems afloat:  they must be able to instill fear through the threat of fining, kidnapping, caging, maiming and killing anyone who refuses to comply with the whims of the system.  The second, and arguably more important pillar, is to convince the populace that not only is this the way of the world and the only way but that we must eventually find a way to put a happy face on it.  So we see large public spectacles like the 2012 Grand Old Politburo Convention in Tampa, Florida where thousands of drones not only pay obeisance to the police state but insist on more of the same and the additional burden of paying for their enslavement out of their own earnings.

The state is very savvy when it comes to the manipulation of convenience in the service of slavery.  There are ways to poach people’s time in a fashion to influence their selection of state means versus private means.  It is much easier to go through the porno-scanner instead of submit to a grope and be threatened with missing one’s plane unless you and yours submit to sexual assault.  It is much easier to get the government library card and have your internet usage monitored and recorded than finding a wireless system available that has even a modicum of privacy.  It is much easier to go to the grocery to purchase FDA approved death food than sneaking around to procure raw milk or fresh vegetables without a government stamp of approval.  It is much easier to pay for your local property tax that funds the government schools that are quite literally churning out huge populations of unreflective and shambling drones whose sole notion of reality is largely electronic and virtual.  It is much easier to present your “government issued” ID than dare to defy the authorities by refusal.

Like critical thinking, protection of individual sovereignty is hard work.  Your refusal is the foundational stamp of individual liberty. It is the state’s primary job to ensure that you never practice or acknowledge that.  Think about it, if you can simply refuse to comply with anything you suppose violates your self-ownership, the government would not have a leg to stand on, therefore they move heaven and earth not only to guarantee your compliance but to condition a willingness on your part to not only embrace evil but endorse it in all its bejeweled and patriotic awful beauty.

While most self-professed anarcho-capitalists and individualist libertarians (the Objectivists are a noxious and curious hybrid of collectivist libertarians but then again, all minarchist libertarians are in that camp de facto and de jure) are aware of the nature of this deal with the devil, most subjects in the American tax jurisdiction are proud of their fetters and will quite literally put their neighbors in jail who scoff or refuse to comply and applaud the wheels and machinations of law and order.  They will even go so far as to approve of their maiming and death at the hands of the police because” they got what they deserved” for not being respectful or compliant with authority.

The recent abduction and detention of Brandon Raub in Virginia speaks to the next step in the Orwellian process of putting a happy face on official tyranny and violence.  Like so many things in the old Russian Soviet system, the Americans are trying to improve upon the tried and true totalitarian tools employed by that extinct regime.  Raub became ensnared in the American variation of psikhushkas, the Soviet inference that resistance to the state may have a psychiatric component.  This may be a ramping up to begin a new conditioning regime to introduce the notion that resistance to government oppression and tyranny may be signs of mental illness.  Raub may be part of a demonstration project to “shop” the idea that resistance to government is not only against the law but may betray a nascent psychological condition.Remember that this is the same government in the DHS that monitored the opposition to its snitch program it developed. In the end, the government goal is to pilot your Weltanschauung in the direction they approve of and no other.

The state needs a conditioning regime that is intergenerational and self-replicating which is why the government in the US desires such detailed control of the school system from pre-school through graduate studies in universities.  Why do you think the government schools have cops innocently named School Resource Officers?  The entertainment industry does the same thing.  Even when portraying “corrupt” cops, good cops save the day.  Huh?

So imperial conditioning makes the government work.  The only refusal they will countenance is the admission that your self-ownership is sacrosanct.  They refuse to believe it.

“I heartily accept the motto, “That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe — “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Government is at best but an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient.”
― Henry David Thoreau



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‘After Brandon Raub’s attorney warned of veterans are being rounded up nationwide news comes of another veteran having his guns seized.

Last night Marine Veteran Brandon Raub’s attorney informed Glen Beck that veteran’s nationwide are being rounded up in a psychiatric detention stings for their political views. As his attorney put it ‘People are disappearing everywhere.’

Read more: Round Up Continues: Another Vet Placed In Psychiatric Detention, Has Guns Seized


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‘The U.S. House voted to cut food stamps, federal workers’ benefits and other domestic programs to avoid scheduled reductions in defense spending.

The chamber today passed, 218-199, a plan to cut about $310 billion in spending to replace automatic defense-spending reductions that lawmakers in both parties agree shouldn’t be allowed to take effect in January.

“This plan ensures that we maintain our fiscal discipline and commitment to reducing out-of-control government spending, while making sure our top priority is national security,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican.’

Read more: House Votes to Cut Food Stamps to Avoid Defense Reduction

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09 Apr 2012 (NY) A large wildfire is reportedly burning on the property of Brookhaven National Lab in Upton. BNL and Ridge fire departments have called in Wading River, Rocky Point, Manorville and Riverhead fire departments on mutual aid to fight the fire. There are fire department radio reports the fire is now burning outside the lab property as well, moving east  toward Wading River Manor Road. Fire police, county police and Riverhead Town police are closing area roads to traffic.

LINK: Large wildfire burning at Brookhaven National Lab, spreading east

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Feds Charge Man As Enemy Combatant Supporting Terrorism For Uploading YouTube Video, Subjecting Him To Permanent Imprisonment, Torture, And Lethal Beatings Without A Trial

Take freedom of speech and other personal liberties — including protections against cruel and unusual punishment, right to face your accuser, and right to trial by jury — and throw them right out the window. All for the crime of uploading a YouTube.

The Bill Of Rights Has Been Destroyed By The Patriot Act In The Name Of The War On Terror That is what a 24 year old Virginia man, Jubair Ahmad, faces as the feds charge him with providing support for terrorism for allegedly uploading a propaganda video. The crime comes with the dubious distinction that the accused are treated as if they are actually terrorists or as the U.S. government labels them “enemies combatants”. With the declaration of being an enemy combatant, the rights and protections engraved into the Constitution with the full force of our founding father’s very own flesh and blood are instantly nullified.Read more…

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