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In 2011, Consumers Digest predicted that “Smart” Meters “represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies”:   “Why Smart Meters Might Be a Dumb Idea.”

So it’s not all that surprising that so far – hundreds of thousands of “Smart” Meters have been recalled and/or replaced throughout North America due to various reasons including fires, explosions, general failure, and measurement errors.  There are utility companies who are already making plans to replace hundreds of thousands more.

All over the world, concerned citizens, elected officials, and organizations have been fighting to keep “Smart” Meters out of their communities due to health, safety, privacy, and cybersecurity concerns.  When they haven’t been able to completely stop utilities, they fight for the right to “opt out” of “Smart Meters” being installed on their homes and businesses.



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Over a year ago, reporter Ruth Lyle of the UK’s Daily Mail, published a rather introspective article about how AMI Smart Meters will be used to spy on British households and the ramifications of that totalitarian-like practice.

In reading Lyle’s article, I could not help but wonder if U.S. consumers are aware of what’s going on with AMI Smart Meters in the USA, because surveillance is part and parcel of the ‘new energy saving’ crisis!

According to Lyle,

A Mail investigation has discovered how marketing firms are targeting data collected by smart meters, which reveal how customers use their gas and electricity, and hoping to turn the information they provide in to a steady stream of cash.  [CJF emphasis]


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‘Since public utility companies everywhere and states public utility commissions in the USA are behind the times and not up to date with regard to electromagnetic hypersensitivity issues stemming from microwave technologies, perhaps utility customers could email this article to them. Why? Because it documents what happened to residents in the State of Victoria, Australia, after AMI Smart Meters were put into service in 2006.

First and foremost, what needs to be pointed out is what is stated in the Conclusion of a published paper titled “Self-reporting of symptom development from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in Victoria, Australia: a case series” posted at PubMed, U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health:’

Read more: Victoria, Australia Smart Meters Health Damages Case Study Published And What To Know To Protect Yourself

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‘Shortly after Joe Davidson moved into his Cincinnati apartment, he noticed his joints were achy and he wasn’t sleeping well. Then he needed two root canals.

Davidson is among a small but outspoken group of people who say the radio frequencies coming from so-called smart meters installed in their homes are making them sick. The wireless devices — designed to measure gas and electricity consumption and help consumers save money — have other critics, such as privacy advocates who argue they could violate customers’ privacy and consumer advocates who complain they could lead to higher utility bills.

Driven by these concerns, legislators in several states have moved to give consumers options when it comes to installing smart meters in their homes.’

Read more: Amid Health and Privacy Fears, States Are Letting People Reject ‘Smart Meters’

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New whistleblower evidence & court docs on “smart” meter fires, which are responsible for a growing number of homeowner deaths.

How do hundreds of “smart” meters all explode simultaneously? Why is such utility negligence happening, and what can you DO about it?

It’s worse than you think. Get the full story on the facts — and your rights.

READ THE ARTICLE: http://takebackyourpower.net/smart-me…


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‘Smart meters’ called a major threat to health, national security

| 12 March 2015 | Utilities around the country are installing millions of “smart meters,” devices which use wireless technology to send information back to the companies about power usage by their customers. But there’s a growing body of scientists deeply concerned about bathing the public in low-level, non-thermal radiation, and they say the smart meters pose the greatest danger of all…Jerry Flynn retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after a 26-year career, much of which was spent as a specialist in electronic warfare. “There’s nothing more dangerous than a smart meter on your house,” he told KRMG, and he’s not the only one who thinks so.

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