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The opioid crisis has killed thousands in the United States, and as more than 100 Americans die every day, opium poppy cultivation has hit a record high in Afghanistan in 2017. Coincidentally, President Donald Trump’s troop surge in Afghanistan has essentially been completed, boosting the number of service members on the ground from 11,000 to 14,000, the Pentagon said this week.

We’ve just completed a force flow into Afghanistan,” Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the Pentagon’s Joint Staff Director, said at a news conference. “The new number for Afghanistan is now approximately 14,000—might be a little above that, might be a little below that, as we flex according to the mission.”

Coinciding with the completion of the troop surge, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Counter Narcotics released a report claiming that the “area under opium poppy cultivation increased by 63% since 2016, reaching a new record high.”



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Opium, magic mushrooms and other psychoactive drugs have been used by humans for thousands of years, a study has revealed.

An anthropologist has discovered that humans have been cultivating and using mood-altering substances since the Stone Age.

Professor Elisa Guerra-Doce has compiled evidence from around the world that Neolithic people were taking drugs derived from cacti in 8,600BC and that they were cultivating opium poppies by around 6000BC.

Opium poppies, like those above, were among the earliest psychoactive plants to have been grown by humans

Opium poppies, like those above, were among the earliest psychoactive plants to have been grown by humans

The professor, based at the University of Valladolid in Spain, said evidence of opium poppy farming has been found at La Marmotta, about 20 miles north west of Rome in Italy, a site occupied by Neolithic farmers around 6,000BC.

There have been at least 17 finds of opium poppies from Neolithic settlements thoughout Switzerland, Germany and Spain

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This photo shows a seedhead of Opium Poppy Pap...



MORE than half the fields surrounding the main Australian base in Afghanistan are being used to grow opium poppies, as coalition forces struggle to ween locals off the lucrative crop.

Locals question why troops and police have failed to crack down on the semi-open sale of the poppies, according to the report of a respected non-governmental organisation.

While the allied forces in Oruzgan province have had some success in convincing locals to grow wheat, fruit and saffron, opium poppies are still the province’s biggest cash crop.


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