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One day after South Korea press reported that US special forces, including a Delta Force team and the infamous SEAL Team 6 are participating in local drills, practicing the removal of Kim Jong-un as well as the infiltration and destruction of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction, North Korea threatened the US with “merciless” attacks if an aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson, which is currently taking part in joint South Korean drills “infringes on its sovereignty or dignity”, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

North Korea said the arrival of the U.S. strike group was part of a “reckless scheme” to attack it.

“If they infringe on the DPRK’s sovereignty and dignity even a bit, its army will launch merciless ultra-precision strikes from ground, air, sea and underwater,” the North’s state news agency KCNA adding that “on March 11 alone, many enemy carrier-based aircraft flew along a course near territorial air and waters of the DPRK to stage drills of dropping bombs and making surprise attacks on the ground targets of its army.”


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  • Video shows soldiers going through drills as Kim Jong-un looks on 
  • Extreme exercises include man’s hand being hit by sledgehammer
  • Footage is believed to be from 2014, but has re-emerged online

A North Korean propaganda video shows soldiers being put through their paces – including breaking bricks using their heads.

The video shows the soldiers going through army drills as Kim Jong-un apparently looked on.

The extreme exercises include having large rocks smashed on their stomach and being beaten with sticks.

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‘Cyber-defenses protecting Trident nuclear weapons are to be updated amid concerns military computers and networks may be vulnerable to North Korean and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) hackers.

British defense giant BAE Systems will carry out the update on behalf of the US Navy, which maintains Trident, Bloomberg reports.

“Now that cyber has become even more important in our national security, there will be even more requirements. In our modern era, cyber security threats are a legitimate concern,” a US Navy nuclear deterrent program spokesman, John Daniels, told Bloomberg.’

Read more: Nuclear hacks: Trident cyber-defenses to be revamped amid ISIS, rogue-state hacker threat

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‘Large-scale defense drills being conducted by the US and South Korea are an alarming attempt to put military and political pressure on North Korea, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, while also criticizing Pyongyang’s reaction to the exercise.

“The development of the situation on the Korean peninsula and around it is causing growing concern,” the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Despite being pre-planned, the US-South Korean exercise is “unprecedented in its scale, and the number and types of weaponry being employed,” it stressed.

On Monday, some 15,000 American troops and 300,000 South Korean servicemen commenced the annual drill, which is aimed at testing the militaries’ readiness to counter a North Korean threat.’

Read more: Russia condemns ‘unprecedented’ US-South Korea war-games for pressuring Pyongyang

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Pyongyang long sought normalized relations with America and other Western nations. Washington wanting adversarial relations maintained prevents it.

A previous article explained why North Korea wants nukes. It fears America for good reason. It knows it wages endless imperial wars, raping one country after another.

Truman’s naked aggression turned most of North Korea to rubble. Millions died, mostly civilians. Pyongyang wants protection against a possible repeat of what happened earlier.

North Korea chose nuclear weapons as its strategy, for defensive, not offensive purposes.

Washington claims Pyongyang poses a nuclear threat, a pretext for greater US regional militarization, the real threat all Asian nations face.

According to US Pacific Command spokesman Capt. Darryn James, Washington may further militarize Hawaii, Guam, and continental America from (nonexistent) Pyongyang ballistic missile threats.

Kauai’s Aegis Ashore site’s “proven test capability” can be converted to a combat complex, he said.

US Pacific Command head Admiral Harry Harris “is always exploring options to forward deploy and operationalize the latest advancements in ballistic missile defense technologies in the Pacific, where we face increasingly sophisticated threats to the homeland,” according to James.

Fact: America faced no external threats since WW II ended – only ones it invents as pretexts for endless wars of aggression, deployments of US combat troops equipped with weapons of mass destruction worldwide, and homeland police state repression.

China expressed concern about possible greater US regional militarization than already, a clear threat to its national security.

“All measures seeking to increase military capacities will only intensify antagonism and will not help to solve the problem,” Beijing’s Washington embassy spokesman Zhu Haiquan stressed.

MORE HERE: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-phoney-north-korean-threat-to-america-the-pentagons-use-of-nukes-for-self-defense/5503256


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Overnight, we got two notable headlines out of the Far East.

First, the yuan devaluation continued unabated with the RMB falling to five-year lows and the spread between the onshore and offshore spots blowing out to record wides.

Second, Kim Jong-Un detonated an H-bomb. Or so Pyongyang says.

Around one hour after detection devices picked up a 5.1 seismic event at or near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, a North Korean announcer appeared on state-run television to read a statement explaining why the country carried out the test. “This is the self-defensive measure we have to take to defend our right to live in the face of the nuclear threats and blackmail by the United States and to guarantee the security of the Korean Peninsula,” she said.

more: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-06/america-gang-cruel-robbers-north-korea-boasts-successful-nuke-test-skeptics-laugh

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  • Pyongyang claim to have tested a thermonuclear weapon this morning
  • Explosion triggered 5.1 magnitude earthquake which was felt for miles  
  • The ‘successful’ explosion took place at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site
  • Epicentre was 30 miles north west of Kilju city in north east of the country
  • U.N Security Council will meet later today to discuss what steps to take
  • White House could not confirm North Korea’s claims but will defend allies
  • See full North Korea news coverage at www.dailymail.co.uk/northkorea 


North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un vowed to celebrate the New Year with ‘the thrilling sound of our first hydrogen bomb’ when he signed to order for today’s nuclear blast.

The hermit state claimed it had detonated a ‘successful’ hydrogen bomb this morning, triggering a 5.1-magnitude earthquake and propelling Kim on a new collision course with world powers.

But experts have been quick to cast doubt on the claims, saying the size of the explosion and resulting earthquake was far too small to have come from even a failed H-bomb.

The test came just two days before Kim Jong-Un’s birthday and analysts say the leader had been looking for a display of sabre-rattling bravado to highlight a rare ruling party congress scheduled for May, the first gathering of its kind for 35 years.

World leaders have lined up to condemn the test as a ‘grave provocation’ as the UN Security Council announced an emergency meeting to discuss its response.

Scroll down for video 

North Korea today conducted a 'successful' hydrogen bomb test, Pyongyang has confirmed. The detonation of the thermonuclear weapon (pictured in a still broadcast on North Korean television) triggered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake when it exploded at 10am local time at the Punggye-ri test site in the north east of the country

North Korea today conducted a ‘successful’ hydrogen bomb test, Pyongyang has confirmed. The detonation of the thermonuclear weapon (pictured in a still broadcast on North Korean television) triggered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake when it exploded at 10am local time at the Punggye-ri test site in the north east of the country

Pyongyang confirming this morning's detonation ends weeks of speculation that leader Kim Jong-Un had developed such a weapon. He is photographed here signing the order to conduct the hydrogen bomb test

Pyongyang confirming this morning’s detonation ends weeks of speculation that leader Kim Jong-Un had developed such a weapon. He is photographed here signing the order to conduct the hydrogen bomb test

North Korea today conducted a 'successful' hydrogen bomb test, Pyongyang has confirmed. The detonation of the thermonuclear weapon triggered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake when it exploded at 10am local time on Wednesday in the north east of the country

North Korea today conducted a ‘successful’ hydrogen bomb test, Pyongyang has confirmed. The detonation of the thermonuclear weapon triggered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake when it exploded at 10am local time on Wednesday in the north east of the country

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‘A 2013 bombshell book claims that during the Korean War, the United States employed germ warfare against North Korea and communist Chinese forces, claims that the government has denied for decades.

The book, This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in the Korean War and Denied It Ever Since by Dave Chaddock, claims that U.S. forces air-dropped insects and bird feathers containing anthrax, cholera, encephalitis and bubonic plague.

“This was supposed to be a secret at the time, and the Chinese response of mass vaccinations and insect eradication probably contributed to the project’s general failure (hundreds were killed, but not millions),” writes David Swanson in an Amazon.com review of the book. “But members of the U.S. military taken prisoner by the Chinese confessed to what they had been a part of, and confessed publicly when they got back to the United States.”‘

Read more: True history: U.S. dropped bubonic plague on North Korea as a weapon of mass destruction

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If the stand-up-for-freedom by paying to see a lousy film about Korea wasn’t enough to send you to the vomitorium, the murders in Paris should have done the job. The global 1% is moving us towards more bloody warfare as salvation for capital while growing sectors of the 99% wonder if we can afford to tolerate this madness much longer and hope to survive as a race.

A Hollywood film about murdering the North Korean head of state received negative reaction from North Korea – who could have imagined that? – and became a heroic gesture for freedom when a ban on its showing was rescinded and Hollywood fundamentalists risked life and limb congratulating themselves for having the courage to watch a stupid racist movie. Wow. Is this a great country or what?

But that was light stuff.

Shocking as they were, the horrible murders in Paris could have been anticipated by the attitudes of sophomoric, goading, racist disrespect for Islam taken by the publication which was attacked. This tragedy was immediately transformed into a ceremonial frenzy about freedom of speech forced on decent people who might not know such freedom even if they actually had it. But we can all identify bloody murder when it’s bludgeoned into our skulls by corporate media, its alternative echoes, and an assortment of fringe analysts who find Dick Cheney, Mossad, the Illuminati, the CIA or the Brothers Karamazov at the root of anything and everything that happens behind an all encompassing “false flag” waving over all of our besieged brains.

Given the consciousness control exercised by our corporate mind managers, even mildly critical people can’t be faulted for believing in religion. Whether the accepted opiate is Judeo Christian, Islamic, Buddhist or conspiratorial, its explanations can seem to make more sense than what passes for corporate capital’s political economic gospel.

But the procession of head of state western mass murderers and suppressors of liberty parading under the banner of freedom – a false flag if there ever was one – and mouthing platitudes about humanity united against exactly what they practice every day was enough to get some religious folk to renounce their faith in anything, except maybe the God of Fake Fabric worshipped by the conspiracy church.

Most disgraceful is the complicity of the USA in its training and financing many of these “freedom fighters” who become “terrorists” when they turn their wrath on us instead of the people we hired them to kill. The two who attacked the French publication were once fighting for the American side in trying to destroy the Syrian government as part of a slaughter that has killed some two hundred thousand people and made refugees of hundreds of thousands more. All of these people, like those killed in Paris, were and are innocent of anything more than being unable to stop powerful minorities of state terrorists from destroying their nations. But only some, we are told, deserve our sympathy.

Left out of the story are details that certainly do not rationalize the hideous attack on innocents but put them into a social perspective. Like, this alleged French bastion of satirical freedom of the press once dumped a staff person for allegedly making an anti-Semitic remark. Oh? But it’s okay to insinuate that Islam’s billions are united in trying to destroy the west in all its past glorious profits of colonialism and present glorious profits in pet food and homelessness?

The reductionist hate of professional islamophobics who, since 911, have assumed leadership in shaping what passes for political religious logic in America would have us accept every patronizing simplification that passes for news and nullifies material history. Draw Mohammed as a clown and Muslims as demented monsters anxious to cover our women in cloth instead of cosmetics and run the planet as a caliphate instead of a mall and you can pose as an expert on terrorism on PBS or Fox, a pundit at the NYTimes, even though you’re just a nitwit on the corporate payroll helping to further savage american mentalities.

While millions have been innocently swept up in the massive global trance induced by the corporate attack on critical thought, it is refreshing to see how many have demanded a broader scope in the telling of the story that includes what the provocations might have been and not simply the awful acts committed in a social vacuum, as they are presented. History and social reality do not exist in the major presentation, and its almost as though the killers were having breakfast and decided to murder people instead of taking in a movie, going shopping or attending grad school.

The skeptics who always find hidden assassins, fake identities, subterfuge and intrigue only they can understand are there, as always, but they are accompanied by far more who take a wider view and refuse to be swept up in the panic about terrorists who kill on a small scale while nations murder by the thousands.

This love-in for liberty observes a vicious double standard, as evidenced by the prosecution of a French comedian who dares to speak against the establishment and includes criticism of Israel and the holocaust in his act and is thus judged unworthy of freedom. Perhaps if he’d just viciously slur nearly two billion Muslims for the behavior of a relative handful France would allow him to speak as freely as its complicit butchery in Syria allows?

Look for entrapment of often puzzled youth into planning violence organized with arms supplied by federal agents, numerous arrests of terrorists often set up by those same agents, and continued panic induced among a public generally uninformed as to why there might indeed be hatred for the west among many, especially Muslims who are being singled out in the present war of capital. That system’s history of colonialism, its mass slaughter, enslaving and exploitation of much of the non-european world, and its present status of global crisis bordering on collapse while its ruling minority desperately attempts to salvage what will ruin civilization if it is allowed to continue will not be mentioned by them but must be understood by us.

Not just Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela, but all of us.

email: fpscott@gmail.com

Frank Scott writes  political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate


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N.S.A. Tapped Into North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say |

18 Jan 2015 |The trail that led American officials to blame North Korea for the destructive cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November winds back to 2010, when the National Security Agency scrambled to break into the computer systems of North Korea. The American spy agency [in violation of international law] drilled into the Chinese networks that connect North Korea to the outside world, picked through connections in Malaysia favored by North Korean hackers and penetrated directly into the North with the help of South Korea and other American allies, according to former United States and foreign officials, computer experts later briefed on the operations and a newly disclosed N.S.A. document.

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“The Interview” isn’t a movie at all; it is a propaganda tool and has the potential to create great conflict. This “movie” harnesses the worst energy in the universe, carrying with it the epitome of obnoxious American carelessness, and a threat against all human beings who exist in this fragile world.

Those of us who venture into the world as American journalists are always viewed with suspicion – for good reason. People on the other side of the world have a tendency to assume journalists are CIA, and this is a problem that dates back to the Vietnam War era, and before. At that time, CIA agents were posing as journalists left and right in Southeast Asia. Journalist Sean Flynn, the son of great actor Errol Flynn, was one journalist who was murdered because he and his friend, Dana Stone, were suspected of being CIA. They were killed during the invasion of Cambodia in 1970. They were killed because the CIA had posed as reporters one time too many.

Hollywood has long been a tool of the US government. I was heartbroken when the anti-Iranian propaganda film “Argo” was released. My friends in Iran who were present during the Islamic Revolution and the subsequent takeover of the US embassy say the script was largely fictitious. Now this debacle about the assassination of North Korea’s supreme leader is released by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and it is, in itself… a hit job.

Stinky, seedy, gratuitous Hollywood, with its lack of moral fiber, has no business stirring the pot when it comes to North Korea. Back when George W. Bush branded North Korea, Iran and Iraq the “Axis of Evil,” most of us knew that Iran is a peaceful nation – though constantly misinterpreted and threatened, and Iraq is simply a nation of victims of American bombs, but North Korea is a different story. At the same time, North Korea has taken no action against the United States to prompt this so-called creative film. For the sake of world peace, it simply should never have been made or released. It yanks at the heart strings of “patriotic” Americans who just can’t wait for World War Three, as if war is some kind of game or entertainment they watch on their wide screen televisions.

The common theme is that these films like Argo and The Interview are horribly, even irreversibly, damaging the reputation of journalists. They are killing our credibility.

In fact, it is a perfect plan for the US government… to create a film where reporters score an interview with the leader of North Korea, only to be talked into becoming CIA assassins. It is no wonder Obama wants The Interview to be seen.

Think about it for a second. The last thing American politicians and their corporate sponsors want is for journalists to have free, safe access to this world. This is true in so many places and situations.

As long as world leaders we do not agree with exist, we in the news business should be willing to interview them..

Each time a movie comes out damaging the reputation of real reporters and news teams, our ability to conduct our jobs becomes more strained and difficult. Consider how irate Americans became over the recent beheadings of Western journalists by ISIL, then try in your mind, to comprehend why Americans would back this sad excuse for a movie.

It is also fair to question why this film is being released on Christmas day. That is part of the propaganda aspect, of course. Just picking that day and announcing the selection is enough to anger Americans. Yanks don’t want anyone interfering with their plans for this overly commercialized event representing the birth of the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Of course, North Korea objects to the film. My question is, what nation wouldn’t? North Korea was going to appear at the United Nations to discuss human rights violations but pulled out of that after The Interview was announced. At least, they were willing to talk about it, America’s victims all over the world have no such recourse because the United States considers itself above international law.

Just like the plot, this is a film that casually crossed over from a creative effort to a hardcore game to politically destabilize a nation that is backed by the biggest superpower in the world, China. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un was in fact, just invited to Russia. It seems Rogen and his partner, Evan Goldberg, along with actor James Franco, are indeed functioning in the role of CIA.

This type of provocation, however politically irresponsible, is not unpredictable. Whatever the United States does to ultimately pull the last straw of world patience, it will probably be ugly and will leave an image of the remains of a nation that ended because it pushed the debauchery factor too far. Everything about Hollywood is one gaping wound on the American landscape anyway, but for these jokers and idiots to enter the field of world political agitation proves once and for all that it is only a matter of time before the world reacts to America, which North Korea branded a “cesspool of terrorism.”



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Antiwar.com’s Dan Sanchez has just reported on leaked emails that reveal that the Obama regime exerted influence over the movie The Interview “to encourage assassination and regime change in North Korea”.

Regarding the threats of bombings of theaters if the film was shown, Obama has been personally encouraging people to “go the movies” anyway, while hardliners like Mitt Romney have specifically encouraged people to go see The Interview.

This is not the first time strongman Obama has been closely involved with promoting or influencing Hollywood movies spouting negative propaganda about countries Obama and the US want to invade and conquer.  Michelle Obama personally presented the Academy award for “best picture” for the film Argo.

Argo whitewashed the history of US aggression and genocide against Iran.  Since 1953, the US has been an accomplice in the torture and killing of over a million Iranian citizens, thousands with chemical weapons.

The Interview almost certainly whitewashes the history of US genocide against Korea, and apparently depicts US forces causing the North Korean leader’s head to explode.

In its aggressive attacks against North Korea in the early 1950s, the US intentionally targeted civilians and flattened entire villages and cities, including Pyongyang.  The attacks killed up to 4 million people, mostly civilians, most of whom were killed by the US, many through direct and intentional targeting, such as the machine-gunning of women and children by US soldiers at No Gun Ri.

Scholar Chalmers Johnson finds the North Korea of today a proud, struggling nation that, unlike the US public, is very aware of what was done to it by the US, and sees the aggressive, threatening stance the US has since maintained towards that country.

Johnson also notes that the worst act committed against Koreans by a “Korean” government was the bayoneting of thousands of students by the US-backed South Korean dictatorship in the late ’80s.

The Interview would almost certainly be another exercise in genocide denial for the US, a country that has gotten away with all of the crimes, including multiple genocides, it has thus far committed.

However, though we may be happy when Holocaust deniers and the like decide to hold their tongues, it is extremely unfortunate that Sony’s decision not to release such a film was brought about not by free will but threats of violence from unknown sources, which are to be condemned as threats against speech itself.

According to the leaked emails, Sony was hesitant about depicting the assassination of the North Korean leader, but was “encouraged” by the Obama regime to go forward with it.

It may be useful to imagine how we would feel about the reverse: a slapstick buddy comedy about the infiltration of the country considered the most dangerous in the world – the USA, not North Korea – and the “comedic” assassination of Obama by having his head catch on fire and explode.

It is also relevant to note that North Korea’s official complaint about the film, that it incites terrorism against North Korea (which is what the Obama regime apparently intended), is the same reason the US government has given countless times over the course of its existence to justify brutally crushing free speech and protest – facts all but fully ignored or suppressed in dominant US discourse.

And, as Antiwar.com and Wired report, “North Korea almost certainly did not hack Sony”.

Robert Barsocchini focuses on global force dynamics and writes professionally for the film industry.  He is a regular contributor to  Washington’s Blog, and is published in Counter Currents, Global Research, State of Globe, Blacklisted News, LewRockwell.com, DanSanchez.me, Information Clearing House, Press TV, and other outlets.  Also see: Hillary Clinton’s Record of Support for War and other Depravities.  Follow Robert and UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.


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Panetta reveals US nuclear strike plans on N. Korea, spurs controversy

16 Oct 2014 US war plans against North Korea recently included the option of a nuclear strike, former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed in his memoirs, triggering major controversy. Panetta described a 2010 briefing in Seoul by General Walter L. ‘Skip’ Sharp, the commander of US forces in South Korea, where it was made clear that the nuclear option was on the table if North Korean forces crossed into the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the North and the South. “If North Korea moved across the border, our war plans called for the senior American general on the peninsula to take command of all US and South Korea forces and defend South Korea– including by the use of nuclear weapons, if necessary,” Panetta wrote in ‘Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace’.

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Thanks Bookee….

North Korea is only one of a few places that the banksters have not infiltrated. Could this and this docu. info. be the reason why the west do not like North Korea and perhaps want to silence them? Could if be that they have sussed out everything that most in the west have not? Are you aware that you are being mind controlled today and never knew it until now after seeing this documentart? It is shocking so beware. See also on B1uebott1e1 – Oust The Banksters + Corruption

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