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‘Folks, most of the mainstream news on Haiti protestors is deliberately reducing the Haiti protests against dictatorship and occupation to a mere protest about high gas prices.

At the same time, they’re ignoring the popular movement’s refusal to accept any agreement cooked-up by the illegitimate Michel Martelly and his Washington handlers (“Core Group”) to unconstitutionally rule by decree with the complicity of US-bought, so-called political parties who do not represent Haiti masses but foreign interests.

The media is reporting that Martelly reached in agreement to form a new government to hold elections. They fail to report with context or to emphasize that all who deal with Martelly are rejected by the masses on the streets. The true representatives of Haiti are the voices that speak for the masses and for local Haiti interests, not the US-bought so-called political parties with no constituency, sell-out ex-Parliamentarians or Washington’s greedy Haiti opportunists.’

Read more: Haiti: Mainstream Media Reduces Protests Against Dictatorship and Occupation to Mere Protest About Gas Prices

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Concerning Wikileaks (this is hot!):
… and here’s the concerned file:
..although, for completion no guaranties granted !
What a shame! „Die Zeit“ http://zeit.de/ is a bought press. The „enriched“ reality has now taken hold of this piece of paper as well.  CoPy paste journalism seems be the only functional and economical means of processing information left to us. The fringe benefit of this tool, is that we are dependent on our own thinking, if we do not wish to impoverish our minds completely.
And, where may I ask, is the global political « success » in the Libyan crisis, if it is not a neo imperialistic success of the oil companies? http://www.zeit.de/2011/35/01-Libyen-Nato Do the „Die Zeit“ readers really believe that their interests were being fought for? Doesn’t it rather display the lobby of our English (including American), German and French weapon and oil industry, which were utilizing some Swiss ammunition companies and its banks to generate business through this war, being implemented over Saudi Arabia and Oman?
„Die Zeit“ is being misused for purposes of public discrediting, to shift focus of some fraudulent acts taking place along the global chess board. “Righteousness prevails, Justice at loss” http://www.zeit.de/2011/35/01-Strauss-Kahn . – Garbage! Who believes such a distorted interpretation? The inside details of this case can no longer be found in our « trusty » Wikileaks either, since Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit instigated misunderstanding has closed-up such leaks of disclosure … For « DIE ZEIT », which concerns my own time, is now time-out!

Concerning “Patriot Act”:
“The current president of the U.S. was dazzling his “fellow citizens” during his election campaign in 2008 with promises about change, making the citizens believe “they can”. Turns out that the holder of the nobel peace prize, which he got just for raising hope and not for his actions, is another hypocrite acting as warlord in the interest of neo-imperial terrorism, causing exploitation, indoctrination without respect to human laws and international agreements. – Just not keeping his promises.

Guantanamo Bay is still not closed, the war in Iraq has not ended, international corporations not held responsible for their financial and ecological disasters, but protected by the administration, the U.S. still have not accepted and ratified the Kyoto Protocol, Osama Bin Laden a hoax, etc. Now he’s the one to invoke the “Patriot Act” (ref.), – what a silly name for a law b.t.w., – against Wikileaks to ensure his misgovernment remains in transparent. Total Monsanto Filth! or this one.. Monsanto Seed Manipulation Didn’t he promise he’ll dump this Act once he’s President?

Whether the United States are directed by a Democrat or a Republican, the Yankees remain a horde of imperialists, culture destroyers and terrorists.  In two weeks these creatures are going to celebrate their 10 years self-deception at “Ground Zero” and zero ground is the average intellectual level this country is being governed by…”

… plus, want to watch some movies for a rainy day.. ? http://www.livestream.com/democracynow/video?clipId=pla_0e8ce61f-79a8-4b99-98dc-abb169752fa6 and this one http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1503769/ (Torrent)

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The Sovereign Military Order of Malta created the CFR which includes SMOM Papal Knights such as Rupert Murdoch, David Rockefeller. The CFR is controlled by Archbishop of NY, Cardinal Edward Michael Egan. He’s the Military Vicar and commander of the SMOM Americas based at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. He and Grandmaster Andrew Bertie control the SMOM. Note that the CFR was created in 1921 just one year after the SMOM created the Royal Institute of International Affairs. In reality these are one and the same. You should take note of how the RIIA uses Wall Street and Aspen Institute a lot.

…..Watch the Video Here…..

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