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By Catherine J. Frompovich

If the Rand Corporation found strong evidence vaccines cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), myalgia, seizures, meningitis, encephalitis and other adverse health problems, and Robert F Kennedy Jr., Esq. is revealing more and more research—almost daily—this time from the Yale School of Medicine and Penn State College of Medicine about an association between vaccines and brain disorders [1], then what’s all the ‘tap dancing’ about?  Let’s get to some serious conclusions.

Like tap dancing that makes a lot of noise, so too are vaccine studies peripherally pointing to real vaccine concerns about which the U.S. federal health agencies (HHS, CDC and FDA) and state health departments probably won’t do anything to correct, i.e., eliminate vaccines, as some countries are doing with some vaccines.  The ever-increasing—“growing like Topsy”—CDC vaccine schedule has to stop!  With almost three hundred new vaccines in production, how many will infants, toddlers and teens be mandated to receive when those vaccines obtain licensure?  Furthermore, aren’t vaccines Big Pharma’s annuity products, so what should consumers expect?

All one ever hears is more research has to be done!  That seems to be the mantra for all science today.



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Barry Cadden, the owner and director of the specialty pharmacy tied to a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak, declined to testify Wednesday morning before a congressional committee investigating the matter.

Cadden, co-founder of the New England Compound Center, told lawmakers he would use his Fifth Amendment right to not answer questions in order to avoid self-incrimination.


Congress begins investigation into meningitis outbreak

After repeated questioning by House lawmakers, Cadden told the House Energy and Commerce Committee: “Under advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer under basis of my constitutional rights and privileges, including the Fifth Amendment.”

Lawmakers continued to ask Cadden questions about the contamination of steroids used to treat patients — many for back pain — that has sickened nearly 430 people with fungal meningitis and caused 32 deaths. Another 10 patients have peripheral joint infections from injections.


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FDA’s alarming findings in meningitis probe

A recent investigation of the NECC facility in Framingham, Mass., found numerous sterility issues, including bacterial contamination and mold growth in areas where drugs are prepared. Compounded drugs are supposed to be prepared in temperature-controlled clean rooms to maintain sterility.

The NECC has been closed since early last month, and Massachusetts officials have taken steps to permanently revoke its license. The pharmacy has recalled all the products it makes, including about 17,700 single-dose vials of a steroid that up to 14,000 patients my have received.

Fungal meningitis causes inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord.


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