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 –U.S. has spent $7BILLION on 5,000 air strikes against ISIS targets…but still struggles to convince Iraqis it doesn’t support terror group

| 08 May 2016 | Government-allied Shiite militiamen on the front-lines post videos of U.S. supplies purportedly seized from ISIS militants or found in areas liberated from the extremist group…While supervising the channel’s war reporting last year, al-Ahad TV spokesman Atheer al-Tariq claimed to have witnessed incidents when U.S. forces helped ISIS. As Iraqi security forces prepared to enter the city of Tikrit in April, he said two U.S. helicopters evacuated senior militants. A few months later, during an operation to retake the Beiji oil refinery, crates of weapons, ammunition and food were dropped over militant-held territory, he said. ‘Is it logical to believe that America, the source of technology and science, could fire a rocket or drop aid materials in a mistaken way?’ he asked. Videos uploaded to social media by front-line militiamen purport to tell a similar story. One shows U.S. military MREs, ‘meals, ready-to-eat,’ as well as uniforms and weapons said to have been found in an area held by IS. Another shows the interrogation of a captured IS militant. ‘Check out his boots, they are from the U.S. army,’ a fighter says. Another fighter points to a pile of rocket-propelled grenades he says were made in the U.S. and shipped to ISIS.

Video depicts U.S. military MREs, uniforms, and weapons found in area held by ISIS


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‘The Iraqi volunteer forces’ commanders lashed out at the US and its regional allies for continuing their military and logistical supports for the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq.

“Washington is still continuing its military supports for the terrorists in Iraq,” Spokesman of Iraq’s Ansarullah al-Nujaba Movement Hashem al-Moussavi told FNA on Wednesday.

He reiterated that al-Nujaba Movement forces are collecting documents, photos and videos of supplies airdropped by the US-led coalition forces for the ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

“Our forces have filmed the US aircraft while dropping military aids for the besieged ISIL terrorists,” al-Moussavi said.’

Read more: Volunteer Forces: US Helping ISIS to Survive in Iraq

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| 07 April 2016 | Despite the United States spending billions of dollars and spilling American blood in the fight ‘against’ ISIS, as many as one third of Iraqis believed as recently as last fall that the U.S. “supports terrorism in general or ISIL [ISIS] specifically,” according to a recent U.S. State Department report. Forty percent of the country said the U.S. is purposefully “working to destabilize Iraq and control its natural resources.” The figures come from State Department polling cited in a State Inspector General report that was published online last week. The report also found U.S. didn’t fare much better than the murderous terror group [LOL!] in the minds of one third of Iraqis, who said they believed the U.S. directly supports ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] or other terror groups.

One third of Iraqis think US directly supports ISIS or other terror groups

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Since terrorism’s tragedy is again in the news, it is timely to revisit perhaps one of the biggest acts of terrorism in modern history – the illegal invasion and destruction – ongoing – of Iraq.

March 20th marked the thirteenth anniversary of an action resulting in the equivalent of a Paris, Brussels, London 7th July 2005, often multiple times daily in Iraq ever since. As for 11th September 2001, there has frequently been that death toll and heart break every several weeks, also ongoing.

America and Britain have arguably engaged in and generated the legacy of one of the longest recorded attacks of terrorism since World War Two.

There are no minutes silences or Eiffel Tower bathed in the colours of the Iraqi flag – or indeed those of the other ongoing Western engineered catastrophes, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, or for the US-UK complicity in the human carnage in Yemen, or for the forty three dead and two hundred and thirty nine injured in Beirut in November, reportedly by ISIS, the day before the Paris attack.

The Eiffel Tower did not display the Russian colours after ISIS claimed the October 2015 crash of a Russian airliner after leaving from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh airport, the result they stated of a bomb they placed, killing all two hundred and twenty four passengers. ISIS mass murders in Africa are mostly ignored.

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“Crimes against humanity” include any of the following acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

▪ murder;

▪ extermination;

▪ enslavement;…

▪ the crime of apartheid;

▪ other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

This article documents that since Bill and Hillary Clinton occupied the White House over 23 years ago, ~500 million human beings have died from preventable poverty. So-called “developed nations” have promised to end global poverty since 1969; an accomplishment with technically easy solutions for sustainable human economic needs. These nations’ “leaders” have reneged on all promises to end poverty, public and private, despite an investment of just 0.7% of GNI for ten years that is overwhelmingly supported by those nations’ citizens.

We can calculate the physical volume of 500 million bodies. If we assume an average human dimension of 5 feet tall, average width of 1 foot, and average depth of .5 foot, this average is 2.5 cubic feet, with total of 1.25 billion cubic feet. The dimensions of NYC’s One World Trade Center, the “Freedom Tower,” is 200 x 200 feet with a roof 1,368 feet high. If we just calculate its volume as a rectangular prism, we have a volume of ~55 million cubic feet.
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American warplanes dropped more than 20,000 bombs last year on ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban targets. They show no signs of slowing down

(llustration: Diana Quach / Vocativ)

An American bombing raid in Libya on Friday signaled a potentially deepening involvement in the latest front of the U.S. military campaign against the Islamic State—and underscored the expansion of U.S. airstrikes as a tool to combat Islamist terror groups around the globe.

U.S. aircraft are now targeting jihadists in seven countries from North Africa to Afghanistan. And ISIS militants aren’t the only extremists in the crosshairs of American warplanes and drones. The U.S. is also still hunting al-Qaeda operatives and Taliban fighters where these jihadists pose security threats to U.S. allies and interests.

American aircraft fired at least 23,144 bombs and missiles in 2015 alone, according to data compiled by Micah Zenko, an expert on U.S. military planning and operations who is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. The Pentagon shows no signs of slowing down the strikes this year: U.S.-led warplanes and drones dropped more than 2,800 bombs in January, recent military statistics show.

MORE HERE: http://www.vocativ.com/news/288457/to-wipe-out-terror-the-us-is-now-bombing-seven-different-countries/

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‘“Highly dangerous” radioactive material that had gone missing in Iraq last year has been found dumped near a petrol station in the country’s south, officials say.

The chief of the security panel in Basra provincial council, Jabbar al-Saidi, said on Sunday that the material was found by a passer-by in the southern town of Zubair, which is located around 15 km (9 miles) southwest of Basra.

He said there were no concerns about radiation from the material.’

Read more: Missing radioactive material found in south Iraq: Officials

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‘Swiss inspection group SGS has denied responsibility for security at a US company site in southern Iraq where highly dangerous radioactive material went missing last year.

SGS said in a statement on Thursday that US oilfield services firm Weatherford, which owns the site, is in charge of its security and that the inspection group does not control accesses to the site in question.

“The site where these operations are conducted is fully secured and guarded by security guards under the responsibility of the owner of the site. SGS does not assume any responsibility for the site security and does not control accesses,” the statement read.’

Read more: SGS denies responsibility for missing radioactive material in Iraq

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A brief selection of the fabricated pretexts for war, employed by the big power in recent decades. This is far from a comprehensive list, just some examples to inform and remind.

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Pentagon to increase number of US troops in Iraq

| 21 Jan 2016 | The US plans to increase the number of troops in Iraq as it seeks to “accelerate” its campaign to “crush” Islamic State in the region, the Pentagon chief said. Ash Carter met with his French partner seeking ways to bring Arab states “in the game,” too. Aside from his bilateral meeting with his counterpart and “good friend,” French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, the US Defense Secretary Carter sat down for the first with seven major members of the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) [but still I-CIA-SIS] coalition. The “face-to-face meeting” included Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands, all trying to figure out in what ways they could boost their fight against Islamic militants.

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‘ISIS terrorists have often lamented, “if only we had an air force to provide air cover when we are fighting in the field.” Yesterday they got their wish (again).

The dubious US-led ‘Anti-ISIL Coalition’ continues to spiral out of control. As Iraqi soldiers closed in on ISIS terrorists on the ground, a US airstrike struck their column – killing approximately 20 Iraqi soldiers and injuring at least 30 more (see full report below). Addition casualty reports could rise over the coming days.

According to Hakim al-Zamili, head of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, this latest incident is said to have occurred near Al-Naimiya in the Fallujah province, after the Iraqi troops freed “a strategically important area” from ISIS.

What was the US reaction to this dangerous move? Washington’s answer: “We’re looking into it.”’

Read more: ‘ISIS Air Force’: US Airstrike Takes Out Battalion of Iraqi Troops Who Were Battling ISIS

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US senators urge 20,000 troops for Syria, Iraq

| 29 Nov 2015 | Two senior US senators have called for Washington to nearly triple military force levels in Iraq to 10,000 and send an equal number of troops to Syria as part of a multinational ground force to counter explode Islamic State in both countries. Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham, during a visit to Baghdad, criticised President Barack Obama’s incremental Islamic State strategy, which relies on air strikes and modest support to local ground forces in Iraq and Syria. They said the need for greater US involvement was underlined by this month’s Paris attacks.

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‘Iraqi security and popular forces have caught an Israeli colonel from Golani Brigade along with a number of ISIL terrorists, a commander disclosed on Thursday.

“The security and popular forces have held captive an Israeli colonel,” a commander of Iraq’s popular mobilization forces said on Thursday.

“The Zionist officer is ranked colonel and had participated in the Takfiri ISIL group’s terrorist operations,” he added.

Noting that he was arrested along with a number of ISIL terrorists, the commander said, “The Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade of the Zionist regime’s army with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”‘

Read more: Israeli Colonel Leading ISIS Terrorists Captured in Iraq

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‘Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham suggested over the weekend that he would fire military leaders who did not support his plan to send 10,000 troops back to Iraq.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that military officials had cautioned President Barack Obama against sending combat troops to fight the radical Islamic group ISIS in Iraq.

“After the past 12 years in the Middle East, there is a real focus by senior military leaders on understanding what the endgame is,” a military official told the Post.’

Read more: Rothschild Zionist Lindsey Graham: Military leaders ‘need to be fired’ if they don’t support my plan for war in Iraq

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