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‘I’m really happy to reach 80. I never expected it, not least having a neighbor, the greatest power in the world, trying to kill me every day.’ – Castro on July 21, 2006


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The following top ten reasons for the assassination of John F. Kennedy has been excerpted from a previous essay entitled:
Warren Commission Report: The Most Absurd Investigation In US History
Who killed JFK? And why did they do it?

While this list is fairly exhaustive, it is by no means complete.  Kennedy was clearly on a mission to thwart the advancing of the New World Order agenda.  He was grimly aware that the NWO was insidiously encroaching upon every facet of civil society in America and throughout the entire world.  Therefore, he was remarkably successful at making enemies just about everywhere, both at home and abroad.

(1) JFK issued executive order # 11110 which essentially disempowered the Federal Reserve System. This international crime syndicate is a private banking cartel with no reserves and is not federal, since its owners are more foreign than domestic. Like President Andrew Jackson, he knew the FED had to go if there was to be freedom from permanent debt slavery for the USA.  Needless to say, the NWO bankers would not tolerate such audacity, and JFK knew he would pay the greatest price.

(2) JFK vowed to shut down the CIA shortly after the failed Bay of Pigs operation. The CIA is the granddaddy of all black ops and psyops around the world, including all major terrorist events before and since 911. With such an enormous and unaccountable black budget funding so many illegal schemes, JFK understood the CIA was the proverbial loose canon.  His firing of CIA Director, Allen Dulles, proved to be the last straw.  So was his vow to   “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”.

(3) JFK was implementing plans to end the Viet Nam War. His failure to prosecute the war greatly irked the Roman Catholic Church, the war’s primary instigator. As the first Roman Catholic US president, he made it clear during his campaign that he would act with complete independence from Vatican influence and always govern as his conscience dictated. Terminating the Viet Nam War became JFK’s number one foreign policy agenda item, which put him at serious odds with the entire World Shadow Government.

(4) JFK adamantly opposed Israel’s plan to develop nuclear weapons. His uncompromising posture enraged Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, and brought upon him the wrath of the MOSSAD. A nuclear-armed Israel was an essential goal of those who would control the oil and gas reserves throughout the Middle East.  JFK was well aware of Israel’s intentions to terrorize the entire Middle East with threats of nuclear armageddon

(5) JFK was proceeding with plans to reveal highly classified information regarding the truth about UFO’s and the Alien Presence on Planet Earth. “He was the only member of Majestic 12 that wanted full disclosure to the American people.” That Extraterrestrial Biological Entities existed fascinated JFK, and he felt the nation had a right to know.  Such revelations would never be allowed by those who control the mainstream media and dictate world governance.

(6) JFK issued a direct warning to all Secret Societies operating on US soil. The Illuminati was not pleased! By taking concrete measures to expose their secret agendas and clandestine operations, he put himself at great risk and his entire Administration in serious jeopardy. Nevertheless, JFK knew that his unprecedented revelations in this regard sealed his fate.  It has even been asserted that he went to Dallas having been fully forewarned of  the murder plot.  Furthermore, he knew he was powerless to prevent a covert coup d’etat engineered and executed by the secret societies. 

(7) JFK’s brother and US Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, launched an unprecedented war on organized crime, and particularly against the NYC, New Orleans and Chicago mob families. Obviously the American Mafia was not pleased, especially after they allegedly helped swing the necessary Chicago vote (and therefore Illinois electoral votes) in JFK’s favor to win the election.  Bobby, himself, admitted that his aggressive pursuit of the mob may have caused the demise of his brother.

(8) JFK inherited the most intense foreign policy hotspot known as Cuba, as well as the CIA’s intention to assassinate Fidel Castro. The Cuban Missile Crisis had broad ramifications for his presidency, as well as for the Cold War. His decision-making independence throughout the crisis, especially his use of personal surrogates and unconventional process, would not be tolerated.  However, it was the Bay of Pigs (BOP) fiasco and the withdrawal of Air Force support from the operation which turned the CIA against him for good.   

(9) JFK took up the torch of civil rights in a way that no other President did throughout the 20th century. His embrace of the Civil Rights Movement drew close to him many who would try to sabotage his efforts “by all means necessary”. As the Great White Hope, JFK (and RFK) were considered to be a threat to those who would divide and rule through stoking racial hatreds.  TheDeep South was therefore a conducive environment to stage the assassination, just as southerners murdered Abraham Lincoln post Civil War.

(10) JFK had very serious and powerful enemies in the form of Lyndon B. Johnson, George H. W. Bush, Richard N. Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, Dean Acheson, Aristotle Onassis, Carlos Marcello as well as the British Crown whose intentions were well known by his ambassador father, Joseph P. Kennedy. The entire global power structure, particularly the US Military-Industrial Complex, and its many secret societies and covert organizations, were vastly arrayed against him.  The World Shadow Government was determined to make an [UNFORGETTABLE] example of him. 

Each of these 10 explanations standing alone would be considered extremely life-threatening to any sitting president of the USA. And these are just the top ten; there are many other brave initiatives undertaken by JFK which pitted him directly against the TPTB (The Powers That Be).
Therefore, the real question is how JFK managed to survive as long as he did.

Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago.

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CIA probe into Bay of Pigs should be kept secret – Obama admin

14 Dec 2013 Over 50 years after the Bay of Pigs invasion went awry, the US federal government is still attempting to keep secrets about the failed overthrow of the Cuban government, with an Obama administration lawyer arguing this week to keep a document classified. The National Security Archive, a private research institution, has sought to force the government to hand over the fifth of a five-volume internal account of the Bay of Pigs. Penned by a CIA staff historian in the years between 1973 and 1984, the final document chronicles – and presumably critiques – the CIA’s own investigation of how the invasion went wrong.

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Fidel Castro Reflects on John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy

Fidel Comments on an Article by JFK’s Niece Kathleen Kennedy

Global Research, November 22, 2013

First published in May 2009

I confess that many times I have meditated on the dramatic story of John F. Kennedy. It was my fate to live through the era when he was the greatest and most dangerous adversary of the Revolution. It was something that didn’t play a part in his calculations. He saw himself as the representative of a new generation of Americans who were confronting the old-style, dirty politics of men of the sort of Nixon whom he had defeated with a tremendous display of political talent.

He had behind him his history as a combatant in the Pacific and of his adroit pen.

Because he was over-confident, he was dragged into the Bay of Pigs adventure by his predecessors, since he had no doubts about the experience and professional capacity of all those men. His failure was bitter and unexpected, a scant three months after his inauguration. Even though he was on the point of attacking the Island with his country’s powerful and sophisticated weaponry, on that occasion he didn’t do what Nixon would have done: use the fighter-bombers and land the Marines. Rivers of blood would have flowed in our Homeland where hundreds of thousands of combatants were ready to die. He controlled himself and came up with a categorical phrase that is hard to forget: “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”

His life continued to be dramatic, like a shadow that accompanied him at all times. On the strength of wounded pride, he again succumbed to the idea of invading us. This brought on the October [Missile] Crisis and the most serious risks of thermonuclear warfare that the world has ever known until the present day. He emerged from this test as an authority thanks to the mistakes of his chief adversary. He seriously wanted to talk with Cuba and that’s what he decided to do. He sent Jean Daniel to talk with me and return to Washington. His mission was being carried out at that moment when the news of President Kennedy’s assassination arrived. His death and the strange way in which it was orchestrated and carried out, was truly sad.

Later I met close family members who visited Cuba. I never mentioned the unpleasant aspects of his policy against our country, nor did I refer at all to the attempts to eliminate me. I met his son when he was an adult, who had been a young child when his father had been the president of the United States. We got together as friends. His own brother Robert was also assassinated, multiplying the drama shadowing that family.

At the distance of so many years, information arrived about a gesture that impressed me.

These days, while so much was being said about the lengthy and unfair blockade of Cuba in the upper echelons of the continent’s countries, I read a news item in Mexico’s La Jornada: “At the end of 1963, the then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy sought to overturn the ban on travel to Cuba and today his daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, wrote that President Barack Obama ought to take this into account and support legislative initiatives that would allow all Americans to travel to the island.

“In official documents declassified by the National Security Archive research centre it is recorded that on December 12, 1963, less than one month after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy sent a communication to Secretary of State Dean Rusk, urging the removal of regulations prohibiting Americans from traveling to Cuba.

“Robert Kennedy claimed that the prohibition violated American freedoms. According to the document, he affirmed that the current restrictions on travel are inconsistent with traditional American freedoms.

“That position was unsuccessful inside the Lyndon B. Johnson administration and the State Department decided that to suspend the restrictions would be perceived as a softening of the Cuban policy and that they were part of the joint effort made by the United States and other American republics to isolate Cuba.

“In an editorial article by Kathleen Kennedy printed today in The Washington Post, Robert’s daughter expresses her wish that her father’s position be adopted by the Barack Obama government, and that this should be the position promoted by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. while the Obama government weighs the next step it will take with Cuba, one that should be pushing for allowing more than just Cuban-Americans to travel freely to the island and dealing with the rights of all Americans, most of whom are not free to go.

“Kathleen Kennedy writes that just as Obama found out at the summit meeting last week-end, Latin American leaders have adopted a coordinated message on Cuba: the time is here to normalize relations with Havana. By keeping on trying to isolate Cuba, they essentially told Obama, Washington has only succeeded in isolating itself.

“Thus, the niece of the president who attempted to invade and overthrow the Cuban Revolutionary government and impose the blockade, adds her voice now to the ever-growing chorus in favor of reversing these policies which were put in place half a century ago.”

A worthy article by Kathleen Kennedy!

Fidel Castro Ruz

April 24, 2009

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The man who railed against America, famously labeling it “The Great Satan,” was put into power by America’s secret deep state.

“Persecuted by the despot, expelled from the country, Khomeini was the idol and conscience of the people. To destroy the myth of Khomeini was to destroy something holy, to shatter the hopes of the wronged and the humiliated.” – Ryszard Kapuscinski, “Shah of Shahs.” [1].

The history of world events and political figures in the 20th century that we get in classrooms, textbooks, newspapers, and films is a fiction.

Here are two examples of a world event and a political figure that we know little about apart from the mainstream versions: the Cuban missile crisis and Fidel Castro.

Castro is one of the most towering political figures of the last century whose image as an anti-American communist revolutionary has survived for over fifty years. But there is another side to Castro.

The website Veterans Today lays out Castro’s secret connections to the CIA and the globalist U.S. establishment in its article, “Fidel Castro of the CIA.”It contains a long excerpt from an article called, “Fidel Castro Supermole,” written by Servando Gonzalez, “a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst, was an officer in the Cuban army during the missile crisis.”

According to Gonzalez, the Cuban missile crisis as presented in mainstream history is vastly different from what really happened.

“The Cuban missile crisis was just a small PSYOP — part of a larger PSYOP called the Cold War — whose purpose was to scare the American people into accepting the militarization of the American life,” writes Gonzalez in his article, “The Cuban Missile Crisis: Fifty Years After,” adding:

“Fifty years ago, my assertion that there were never nuclear warheads in Cuba in 1962, and that the objects covered by tarps most likely were dummies, may have seem preposterous.

However, today, eleven years after the 9/11 events, another PSYOP whose ultimate purpose was to scare the American people into accepting the implementation of a police state in America, this theory must be given serious consideration.” [2].

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