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Due to political correctness the corporate media is NOT reporting this story entirely honestly. As a result a crucial element in the death of a baby is being minimised. Indeed, it has almost been airbrushed out of the story.
In short, an 18-month-old girl was tortured and tormented for eight months before she was eventually murdered by her adoptive parents.
That’s bad enough but the critical factor here are the adoptive parents, who just so happen to be a homosexual couple. Most of the corporate media reports on this matter do not even mention this in their headlines.
Maybe this is to be expected when you treat homosexuality as somehow “normal”, But one has to wonder whether the baby would still be alive had been adopted by a normal heterosexual couple?
Of course in the New World Order such questions are taboo, and none in the corporate media will ask them — without putting their jobs on the line. In consequence so-called journalists will gloss over this story without asking serious questions about adoption by homosexual couples.
For example, do children reared by homosexuals suffer any ill-effects? Indeed have any studies been done?



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