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How to Beat Diabetes Naturally


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‘To the far Left, the “science” regarding so-called “global warming” and man-caused “climate change” is settled, and the only thing left to discuss now is just how much of our economy to wreck and who should be spared from such economic devastation. After all, we can’t have enough power plants, automobiles and commercial jets to serve everyone.

But the reality is, there is no science to support the claim that humankind is causing the planet to heat up and alter the natural changing of the weather. This has been proven time and again through the exposure of fake data used to “prove” global warming, as well as admissions by globalists that the entire issue has been fabricated as a way of destroying capitalism and controlling the world’s population.’

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Diabetes Cure??

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The CDC says 1 in 3 US adults will be diabetic by 2050. But the ADA—the supposed authority on diabetes—is providing seriously misguided information on how to manage and reverse the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there will be nearly 140 million diabetics in this country within the next 40 years. But the true number of diabetics will be much higher, because the conventional test for diabetes does not detect the disease until it’s in its advanced stages, and most doctors don’t perform more sensitive diagnostic tests necessary for early diagnosis. According to research done by Bill Faloon at the Life Extension Foundation, more than 75% of people over the age of 40 suffer some degree of pre-diabetes.

The good news is that diabetes and pre-diabetes can be controlled and even reversed, preventing kidney failure, limb amputation, and blindness. The risk of cardiovascular diseases could also be greatly reduced by better management of diabetes. And of course, the earlier it’s caught, the easier it is to get it under control.


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