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By Catherine J. Frompovich

The vaccine industry is under assault from various angles.  It’s only a matter of time before their fraudulent “consensus science” paradigm is exposed and picked apart as false and probably even will be discouraged from being considered as a prophylactic health modality.

One of the indicators of such a developing trajectory is found in the article “Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the State-Pharma Nexus” published by Paddy Rawlinson, Associate Professor in International Criminology, Human and Development Studies, Western Sydney University, Bankstown Campus, Bankstown NSW, Australia.

Professor Rawlinson’s article is “Open Source.” I’d like to impress how a criminologist apparently views and assesses the deceitful shenanigans of Big Pharma, their research and toxic vaccines.  As most readers probably know, Australia is a ‘hotbed’ of repressive vaccine pseudoscience with deprivation of parental rights regarding informed consent, right to self-determination and mandatory children’s vaccinations.

Rawlinson opens his article stating that he examines “the corruption within the state-corporate nexus as it relates to vaccines and the pharmaindustry; that is the networks of industry, medical and political actors involved in their research, manufacturing, regulation and dissemination.”

Furthermore, he contends “The pharmaceutical industry (pharmaindustry) is no stranger to corruption.”



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In a broad crackdown on college basketball corruption, U.S. prosecutors unveiled charges Tuesday against 10 coaches, managers, financial advisers and representatives of a sportswear company, accusing them of bribery, fraud and corruption in recruitment in college basketball. Additionally, a key part of the case includes allegations that an executive at a global apparel company bribed students to attend universities where the company sponsored athletic programs.

The Department of Justice announced Tuesday that  college basketball coaches at University of Arizona, Auburn, University of Southern California, and Oklahoma State University had been arrested, as well as managers, financial advisors, and representatives of a major international sportswear company. The defendants include coaches at top U.S. college basketball programs, one agent, one financial adviser and a former referee. The coaches are Lamont Evans, an assistant at Oklahoma State University, Emanuel Richardson, an assistant for the Arizona Wildcats, and Chuck Person, associate head coach at Auburn University.

Jim Gatto, director of global sports marketing for basketball at Adidas, was also named as a defendant. According to the complaint, Gatto allegedly conspired with coaches to pay high school athletes to play at universities sponsored by Adidas (or as it is referred to in the complaints, “Company 1”).

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Yeah… today is the Fourth of July. Today we celebrate our freedom but that’s a sham. There is no freedom when you are chained to a wheel and where you have surrendered your liberty in the false hope of a non existent security. It doesn’t get taken from you. You give it up. No one becomes a slave until they cease to be their own master. Like the country western song says, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

SOURCE: Smoking Mirrors

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  • Police Chief Sean Whent stepped down as Oakland PD chief Thursday
  • Sources say it was because 14 of his officers slept with Celese Guap
  • And he allegedly refused to tell his superiors about his officers’ actions 
  • A further 10 officers from four other cities slept with the woman, now 18
  • She allegedly had sex with a number of officers starting at age 17
  • Guap was a prostitute at the time, and considered a vulnerable minor
  • Cop Brendan O’Brien, 30, was the first cop she had sex with
  • He killed himself last year; his suicide note sparked the investigation


Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent resigned Thursday after a sex scandal that began in his department spread to four other cities, with least 24 officers revealed to have slept with the same prostitute – some of them when she was just 16.

The woman, who goes by the name of ‘Celeste Guap’, said that she slept with three of the two dozen officers when she was 17. She turned 18 last August.

She also said two Oakland officers provided her with confidential police information, including tips on scheduled anti-prostitution stings and arrest records, The Mercury News reported.

Underage: Celeste Guap started having sex with Officer Brendan O'Brien in 2015 when she was underage, after he saved her from her pimp

Suicide: Officer Brendan O¿Brien was the first of 21 police officers Guap would have sex with. He killed himself in September 2015

Underage: Celeste Guap (left) started having sex with Officer Brendan O’Brien (right) in 2015 when she was underage, after he saved her from her pimp. He was the first of 21 police officers she would have sex with

Resigned: Oakland police chief Sean Whent (pictured) resigned Thursday after 14 of his officers - including O'Brien, whose suicide note last September started the investigation - were revealed to have slept with Guap

Resigned: Oakland police chief Sean Whent (pictured) resigned Thursday after 14 of his officers – including O’Brien, whose suicide note last September started the investigation – were revealed to have slept with Guap

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Could the assassinations and scandals that rocked America in the 60’s and 70’s have been perpetrated by the same people who caused the cocaine epidemic that swept this nation during the 1980s?

checkout the book barry and the boys..

America’s most successful and notorious drug smuggler can be easily identified, from certain evidence given, as Barry Seal. Reputed to be a former CIA agent involved in events from flying weapons to Castro insurgents to piloting a getaway plane after the JFK assassination to many more things in-between, his exploits are practically legendary. Much of this occurred before his drug running days which peaked from 1981 to 1986. During this time frame, the government itself estimated that he flew about 5 billion dollars worth of cocaine into a small airport in Mena, Arkansas and this was his base of operations for much of his illegal activity.

Examining the life and times of Barry Seal is a fascinating tale in and of itself because of the information regarding certain people he knew and those supposedly complicit in some of his crimes. The total extent of things he did and those he associated with are even today mired in secrecy to a degree but the names of famous, influential, and powerful people dropped in this story are big ones. Just a few of the many individuals mentioned in this program are Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Pablo Escobar, Bill Clinton, Vince Foster, George W. Bush, Edwin Meese, Oliver North, and Asa Hutchinson.

As incredible as all this might sound, research done for this documentary appears to be quite extensive and believable. Even though all the dots might not connect just right, there is a large amount of intriguing evidence, photographs, video footage, eyewitness testimony, interviews and other supporting facts that deserve a hard look. It’s a lot to take in and digest all at one time but much of it does make for great controversy and conspiracy theory. A nice companion documentary that builds on and reveals even more of this story, (the producers even recommend watching both of these as they compliment one another), is `Conspiracy: The Secret History: The Secret Heartbeat of America: The C.I.A. and Drugs’.
See the results of a three-year investigation into the life and times of one of the most famous CIA agents and successful drug smugglers in America’s history — Barry Seal.

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Where does your doctor’s allegiance lie? Does your healthcare professional listen to your needs and wants as a parent or are they nothing more than affiliate distributors for pharmaceutical companies? It was reported by independent journalist recently that some doctors offices are now demanding their patients sign an immunization contract. What’s an immunization contract you ask? The contract — created outside of law and denying informed consent — requires prospective patients to agree, by signature, to allow 25 vaccines to be injected into their child over a series of visits. Also uncovered in the same investigation, doctors can receive up to $225 per service achieved in the insurance provider category of “childhood immunization [combo 2]”.8244802.png


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In a surprising reversal, what many thought was impossible, namely the State Department cracking down on its former head and Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, seems all too possible following news that the State Department Inspector General audit has faulted Hillary Clinton, other secretaries of state for poorly managing electronic communications.


As WaPo summarizes, the IG found that Clinton’s use of private email for public business was “not an appropriate method” of preserving documents and that her practices failed to comply with department policies meant to ensure that federal record laws are followed.

The report says Clinton should have printed and saved her emails during her four years in office or surrendered her work-related correspondence immediately upon stepping down in February 2013. Instead, Clinton provided those records in December 2014, nearly two years after leaving office.

The report found that a top Clinton aide was warned in 2010 that the system may not properly preserve records but dismissed those worries, indicating that the system passed legal muster. But the inspector general said it could not show evidence of a review by legal counsel.


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In this episode we are going to make the case that our upside-down political conspiracy governing system is masquerading as legitimate, while branding the legitimate minority as conspiracy theorists: A system where real criminals are protected and rewarded: From players of mega financial institutions to those corrupt thieves occupying the seats of Congress; A system in which the real thieves are legitimized and rewarded monetarily and the robbed citizenry is left to bleed. And we’ll showcase a system where the worst President in history (that is, when it comes to wars of aggression, butchering liberties at home, murdering and assassinating people abroad, and prosecuting and jailing truth-tellers) is rewarded handsomely with prizes.

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I’ve been telling you about this for years.

A message to “quack busters” who attack natural health behind a phony mask of “scientific skepticism”: put your own house in order—that’s where the real quacks are.

The structures of medical propaganda are cracking.

The Washington Post (“Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States,” May 3) reports on a new Johns Hopkins study. I’ll give you the Post’s explosive quotes and then analyze them.

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“…a new study by patient safety researchers provides some context…Their analysis, published in the BMJ on Tuesday [‘Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US,’ 03 May 2016], shows that ‘medical errors’ in hospitals and other health care facilities are incredibly common and may now be the third leading cause of death in the United States — claiming 251,000 lives every year, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s.”

“Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who led the research, said in an interview that the category includes everything from bad doctors to more systemic issues such as communication breakdowns when patients are handed off from one department to another.”

“’It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeking care,’” Makary said.

“His calculation of 251,000 deaths [per year] equates to nearly 700 deaths a day — about 9.5 percent of all deaths annually in the United States.”

“Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t require reporting of [medical] errors in the data it collects about deaths through billing codes, making it hard to see what’s going on at the national level.”

“Frederick van Pelt, a doctor who works for The Chartis Group, a health care consultancy, said another element of harm that is often overlooked is the number of severe patient injuries resulting from medical error.”

“’Some estimates would put this number at 40 times the death rate,’ van Pelt said.”

There you have it. Now let’s dig in.


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‘A recently disclosed document shows the FBI telling a local police department that the bureau’s covert cell-phone tracking equipment is so secret that any evidence acquired through its use needs to be recreated in some other way before being introduced at trial.

‘Information obtained through the use of the equipment is for lead purposes only,’ FBI special agent James E. Finch wrote to chief bill citty of the Oklahoma city police department.’

Read more: Parallel Construction: FBI Told Cops To Recreate Evidence From Secret Cell-Phone Trackers

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  • Scott Cross, brother of former GOP leader Tom Cross, identified himself as one of the five teenage boys Dennis Hastert ‘abused as wrestling coach’
  • Cross, now 53, told the jury he was 17 when coach Hastert removed his pants and performed a sex act on him after practice
  • Until now, Cross and three other alleged victims have been anonymous
  • His brother Rep Tom Cross (Illinois GOP leader 2002-2013) ‘was Hastert’s political protege’ but ‘knew nothing about his brother’s abuse’ 
  • Hastert, 74, pleaded guilty last year to paying $1.7m hush money
  • But he dodged abuse questions until Wednesday, he said: ‘Yes I did it’ 
  • Due to statute of limitations, Hastert is not charged with sexual abuse 
Wheeled out: Hastert, pictured leaving court after he admitted he abused teenage boys decades ago 

Wheeled out: Hastert, pictured leaving court after he admitted he abused teenage boys decades ago 


Disgraced former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in jail for paying $1.7 million in hush money to silence one of the five teenage boys he sexually abused when he was a high school wrestling coach.

The 74-year-old arrived at his sentencing in Chicago on Wednesday morning in a wheelchair before one of his victims identified himself as the brother of a former GOP leader – who was Hastert’s political protege.

Scott Cross, the younger brother of Rep Tom Cross (R-Illinois) who led the state’s GOP from 2002 to 2013, was captain of Hastert’s wrestling team at Illinois’s Yorkville High School in the 1970s.

In previous hearings Cross – known simply as Individual D throughout the trial – told the jury he was 17 when Hastert made him sit on a table to be massaged, then removed his pants and performed an unspecified sex act.

‘It’s important for me to tell the truth finally about what happened to me. I could no longer remain silent,’ Cross told the court on Wednesday as he revealed his identity.

Hastert then took to the stand to admit for the first time ever that he sexually abused boys on his team decades before becoming the longest-running GOP House Speaker in US history.

He is now one of the highest-profile political leaders ever to be jailed in the United States

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