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By B.N. Frank

When Donald Trump was campaigning for president, he promised that if elected, he would

  1. “make the country great again”,
  2. “give the country back to the people”, and
  3. “drain the swamp”.

There are currently 50+ federal bills being endorsed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and many elected officials which allow telecom companies to install 5G small cell tower infrastructure in residential yards, public rights of ways, historical districts, and pretty much everywhere they damn well please.  http://scientists4wiredtech.com/legislation/

Why is this not surprising?  According to a recent article, “Congress took $101 million in donations from the ISP industry,”

Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and others spread their money far and wide to influence your government.



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‘5G is creating an environmental nightmare in more ways than technology addicts even can imagine!

Since 5G waves don’t travel very far, innovative ‘cell towers’ of all shapes, types and sizes—including that of a refrigerator size—most likely will be ‘planted’ on a pole of some sort outside most buildings, including your home!

5G cell towers are noisy suckers, too, as they contain fans to keep them cool! Another fire hazard like AMI Smart Meters? Just imagine “whirl, whirl, whirl” all night long outside your bedroom window sending EMF radiation along with that constant droning noise! And you can’t stop it!’

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‘Did you know there are over 2.3 million cell towers and antennas blanketing the United States right now? That’s a lot of electromagnetic frequency right there.

While some people, including myself, have pointed out that it’s ridiculous to find a giant cell tower erected literally on an elementary school basketball court right next to the playground or placing them directly on school rooftops, this is becoming more and more common to the point there are so many towers and antennas everywhere, they are beginning to blend in with the scenery as if having this many of these things is just natural now.

Pretty soon, no matter where you go in this country, you’ll be within mere feet of at least one cell tower or antenna (but likely many more).’

Read more: One in TEN Cell Phone Antenna Sites Violates Government Limit on Excessive EMF Radiation

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