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“Follow the Money”



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‘Big banks get a lot of free money from the federal government. And their lobbyists think they have a constitutional right to it.

Each year, the government pays billions of dollars to banks to thank them for being part of the Federal Reserve system. These payments aren’t structured to influence or encourage any particular business activity — banks just get straight cash, no matter what they do. The subsidy is economically useless. It doesn’t push interest rates lower or boost pay for bank tellers or help more farmers qualify for loans. The money just goes straight to the bottom line, boosting bank profits.’

Read more: Big Banks Just Claimed A Constitutional Right To A Taxpayer Subsidy

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The Maple Spring in Quebec has blossumed  into a mass movement of public education on the need for regime change at a time when many crises are going from bad to worse; when humanity is governed by a transnational cartel of kleptocratic psychopaths who want to make war not love; who want privatize all public wealth for themselves and socialize all liability flowing from their mistakes, frauds, speculative excesses, outright frauds, astronomical thefts, and giant misdeeds.

Take Fukushima for instance. On March 3, 2011 the antique GE Mark I reactors at Fukushima nuclear energy plant Number One began a series of explosions triggering nuclear meltdowns after a thoroughly predictable earthquake and tsunami hit the islands of Japan. The chain reaction of spreading criticality has continued ever since. The result is like a slow motion nuclear war with the earth’s environment, including our own human persons, gradually absorbing heightening doses of radioactive contamination.

Why is the crisis so grave?


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