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Once Fighting One Another, Islamist Factions Now Solid in Resisting French


by Jason Ditz, January 15, 2013

Reports on the Islamists in control of northern Mali often just label them all “al-Qaeda,” but the reality of the situation is that in addition to the al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) faction, several other independent Islamist factions, including MUJAO and Ansar Dine, have as much, or more influence across the region.

The groups have some commonalities, but have often been at odds since taking over the north, in many cases clashing openly over control of key areas. Ansar Dine in particular openly talked about severing all ties with AQIM and backing elections in an effort to avoid war.

But since France launched its invasion over the weekend, those differences and rivalries have dried up. Northern Mali is under attack from abroad and the myriad fighters are now unified by a common enemy.

Ansar Dine and MUJAO both have deep ties in Mali, and support among the local population in several of the northern towns. They were initially distrustful of the foreign fighters flocking to the region, and efforts to split them away from the other factions could have dramatically changed the complexion of a war which is now shaping up to be extremely long and ugly, with little chance left for dialogue.


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“We are fighting nothing other than al-Qaeda in what they call the Islamic Maghreb. It’s an armed group that is fighting from Libya to Mauritania and through Algeria and Mali.… If you had found them taking over American cities by the force of arms, tell me what you would do?” – From a letter sent by the Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi to the US president Barack Obama.

In the Theatre of the Absurd, anything is possible. However, this latest scenario in Libya has taken absurdity to a whole new dimension. A rag-tag bunch of armed, al-Qaeda affiliated tribesmen, being referred to as a ‘pro-democracy movement’ by British State TV (BBC) and other mainstream media outlets, are now being openly armed and trained by the French, British and American governments. This same Coalition of Crusaders, with the support of the Arab League, is fighting alongside the rebels, launching continual bombing raids on targets in Tripoli and beyond, including Muammar Qadhafi’s compound, in a brazen attempt to assassinate the man and re-colonise Libya.
And what is the support inside Libya for this so-called ‘Libyan pro-democracy movement’? The answer is less than 2% of the entire Libyan population. One might have expected that the Western and Arab worlds would have offered Qadhafi and the Libyan armed forces assistance to deal with this al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) inspired insurgency. But no. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, instead, Britain and the US, led by the clown Sarkozy, in what can only be described as a war mongering frenzy, launched an all out attack on Muammar Qadhafi, his family, and the Libyan people.

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The is the flag of the Central Intelligence Ag...

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Behind Al Qaeda in North Africa there are Sarkozy and Netanyahu, who is in control of the CIA embassy in Tunisia where the fake ‘Al Qaeda videos’ were manufactured with the help of the harkas (traitors) of Algeria

US terror ally Mummar Gadhafi blames same fictitious ‘Al-Qaeda’ organisation for unrest in Libya

The revolution for freedom which started in Tunisia is fast spreading to several other Arab countries, such as Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Bahrein, and so on. It is not true that those are revolutions for European democracy which is a corrupt, capitalist, militaristic and repressive political system where votes are bought, and is a system based on the manipulation by a Zionist-controlled media. If anything, they are revolutions to dismantle those systems imposed by those corrupt European capitalist democracies and to replace them with a free and fair system appropriate to the peoples of those countries.


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