I didn’t expect that I would be getting “the Trump treatment” this early in the campaign. Last week, I wrote an article about the Las Vegas shooting that posed 16 questions that I did not feel were being addressed by the mainstream media adequately enough. That article was picked up by Zero Hedge, and it has now been read more than 1.6 million times. All along, I have never claimed to know exactly what happened in Las Vegas. But I feel very strongly that there is nothing wrong with asking questions. In the old days, that is what real journalists would actually do. Unfortunately, the art of critical thinking has almost entirely disappeared from the field of journalism, and so it is up to us in the alternative media to ask the hard questions that “professional journalists” used to pursue.

The emails have been pouring in from many others that also have serious questions about what happened in Las Vegas, but according to the Idaho Statesman, it was improper for me to ever raise any of these questions at all…



Regardless of what is or is not true about the Vegas mass murder, there is no doubt it is a false flag carried out by psychopaths. From information coming out it is apparent that Paddock and the scenario set up around him was in the works for at least a year. Unwashed Tribe Toilet Bowl website, TMZ is reporting that Paddock was scanning a number of musical festivals such as Lollapalooza and others a good while ago. This means the people who actually carried out the attack were in the planning stages for quite awhile. There is no doubt they are convinced the American public is fantastically stupid as articles like this indicate. Details and speculations abound and in some cases, as in the information covered in this article, it leaves you with a ‘so what?’ perspective; like who cares if there was a suicide note or not? Who cares if the Crass Media is talking about this and not talking about that? Who cares if the killer who was not the killer was on antidepressants? Sometimes I have to wonder what some people are thinking, or even if they are.


nfamous gangster rap producer Marion ‘Suge’ Knight said Friday that he believes that billionaire music mogul Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Young paid $20,000 to have him killed.

Knight claims in new legal documents turned into the Los Angeles County Superior Court that in July 2016, he was shown a check made out to a man named Dwayne Johnson cut by Dr. Dre.

‘This check is critical in the defense of my case,’ Knight wrote in the legal fillings.

Dr. Dre attends "The Defiant Ones" premiere at Time Warner Center on June 27, 2017 in New York City

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight (pictured right) believes that music mogel Dr. Dre paid to have him killed


The son of a Pennsylvania mayor punched her in the face, knocked her to the ground, and kicked her several times in her back, head and face before a bystander intervened, authorities say.

Anderson's mother, Kim Bracey, is the mayor of York, Pennsylvania. Anderson allegedly assaulted her at her campaign headquarters 

Brandon Anderson, 30, allegedly attacked his mother, York Mayor Kim Bracey, last Saturday at her campaign headquarters, reports the York Dispatch.

The bystander intervened as Anderson was about to hit his mother with a wooden flag pole, according to court documents.

Anderson was arrested at the scene and charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

Bracey released a statement Friday night saying her son is battling an opioid addiction.

She said: ‘Like thousands of families, our family is confronting the fact that my adult son is battling an opioid addiction.’

She added: ‘No family is immune from this epidemic which is why we must do everything in our power to solve it. At this time, I would ask the media for privacy as my family deals with this issue.’

You see, the real powers in our world don’t care if we know the truth. They don’t care if in all of our theories we do happen to stumble upon the actual story. Their interests aren’t threatened by speculative chatter on the Internet. They’re not challenged by keyboard experts or social media warriors. They’re not afraid of homegrown video analysis and list articles pointing out the obvious. They’re not troubled by snarky know-it-all bloggers. To them we’re just a billion monkeys with a billion typewriters feverishly hoping to accidentally hammer out Homer’s Odyssey.

In fact, they love it when they know that we know. It’s a psychopath thing. You wouldn’t understand.


| 06 Oct 2017 | A lost shoelace at Michigan State University caused a racial uproar Wednesday after someone mistook it for a noose. MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon released a statement Wednesday morning saying she was “distressed” after finding out “a student reported a noose was hung outside of her room.” Simon commended the student’s “courage” for reporting the “racial incident” and put out a clear message. But by Wednesday afternoon, the investigation by MSU Police revealed there was no noose. Instead, they found “the object was a packaged leather shoelace and not a noose,” MSU spokesman Jason Cody said in a news release, adding that the shoelaces “are packaged in a way that someone could perceive them to look similar to a noose.”

Shoelace mistaken for noose causes racial uproar at Michigan State University


A California based company called Crowds on Demand placed an advert on Craigslist back in August for crisis actors in the Las Vegas area.

Crowds on Demand website:

Your home for Protests, Rallies, Audiences, PR Stunts, and Celebrity Events.

Today, the Craigslist advert is gone:

However, thanks to vigilant net users, we have a screen capture of the advert, placed in Mid August:

Note the wording – “attending a show/concert”:

Crowd Member (Chorus / Ensemble): Males & Females, 21+
your role might involve anything from attending a show/concert to participating in a corporate PR stunt; the number one attribute needed is enthusiasm/energy.




Whenever human beings are shot with bigger bullets, .38, .45, or 9 mm rounds, they do
several things immediately. A .45 round will knock a person over and tear a huge hole in them
resulting in one or all of the following. First a stunned look as they are knocked over and
wondering, WTF just happened to me? Then, when they look down at the gaping hole in their body
and the copious amount of blood starting to pump out, they either go into immediate shock, or they
SCREAM with pain, since the searing heat and the perhaps shattered bone, or bones, begin to
hurt. The pain is intense. When 500 or more people are shot, the amount of SCREAMING!
MOANING! and other utterances of dismay will be quite voluminous. In fact, the SCREAMING
would be very, very LOUD!!! I never heard any screams in any of the videos I have watched, and
believe me, I have made 25 pages of notes, so far on my observations.
When more than 560 people are shot in a small place, 60 of them dying from their wounds,
and the other 500 bleeding profusely, the parking lot they were on, not being a sponge with super
absorbency power and the ability to make red look like pavement, would have been a small lake
of blood. A river of blood is a way some would describe it. A Blood Bath is a common term for
such an occurrence. Did you see a blood bath? Unless there is something wrong with my
spectacles? No, I looked close without them on and I still never see a Blood Bath in that strange
little venue across from the obelisk of the International Satanists, most of whom so happen to be
Jewish; go figure.
Speaking of Jewish characters in this surreal story we are expected to believe to be True,
let us talk about those two despicable vermin, Michael Chertoff, who looks like a spawn of Satan,
and that fat pig, Sheldon Adelson, who owns most of Las Vegas and is a very horrible, disgusting
creature, in our opinion. Those two nefarious creatures and their minions, Adelson & Chertoff &
Co. are heavily invested in security technology. Indeed, Israel is a major exporter of security
systems and personnel. Indeed, that racist, apartheid state in Palestine trains our NORAM policy
enforcers to consider the citizenry as an enemy. Anyway, now that so many parrots are
squawking the official narrative, not having been on site, only getting what they hear from the
Main Scream Jews, including people who were there, part of the paid for crisis actors who put
ideas into peoples’ heads such as that panicked group who jumped into the Blair Witch Cabbie
Project and frantically mentioned the fact there was a broken leg in the group and hundreds of
bodies were on the ground. If you recall, I spoke about the Cabbie video on Tuesday. If you
watched that video, did you note how the camera jumped about, just as in the Blair Witch film,
and yet it stayed focused on the nearly naked Shiksas on the side of an advertising van with the
number, 696 of the phone number very prominently focused on by the ‘cabbie.’ Oh, how those
jews love making up movies; some good, many bad. In the case of the Blair Witch Cabbie Project,
the thing is really a D class movie for the chimpanzeed masses who haven’t got a clue what is real
and what is not. Many people live a fantasy life and think they are free and living the life, and
yet, how free are they? Most people live within the realm of political correctness and believe
Demon Ocracy is some sort of legitimate political system. Indeed, most Americans don’t know
that they are supposed to be living in a REPUBLIC. There is a HUGE difference. And, it is because
of Demon Ocracy, a vile jewish conspiracy, that we have the situation as it is unfolding; the
imposition of the Jew World Odour on the rest of us and this charade in Las Vegas, Satan’s
Playground where people say things like, ‘what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.’ Not
anymore. The jew is out of the bag. We know Cui Bono here at DtRH and we will state right here,
without equivocation; Adelson & Chertoff must be immediately arrested and investigated
regarding this huge hoax attempting to justify the imposition of ever more security systems
developed and constructed by Chertoff’s company; the one which made so much money post 9/11
with the sale of body scanners for all airports; and now in our court buildings here in
Kanuckistan. You watch, security and gun control will be the big story now which will be shouted
at you from the Tell Lie Visions and jewspapers, magazines, McDonald drink cups, perhaps?
What happened in Las Vegas is not staying in Las Vegas. Not anymore. The Wild Card,
those nefarious Children of Satan never counted on was the Internet. Even though they are trying
to control it; to wit Facebook’s constant denial of my free speech and that of others. Facebook,
indeed Mark Zuckerbug, a jew; and hence a human looking creature with a likely infection his
‘race’ is known for; that being schizophrenia. And, lacking an empathy gene, being jewish, he is
controlling the conversation and has now banned me for a total of 410 days, since 2016. That has
to be some kind of record, wouldn’t you say?
Anyway, let us continue to examine this Hollyweird production in Las Vegas a little more
because it is an interesting story which is revealing that a whole lot of CITIZEN ARRESTS need to
be immediately conducted. All the lying police, civic, and state officials who have been
promulgating nonsense, out right lies, and cover ups must be arrested and incarcerated as they
await their trials for sedition and treason. Indeed, what has happened in LV is a treasonous
event in which a whole lot of people are complicit. It is a treason against the people to impose
more police state control over everyone and everything. LV is a Deep State production and we,
who are informed and awake, know to be largely comprised of creatures who are not human
beings but indeed are the Minions of Lucifer hell bent upon the destruction of FREEDOM for
anyone but themselves.
It is high time to stop buying into the Jewish Myths which have you all enslaved. The first
of those myths being their Chosen People nonsense. Just think about that for a moment and you
can not fail to realize what incredible hokum it is. Then, think about the fact that 110 places on
the planet kicked them out once the people learned what they are up to.

| 04 Oct 2017 | A man who was shot in the leg during the Las Vegas mass shooting didn’t let his injury hold him back from standing up to greet President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Thomas Gunderson was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday night when he was horrifically injured when Stephen Paddock, 64, sprayed bullets on more than 20,000 concertgoers. Gunderson, of California, said he was running toward Mandalay Bay when a bullet pierced his leg…On Gunderson’s patient board in his hospital room, he also had the hashtag ‘#MAGA’ written under the statement: ‘What’s important to me.’

Las Vegas victim jumps out of bed to shake President Trump’s hand despite being shot in the leg during Mandalay Bay massacre

We hadn’t covered the recent Las Vegas Shooting, until now! 
When you read the information linked and quoted you’ll understand what compelled me to finally address the incident in Las Vegas.

Task and Purpose- Airforce Surgeon Describes Aftermath of Las Vegas Shooting

“Just after 11:30 pm on Oct. 1, Air Force Maj. Charles Chesnut awoke to an alarming cryptic alert from Air Combat Command’s AtHoc Emergency Mass Notification System: Avoid downtown Las Vegas. An hour and a half earlier, at 10:08 pm 64-year-old Stephen Paddock had opened fire from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino and resort on a crowd of 22,000 revelers gathered below for a music festival.

“I was asleep in my bed, just like every Sunday before that,” Chesnut, a general surgeon with the 99th Medical Group out of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, said in an Oct. 3 interview. But that didn’t stop him from springing into action. “I saw the catastrophic events that were unfolding, and I said, ‘This is what we train for … they’re going to need some help.’”



There could be more trouble than we ever imagined headed our way on November 4th when a bunch of folks who aren’t happy about Trump and Pence attempt to overthrow the government in a Communist revolution.

Groups like Antifa, Resist Fascism, and the Revolutionary Communist Party have been meeting for months to openly plan sedition and organize what they promise will be massive protests all over the country. Don’t be surprised if things become violent. The website says:


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3 weeks ago, on 9/11 a mysterious 4chan user who went only by “John” made a series of at the time overlooked posts. He warned users to stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson areas. Stating that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a “high incident project” that was set to occur soon.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal unmasked that Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets of Valium (diazepam) by physician Dr. Steven Winkler in June 2017. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine, which is a class of drugs used to treat anxiety and panic, seizures, and insomnia, and usually carries a calming effect. However, there are rarer side effects, such as confusion, bipolar behavior, and in some cases even severe depression, suicidal thoughts.

Users of the drug can build up a tolerance to it, even using the medication as an ingredient in mixed drinks. Building a tolerance can encourage some to “just take one more.” Those who abuse the drug are more likely to experience the very things they’re trying to free themselves from. More effects can include fits of rage or violence, aggression, excitement, irritability and hostility. A person may lose control of his impulses which can lead to anti-social behavior, especially among the very young and elderly.



No disrespect intended but considering the history of this anthem, the full song, the racist slave master who created it, and how liberty and justice only seem to apply to a certain group of people! I do not think black people should honour something that definitely didn’t in turn honour them in fact it was the extreme opposite, very anti black!

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