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Hillary Clinton hobbled away from filming a British TV show interview on crutches Monday after breaking her toe falling down some stairs.

The former presidential candidate arrived wearing a surgical boot to the BBC program The Graham Norton Show, as she revealed she took a tumble in high heels while holding a cup of coffee.

The embarrassing fall forced her to pull out of a series of scheduled TV and radio appearances earlier today including ITV’s This Morning and Woman’s Hour on Radio 4.


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Essential oils are oils extracted from various plants. They contain compounds which are present in the plants but in a highly concentrated form.

For example, herbs like basil and rosemary contain compounds that are very good for us. We flavor our foods with them for their taste but also because they are good for us.

Lavender Oil

They contain vitamins, minerals and other compounds that help us stay healthy. Essential oils made from these herbs contain those same healthy elements.

However, because they are so concentrated, we get the same benefits from 1 or 2 drops, as opposed to several tablespoons of plant material.



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It’s a shame that secession effort stalled so quickly. As Twitchy reported, California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed into law a bill making California a sanctuary state, and now he’s signed legislation that makes it no longer a felony to knowingly pass along HIV.


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The California hepatitis A outbreak is on the verge of reaching statewide epidemic status, as cases have spread through homeless tent cities from San Diego north to Sacramento.

California health officials have reported that at least 569 people have been infected with the hepatitis A liver disease and 17 have died since a San Diego County outbreak was first identified in November. Cases have migrated north to homeless populations in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Sacramento over the last 11 months.


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The son of a Pennsylvania mayor punched her in the face, knocked her to the ground, and kicked her several times in her back, head and face before a bystander intervened, authorities say.

Anderson's mother, Kim Bracey, is the mayor of York, Pennsylvania. Anderson allegedly assaulted her at her campaign headquarters 

Brandon Anderson, 30, allegedly attacked his mother, York Mayor Kim Bracey, last Saturday at her campaign headquarters, reports the York Dispatch.

The bystander intervened as Anderson was about to hit his mother with a wooden flag pole, according to court documents.

Anderson was arrested at the scene and charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

Bracey released a statement Friday night saying her son is battling an opioid addiction.

She said: ‘Like thousands of families, our family is confronting the fact that my adult son is battling an opioid addiction.’

She added: ‘No family is immune from this epidemic which is why we must do everything in our power to solve it. At this time, I would ask the media for privacy as my family deals with this issue.’

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal unmasked that Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets of Valium (diazepam) by physician Dr. Steven Winkler in June 2017. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine, which is a class of drugs used to treat anxiety and panic, seizures, and insomnia, and usually carries a calming effect. However, there are rarer side effects, such as confusion, bipolar behavior, and in some cases even severe depression, suicidal thoughts.

Users of the drug can build up a tolerance to it, even using the medication as an ingredient in mixed drinks. Building a tolerance can encourage some to “just take one more.” Those who abuse the drug are more likely to experience the very things they’re trying to free themselves from. More effects can include fits of rage or violence, aggression, excitement, irritability and hostility. A person may lose control of his impulses which can lead to anti-social behavior, especially among the very young and elderly.


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The string of abuses laid on citizens of Australia by their government grows almost week by week.

Now, parental rights to raise children, without interference from the State, is under a new form of attack. This must be resisted.

Schools are bringing doctors on board, as a permanent feature. Young children will be subjected to medical diagnoses and treatment, without consent or approval from parents, even if those parents actively object. The State is stealing the role of guardian.

The Herald Sun reports. Read carefully:

“DOCTORS will have the power to treat students as young as 12 in schools even if parents refuse their consent.”

“GPs will consult at 100 Victoria high schools for up to one day a week as part of a $43.8 million program.”’

Read more: To My Friends In Australia: The Vaccine War Deepens

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‘A CDC-funded medical study being published by the medical journal Vaccine has confirmed a shocking link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. The study was rejected by two previous medical journals before Vaccine agreed to publish it, further underscoring the tendency for medical journals to censor any science that doesn’t agree with their pro-vaccine narratives.

“A study published today in Vaccine suggests a strong association between receiving repeated doses of the seasonal influenza vaccine and miscarriage,” writes CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

“A puzzling study of U.S. pregnancies found that women who had miscarriages between 2010 and 2012 were more likely to have had back-to-back annual flu shots that included protection against swine flu,” reports Medical Xpress, a pro-vaccine news site that promotes vaccine industry interests. Notice that the opening paragraph of their study assumed the study couldn’t possibly be true. It’s “puzzling” that mercury in flu shots could cause spontaneous abortions, you see, because these people have no understanding of biochemistry and the laws of cause and effect.’

Read more: CDC-funded study confirms flu shots linked to spontaneous abortions… vaccine experts rush to explain away the findings

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Mushrooms offer a wide variety of benefits and effects. Like calling cards of the forest, mushrooms are unique to their reactions. Some offer mental and stimulatory effects while others cause hallucinations.

All containing their own unique form of plant fibers knowns as polysaccharides these fibers are shown to increase gut health while offering starch like energy to your body.


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‘Reality is a program of beliefs we decode:

Disease equals Health
Fake news equals Truth
Wars equal Peace
Uniformity equals Unity
State-granted rights equal human rights
Slavery equals Freedom.

All is illusion.

As our world unfolds in multiple dimensions, we are focused in a time-space continuum (linear construct) with limited perception. Our “perception deception” in this reality timeline means that no matter what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future, we are always pondering it and creating it in the Now.

The power to restructure reality is only possible with the clarity of the cosmic mind. Unfortunately, as humans, we are easily programmed to believe that what we see, feel, taste, hear, and smell is all there is.’

Read more: Decoding A Fake Reality

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‘While Americans squabble over irrelevant political diversions, a revolutionary breakthrough in human healthcare has yielded its first FDA approval – a therapy that literally cures otherwise incurable leukemia.

It is the first of many therapies that re-engineer human cells in living patients to reprogram more resilient immune systems and even repair damaged or aging organs.

What would seem like headline news has instead squeaked through as a whimper – not because it is insignificant – but because of how this monumental breakthrough has been hijacked by special interests and how these interests plan on making Americans pay twice for its development behind a smokescreen of public ignorance.

Thanks to a media focused more on dividing and distracting Americans regarding irrelevant political charades, due diligence in researching the story was either sidestepped intentionally, or a result of unprofessional and incompetent journalism.’

Read more: Big-Pharma Novartis To Charge $475,000 For $20,000 Cancer Cure Funded By Taxpayers And Charity

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‘As the opioid epidemic rages on, those professing to seek “solutions” are willfully ignoring one of the most promising treatments – medical cannabis. When the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act (CARA) was being debated in 2016, amendments to study medical cannabis were stripped out.

This happened despite studies showing that medical cannabis eases neuropathic pain, and the government’s own National Institutes of Health stating, “Medical marijuana products may have a role in reducing the use of opioids needed to control pain.”

There were also studies showing that deaths from opioids plummet in states with legal cannabis, and that 80 percent of cannabis users give up prescription pills. A Feb. 2017 study confirmed that opioid dependence and overdoses dropped significantly in medical cannabis states.

In January 2017, the National Academies of Science published an exhaustive review of the scientific literature and found that one of the most promising areas in medical cannabis is for the treatment of chronic pain.’

Read more: First Of Its Kind Study Shows Undeniable Evidence Cannabis Can Cure Opioid Addiction

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The only way to systemically lower costs is to make prevention and transparency the top priorities.
As I have been noting for a decade, the broken U.S. healthcare system will bankrupt the nation all by itself. We all know the basic facts: the system delivers uneven results in terms of improving health and life expectancy while costing two or three times more per person compared to our advanced-economy global competitors.
This chart says it all: the global outlier in low life expectancy and exorbitant cost is the U.S.

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Quantasia Sharpton, 21 (right), is suing Usher for reportedly having sex with her and not telling her he had herpes. She's pictured above at a press conference on Monday in New York City with her attorney Lisa Bloom (left)

Quantasia Sharpton, 21 (right), is suing Usher for reportedly having sex with her and not telling her he had herpes. She’s pictured above at a press conference on Monday in New York City with her attorney Lisa Bloom (left


  • Two more women and a man are suing Usher for alleging sleeping with them without telling them he had herpes 
  • On Monday, one of the alleged victims, Quantasia Sharpton, spoke at a press conference in New York City 
  • The 21-year-old said she had sex with the singer after attending one of his concerts for her 19th birthday 
  • While she has tested negative for the sexually-transmitted disease, Sharpton is suing because she feels her rights were violated 
  • Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, says one of the other two clients she’s representing has tested positive for herpes and believes they got the disease from Usher   

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4768068/Woman-suing-Usher-not-telling-herpes.html#ixzz4p520NHt6

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The idea that a government is actively poisoning its citizens may sound like the perfect propaganda plot to send the mainstream media into a feeding frenzy, and to make American neoconservatives beg for the invasion of a sovereign nation—unless it is happening in the United States.

The Department of Defense and its contractors are currently using at least 61 active military sites across the country to “burn and detonate unused munitions and raw explosives in the open air with no environmental emissions controls,” according to a series of bombshell reports from ProPublica that give insight into the largest source of pollution in the country: The Pentagon.

One of those sites is located at an army ammunition plant in Radford, Virginia. The town consists of around 17,000 people, and it is home to an elementary school that “has been ranked by researchers as facing some of the most dangerous air-quality hazards in the country.”


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