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  • Nathan Wylie, 13, stopped breathing on March 28 and died on Saturday
  • A colleague of his dad, Robert, 40, told medics the boy ‘got into’ Robert’s drugs
  • Robert was also arrested in December while in the car of girlfriend Tina Davis
  • Cops found crack, needles and what seemed to be heroin in the car, report said
  • Nathan was in the vehicle too; the pair were charged with child endangerment
  • And in February photos were taken apparently showing drugs in Wylie’s home
  • Police said they found crack pipes when they went in to investigate 
  • A relative said that Wylie and Nathan had been homeless before the boy’s death 
  • It will take 6-8 weeks to confirm what caused Nathan’s apparent overdose
  • Wylie remains in jail on an indictment warrant from the December car stop

An Ohio teenager died of a suspected heroin overdose on Saturday after allegedly getting into his father’s drug stash.

Nathan Wylie, 13, was taken to hospital on March 28 after he apparently consumed drugs owned by his father, Robert Wylie, 40, who was allegedly also on drugs at the time. A family member said they were both living on the streets.

This was just the latest – and most tragic – in a string of incidents for Robert, who was also arrested in December after he and Nathan were found in a car full of drugs driving through a seedy section of Dayton, the Dayton Daily News reported.


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