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We’ve just finished testing the first 100 water samples we received from Natural News readers via our EPA Watch program to monitor the nation’s municipal water supplies. Because the EPA knowingly lies about lead contamination in water — and because state water testing agencies routinely commit scientific fraud to hide the truth about their water quality — we have taken on the task of testing water for lead all across America.

Using our high-end analytical laboratory (CWClabs.com) and ICP-MS instrumentation running EPA methodology 200.8, we’ve just completed heavy metals testing the first 100 water samples we received. (Note: Heavy metals is just the first round of testing we’ll be conducting. In another round, we’ll be using the sample water samples to test for pesticides and other organic chemicals. Watch for that later…)

A full, detailed report of these water samples — with details parts per billion results of the heavy metals detected in each water sample — will be released here on Natural News within a week or so. Until that full report is released, here are some of the highlights of our ICP-MS analysis:


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  • Annette January and Lashuntae Benton died in 2am shooting on Sunday
  • Both were 19-year-old students at Southern University in Baton Rouge
  • January was track and field athlete, Benton was studying sports medicine
  • Police said shooting broke out in Cottages Apartments parking lot
  • Noone has been arrested; police have not determined suspects or motive
  • Unnamed 24-year-old man was also taken to hospital with minor injuries

Two 19-year-old college students were killed in a 2am shooting outside an apartment complex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police said.

Annette January and Lashuntae Benton, who both attended Southern University and A&M College, died Sunday while a 24-year-old man sustained non-threatening injuries.

Police said the shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Cottages Apartments popular among college students in the area, and a witness said 15 to 20 people blocked the road as a large fight broke out.

Annette January (pictured) and Lashuntae Benton (right) died after a shooting broke out in the parking lot of the Cottages Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday

Theywere both 19-year-olds attending Southern University and A&M College

Annette January (left) and Lashuntae Benton (right), who were both 19-year-olds attending Southern University and A&M College, died after a shooting broke out in the parking lot of the Cottages Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday

A witness who wished to remain anonymous told NOLA.com he was driving past the development before the shooting, and was forced to take a side road after a large fight appeared to be breaking out with 15 to 20 people blocking the road.

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‘Isn’t it interesting how politicians are so frequently caught with their pants down (sometimes literally) doing or approving of unspeakable acts? There’s doubt about it, positions of power have a tendency to attract the worst human beings, or inspire the worst behaviors in otherwise good people. Dennis Hastert would certainly fall under the former of those two categories.

The former congressman from Illinois was the longest running Republican Speaker of the House until he was unseated by Nancy Pelosi in 2007. However, his crimes go way back to before his political career. Last year he pleaded guilty to financial crimes, which led prosecutors towards a paper trail of payoffs.’

Read more: Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Won’t be Charged for Molesting Four Boys

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Hillary Clinton and her parents.

Hillary Clinton (Hillary Rodham) was raised first in Chicago and then, from the age of three, in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois.

Her father, Hugh Rodham was a curtain salesman.

“It seems that the family name of ‘Rodham’ was once ‘Rodomski’ and her father’s family came from the Jewish ghetto in Lodz, Poland and settled in England before emigrating to the Chicago area.”

Hillary’s mother was Dorothy Emma Howell.

Hillary’s parents.

Hillary’s father had been a chief petty officer in the Navy during World War II and trained recruits.

Hillary was raised in a politically conservative household.

Hillary and Bill.
Bill Clinton “spent much of his childhood in Hot Springs, the capital of gambling, drug-smuggling and organised crime in the central United States, where his powerful uncle and mentor, Raymond Clinton, was a member of the Dixie mafia.”
Bill Clinton “was recruited by the CIA while at Oxford.”

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‘In 2014, the state of California began a lead-cleanup effort in the city of Vernon. Widespread contamination had come from a nearby car battery recycling plant that, for years, had been repeatedly cited for improper disposal of hazardous waste. The plant was closed in 2015, after state regulators had allowed it to operate for decades without proper permits. Owner Exide agreed to shutter the plant in a deal to avoid criminal prosecution.

But even though the state has access to medical records showing high levels of lead in the blood of children in certain neighborhoods around the plant, it has yet to share that critical information with any of the agencies directing the cleanup efforts.

Lead is a potent neurotoxin that is particularly dangerous to the developing nervous systems of young children. Lead damage is permanent and irreversible. There is no safe level of exposure.’

Read more: California govternment bureaucrats hiding evidence of high lead levels in blood of children living near Exide battery plant

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‘Target Liberty has obtained a copy of the email that was just sent out by “Democracy Spring” leaders to protesters they hope will be disruptive in Washington D.C., including arrests of many of the protesters.

Those endorsing Democracy Spring include: Democratic Socialists of America, Young Democratic Socialists, United Students Against Sweatshops, United Native Americans, Progressive Democrats of America, March Against Monsanto, 100 Grannies for a Livable Future, African American Ministers in Action.’

Read more: The George Soros-Led ‘Democracy Spring’ Plans for Immediate Public Civil Disobedience Have Been Issued

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‘The man responsible for the deadly shooting at Lackland Air Force Base last week has been identified as Steven D. Bellino.

A statement from the Air Force identified the deceased as Tech. Sgt. Steven D. Bellino and Lt. Col. William A. Schroeder. They did not name Bellino as the shooter. However, a federal official close to the investigation, speaking anonymously, told the Associated Press that Bellino opened fire at the Air Force base on Friday.

“The 37th Training Wing mourns the loss of our airmen and family members,” Brig. Gen. Trent H. Edwards, commander of the wing, said in a statement Saturday, according to CBS affiliate KENS. “Our primary focus at this time is to take care of the family and the men and women who are grieving our losses.”’

Read more: Gunman In Texas Air Force Base Shooting Identified As Former FBI Agent

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| 08 April 2016 | A ship used to transport nuclear waste ran aground Friday at a decommissioned nuclear power in southern Sweden, authorities said. The Swedish Maritime Administration says M/S Sigrid had no dangerous cargo aboard and was on its way into the harbor outside the Barseback nuclear plant whose reactors were closed in 1999 and 2005. The government agency said the cause of the grounding was unclear.

Ship used to transport nuclear waste runs aground at decommissioned Swedish nuclear plant

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