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Global Disease burden has reached an all-time high. Mainstream medicine claims we’re living longer, with more medical technology and better pharmaceutical intervention than ever before. But at what cost? Decades of US health data have revealed that we are spending most of our elder years in poor health and disability.

The rise in life expectancy at birth rose by a few years for both men and women in the last two decades of the 20th century. This has come at an enormous cost in the quality of life of our elders, for they are suffering with more pain and greater disability than ever before in last 15 years of life. People globally are living longer but chronic debilitating conditions are becoming more prevalent.

Life expectancy for women in the US is 81, five years more than for men. It has however been climbing for both genders: in 1995, women and men were expected to live to 79 and 73, respectively.

But the figures show a worrying trend where our health in which we spend our lengthening old age seems to have stopped improving since 2000. Women now account for 57 per cent of US citizens aged over 65, but 68 per cent of those who need daily assistance in their lives.



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It is unclear why Ohio Governor John Kasich remains in this race. A self-described moderate who supports Obamacare and Common Core, Kasich has tried to be the liberal media’s favorite candidate for President.

He’s stumbled along the way, and right now he’s under intense pressure by the Republican establishment to drop out. His victory in Ohio against conservative businessman Donald Trump changed the delegate math, and he’s also taken just enough delegates away from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to be a problem for him, too.

And while Kasich has been married twice and has children, old rumors are being explored about his past. It appears almost all of Kasich’s inner circle seems to be homosexual moderate Republicans. That’s hardly a scandal, but what exactly are Kasich’s relationships with them?

Apparently, Kasich has a weekly dinner meeting with friends who happen to be gay, and lived with a gay man for years while serving in Congress. Is this all usual behavior for a married, straight male?

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U.S.-bound plutonium that has recently been shipped out of Japan will be disposed of at a nuclear waste repository in New Mexico after being processed at the Savannah River Site facility in South Carolina, according to an official of the National Nuclear Security Administration.

“The plutonium will be diluted into a less sensitive form at the SRS and then transported to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) for permanent disposal deep underground,” said Ross Matzkin-Bridger, who is in charge of the operation at the NNSA, a nuclear wing of the Department of Energy.

“The dilution process involves mixing the plutonium with inert materials that reduce the concentration of plutonium and make it practically impossible to ever purify again,” he said in a recent phone interview.

The official made the remarks ahead of the latest Nuclear Security Summit, sponsored by President Barack Obama, which began Thursday in Washington.


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Britain will ship 700 kilograms of nuclear waste to the United States under a deal to be announced by Prime Minister David Cameron at a nuclear security summit in Washington on Thursday, a British government source said.

In return for the shipment, the largest ever movement of highly enriched uranium, the United States will send Europe a different type of nuclear waste that can be used to produce medical isotopes for the treatment of some cancers.

“The prime minister will be announcing a landmark deal that we have agreed with the US and with (European Atomic Energy Community) Euratom,” the British government source said, on condition of anonymity.



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Source: Townhall.com

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10 NYPD cops have taken a stand against arrest quotas. The cops have filed a law suit against the NYPD for discrimination and retaliation for reporting on the quotas.(Source:NBC 4 New York)

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