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Chemical Weapons: Hoax!

Chemical Weapons: Hoax!

Isn’t it always the way that politicians, wherever they might be and in whatever government in whatever country always stand up and bang their fists on the table in pontificating vociferation, preaching to us about what should and shouldn’t be done. The newspapers of the mainstream media across the Western world are jumping on the same bandwagon and making sure that the most used word this week is Syria followed closely by ‘bomb the b’stards’.

The British newspaper The Independent publishs today its breaking headline of what the UK government has done. It was called ‘breathtaking laxity’ to have allowed up to a year ago the granting of a license to export two chemicals that would enable the making of Sarin. Now, if you were to stop there, as the average person might actually do, then you would think, hey let’s bomb the Brits, they started it all. But, the two highly dangerous chemicals that were included in the agreement to  export by a British company to Syria were none other than sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride.

Yes, sodium fluoride is the product that strengthens your teeth. Ok, in powder formula it can cause (if inhaled or ingested) heart problems and respiratory problems.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that the country needs to go in there and bomb them out, invade and overthrow, all in the name of the democratic West (and the United Nations if they want to throw themselves into the jaunty charabanc outing of yesteryear where the only film being screened will be Die Hard). Kerry has stated that the reports provided by the US show that there are ‘signatures of Sarin’ (not Sarin itself).

So, the hair and blood samples that have tested positive for the signature of Sarin are showing up traces of sodium and potassium fluorides? Have we all been poisoned by chemical weapons because the water I drink is enriched with fluorides? The toothpaste I use is enriched with it.

The licenses to export to Syria were revoked in July 2013 by the European Union, and the British company never actually even exported to Syria. The exporting company had assured Chuka Umunna the Business Secretary in the UK that they sodium fluoride and the potassium fluoride were destined to be used in the manufacture of frames for windows and in bathrooms.

Admittedly, the products can be transformed into Sarin and are two of the nerve agents that are used in the production process. But, the two types of fluoride could be purchased for other reasons entirely and can hardly be used as proof that chemical weapons have either been used or even mad at any time.

Western intelligence agencies have reported to governments that since 2012 there have been 14 separate occasions that Bachar al-Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. If this were true, then why has the Western world waited for over a year to do anything and what has made now the right time for tomorrow’s strike there?

If the fluorides had been sold with the purpose of making chemical weapons, then it is hardly a surprise since the British, just like every other government in the West, have always complacently continued arming both sides to rake in the cash in all and any conflicts in the world, even those they have been involved in. Britain had no qualms about arming both Iraq and Iran during the bloody war between the two. Britain sold the equipment to Saddam Hussein to make sure that he had the ability to make chemical weapons and it was ok for him to gas Iranian soldiers and his own people in 1988, without the West getting on their soap-boxes. To make sure that the Shah of Iran fell with a thud Iran got Rapier missiles and a few tanks sold to them. Since both countries never even paid the money back, as they defaulted on the payments, the British people funded the sale through taxation. The British government still got their share all the same.

Maybe all of this grand talk of bombing them out of the Middle East will have a positive effect and drum up some long-lost business for the UK’s military sales event in the London Docklands taking place next week. The Defence and Security Event (DSEI) takes place between September 10th and 13th with visitors from 121 countries. Would be nice to know if the Assad regime will be represented there. Probably no point in going, the British must have exported long ago to them.

MPs in the UK are now demanding an explanation from the British government and David Cameron (who is already in a fragile position since no other Prime Minister has suffered a no-vote of war since the mid-nineteenth century) looks like he shall come out of it slightly the worse for wear.

Doing a George W. on us will not get any respect from anyone in the world and least of all now that it has been revealed that the chemical weapons are in actual fact nothing more than sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride.

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US denies illegal use of weapons in Iraq 18 Nov 2005 (The Sydney Morning Herald) The Pentagon has acknowledged using incendiary white phosphorus munitions in a 2004 counterinsurgency offensive in the Iraqi city of Falluja, but defended their use as legal. A Pentagon spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Barry Venable, said on Wednesday that the US military had not used the highly flammable weapons against civilians, contrary to an Italian state television report this month that said the weapons were used against men, women and children in Falluja who were burned to the bone. “We categorically deny that claim,” Colonel Venable said. “It’s part of our conventional weapons inventory and we use it like we use any other conventional weapon,” said another Pentagon spokesman, Bryan Whitman. Colonel Venable said white phosphorus was not outlawed or banned by any convention. However, a protocol to the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons forbids using incendiary weapons against civilians or against military targets amid concentrations of civilians. The US did not sign the protocol.

US defends use of white phosphorus weapons in Iraq 16 Nov 2005 (Reuters) The Pentagon on Wednesday acknowledged using incendiary white-phosphorus munitions in a 2004 ‘counterinsurgency’ offensive in the Iraqi city of Falluja, but defended their use as legal. Army Lt. Col. Barry Venable, a Pentagon spokesman, said the U.S. military had not used the highly flammable weapons against civilians, contrary to an Italian state television report this month which said the weapons were used against men, women and children in Falluja who were burned to the bone.

UK used white phosphorus in Iraq 16 Nov 2005 (BBC) UK troops have used white phosphorus in Iraq – but only to create smokescreens [?!?], Defence Secretary John Reid has said. MPs are worried by the admission by US forces that they used the controversial substance in the Iraqi city of Falluja – something they had previously denied.

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Attack on Syria exposes US biochem terror factories

Aleppo, northwestern Syria, comes under attack by foreign-backed militants.

Aleppo, northwestern Syria, comes under attack by foreign-backed militants.
Recent chemical warfare attack in Syria has led investigators to a decade-old network of secret labs spread from the Caspian Basin to the Baltic.

The story of these facilities may well overshadow years of unimaginable horrors, torture, secret prisons, massive spying and the orchestrated destruction of world economies.

With widely respected political leaders in the US, Senator Ron Paul, Congressman Alan Grayson, Pat Buchanan and even Zbigniew Brzezinski either declaring recent chemical attacks a false flag or voicing total skepticism over US involvement, wider issues of nightmarish American secret labs are being suppressed.

Journalist Jeffrey Silverman, working out of the Republic of Georgia, broke the initial story yesterday:

“I learned back in 2004 about the Bechtel National Project, bio storage facility in Georgia, from US Defense contractors, including Turkish, of the lab facility being constructed near the Tbilisi airport.

I soon learned that US government and the Department of Defense, DoD, wanted to study new infectious strains, such as Anthrax, which were evolving in the wild amongst cattle herds in the rural regions of Georgia. It should be mentioned that this small country and Tbilisi was once center-stage to the Soviet Union’s system of bio weapons research, for both animal and plant warfare.

I have been able to access the design plans for the facility and speaking to contractors, whistleblowers, have learned that in fact the network of labs in Georgia is operated by the US Department of Defense and has an offensive capacity.

Some even go so far as to claim that the US government is using Georgia and its population as part of the on-going research. I also suspected this and am trying to obtain solid proof of this allegation right now. This raises the question whether or not Georgians are being utilized for sinister bio programs and vaccine field trails. This may be difficult to prove, but even the United States has experimented on its own population over the years, and it can use the population of Georgia as part of field trials for vaccines, and without their full informed consent.

A number of labs, strewn across Eastern Europe, are umbilically linked to the Biological Weapon Proliferation Prevention (BWPP) program and various projects within it, which is a cover for what is most likely an offensive program. If the strains turn out to be antibiotic resistant, ongoing research into viruses that eat bacteria, and attack infections that are antibiotic resistant can be quickly accessed. Whoever has such information controls the bioweapons battleground.”

I became aware of operations in the region in 2005 when former top CIA officials set up operations in the region. Though they had publicly “left” the CIA, they had, in reality, set up a new “privatized” CIA, one supported by a virtual army of private contractors staffed by top CIA specialist drawn into the private sector, gutting the real CIA and setting up an unaccountable organization tasked with developing advanced genetic based bio-weapons, vaccines capable of inducing “time bomb” diseases or “suicidal compulsions” and managing the world’s heroin supply, from production in Afghanistan to distribution, some through Global Hawk UAVs capable of flights around the world.

One such bioweapons facility is currently under construction in Kazakhstan, outside Almaty. Salon wrote about it. Nobody paid attention. Others are in Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Poland. One is in Libya, built in 2006 with US funds, reported by Wikileaks.

Working in concert with specialists in the US and Porton Down in the United Kingdom, strains of all available diseases are collected, sometimes stolen from university laboratories, transferred to these “black sites” and are subjected to “doomsday research.”

Supplying simple nerve gas for Syria was nothing.


Dr. David Kelly’s “suicide” can be credited to this organization. So can the “street crime” killing of John Wheeler III.

Dozens of other scientists have been murdered that have had ties to this organization. Michael Hastings may well have been a victim also.

In July 2010, Veterans Today published the names of 50 WMD scientists who had been murdered or died under “less than credible” accidents or “natural” causes.

There are going to be few whistleblowers from these programs, retirement or resignation is a death sentence, this has been seen, has been confirmed and inexorably observed.

Others involved are blackmailed or bought, corporate boards or even appointed heads of banks.

Perceived global WMD race

We are in the middle of a global weapons race, far worse than the worst fears of nuclear proliferation. These aren’t battlefield weapons, the scientific output of these labs and the institutes that support them are, at best Malthusian and more than Orwellian.

The future planned for by Project for a New American Century had nothing to do with controling oil or spreading ideology.

We are already manipulating weather. We have, for many decades, been creating crop diseases and patenting genetically modified plants containing compounds whose long-term effects serve an agenda that has nothing to do with human food supply.

We now patent animals.

We are, in actuality, not just “patenting” disease but the ability to modify humans, inducing behaviors, subservience to authority, aggression on demand and early death, disease, suicide, when no longer of use.

A little Sarin gas to help “political friends” deal with the “inconvenience” of Assad’s military successes in Syria is only an afterthought.

Diseases capable of spreading global pandemics are “old hat.” The move now is terra-forming, a subject well beyond geopolitics and social engineering.

The future will need no more “Gazas.”

Targeted populations with certain genetic traits can simply be targeted, shortened lifespans or diminished fertility.

Depleted uranium use is part of this process.

So is the series of inoculations or vaccinations given American soldiers. After each war, America’s military suffers a “die off” much like that of the dinosaurs.

It isn’t coincidence.

Increasingly, serious scientists are revisiting the possibility that AIDS may well have been an experiment in biology and social engineering.

What can we look for

We are going to see DNA tagged diseases, much SARS or “Bird Flu.”

We have had over the years and will continue to see outbreaks of virulent but unidentified diseases quickly decimate small regions, burning themselves out based on vector analysis.

Animal populations will disappear, such as with John Wheeler III’s issue with mysterious bird “die offs” just prior to his death.

Economic model

Not too long ago, former Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner “disappeared’ several trillion dollars.

Where did they money go?

Around the world, facilities are being built for no know reasons, some “intelligence fusion centers,” some massive underground bases, those in Israel were reported, the 5 plus dozen inside the US are still very secret.

Billions, perhaps even trillions, is spent on esoteric research, “non-ordinary” technology, mind control through quantum physics or energy sources, developed, perfected, engineered but never adapted for any known endeavor that serves humanity.

Twenty years ago, nuclear weapons development “went dark,” weapons that emit no radiation, weapons so small, a dozen could fit in a carry-on bag.

The Syrian “boil”

In Syria, a huge mistake was made. One of the secret weapons labs inside the Republic of Georgia supplied weaponized Sarin gas to forces fighting the Assad regime.

The purpose was simple. This was the only way to put “blood enemies” like Senator’s Graham and McCain in concert with the Obama administration.

People talk but no one really knows why Obama would allow himself to be placed in such a situation. We see the signs of a global intrigue involving Russia and China.

It is as though Obama believes an act as insane as attacking Syria is, somehow, going to save the world from being overrun by nations actually worse than the United States.

However, on close examination, there is no reliable evidence that such nations actually exist.

What the WMD attack in Syria did do, however, is expose the presence of a series of facilities whose “output” makes Sarin gas look like child’s play.

The labs are real, just as real as NSA spying. Recently, they manufactured what may well lead to a world war over Syria.

They can do worse. The people who fund them, who run them, who had them constructed and oversee their nightmarish purpose do not believe in the survival of the human race.

We know that too.

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Building Israel: The Start-Up Nation

James Petras

City of London demands ad firm stop using spy cams in trash cans” Fox News, August 12, 2013

 The story was headlined: “Jerusalem mayor demands investigation of secret ‘smart tracking devices’ in toilets”.  The executives of an Israeli company that installed high tech toilets to secretly track the smart-phones of defecators are facing charges of ‘privacy violation’.  The company, cleverly named ‘Two Commandments’, ( as in ‘Ye shall make money’ and ‘Ye shall not get caught’), a Tel Aviv-based marketing and private government subcontractor,  developed ‘smart pods’ to capture smells, color, expulsive energy and volatile gases.  One of the owners, Bibby Dershitz, (a ‘21st century Moses’, according to the Wall Street Journal), claimed the device provided valuable marketing information on consumer habits.  According to Bibby’s partner, Laura Klapshitz, “the color, size, texture, density and chemical composition of turds reveals eating and drinking habits and can lead to the development of food products, which are easier to digest, reducing gas and disagreeable lower bowel sounds.”

They marketed the devices as a major breakthrough in health:  Israelis would enter public or private bathrooms unaware that their most natural, intimate experiences were being recorded and photographed, because, as Bibby liked to point out, “facial expressions and sphincter tone can reveal serious underlying health issues which will benefit our Israeli pharmaceutical companies in designing new treatments – thus expanding their market”.

The original idea for high tech smart-tracking in public toilets came from Bibby’s time as an intern at the prestigious Israeli research center, Technion, where he was assigned to analyze the blood content in the turds of Palestinian prisoners following what Shin Bet (Israeli secret police) officials laughingly called ‘routine’ interrogation.  Israeli scientists maintained that high blood content correlated positively with ‘high quality physical interrogation’ sessions.  This could be used to track the performance of ‘interrogators’ for future promotion and bonuses.  More importantly, they concluded that high blood content identified prisoners classified as ‘highly resistant (HR)’ to providing ‘reasoned responses’.  Israeli scientists maintained that HR prisoners were most likely ‘members of terrorist cells’ and candidates for higher level interrogation protocols.  All this critical national security data was derived from turd analysis!

From this stint at ‘Technion’, Bibby concluded that, ‘Turds talk!’ With this entrepreneurial insight, Bibby asked his partner, Laura Klapshitz, to prepare a prospectus to secure the backing of wealthy venture capitalists.  Bibby and Laura’s success in raising funds focused initially on the impact on ‘consumer goods’ market.  Rigorous analysis of foods and drinks, kosher and otherwise, provided invaluable “data in the well”, to use Laura’s euphemism for turds in the toilet. Ms. Klapshitz explained that the “visual dimension thing, especially through facial expressions, and the tight sphincter thing, can help us to break into the trendy, upscale health food market”.  Laura also introduced innovative toilet accessories and upgrades, like ‘the gauge to accurately measure sphincter tone’.  She and Bibby used the gauge to provides data measuring the ‘constipation index, to identify and address a common problem among “our highly stressed sedentary techno-warriors and high BMI index(overweight) settlement rabbis.”

Bibby described the initial heady days of the new ‘start-up’: “As soon as our campaign to install smart tracking in public toilets took off, the market-savvy investors and wealthy ‘insider’ financiers from the Diaspora jumped on board!”  Their success, he philosophically declared to Laura, confirmed one of Freud’s most profound insights: that ‘money is crap and crap is money’.

Laura and Bibby met with a team of young Harvard law graduates and newly-minted Wharton MBAs to patent the ‘Crap Watch’ (as it came to be known to the insiders) and to discuss ‘new markets’.

This team of the best and brightest from the Ivy Leagues jokingly dubbed themselves as ‘the toilet tribe’, (TT).  They developed a new marketing strategy based on moving to upscale private corporate toilets and government bathrooms and formed a joint venture with major Israeli business groups and security agencies.  The ‘TT’ also decided to upgrade their promotional material and consider a public stock offering.

They agreed to eventually consider mergers and acquisitions -especially in what they called ‘turd-centered appliances’ designed to enhance ‘data collection’.

After winning the prestigious Forbes Award as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, Bibby and Laura signed off on a million-dollar book contract for a manuscript entitled, ‘Defecation:  The Eye in your Toilet’.

Bibby and Laura were no longer just running a ‘mom and pop’ business:  They borrowed big and re-invested their profits like ‘true entrepreneurs’, hiring salespeople, public relations specialists, market researchers and ‘special’ field technicians (a euphemism for agents adept at discreetly penetrating high-security facilities and  planting smart pods in toilets under delicate circumstances).

Despite the major expansion of their workforce, Bibby and Laura were still personally responsible for negotiating with high-end clients.  They secured lucrative contracts with Israel’s leading multi-nationals by convincing the CEOs that ‘smart’ turd-analysis could identify employees who were consuming well beyond their income level – important clues to rooting out potential trouble-makers, embezzlers, corporate spies and rogue speculators.  In addition analysis of turd composition (color, texture, smell) would reveal if lower level employees had potentially expensive, undeclared health problems or drug habits – both grounds for their immediate dismissal without severance pay.  As an added bonus, Bibby promised to provide ‘smart insurance’ to top CEOs: a security device, which would detect any smart-pod secretly placed in their own toilets.

Klapshitz insisted on the competitive advantages that toilet espionage offered to corporate clients:  “Toilets are frequently used as discreet meeting places”.  She argued persuasively that, “Behind the closed doors, strategic decisions are discussed which we record with our high-quality monitoring while removing any irrelevant, unseemly noises, such as flatulence”.  “She means farting”, Bibby ejaculated.  ‘Look. We provide the intimate data”, Bibby argued to potential clients,“ Call it blackmail, if you like. But it can increase your competitive advantage in any contract negotiation”.

Laura, striking a moralistic posture, pointed out that, “Our recordings may reveal ‘perversions’, unethical corporate activity during business hours, such as masturbation among the highly stressed executives or government officials grabbing female or male employees inside the water closet.  This gives you powerful leverage in closing deals”.

As part of a major expansion program, a joint venture was worked out with the Mossad. Two Commandments went global!  The new target market included the Arab countries, North America and the European Union.

Entry-level field technicians with Middle Eastern (Sephardic) backgrounds were hired especially for their ‘Arab looks’ for missions to plant the toilet-pods in Muslim countries – considered a ‘smelly assignment’ by Bibby, a Zionist-Neo-Con, who claimed that, “Arabs rarely flush”.

Laura, the Zionist-Liberal, corrected Bibby’s bigotry by pointing out that it wasn’t the Arabs’ poor hygiene, but their “frequent water shortages because the US and Israel had bombed their water systems and the West blocked sale of replacement parts”.  She added that “Our target population, especially the elite in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, use ultra-modern perfumed, air-conditioned toilets, especially designed with soothing musical flushing systems – better than anything here.  Bibby, it’s wrong to label all Arabs as ‘non-flushers’.  Do you really want our Sephardic technicians to complain that we are giving them the dirtiest and most dangerous assignments because they look like Arabs? ”.

The joint venture with Mossad took “Two Commandments” into the US market, where AIPAC and its cohorts among the ‘52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations’ brokered a long-term, large-scale, multi-million dollar contract to ‘toilet-watch’ members of Congress, White House officials, generals, oil company executives and anyone else involved in Middle East policy affecting Israel.

As Bibby later wrote in his ‘memoirs’, Defecation: The Eye in Your Toilet: “The AIPAC and Co. sent the toughest negotiators we had ever encountered.  First, they tried the ‘tribal gambit,’ telling us that, “If it’s for Israel you should do it for free”.  So I told them:  “First, you should give up your $100 million dollar annual lobbying budgets.”  Then they bargained for a discount rate claiming that AIPAC was a ‘non-profit’.  “Yeah.”, I said, “You’re not counting the annual $ 3 billion-plus that Israel milks from the US Treasury and the big kickback to you and the Defamation League”.  Finally, they resorted to the cheap charge that we were ‘profiteering at the expense of Israel’s security’, accusing us, Sabras, of verging on anti-Semitism for not confronting Israel’s ‘existential threat’.  Such Chutzpah!”

“I laughed in their face!  Both Laura and I served in the military, we are still in the Reserves and who are these guys really working for?  Wall Street bankers!  These guys were stink-tank policy wonks drawing six figure salaries to con the goys. And most of them weren’t even married to Jews.  I started for the door saying, “No Deal!  You AIPAC bums screwed up the Rosen Weismann spy case; you let Pollard get caught with bags of documents; ‘Lobo’ Wolfowitz temporarily lost his security clearance and Marty Indyk too!  What amateurs!  If you want a professional job you have to pay.  Pick up the phone and call any of your billionaire philanthropists. Tell’um to cough up 20 million for Israel!”

“After some shouting and even shoving, Laura and I walked out the door.  They called us back and signed the contract.”

“They got their money’s worth.  The Congressional toilets were hooked up and in the first week we picked up one constipated senior Senator who uttered prophetic anti-Semitic slurs while he struggled:  “The Jews won’t let me have a moment’s peace.  They follow me into the bathroom to bugger me (!!) about upping the annual payola, tightening the sanctions on Iran and not cutting aid to the Egyptian military … They make me feel (“grunt and grunt”) like I am just working for Israel.”   This guy was marked as a “fence-sitter on Israel”.

“The State Department, Pentagon and Treasury toilets were all brought ‘on-line’  by our teams of dual citizen agents and terror ‘experts’, strategically placed by AIPAC inside the institutions.  We monitored members of Congress who had ‘plumbing problems’ (urinary frequency) and couldn’t sit through long-winded appropriation sessions. They could be relied on to close the debate and call for a vote to fund wars against Israel’s enemies – just so they could rush off to the nearest ‘facilities’.”

“Our ‘smart-pods’ tracked a top White House staffer with financial problems who we caught trying to arrange a loan on his cell-phone while ‘sitting in the stall’. AIPAC , used their financial contacts to cultivate this White House asset.  They got ‘the inside dope’ on the White House’s Palestine peace proposals in exchange for a low-interest loan.  Prime Minister Bibi ‘the Whale’ used that information to pre-empt  Vice President Biden’s visit when he announced the construction of three thousand new settlement units”.

“This ‘toilet talk’ had become a goldmine: We went from continent to continent,  deal to deal.  We paid for new settlements in the West Bank, (Laura objected ‘a little’).  The press crowed that our “Jewish genius had turned shit to gold”.  The only objection came from some self-righteous Haredi draft-dodging loser who condemned us for worshiping ‘Mammon instead of the Y- guy’.”

“At the pinnacle of our success, the curse of that Haredi loud-mouth came back to haunt us!  No it wasn’t an Arab terrorist, they were all under toilet surveillance; nor was it a competing intelligence service like the US Homeland Security, the Mossad had their own people in there.  We were brought down by one of our own:  The rat was a graduate of Hebrew University, Joshua Ben Ezra.  We had hired him as a field technician, assigned (on account of his ‘Arab’ looks) to  bug and monitor the toilets and turds of the Palestinian Authority:  A dangerous and smelly assignment to which he felt he was over-qualified.  This Ben Ezra, got some ‘chip on his shoulder’ because he looked Arab, forgetting, that was the reason we hired him in the first place.  Then rumors began to circulate among our other employees that his ‘blood was tainted’ or that he was ‘using the race card to promote his career’… Joshua, from the start, was very good at what he did:  He discovered ‘President’ Mahmoud ‘the Bagman’ Abbas’ secret overseas bank account worth $400 million while monitoring a long cell-phone call to his London bankers from a ‘session on the throne’ (Constipation- Conspiracy- Confidentiality) which only yielded a puny turd.  Then he monitored a secret tryst between a devout Hamas leader and a rival’s daughter ‘over the toilet seat’. This helped the Mossad to set-off a mini-civil war in Gaza.  Joshua was that good!”

“There was no doubt that Ben Ezra would ‘go places’. But he was too impatient. He felt his professional and personal ambitions were blocked by his ‘skin problem’.  He secretly tried skin products, lightened and straightened his hair, waxed off his hairy arms, legs, chest and the rest… Josh was hoping to score some upscale Ashkenazi or make it with our leggy blond Long Island ‘college intern on the aliya’ junket.  We know this because we bug our own employees’ toilets.”

“In the aftermath of our debacle, we investigated what led  Ben Ezra to turn traitor, or what Laura called, a ‘whistle blower’.  The historic turning point took place on the edge of the bath tub. His puny ‘performance’ with his tall Long Island lovely was a fiasco: He was too short, she giggled instead of moaning. He drooped and she dressed, walked out and described the whole encounter to the secretarial staff during a coffee break.”

“The fact is that Ben Ezra was and is a computer genius, whatever his other shortcomings.  He had access to our files all around the world and he mined our findings, reports and evaluations, including industrial spying, speculation and blackmail.   He secretly exposed our joint venture with the Mossad in Arab countries, including the assassinations, infiltration, bribes and converted spies (with their names, dates and bank account numbers).  He released information on our collaboration with ‘the Lobby’ where we secured confidential White House documents, how we ‘arm-twisted’ Congressional ‘vacillators on Israel’ and demolished the ‘anti-Semitic’ critics of Israel.”

Nobody knew who he was. Ben Ezra escalated.  At first, as a loyal Zionist, he would only leak documents to the Israeli press but the Israeli papers ‘self-censored’ and refused to print.  Long Island leggy had done a lot of damage: He was ridiculed at work, Bibby and Laura snubbed him and the secretaries snickered.  Joshua then sent a stream of documents to independent journalists, major newspapers and web sites the world over.  The NY Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, the major TV networks and NPR all contacted the Israeli embassy in Washington and refused to follow-up on any of the documents.  The BBC, quoted an anonymous Israeli official, who claimed that the ‘so-called whistleblower was an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi holocaust denier with a conspiracy complex’.  Al Jazeera quoted a Gulf State expert who claimed the allegations especially the reports on Gulf state collaboration with Mossad were part of an ‘Al Qaeda disinformation campaign’.”

Ben Ezra then contacted  Rachel (“Ray”) Klapshitz, the ‘black-sheep’ daughter of the Two Commandments founder, who had renounced her Israeli citizenship and become an investigative journalist for the Gatekeeper.  Ray’s stories exposing the turd spy operations busted through the media blackout.  The mass circulation ‘yellow press’ couldn’t resist:  ‘Fellatio for Israel in Pentagon Toilets’, headlined the Daily Sun.  ‘400 Million Bucks for Abbas, Turds for the Pals’, wrote an Israeli scandal sheet.  The Washington Post discreetly jumped with its article entitled, ‘Presidential Toilets as a Site of alleged Israeli Spying.  Is Israel endangering its ‘special relationship?’

Prime Minister Bibi, the Whale, was hysterical.  Jowls twitching, he called in the heads of Mossad, Shin Bet’s Special Operations Unit (Yamas) and the National Security Council:  “Find the Turd Spy at all costs and shut him up forever!” he bellowed. “Even, I mean, especially, if he’s a Jew, a self-hating traitor!”

The Mossad had already checked the toilets of all its spies and employees, including the mobile assassins, whores and bankers.  It was realized much later that because of his computer skills and his innocuous reputation, Bibby and Laura recommended that Joshua Ben Ezra be made a member of the special investigating unit.  He worked 18 hour days; 9 hours for the Jewish State and 9 hours for Truth, Democracy, Freedom and Justice for the Sephardi.  Even more incriminating documents were published including the covert consultations between top Pentagon Zionists and Israeli Foreign Policy officials when they concocted the ‘data’ about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction in the lead up to the US invasion, proof that Treasury Zionists had written the entire policy for new sanctions on Iran in consultation with Tel Aviv and shocking information about the Mossad’s ‘prior knowledge of the 9-11 attack and its monitoring of the perpetrators in the air and on the ground’.

Ben Ezra had deeply penetrated the highly vaunted Mossad counter-espionage apparatus. Prime Minister Bibi ‘the Whale’ called for a much smaller super-elite Mossad team to investigate the investigators and Joshua was picked to be among the ‘final five’.

Meanwhile ‘Two Commandments’ became ‘No Commandments’:  The company went ‘belly-up’.  Investment capital evaporated.  Bibby and Laura were under investigation.  Share prices dropped from 500 shekals to near zero.  Investors jammed the lines and traders refused to answer their phone.  The Harvard ‘Toilet Tribe’ returned to Cambridge to scrounge for post docs.  The ‘victims’ filed law suits.  The clients claimed innocence and paid fines ‘without admitting guilt’.  Forbes withdrew its entrepreneurial award.  Bibby and Laura signed up for an extended cruise on the Nile.  The whistleblower, Ben Ezra, hidden in broad sight on the elite Mossad ‘Special Commission’ quietly worked away.  While he drew a double-salary as chair of the investigation, he planted amorous e-mails between Prime Minister Bibi ‘the Whale’ and Long Island Long Legs – special references to his ‘oversize gut and undersize ‘member’.  ‘Yamas’ was exposed to have been spying on Mossad agents within Hamas, resulting in a shoot-out, which wounded an IDF soldier from Brooklyn…

‘Two Commandments’ filed for bankruptcy.  The ‘Holocaust Foundation’, a major investor, lost millions and denounced it as a Ponzi scam claiming that Bibby and Laura were “worse than Madoff”.  To escape threats and charges of “blood libel”, and Defamation League charges of “soiling the pristine reputation of Israel, the Only Democratic Country in the Middle East governed by the Only Moral People”, Bibby Dershitz and Laura Klapshitz left for their cruise, leaving no forwarding address.  They made sure to check the ship’s toilets and ignore the turds.

Rachel’s reportage, based on Ben Ezra’s leaked documents, led to fame and harassment:  She won the Colombia University Annual Investigative Journalism Award and the furious condemnation of the World Zionist Council.  Meanwhile Joshua quietly packed his toothbrush and computer files and bought a one way ticket to Teheran, avoiding security checks by flashing his official passport as a member of the Whale’s Elite Super Special Counter Espionage Commission.

Furious, Israel demanded that Iran extradite the traitor, Ben Ezra. AIPAC threatened to round up a unanimous Congressional vote of support for whatever Israel demanded.  The Iranians calmly pointed out that since Joshua’s grandfather was born in Iran, Ben Ezra could claim citizenship and Iranian citizens could not be extradited abroad; it was against their Constitution.

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