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This is completely off the charts. Most people were running full out away from the Twin Towers at ground zero time. These Individuals recorded the aftermath of the South tower and the North Tower Collapse. See and feel Ground Zero here as this is some of the best audio and video I have found of the period of the 10 am and the North Tower destruction and immediate aftermath. Sound and Fury with live interviews between collapses.I have tied several pieces together here from different sources including a Very good look at the destruction caused by the crushing of Trade three by a major piece of the core. Study the picture at the very end, I left it up for 11 seconds, it is the best photograph I have seen of the Marriott Just before impact from the South Tower.
Just the Facts please. Again this is Live footage that tells it’s own story, no conspiracy theories.


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Bombshell: Syria’s ‘chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S. water supply and sold at Wal-Mart

Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative being pushed by the White House is an outlandish hoax.

To understand why, you have to start with the story published in The Independent entitled Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria.

Sounds scary, right? As The Independent reports:

The Government was accused of “breathtaking laxity” in its arms controls last night after it emerged that officials authorised the export to Syria of two chemicals capable of being used to make a nerve agent such as sarin a year ago.

What, exactly, are those two dangerous chemicals that need to be controlled via “arms control” regulations? You won’t believe me when I tell you. They are:

sodium fluoride
potassium fluoride

You can see this yourself in the screen capture of The Independent breaking news story. Note the headline and the subhead. The headline describes “nerve gas chemicals” and the subhead explains them as “sodium fluoride” and “potassium fluoride.”

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Russian Defense Ministry Reports Two “Ballistic Targets” Launched In Mediterranean, Israel Says Was “Missile Test”

Update from RIA

Two “ballistic targets” detected Tuesday in the Mediterranean by the Russian military were launched by the Israeli military as part of a joint US-Israeli test of its missile defense system, an official in Tel Aviv said.

The launches we’re talking about were a test of the Anchor target missile that is used for testing our missile defense system,” an Israeli Defense Ministry representative told RIA Novosti.

The launch was part of joint tests with the US military and were successfully tracked by radars in Israel, the official added. 

So with the world on the edge, and everyone waiting for the “other side” to take the initiative and send a an immediate triggerhappy response, the US and Israel decided to conduct a cruise missile “test” in a hot zone, without warning Russia or anyone else in advance?

* * *

Moments ago Russian RIA news agency reported that Russia’s Defense Ministry said, citing its ballistic missile early warning system, that the launch of two “ballistic targets” has been detected in the Mediterranean,  “The launch was detected at 10:16 Moscow time (06:16 GMT) by a radar in the southern Russian city of Armavir, a Defense Ministry spokesman said.


The targets’ trajectories ran from the central to the eastern Mediterranean, the spokesman said. A diplomatic source in the Syrian capital, Damascus, told RIA Novosti that the targets fell into the sea. The Russian Embassy in Damascus said it did not have any information about the launch, and the streets and residents of the Syrian capital appeared calm, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported the launch to President Vladimir Putin, the spokesman told Russian journalists. The Defense Ministry’s press service was not immediately available for further comment.”

Immediately conflicting reports about the source of the launch emerged: Reuters initially said that “Israel said on Tuesday it was unaware of any ballistic missile launch being conducted in the eastern Mediterranean. “We are not aware, at this time, of such an event having occurred,” a military spokeswoman in Jerusalem said after a Russian news agency reported the launch of two ballistic “objects” from the central part of the sea eastward.”

Oddly enough, seconds ago more headlines hit Bloomberg which refuted the Reuters report, and determined that it was indeed Israel which had hit the launch button:


On the other end, US Navy’s 6th Fleet said no US ships have launched missiles in Eastern Mediterranean despite Russia defence ministry reports.

So on the surface, it appears a missile was launched by Israel, which knows full well that with tensions already at an unprecedented levels, this in itself would likely have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back and causes retaliation. The irony, as Reuters also reports, is that Syria’s early warning radar system did not detect any missiles landing on Syrian territory, according to a Syrian security source quoted by Lebanon’s al-Manar television on Tuesday.

In other words, if this was indeed an attempt at provocation, then Israel was testing to see what Russia’s response would be, not so much Syria’s.

Finally, NATO, as RIA also reports, is now investigating this launch:

NATO has no information about the launch of “ballistic targets” in the Mediterranean and is looking into those reports, an official from the alliance told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said earlier on Tuesday its early warning system had detected the launch of two “ballistic targets” in the Mediterranean.

The Pentagon, the UK and French Defense Ministries and the Israel Army command have all told RIA Novosti they have no information about such launches.

“The Defense Ministry cannot confirm these media reports. This is all I can say,” a French Defense Ministry spokesman said.

The launch was detected at 10:16 Moscow time (06:16 GMT) by a radar in the southern Russian city of Armavir, a Defense Ministry spokesman said. The targets’ trajectories ran from the central to the eastern Mediterranean, the spokesman said.

And speaking of Russia’s official response, stay tuned.

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Biofuel project funded by UK ‘leaves Africans without food’

Thousands of people in one of Africa’s poorest countries are going hungry because of a biofuels “land grab” by a firm that receives funding from the Department for International Development, a charity claims.

ActionAid accuses the Swiss company Addax Bioenergy of threatening livelihoods in rural communities in Sierra Leone, where it runs an extensive sugar-cane plantation.

Addax, which will soon begin the first commercial shipping of biofuels from Africa to Europe, receives funding from a UK-based development fund that received just under $150m (£97m) from DfID in 2012-13.

The Addax project, set up in 2008, saw the company take a 50-year lease on 57,000 hectares of land in the Makeni region of northern Sierra Leone. Due to begin exporting in 2014, the project will produce 85 million litres of ethanol a year, for petrol – enough to meet 12 per cent of the UK’s ethanol consumption in 2011/12.

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Are Evangelicals Who Commit Adultery Restored to the Pulpit Because They are Religious Money Machines?



When it comes to being restored, re-ordained and returned to the pulpit after confessing to a four-year extramarital affair with a member of his congregation, Sam Hinn, the younger brother of well-known televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn, may have set a new speed record for fallen evangelical leaders.

Older brother Benny is a big-time brand, squirrelling the spotlight for a good chunk of his professional life, and his ministry reels in extraordinary amounts of money. He’s traveled the globe, bought mansions, and has lived the good life. He’s also experienced a fair amount of controversy along the way; his prophesies have been way off the mark, including one made in 1989 that Fidel Castro wouldn’t outlast the 1990s; he was one of a group of televangelists whose financial shenanigans inspired an investigation by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa); and, two years ago, he was accused of being involved in a messy extramarital affair with Paula White — another well-known televangelist — an accusation that threatened his worldwide ministry. Hinn self-recovered and is back televangelizing.

Now, younger brother Sam, who compared to Benny is a minor figure in the world of evangelicals, is grabbing some kinky headlines of his own.

An affair made in heaven

“Chantel Wonder said [Sam] Hinn… initiated the affair with her mother by telling her they were ‘soul mates’ and that God approved of the relationship,” the Orlando Sentinel reported in January. It should be noted that one of Sam Hinn’s claims to fame is that he has a personal relationship with God, ergo Sam’s assurances to her that God had pre-approved the affair.

“He put her in a position that this is OK because it’s what God wants. He was using God to justify it.” Her mother is a hairstylist who eventually styled hair for Hinn’s wife and children.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Wonder said her father became aware of the affair in December 2008 after he found text and voice messages from Hinn on his wife’s phone. At the time, his wife denied the affair. The couple, who were married June 20, 1980, divorced on Feb. 14, 2012.

“Wonder said Hinn, who is married and has four children, continued the affair after her parents divorced. She said church officials confronted Hinn with evidence of the affair in December 2012, but he refused to admit he was involved with the woman.

“On Jan. 14, Hinn denied the allegations of an affair to his wife, but promised not to talk to the woman again, Wonder said. Later the same day, she said, Hinn’s car was photographed parked outside her mother’s apartment.”

Finally, Hinn issued a statement: “As painful as this is to confess, I have allowed myself to be drawn into a relationship that has caused much hurt and pain to my wife and family. I have repented and asked for and received their forgiveness.”

Then Hinn entered into a restoration process that was supposed to last two years.

According to Christianity Today, however, Sam Hinn “completed a restoration process and was ‘re-ordained’ Sunday at Orlando-area Church on the Living Edge, just eight months after he resigned from his position at Gathering Place Worship Center in Sanford, Florida.” It was also reported that Hinn would become a professor at Tabernacle Bible College in Sanford, Florida.

Rapid-fire restoration

Sam Hinn is just one in a long line of preachers and pastors in need of rehabilitation and who desired restoration after sexual and financial shenanigans. Amongst the most famous are Ted Haggard (homosexuality and drugs), Jimmy Swaggart (cavorting with prostitutes), Jim Bakker (bilking his supporters), and Benny Hinn himself (see above).

In Sam Hinn’s case, the restoration process was supposed to take two years but Hinn, who decided that he had been restored enough, nipped the process in the bud. Ron Johnson, a pastor of One Church in Longwood, Fla., who counseled Sam Hinn, told the Orlando Sentinel that Hinn’s early withdrawal left “many of his problems unresolved.”

In an op-ed piece for Charisma, Johnson wrote that he “outlined a two-year plan of restoration and walked through the initial stages with him. … Sam wanted to renegotiate the terms. When I wouldn’t agree to that, he withdrew from my covering and has since found a group of men willing to endorse his leadership in a more expeditious manner.”

“There’s an important issue in the body of Christ that needs to be addressed in light of Sam’s ‘re-ordination,'” Johnson wrote. “This and other recent instances — both in Orlando and around the nation — prove that we, as the church, still struggle with how to restore fallen leaders.”

Johnson pointed out that “Restoration is a not a quick fix but a systematic process of transformation that deals with a person’s deep-seated sinful and narcissistic tendencies. These are the issues at the core of these problems and the cause of these failures in the first place.”

Although the National Association of Evangelicals doesn’t appear have an official position on the restoration process for fallen pastors, the majority of NAE board members “say pastors can be restored to church roles after marital infidelity,” Christianity Today reported.

Was Sam Hinn’s abrupt restoration financially motivated?

According to charismamag.com’s Jennifer LeClaire, “Clearly, there’s a strong disagreement among well-known leaders in the body of Christ over whether this man should have been released back into public ministry so quickly. In an age of the hypergrace movement — which is full of dangerous errors, such as denying the need for true repentance — re-ordaining a man who admitted to a four-year affair after less than a year smacks of grace wrongly applied. Grace (and forgiveness) is one thing. Restoring trust is another.”

In January, Chantel Wonder, the daughter of the woman Hinn had his four-year affair with, presciently told the Orlando Sentinel that “He’ll be back in a couple of months as senior pastor, and that’s just not right.” She was right: His short-circuiting of the restoration process is not sitting well with the Wonder family, Hinn’s former restoration coach, and Christian conservative evangelical commentators who worry that Hinn’s all-too-quick return will set a precedent for other fallen pastors.

(Photo: Benny Hinn Ministries)

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Ah, then came the dawn.

White House to Congress: Help protect Israel

02 Sep 2013 The Obama administration is using a time-tested pitch to get Congress to back military strikes in Syria: It will help protect Israel. Israel’s enemies, including Iran and the terrorist rebel group Hezbollah, could be emboldened if Congress fails to approve action against the regime government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, senior administration officials said Saturday. And for the second day in a row, President Barack Obama publicly cited the threat against Israel if Assad’s reported use of chemical weapons goes unchecked. Secretary of State John Kerry also referred to Israel repeatedly as he made the rounds on all five major Sunday morning news shows — as well as comparing Assad to Adolf Hitler. [Media: Why is it the ‘Assad regime’ but the ‘Obama administration?’ Obama’s killed thousands of civilians with drones worldwide.

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The Bitter Truth About Splenda

If you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that not only were there no long term human safety studies performed on it, but that it had been already proven in tests to have following adverse health effects .

· Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage) 
· Enlarged liver and kidneys.
· Abnormal histopathological changes in spleen and thymus
· Increased cecal weight 
· Reduced growth rate
· DNA Damage
· Adverse changes to gastrointestinal bacteria
· Abnormal Pelvic Mineralization
· Decreased red blood cell count 
· Hyperplasia of the pelvis
· Aborted pregnancy (Maternal & Fetal Toxicity)
· Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights 
· Bowel inflammation/Crohn’s Disease
· Triggering migraine
· Increase glycosylation of hemoglobin (HbA1c) for diabetics 

…would you still consume it? Of course not! And yet, millions of Americans (including our precious children!) are doing exactly that by consuming Splenda. So, what is sucralose, chemically speaking?
Like “Splenda,” the term “sucralose” is a cute little marketing ploy. The true name of this ugly little chemical is actually too long for the human tongue to comfortably pronounce (which is usually an excellent indication that it is not safe to ingest!) Go ahead and see if you can wrap your vocal chords around this phonetic monstrosity:


Despite the intended insinuation, sucralose is not a form of sucrose (cane sugar). Sucralose/Splenda is produced through artificially substituting three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) with three chlorine atoms in the sugar (sucrose) molecule. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms. When transformed into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the same family as deadly pesticides like DDT, insecticides, biocides, disinfectants like Chlorox Bleach, and WWI poison gas like dichlorourea.
The makers of sucralose/Splenda argue that this “remarkably stable” chemical passes unchanged into the urine and feces, when in fact, up to 11% to 27% is absorbed into the body (FDA, 1999). In fact, the varying degrees to which sucralose is absorbed is used as a marker for gut and intestinal permeability to determine certain disease states. Once absorbed, some portion of this chlorocarbon accumulates in the body (between 1.6% to 12.2%). What effects will these accumulated chemicals have? According to James Bowen, M.D:

“Any chlorocarbons not directly excreted from the body intact can cause immense damage to the processes of human metabolism and, eventually, our internal organs. The liver is a detoxification organ which deals with ingested poisons. Chlorocarbons damage the hepatocytes, the liver’s metabolic cells, and destroy them. In test animals Splenda produced swollen livers, as do all chlorocarbon poisons, and also calcified the kidneys of test animals in toxicity studies.”
How can this be true for an FDA approved sweetener?

FDA approval does not in any way guarantee safety… sadly enough, in many cases, it guarantees the exact opposite. Take aspartame for instance. Aspartame (Equal/NutraSweet) contains 10% methanol, which is broken down in our body into two extremely toxic substances: formaldehyde and formic acid. There are over 30 known adverse health effects associated with its consumption! This sweetener gained FDA approval in 1981, despite appalling evidence linking it to cancer, particularly, brain cancer.

So, if Splenda is not a viable alternative to sugar, what can we use instead?
When one uncouples the experience of “sweetness” from caloric content, the body becomes confused because it does not receive nourishment and therefore will not attain satiety – this, in turn, leads to overindulgence. Indeed, new studies have shown exactly this: those who consume synthetic sweeteners are more prone to obesity. What this means is that when we ingest something sweet, it should also have caloric and nutritional content. Anything less than this equation is a recipe for failure and ill health.

Thankfully Nature provides us with a veritable cornucopia of healthy sweeteners: honey, stevia, xylitol, erythritol, and dehydrated organic cane juice, all of which are available at your local health food store. Next time that sweet tooth calls, remember not to succumb to advertising hype which would convert poisonous chemicals into “magical” no-calorie sweeteners. Use both common sense and a sense of moderation, and your body will thank you.

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Police Admit That NZ Spy Agency Illegally Spied On Kim Dotcom, But Aren’t Going To Do Anything About It

from the enforce-the-law? dept

You may recall that it came out last year that the New Zealand equivalent of the NSA, the GCSB, illegally spied on Kim Dotcom (oh, and dozens of others), possibly with the help of the NSA, despite not being allowed to spy on those in New Zealand.An investigation by the police has agreed that the GCSB clearly broke the law… but the police have said that they don’t plan to prosecute the spy agency. Because, you know, that might hold them accountable. Now, at least, the GCSB knows that it can abuse the law at will with no punishment.

Instead, it appears that the excuse being used by the police is the same one we’ve been hearing from NSA defenders: because these abuses weren’t intentional, they can be ignored:

Today, Detective Superintendent Peter Read told a media conference that in spite of the GCSB committing one breach under the provisions of the Crimes Act, no criminal “intent” by the GCSB could be established.

I’m not sure that actually makes sense. Yes, when it comes to criminal activity, intent can be important in determining if it’s actually criminal, but there’s little doubt that the GCSB intentionally spied on Dotcom. It wouldn’t have taken very much at all to recognize that Dotcom was a resident of New Zealand who GCSB is forbidden from surveilling. So it seems like the intent was pretty clear.

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