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FBI used Photoshop in Boston bombings evidence: Investigative journalist

29 May 2013 An investigative reporter has revealed that the image released by the FBI as evidence on one of the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings was doctored with a computer software such as Photoshop. The FBI image was put forth as evidence that 19-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who the police took into custody on April 19 after a day of intense searching that shut down major parts of Boston, arrived at the scene of the bombing with a backpack but left without it. Comparing pictures he took of the scene with the photo released by the FBI, reporter Ralph Lopez of The Digital Journal suggests the FBI photo shows clear evidence of being made with Photoshop.


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Russian Pacific Fleet enters the Mediterranean in challenge to West

28 May 2013 For the first time in a decade, a large combat fleet from Russia’s Pacific Fleet based in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East is joining other Russian warships in the Mediterranean on a combat patrol. To deploy large warships thousands of miles away from East Asia to the Middle East demonstrates President Vladimir Putin’s resolve to resume Russia’s military and strategic glory of the past by challenging the collective military power of the West.

[It’s about time.]

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Obama to Pick Former Bush Official to Lead F.B.I.

Obusha picks James Comey, a Republican and former hedge fund executive, to lead the F.B.I.

29 May 2013 President Obama plans to nominate James B. Comey, a former hedge fund executive and a former senior Justice Department official under President [sic] George W. Bush, to replace Robert S. Mueller III as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a person with knowledge of the selection. The Obama administration had initially hoped to announce the nomination several weeks ago, but delayed it after the Boston Marathon bombings.

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