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This is in response to the lingering question of


All that is crystal clear to the public the world over is that the thug-police have been formally charged with using the military, the mob and the black-ops-underworld to make this happen everywhere, at the same time.

Since the official-gloves came off in 2001, people around the world have wondered why anyone would or could undertake the kind of global-genocide that is in full-throated roar right now: Because it makes no sense at all to kill-the-planet and four-fifths of the population, just to be able to say that it can be done?

 So why do it!

The culprits are INTERNATIONAL-CRIMINAL-CORPORATIONS under the direction of Zionista-criminal-Mobs masquerading as private-Businesses. Using governments as front-organizations for committing global-genocide, torture, murder and bestiality, combined with their barbaric slaughters of those that resist this onslaught against the human-race: The New (old) World Order has made “UNENDING WAR” their guiding principle for ever-increasing global-profits while they continue to flaunt their “renegade-powers” regardless of every existing law in the war-torn universe.



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Over the last several decades, how many movies that had some Israeli or Jewish actors portraying throat-slitting Muslims that shouted out “Death to America, Death to Israel™” before blowing themselves up on screen or machine-gunning innocent civilians have you seen?

An image that was deliberately ingrained into many American minds, all to prep them for the ultimate horror, the MOSSAD/CIA false-flag of 9/11.


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Israel's Mossad Teams up with Terror Group to Kill Iran's Nuclear Scientists

Israel is conducting a covert cross-border operation directed against Syria in liaison with NATO and the Pentagon.

After looking for a “smoking gun” in Iran earlier this year, Israeli special forces are now “tracking” Syria’s “stocks of chemical and biological weapons”, according to The Sunday Times.

“The cross-border operation is part of a secret war to trail Syria’s non-conventional armaments and sabotage their development. ‘For years we’ve known the exact location of Syria’s chemical and biological munitions,’ an Israeli source said, referring to the country’s spy satellites and drones. ‘But in the past week we’ve got signs that munitions have been moved to new locations.’” (Uzi Mahnaimi and Lucy Fisher Israel tracks Syria’s chemical arsenal, The Sunday Times 9 December 2012.)

Everyone recalls the WMD hype prior to launching the war on Iraq. It turned out that the Iraqi WMD threat was an outright fabrication.

Those involved in the Iraq WMD propaganda ploy are now applying their skills with a view to fabricating a WMD pretext to intervene in Syria. According to a report from the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, “Israelis ‘misread’ the Iraqi threat”. In 2003, the BBC wrote on the report’s findings:

Israeli intelligence miscalculated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein […] This contributed to the “false” picture painted by US and British services […]

“Israeli intelligence was a full partner with the US and Britain in developing a false picture of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction capability,” said the author of the report, retired Brigadier General Shlomo Brom.

“It badly overestimated the Iraqi threat to Israel and reinforced the American and British belief that the weapons existed.”

“From now on, when we present serious data on other countries, like Iran for example, who will treat us seriously?” Israel Radio quoted Israeli left-wing parliamentarian Yossi Sarid as saying. (Israelis ‘misread’ Iraqi threat, BBC,December 5, 2003.


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As with Britain, so with the Netherlands … so with North America and Australia … so with EVERYWHERE.

A long last, the Dutch government has brought somebody involved in a paedophile case to Court. The Dutch nation eagerly awaits the result of the man’s second trial that begins today, December 12th 2012.

There’s just one problem. The man they’re putting on trial is investigating the alleged perpetrator. But surprise surprise, the man he’s been investigating was until recently the highest Law officer in the Land.

Dutch journalist Micha Kat has been on the trail of the former head of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice Joris Demmink for a long time now. But he has been far from alone in accusing his prey.

First named by inference by the Netherlands press in 1994 in the context of ‘the involvement of a top official from the Hague in the abuse of minors’, in 1996 Turkish police alleged they had evidence proving that Demmink organized sex parties in Turkey during which minors were abused. They  stated that the sex parties were organized in collaboration with drug offenders who had contacts with the Turkish government.

In 1998, a Dutch TV documentary revealed that young boys were smuggled from Poland to the Netherlands with the assistance of “a top official of the Dutch government”. It added that a top official named “Joris” had been sentenced to 240 hours of community service and six months of conditional imprisonment. Claims then appeared in the Dutch media that this was not Demmink, although information was at zero on who it actually was.

But shortly afterwards, the Amsterdam authorities investigated a paedophile network. It was found to include a former lawyer of the Dutch queen, two main prosecutors, a former minister and a professor. Documents were leaked suggesting that Demmink had tried to sabotage the investigation.


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