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he recent capture in Mexico of Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the world’s richest, most dangerous and powerful drug lord labeled by U.S. Government as Public Enemy Number 1. Guzman’s high-profile arrest has triggered a worldwide news media frenzy as government authorities here in the U.S. and abroad work together to take down the remaining Mexico’s Cartel leaders and their henchmen. Responsible for thousands of drug-related murders and once considered the most elusive wanted outlaw behind Osama bin Laden, Joaquin Guzman is the biggest story in the drug world.

But there is another story with links to Guzman’s empire that is expected to take center stage in trial later this year in Chicago involving one of Guzman’s top operatives, a trial that will bear Guzman’s bloody hands in the dope trade, and expose him as one of the world’s worst turncoats to enter the narcotic game.

Recent allegations circulating in the global media allege that Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and other federal agents had forged a secret alliance with top level Sinaloa drug cartel members by permitting the narco gangsters to traffic drugs into the U.S., and in a reverse sting, the DEA is accused of allegedly allowing the dealers to ship U.S. made weapons into Mexico without facing prosecution. All this work was done on behalf of the U.S. government to achieve the government’s grand mission to play one cartel off another to destroy feuding narcotic organizations.

These allegations have triggered a firestorm of controversy and conspiracy theories in the Mexican nation and throughout the United States as well.

Informants from the Sinaloa Cartel who once worked for the federal government by snitching off on other cartel groups now feel betrayed by arguing the U.S. Government reneged on a promise to grant the Sinaloa immunity from prosecution as long as they provided secret information on their rivals.

“I was an informant for U.S. Federal Agents, and the agents cut a deal with (me), and members of the Sinaloa Cartel that allowed us to traffic tons of narcotics into the U.S., and to traffic illegal guns across the Mexico-U.S. Border without fear of prosecution under an immunity agreement,” said Vicente Zambada-Niebla in a bombshell court filing in federal court in Chicago Illinois.

As the logistical coordinator for the Sinaloa, the sweeping indictment against Zambada-Niebla and 36 co-defendants, allege that the traffickers conspired to import tons of cocaine and “multi-kilo” quantities of cocaine, heroin and marijuana into Chicago Illinois and throughout other U.S. cities between 2005 and 2008. Zambada (right) coordinated the drug loads by using trains, ships, Boeing 747 cargo jets and even submarines.

Extradited from Mexico to Illinois in February 2010 where he is confined in maximum security lockup under 24-hour security awaiting trial, Zambada-Niebla made quick attempts to get off the hook by filing multiple motions in late 2011 to present a “Public Authority” Defense.”

According to federal statue, to mount a Public Authority Defense, the court must find the defendant, “knowingly committed criminal acts but did so in reasonable reliance upon a grant of authority from a government official who had actual authority as opposed to merely authority.”

The major distinction between “actual authority” and “merely authority” boils down to this: If DEA or FBI agents told Zambada-Niebla that he could traffic drugs into the U.S. without facing arrest by snitching on other cartel groups this “merely authority”, as opposed to the higher echelon of “actual authority”, which such agreements are similar to immunity, must first be approved by Justice Department officials.

Federal prosecutors fired back. They suggested during court hearings on the matter that “even if Zambada-Niebla was an informant that he was not authorized to commit the drug crimes as alleged in the indictment.”

The almighty Feds added that Zambada should not be allowed to use the Public Authority Defense unless he can provide the names of agents or officials who approved his illegal activities.

Here’s where things get sticky. Most of the Sinaloa Cartel communications with the DEA were through the Sinaloa’s lawyer identified as Humberto-Loya Castro, according to Zambada Niebla.

Zambada-Niebla is the son of Ismael Zambada-Garcia who is second in charge of the Sinaloa cartel behind top boss Jose “El Chapo” Guzman (right). Sinaloa lawyer Humberto Loya-Castro became a DEA informant in 1995, after being indicted on cocaine conspiracy charges along with top boss Joaquin Guzman. These ongoing controversial stories follow years of suspicion that Guzman who controls the Sinaloa has only succeeded in eluding capture because of his fellow members cooperating with U.S. federal agents, and Mexico authorities.

Guzman is well known for using government authorities against his enemies like he did against rivals within his own organizations identified as Alfredo Beltran and Ignacio “El Nacho” Villareal.

Newspaper Story Controversy and Past Government Corruption

According to a story in the January issue of El Universal, Mexico’s leading newspaper, the team writers reported in an investigative expose that after interviewing numerous sources and reading voluminous court records documented by Mexico and the U.S., that the American Feds worked closely with the Sinaloa Cartel from 2000 to 2012—as part of a “divide and conquer” strategy to eliminate dope rivals competing against the Sinaloa in exchange for the Sinaloa players to provide the government with damaging information on targeted rivals like the blood thirsty Zetas and the La Familia groups.

To prove the government engaged in previous similar practices, court filings by Zambada-Niebla’s attorneys also pointed out: “The United States Government and its various agencies have a long history of providing benefits, permission and immunity to criminals and their organizations to commit crimes, including murder, in return for receiving information against other criminals,” the court motion said.

Attorneys compared Zambada-Niebla’s case with another high-profile case: “Perhaps no better example, is the celebrated case of Whitey Bulger, the Boston Irish crime boss and murderer, who, along with other group members of criminal organizations were given “Carte Blanche” authority by the FBI to commit murders to help the FBI take down the Italian Mafia in the New England area.”

Subsequently Whitey Bulger was convicted of several murders, drug trafficking, racketeering and obstruction of justice.

Government complicity in the drug trade is not new.

During the early 1990’s, the American-based CIA and cabinet members of then-President Ronald Reagan participated in the Iran-Contra scandal by allowing cocaine to be sold throughout America’s ghettos.

To fund the Contra Rebels war against Nicaragua’s socialist government the CIA teamed with Colombian Cartels to traffic drugs into Los Angeles California and throughout the nation, with the profits shipped back to Central America.

Utilizing every trick in the bag to get off the hook, Zambada Niebla unloaded another bombshell by disclosing another secret the Sinaloa had with the government.

He insisted that himself and cartel allies were in cahoots with the Fast and Furious investigation orchestrated by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm), a gun-walk program responsible for agents allowing informants to traffic into Mexico a cache of American purchased weapons in efforts to build federal weapons charges against targeted cartel organizations.

Zambada’s court depositions further stated that a second part of the immunity agreement,” the ATF armed the Sinaloans with several high-caliber assault rifles to use the firepower to destroy rival drug dealers.”

Led by Senator Darrell Issa (R-Calif), Fast and Furious later became the target of critical Senate hearings to determine which members of the Justice Department authorized the gun-walk operation that reeled in only 34 gun traffickers.

Referring to ATF’s Fast and Furious investigation, Zambada’s attorneys, George Panzer and George Santiangelo further argued in court that if the government will allow guns to be transported across the Mexico-U.S. Border and tried to cover-up the botched scheme then the government is capable of allowing the Sinaloa Cartel to ship illegal drugs into the United States. ATF lost track of approximately 1,700 guns as part of the ill-fated operation including the recovery of an AK-47 used by a Mexican National in December 2010, to murder Brian Terry, a Customs-Border Protection Agent.

Aside from his drug immunity claim, Zambada’s version about his role in “Fast and Furious” raise suspicion for a number of reasons, the most obvious being is that Zambada was arrested in March 2009–more than six months before ATF initiated Fast and Furious.

Despite this red flag, it didn’t stop news blogs and conservative online media from reporting Zambada’s claim about his part in the gun-walk program. Nor has it stopped El Universal stories from inferring that DEA was guilty of granting immunity to the Sinaloa cartel, but once the government used the members to achieve their goal they reneged on the immunity deal.

Even without a written immunity agreement, crack lawyers for Zambada-Niebla went a step further by invoking the Classified Information Procedure Act (CIPA). CIPA is a law focused on showing the government is hiding evidence to exonerate a defendant. No hearing has been set on this matter.

Following El Universal’s big scoop story, many news agencies scrambled to write a titillating spin to vilify the government as conspirators with drug cartels. What sounded like a great story but either the reporting team honestly forgot or downplayed the significant decision of Illinois Federal Judge Ruben Castillo who has already ruled in 2012, that Zambada’s evidence heard in court failed to prove the government granted him immunity from prosecution.

So why did the El Universal story slant its piece to infer that newly released U.S. Government documents suggested a conspiracy between the Sinaloa Cartel and DEA agents simply because DEA admitted meeting with Zambada-Niebla and Sinaloa lawyer Humberto Loya-Castro to discuss information that Zambada wanted to give up on other narco traffickers.

Here are excerpts of the release of U.S. Government documents which firmly refute Zambada’s immunity claims:

(1) DEA agents and Justice Department officials met with Sinaloa and Gulf Cartel top-level members to gather information on other rivals.

(2) During a series of meetings U.S. Officials succeeded in establishing a network of cartel informants.

(3) DEA passed the obtained information from the cooperating cartels to Mexican authorities who used the intelligence to execute narcotic raids.

(4) Mexican authorities never revealed to Mexican media exactly where the information came from that took down high-level dealers and killer squads.

 The Mexican government emphasized in their written court response that meeting with cartel members to get information only represents normal intelligence gathering procedure.

Was it Zambada-Niebla Idea to Seek Immunity?

Another major but missing point the El Universal story failed to explain clearly to its readers- the DEA and a Justice Department prosecutor documented evidence that it was Zambada-Niebla who first tried to score an immunity deal through the Sinaloa’s lawyer Loya-Castro who himself was a DEA informant and wanted at the time on the same federal drug charges against Zambada.

The story went down this way:

In 2008, Loya-Castro proposed a meeting with his DEA contact and Zambada-Niebla. On March 17th 2009, both Sinaloa members met with DEA agents at a Sheraton Hotel in Mexico city. DEA agent Manuel Castanon recalled the meeting during an April 2012–court hearing.

“I met for approximately 30 minutes in a hotel room in Mexico City with Zambada-Niebla, DEA agent David Herrod and a cooperating source (Sinaloa lawyer Loya-Castro), with whom I’ve worked as an informant since 2005. I did all of the talking on behalf of the DEA,” the agent testified.

Castanon further said, “Zambada-Niebla communicated interest and willingness to cooperate with the government.”

The agent responded to Zambada’s offer by explaining, “We were not authorized to meet with him, much less have substantive discussions with him,” Castanon recalled, in his matter-of-fact tone.

Shortly after leaving the hotel Zambada was arrested by Mexico authorities on the U.S. drug trafficking warrants and placed in jail to await extradition to the United States.

Patrick Hearns, a Justice Department prosecutor told Federal Judge Ruben Castillo that according to Special Agent Steve Fraga that it was Sinaloa lawyer Loya-Castro who gave information which previously led to a 23 ton cocaine seizure including other big seizures down through the years.

Hearns also pointed out that Sinaloa underboss El Mayo Zambada anxiously requested his son Zambada-Niebla to cooperate with U.S. authorities. Zambada claimed he only met with DEA agents at the hotel under the assumption that the cartel’s lawyer Loya-Castro had already negotiated immunity for his protection but instead was arrested.

If this was true; why did DEA agents allowed Zambada to be arrested?

Informant Guidelines

What is highly noted, according to narcotic experts, is the fact the immunity allegations explicitly detailed in Zambada’s court filings indicating the Sinaloa had free rein for years to ship drugs into America—glaringly deviates from the Fed’s guidelines for informants. High-level confidential informants must sign detailed agreements delineating the crimes an informant may be allowed to involved themselves with–in strict accordance with the Attorney General’s guidelines.

For example, such authorization can run up to 90 days or longer, and the primary law enforcement agency is tasked with close supervision over the informant’s crime activities. The downside to the immunity allegations detailed in Zambada’s court filings skeptically deviates from the Fed’s normal informant practice.

Former experienced federal agents affirm the government’s view on working with informants (who did not have immunity) to gather information on other targets but the same informants were later indicted for crimes although they assisted in having other drug dealers taken off the streets.

Retired DEA agent Joe Toft who headed the U.S. Justice Department’s “Capture or Kill” investigation of Colombian Medellin Cartel Drug Lord Pablo Escobar is familiar with the practice in big cases. Toft, in a phone interview dismissed Zambada’s immunity claim.

“I cannot imagine the DEA and Justice Department agreeing to immunity for the Sinaloa Cartel who brought lots of drugs into this country. Only the Justice Department and Attorney General can sign off on these things,” Toft explained.

Lewis “Big Lew” Rice, a retired DEA Special Agent in Charge of the New York and Detroit Michigan division agrees with Toft.

“My experience in the DEA is that they would never authorize large amounts of drugs to hit the streets.” In very rare circumstances, Lewis said, “personal use amounts of drugs could be authorized on a case specific basis, and agents would have to make a strong case as to why this was necessary, and detail the other investigative steps that were tried, and why it failed.”

Comparing the intelligence gleaned from the Sinaloa and other narcotic informants as typical business, Rice continued.

“Major drug dealers possess a wealth of intelligence but the goal is to collect that information without hurting the public,” Rice concluded.

A drug trafficking book author offered a similar view but with a pessimistic twist.

“It would not surprise me if certain rogue agents would cut corners to bust the worse of two evils to achieve their goals, but I doubt the Justice Department or higher ups would officially sanction something like this,” says Ron Chepesiuk, author of Black Caesar; The Life and Disappearance of Kingpin Frank Matthews.

Chepesiuk also wrote the American Gangster book based on the Life of Harlem Drug Kingpin Frank Lucas, a story later immortalized in a movie with the same name starring iconic actor Denzel Washington.

Since Zambada-Niebla confessed to snitching off rival narco players leads to a provocative question: why was he giving up people if no reward or benefits or some kind of immunity were promised to Zambada? Law enforcement officers say that the public must understand the dope world is a cutthroat business and that drug dealers often snitch off the competition to gain more profits, which, Zambada-Niebla himself provided information to his lawyer Humberto Loya-Castro who forwarded Zambada’s information to DEA.

The following is a breakdown of information explaining how the law deals with informants:

(1) Recruiting Informants Not a Criminal Conspiracy:

Insight Crime Journalist Charles Parkinson wrote the following analysis; “The detailed revelations shows how the U.S. government continues to work with criminal elements as part of anti-narcotics efforts to focus on priority targets to build cases.” Parkinson’s analysis indicate just because DEA recruited informants from the Sinaloa Cartel; or if any informant voluntarily offered intelligence on drug trafficking to earn reward money from asset seizures, then the mere fact that Zambada-Niebla and his crew were informants does not imply the Feds granted immunity to the Cartels.

(2) Informant Status:

Unless authorized in writing, informant status is not rewarded with immunity to avoid prosecution, particularly if the informant go outside his scope of duty with his controlling agent and break the law. This proves true when Zambada-Niebla was arrested outside a Mexico hotel after meeting with DEA agents in 2009. As the Insight story points out, the U.S. Government can still work against a cartel while simultaneously juicing information from criminals within organizations.

Insight story further noted how U.S. Federal Officials worked diligently with Cali Colombian Cartel described as “blood death” rivals of Medellin Kingpin Pablo Escobar when the drug lord had a “kill or capture” warrant hanging over his head.

Retired DEA agent Joe Toft reaffirms the government’s scheme “to gain intelligence on drug organizations like the Cali and Medellin who were killing each other off.”

Toft now says when the Cali and Medellin group were ferociously battling each other the DEA capitalizes on the bloodshed similar like recent tactics used by DEA in dealing with Zambada’s Sinaloa Cartel against the Zetas and Juarez narco groups.

“The theory that drug rivals often provide information on each other is not new,” Toft says. “When we were hunting Pablo Escobar during my time as head of DEA operation in Colombia I would get information on Escobar’s organization from the Cali group, and then we would get information on the Cali Cartel from Escobar’s guys.”

“This is probably what happened with the Sinaloa Cartel,” Toft further explained. “I bet that Sinaloa lawyer (Loya-Castro) was playing both ends between the DEA and the Sinaloa by pumping the group for information on other dealers considering the fact that the lawyer himself was already working as a DEA informant.” Toft said most likely the lawyer would “tell the Sinaloa the DEA had given them immunity from prosecution in order to have those guys to keep feeding the lawyer with intel on other competition, and that the lawyer probably made the reward money for any drug busts.”

In Escobar’s case the DEA and Colombian officials used Diego Murilllo aka Don Berman to help locate Escobar. When Escobar died in a bloody gun battle in 1993 with authorities, Murillo reigned as the new Medellin boss until U.S. government extradited Murillo to America where he is currently serving a long prison stretch on narcotic and money laundering charges.

As a federal informant, Murillo’s case is a classic example that shows; although Murillo helped the government to take down Escobar, the world’s notorious drug kingpin, his snitch work did not stop the Feds from arresting him.

So why would the Feds treat Zambada-Niebla any different?


Reasonable doubt in a court of law is a doubt based on “Reason” and common sense. Doubt will take center stage surrounding the government’s alleged immunity deal with the Sinaloa Cartel. What it will boil down to: Who has more credibility in this finger-pointing affair; the government or Zambada-Niebla?

To sway the jury to acquit Zambada-Niebla, lawyers for the narco gangster must convince them the government lied when they alleged (no) immunity agreement was given to Zambada for trafficking drugs and guns in exchange for the Sinaloa players to snitch on their rivals in the dope game.

Expect Zambada’s attorneys to put the government’s integrity on trial.

U.S. Government should prevail by showing none of their agents gave written or verbal immunity to the Sinaloa Cartel but the imminent danger for the government at trial provokes this question:

What if the jury inherently mistrusts the government? Or what if they are well aware of past government corruptions like the Benghazi cover-up by the Obama administration, the Iran-Contra drugs for cash crimes, Obama’s questionable NSA Spy Surveillance and the Fast and Furious ATF cover-up?

Past scandals looming in the mix are an edge for the defense because all it takes for a guilty person to walk free is reasonable doubt.

To paraphrase the iconic actor Denzel Washington’s well-spoken words in the blockbuster movie “Training Day“, the Oscar-winning actor famously said; “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove!”

 Journalist Clarence Walker can be reached at: cwalkerinvestigate@gmail.com

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Months after the events took place, Pulitzer prize winning journalists and others are finally reporting about the lies and manipulations of the US government regarding the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. Far from shining a light on the true situation in the country, however, these reports continue to avoid the underlying causes and explanations for what is happening in Syria, and the forces that are behind it.

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Shut Happens

It’s 12:01am, do you know where your government is?


Full Statement from The White House:


FROM: Sylvia M. Burwell, Director

SUBJECT: Update on Status of Operations

This memorandum follows the September 17,2013, Memorandum M-13-22, and provides an update on the potential lapse of appropriations.

Appropriations provided under the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013 (P.L. 113-6) expire at 11:59 pm tonight. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear indication that Congress will act in time for the President to sign a Continuing Resolution before the end of the day tomorrow, October 1, 2013.

Therefore, agencies should now execute plans for an orderly shutdown due to the absence of appropriations. We urge Congress to act quickly to pass a Continuing Resolution to provide a short-term bridge that ensures sufficient time to pass a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year, and to restore the operation of critical public services and programs that will be impacted by a lapse in appropriations.

Agencies should continue to closely monitor developments, and OMB will provide further guidance as appropriate. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and the work you and your agencies do on behalf of the American people.

Via Russia Today,

Here is a handy list from Russia Today of the possible effects American citizens and the rest of the world could face now that the US Government has shutdown. The last government shutdown lasted 21 days, from December 1996 to January 1997, and cost the administration of US President Bill Clinton cost an estimated $2 billion, according to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

 1 Countdown to US default looms
A halt of US government operations would drag the world’s biggest economy closer to bankruptcy, something unprecedented in US history. If no budget deal is done, the US would bump up against their “debt ceiling”  and run out of money by October 17. By then, the US government would have less than $30 billion cash on hand, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has calculated.

2 Hundreds of thousands of federal employees on furlough
A one-time layoff of 800,000 people working for the US government would erode the earlier projected economic growth of 2.5 percent for the fourth quarter of 2013 by about 0.32 percentage points, according to a forecast by Mark Zandi, chief economist and co-founder of Moody’s Analytics. That projection assumes a two-week shutdown. If it drags into a whole month, the loss of GDP would rise to 1.4 percentage points.

3 Troops’ paychecks stopped
About 1.4 million military active-duty personnel would keep on working, but with their paychecks delayed. Approval for troops’ paychecks is dependent on Obama’s proposed 2014 federal budget being passed by Congress.

4 Women and children’s nutrition program threatened
Pregnant women and new moms who are poor and facing “nutrition risk” won’t be able to buy healthy food, as a looming shutdown would put bracers on the $6 billion Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children (WIC).

5 $85 billion in cuts to federal programs
When a shutdown was last threatened in March 2013, it would have resulted in $85 billion in automatic cuts in spending on federal programs – many aimed at alleviating social hardship. The cuts, known as sequestration, would affect grants to local organizations and funds that keep those programs running.

6 Housing loans halted
US federal programs that provide for about 30 percent of all new loans in the housing market – a backbone of the country’s economy – will be shut down. Government funding of new businesses will also be halted, as well as workplace health and safety inspections.

7 Trade talks scuppered?
US plans to have a Pacific trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership, signed with the US’s Asian partners could stall, as Obama may decide not to travel to this weekend’s Bali, Indonesia meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation nations. While he could still go if no deal is done by then, it could be a gift for his Republican opponents if Obama was seen to be jetting off to a tropical paradise at a time when federal employees were sent home without pay.

8 Visa delays likely

Thousands of Americans may not be able to get passports for foreign travel, and tourists travelling to the US will likely face delays in visa processing. During the last government shutdown in 1996-97, some 20,000-30,000 applications remained unprocessed daily.

9 Space program on hold
Space agency NASA will be hit the most, as the agency will need to furlough about 97 percent of its employees, though it will continue to keep workers at Mission Control in Houston and elsewhere to support the International Space Station, where the two NASA astronauts currently on board, Michael Hopkins and Karen Nyberg, may not know whether they have jobs to come back to.

10 National parks, museums and zoos would close to the public
State-funded museums, art galleries and zoos across the country would keep their doors closed Tuesday, leaving thousands of employees furloughed and visitors unable to see attractions. US national parks, from Yosemite to the Shenandoahs, as well as Washington’s National Mall, Lincoln Memorial and Constitution Gardens, would also be closed.

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Who Spends Two-Thirds of Their Salary on Guns and War? The US Government, That’s Who


GoldCoinImagine that you get up every morning, go off to work, work your butt off all week and then wait in happy anticipation for your paycheck on Friday. And then it arrives. But instead of getting the full amount that you’d been eagerly expecting, you only get one-third of it. “Yikes!” you exclaim in dismay. “What happened to the rest!”

“But don’t you remember,” says your company’s payroll clerk with a yawn, having heard all this stuff before from other employees time and again, “that you spent all the rest of your money on guns.” Guns? I bought guns? “Sure you did.”

“But what am I going to do about my rent money and my cable bill and paying off student loans and my trips to the mall and, er, not to mention food?”

“Sorry, guy, but our records show that for the past 60 years, you have definitely — and apparently voluntarily — spent at least two-thirds of your income on guns.” 60 years? The last whole freaking 60 years? I did?

“But how come I’ve never noticed it before?”

If something like this has just happened to you, you might justifiably still be in shock. But here’s some good news. You are not alone! Every single other citizen in America right now is in your exact same boat. For approximately the last 60 years, two-thirds of America’s national hard-earned income has been spent exclusively on guns. Two-thirds of all our taxes. And two-thirds of all America’s credit-card debts too.

“But if I had spent all that money on guns for all those years, then where are they?” you might also ask. Good question. For all the trillions of dollars that we Americans have spent on guns in the last 60 years, you would think that every single one of us would have at least one or two Glocks, a couple of semi-automatics or at least even a Deringer stashed in the back of our closets or under our beds, right?

Then you would be wrong. We’ve got nothing to show for our rash 60-year spending spree except for a couple of million corpses, a goodly part of which are women and children. And who wants a pile of dead babies stinking up the house!

PS: Actually, the annual American tax budget allotment for guns is only 57% — that we know of. But who the freak even knows how much we also spend on black budgets and covert ops and foreign rendition prisions and spying on evil-doers like you and me.

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US Government Refuses to Compensate Victims of Chemical Weapons in Vietnam for more

As the US government prepares for war in Syria it is important to remember that they themselves used chemical weapons on civilians during the Vietnam war, and have since refused to compensate them.

BA VI, VIETNAM -MARCH 15: Handicapped orphans sit in their cribs at the Ba Vi orphanage March 15, in Ba Vi, Vietnam. There are around 125 children who are cared for by medical staff after being abandoned by their parents who cannot afford a severely handicapped child. These young children represent the 3rd generation of Agent Orange victims although many don't ever get the costly tests to prove it. More than 30 years after the war in Vietnam, a battle is still being fought to help people suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. Many of the families living in the remote villages have little access to medical care and don't even understand the medical term for the disability that their children have had since birth. They only know that the herbicide used by the US military during the Vietnam war called Agent orange caused this and the government gives monthly support of about $8 dollars per handicapped individual . Between 1961 and 1971, the U.S military sprayed nearly 20 million gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides across Vietnam in an attempt to kill vegetation that hid the enemy. Much of it contained the toxic nerve gas called dioxin. After so many years has past, studies have stated that lingering health and environmental problems effected an estimated 3 million Vietnamese, including 150,000 children. As a result an increased number of Vietnamese children have been born with severe birth defects and Down syndrome since the war ended in 1975. Recently, Vietnamese and U.S policymakers have finally started the first phase to clean up environmental damage leftover from the chemical defoliant. The action plan urges the U.S government to provide an estimated $30 million annually over 10 years to clean up sites still contaminated by dioxin. (Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

BA VI, VIETNAM -MARCH 15: Handicapped orphans sit in their cribs at the Ba Vi orphanage March 15, in Ba Vi, Vietnam. There are around 125 children who are cared for by medical staff after being abandoned by their parents who cannot afford a severely handicapped child. These young children represent the 3rd generation of Agent Orange victims although many don’t ever get the costly tests to prove it. More than 30 years after the war in Vietnam, a battle is still being fought to help people suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. Many of the families living in the remote villages have little access to medical care and don’t even understand the medical term for the disability that their children have had since birth. They only know that the herbicide used by the US military during the Vietnam war called Agent orange caused this and the government gives monthly support of about $8 dollars per handicapped individual . Between 1961 and 1971, the U.S military sprayed nearly 20 million gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides across Vietnam in an attempt to kill vegetation that hid the enemy. Much of it contained the toxic nerve gas called dioxin. After so many years has past, studies have stated that lingering health and environmental problems effected an estimated 3 million Vietnamese, including 150,000 children. As a result an increased number of Vietnamese children have been born with severe birth defects and Down syndrome since the war ended in 1975. Recently, Vietnamese and U.S policymakers have finally started the first phase to clean up environmental damage leftover from the chemical defoliant. The action plan urges the U.S government to provide an estimated $30 million annually over 10 years to clean up sites still contaminated by dioxin. (Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

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Attack on Syria exposes US biochem terror factories

Aleppo, northwestern Syria, comes under attack by foreign-backed militants.

Aleppo, northwestern Syria, comes under attack by foreign-backed militants.
Recent chemical warfare attack in Syria has led investigators to a decade-old network of secret labs spread from the Caspian Basin to the Baltic.

The story of these facilities may well overshadow years of unimaginable horrors, torture, secret prisons, massive spying and the orchestrated destruction of world economies.

With widely respected political leaders in the US, Senator Ron Paul, Congressman Alan Grayson, Pat Buchanan and even Zbigniew Brzezinski either declaring recent chemical attacks a false flag or voicing total skepticism over US involvement, wider issues of nightmarish American secret labs are being suppressed.

Journalist Jeffrey Silverman, working out of the Republic of Georgia, broke the initial story yesterday:

“I learned back in 2004 about the Bechtel National Project, bio storage facility in Georgia, from US Defense contractors, including Turkish, of the lab facility being constructed near the Tbilisi airport.

I soon learned that US government and the Department of Defense, DoD, wanted to study new infectious strains, such as Anthrax, which were evolving in the wild amongst cattle herds in the rural regions of Georgia. It should be mentioned that this small country and Tbilisi was once center-stage to the Soviet Union’s system of bio weapons research, for both animal and plant warfare.

I have been able to access the design plans for the facility and speaking to contractors, whistleblowers, have learned that in fact the network of labs in Georgia is operated by the US Department of Defense and has an offensive capacity.

Some even go so far as to claim that the US government is using Georgia and its population as part of the on-going research. I also suspected this and am trying to obtain solid proof of this allegation right now. This raises the question whether or not Georgians are being utilized for sinister bio programs and vaccine field trails. This may be difficult to prove, but even the United States has experimented on its own population over the years, and it can use the population of Georgia as part of field trials for vaccines, and without their full informed consent.

A number of labs, strewn across Eastern Europe, are umbilically linked to the Biological Weapon Proliferation Prevention (BWPP) program and various projects within it, which is a cover for what is most likely an offensive program. If the strains turn out to be antibiotic resistant, ongoing research into viruses that eat bacteria, and attack infections that are antibiotic resistant can be quickly accessed. Whoever has such information controls the bioweapons battleground.”

I became aware of operations in the region in 2005 when former top CIA officials set up operations in the region. Though they had publicly “left” the CIA, they had, in reality, set up a new “privatized” CIA, one supported by a virtual army of private contractors staffed by top CIA specialist drawn into the private sector, gutting the real CIA and setting up an unaccountable organization tasked with developing advanced genetic based bio-weapons, vaccines capable of inducing “time bomb” diseases or “suicidal compulsions” and managing the world’s heroin supply, from production in Afghanistan to distribution, some through Global Hawk UAVs capable of flights around the world.

One such bioweapons facility is currently under construction in Kazakhstan, outside Almaty. Salon wrote about it. Nobody paid attention. Others are in Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Poland. One is in Libya, built in 2006 with US funds, reported by Wikileaks.

Working in concert with specialists in the US and Porton Down in the United Kingdom, strains of all available diseases are collected, sometimes stolen from university laboratories, transferred to these “black sites” and are subjected to “doomsday research.”

Supplying simple nerve gas for Syria was nothing.


Dr. David Kelly’s “suicide” can be credited to this organization. So can the “street crime” killing of John Wheeler III.

Dozens of other scientists have been murdered that have had ties to this organization. Michael Hastings may well have been a victim also.

In July 2010, Veterans Today published the names of 50 WMD scientists who had been murdered or died under “less than credible” accidents or “natural” causes.

There are going to be few whistleblowers from these programs, retirement or resignation is a death sentence, this has been seen, has been confirmed and inexorably observed.

Others involved are blackmailed or bought, corporate boards or even appointed heads of banks.

Perceived global WMD race

We are in the middle of a global weapons race, far worse than the worst fears of nuclear proliferation. These aren’t battlefield weapons, the scientific output of these labs and the institutes that support them are, at best Malthusian and more than Orwellian.

The future planned for by Project for a New American Century had nothing to do with controling oil or spreading ideology.

We are already manipulating weather. We have, for many decades, been creating crop diseases and patenting genetically modified plants containing compounds whose long-term effects serve an agenda that has nothing to do with human food supply.

We now patent animals.

We are, in actuality, not just “patenting” disease but the ability to modify humans, inducing behaviors, subservience to authority, aggression on demand and early death, disease, suicide, when no longer of use.

A little Sarin gas to help “political friends” deal with the “inconvenience” of Assad’s military successes in Syria is only an afterthought.

Diseases capable of spreading global pandemics are “old hat.” The move now is terra-forming, a subject well beyond geopolitics and social engineering.

The future will need no more “Gazas.”

Targeted populations with certain genetic traits can simply be targeted, shortened lifespans or diminished fertility.

Depleted uranium use is part of this process.

So is the series of inoculations or vaccinations given American soldiers. After each war, America’s military suffers a “die off” much like that of the dinosaurs.

It isn’t coincidence.

Increasingly, serious scientists are revisiting the possibility that AIDS may well have been an experiment in biology and social engineering.

What can we look for

We are going to see DNA tagged diseases, much SARS or “Bird Flu.”

We have had over the years and will continue to see outbreaks of virulent but unidentified diseases quickly decimate small regions, burning themselves out based on vector analysis.

Animal populations will disappear, such as with John Wheeler III’s issue with mysterious bird “die offs” just prior to his death.

Economic model

Not too long ago, former Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner “disappeared’ several trillion dollars.

Where did they money go?

Around the world, facilities are being built for no know reasons, some “intelligence fusion centers,” some massive underground bases, those in Israel were reported, the 5 plus dozen inside the US are still very secret.

Billions, perhaps even trillions, is spent on esoteric research, “non-ordinary” technology, mind control through quantum physics or energy sources, developed, perfected, engineered but never adapted for any known endeavor that serves humanity.

Twenty years ago, nuclear weapons development “went dark,” weapons that emit no radiation, weapons so small, a dozen could fit in a carry-on bag.

The Syrian “boil”

In Syria, a huge mistake was made. One of the secret weapons labs inside the Republic of Georgia supplied weaponized Sarin gas to forces fighting the Assad regime.

The purpose was simple. This was the only way to put “blood enemies” like Senator’s Graham and McCain in concert with the Obama administration.

People talk but no one really knows why Obama would allow himself to be placed in such a situation. We see the signs of a global intrigue involving Russia and China.

It is as though Obama believes an act as insane as attacking Syria is, somehow, going to save the world from being overrun by nations actually worse than the United States.

However, on close examination, there is no reliable evidence that such nations actually exist.

What the WMD attack in Syria did do, however, is expose the presence of a series of facilities whose “output” makes Sarin gas look like child’s play.

The labs are real, just as real as NSA spying. Recently, they manufactured what may well lead to a world war over Syria.

They can do worse. The people who fund them, who run them, who had them constructed and oversee their nightmarish purpose do not believe in the survival of the human race.

We know that too.

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The US Uses Gas To Kill Civilians….LRC


August 31, 2013

One point that needs to be made, but rarely if ever mentioned, is that in the supposed rationale for US attack on Syria to avenge/prevent claimed civilian deaths by government gas attacks, the US government itself has used similar weapons openly as recently as the FBI/ATF attack on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco Texas in the spring of 1993.

76 men, women and children died in this senseless military style assault which used highly lethal military CS gas as a primary weapon. CS is not a nerve agent and it doesn’t in normal concentrations cause immediate death. But it is highly flammable, persistent and designed to incapacitate targets by causing massive biological reactions including inability to breathe, massive tearing in the eyes, nose bleeds, etc.

The Davidians were totally surrounded, posed no threat to others, and responded with weapons fire only after the ATF/FBI attacked with military style firearms. After the initial government assault was repelled, and after a long standoff, an impatient President Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno ordered an all-out military assault on the compound, despite the fact that the only legal justification was a single warrant for David Koresh on unproven charges. The presence of innocent group members was ignored, nor was there any planning for medical aid or fire suppression.

The rest is history. Special military tanks were used to puncture compound walls and insert large quantities of CS gas. CS gas grenades were used from military stores along with 2 metal CS pyrotechnic M651E1 shells. Other pyrotechnic devices and flammable rounds were also fired into the buildings despite known dangers of CS gas ignition and chemical changes to the CS in fires making it even more deadly.

Wikipedia has more details. The video “Rules of Engagement” makes it clear that this was a deliberate effort to kill those inside.

In the run up to the Iraq invasion and now with Syria, United States officials loudly wailed about these regimes “killing civilians” with poison gas. Despite lack of hard evidence for such use in these countries, there is no doubt that President Clinton and Reno approved this exact same tactic.

Unlike the Middle Eastern scenarios, no civil war or mass terrorist action was occurring in Waco. There were no enemy forces attacking regime outposts and military targets. Just religious dissenters who followed an unstable cult leader, who lived privately on a remote farm bothering no one.

While domestic and world reaction to the Davidian massacre ranged from shock to horror, in 1993 there were no bellicose calls for military attack on the US by other nations for this blatant violation of the rules of war, the Geneva Conventions, and legal due process. France, Britain, China and Russia did not propose UN authorization for military retaliation. Nor did the US government ever apologize but instead gave medals and honors to the government killers responsible for these horrific deaths.

While some victims were shot, most died from burns or asphyxiation as a result of the CS gas and the subsequent firestorm created when it was ignited deliberately.

So precedent is clear: the US Empire can use poison gas against peaceful religious dissenters when they do not immediately surrender to heavily armed police forces using military weapons. This is lied about, rationalized and ultimately forgotten, with the dead victims being blamed for their “suicidal actions.”

Other nations engaged in civil wars are regarded by the US Empire as guilty of “genocide” with the flimsiest of “secret evidence” of poison gas use cited as justification for military attack.  Thus far American citizens have not been made privy to this supposed evidence or its source.

Does anyone doubt that faced with an active armed rebellion in the US by opponents of the Obama regime, the US government would not hesitate one millisecond to deploy CS gas or worse against rebels? The precedent is clear. Gassing civilians is approved for the Empire, but others face our wrath should they be accused by secret sources of emulating the Clinton-Reno example. US government moral outrage is reserved only for the acts of others.

After all, the US Empire can do no wrong. War is the Health of the State.


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Spying for the nation does not come at the pri...

Break Out of the ECHELON PRISM: Boycott US Search Engines Via Startpage

Since the implementation of ECHELON in 1988 http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/featured/conversations-intercepted-truth-project-echelon/8773 , I’ve told my readers not to say or do anything over any electronic device that could be used against them in the fascist ‘yellow fringed flag’ courts of US criminals. ECHELON, bypassed government’s spying on their own people by simply allowing another government to spy on their citizens. Then the spying governments simply exchanged the information on each others citizens. The ECHELON link is well worth the visit. It supplies information on the spying as well as the politically correct lie of ‘plausible deniability’, and of course the making of a criminal of anyone exposing the ‘plausible deniability’ as the outright fascist, treasonous, criminal lie that it is.

Of course, this was all prior to the treasonous, ‘Operation Northwoods’ style black ops 9 11 covert operation. Since then, the need for ‘plausible deniability’ is relatively moot with the ‘national security’ cover up taking precedence, covert operations are now completely legal via the assistance of all 3 branches of US government by funding and treasonous laws.

Make no mistake, the promotion of Startpage https://startpage.com/ has nothing to do with the security of your personal information. Startpage professess, and I believe correctly, that it is the ‘most private’ search engine on the net. But, like ‘low fat’ doesn’t mean ‘no fat’, ‘most private’ does not mean ‘private’. ECHELON assured that can NOT happen, and PRISM gave them the tools to sort and use their treasonous, criminal information effectively.

The Startpage promotion is about resistance to tyranny, by the ‘boycotting’ of those assisting fascism and it is only a small aspect of the needed resistance. It ignores the telecommunication corporations involvement and any remedy of their participation. But, just because we can’t fix everything, it doesn’t mean we should do nothing. Just about everything starts as ‘baby steps’ and then progresses, just like the fascism of government.

In the above scenario, I contacted Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Startpages ‘head honcho’ for US contact. The primary inquiry, since Google is their ‘semi-search engine’, ‘Does Google get any funds from Startpage?’ In a very pleasant and quick response, Dr. Albrecht assured me Google gets absolutely ‘no funding’ from Startpage.  Startpage allows up to 100 results per page, as well as a few minor features I  like, not 10 like Google with the ‘introduction’ of ‘related’ searches when it is trying to hide information contrary to government propaganda. Also, as far as I can see, no money is funneled back into the US to assist in its fascism.

Does PRISM exist?

“The U.S. government have now essentially confirmed and defended the wide-ranging program known as PRISM,…”, and “Activities authorized by (FISA) Section 702 are subject to oversight by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Executive Branch, and Congress. Government acknowledges PRISM spying program, disputes details http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2013/06/06/government-acknowledges-prism-spying-program-disputes-details/

“The collection of online data, according to Saturday’s disclosure, comes only after approval from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court under federal law, and with the knowledge of the Internet companies. “This authority was created by the Congress and has been widely known and publicly discussed since its inception in 2008,” the director of national intelligence document said.” Hmm, where do the other ‘oversights’ come in? Sure the fascist spying government set it up, but according to their own statement, the only oversight is the fascists in their secret government court. U.S. Official Releases Details of Prism Program http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324299104578533802289432458.html

Who would know about PRISM?

In this ‘apologist’ artice, there are only 3 possibles. The first being, ‘No it’s not’, and the second two being ‘sanitized’ government actualities. And of course it can only be one of the possibilities that is true, and definitely not both B and C options with way more secret fascist abuses. Note: When I say apologist, I almost always mean covert op government accessory scumbags. Who knew what about the PRISM spying program: http://money.cnn.com/2013/06/07/technology/security/nsa-data-prism/

Government’s legally immune accessory corporate CEOs scramble for ‘plausible deniability’ to keep their ‘Blood Money’ flowing. Yahoo, Google, Facebook and more face fight to salvage reputations over NSA leaks http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/jun/10/apple-google-giants-nsa-revelations

And here is my ‘fave’. Much like Nazi Dimocraps call Nazi Repugliscums Nazis and vice versa, The Huffington Post or as I call it, The Huffington POS gatekeeper calls others gatekeepers, finally printing some truth. PRISM Spying Denials From Tech Companies Baffle Security Experts http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/07/prism-spying-denials_n_3405467.html More clearly seen gatekeeping in Can Google Influence an Election? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-k-clemons/google-election-2012_b_1952725.html

Update: Thanks to an error in linkage at Rense.com, I got hits from about 7 different search engines.  None of which was Startpage, but did include Duckduckgo.  So, I wondered if Startpage would show.  Since my site doesn’t record my visits, a friend did a Startpage search for this article and came to the site.  NO RECORD of Startpage at all.  I did get one ‘undefined’, which I suspect is the Startpage hit.  Startpage is indeed the most private of the search engines as far as I can see.  But, the problem with privacy, as stated above, is getting to Startpage and receiving the data, which is where ECHELON comes in.

There’s a lot more, but there is sufficient evidence to show the fascism of the US government. It’s seems ‘To damn much is never enough for the ‘herd’ to move from their ‘comfortable couches’, but surely the next atrocity will bring action.

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Sibel Edmonds, who worked for the FBI. 
Sibel Edmonds worked for the FBI.
She knows that the US government supports al Qaeda and supports organised crime.Her allegations have been confirmed by journalists at The Sunday Times, a Rupert Murdoch newspaper.

Two Sunday Times journalists say that the allegations were confirmed by senior Pentagon and MI6 officials.

Only the first part of the The Sunday Times story was published, in 2008.

Self-published book.
In her recent book Classified Woman, Sibel Edmonds describes how the Pentagon, CIA and State Department have intimate ties to al-Qaeda.Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story charges top US government officials with corruption and collaboration with al Qaeda in illegal arms smuggling, and, drugs trafficking.

Zawahiri (left)

Sibel Edmonds says that the current boss of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, had regular meetings with U.S. military and intelligence officials between 1997 and 2001.

These meetings were at the U.S. embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, and were part of an operation known as ‘Gladio B’.

The CIA’s original Gladio operation was in Europe and involved assets of the CIA carrying out acts of terrorism, including the 1980 Bologna bombing, aimed at keeping Mafia-connected politicians in power.

Former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti (left) was reportedly friends of fascism and the Mafia.

Osama bin Laden was used by the CIA to help break up Yugoslavia, and to weaken Russia.

Sibel Edmonds says that NATO planes provided transport for Al-Zawahiri, members of the bin Laden family and various mujahideen.

She says that Al-Zawahiri and his friends were taken to various parts of Central Asia and the Balkans to take part in Pentagon-backed destabilisation (terror) operations.

Two Sunday Times journalists say that all this was confirmed by senior Pentagon and MI6 officials.

Former UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, allegedly murdered because he revealed that al Qaeda worked for the CIA.

Sibel Edmonds translated highly classified intelligence for the FBI.

When she reported to her bosses that the US government was employing al Qaeda, her family was threatened, and she was fired.

The Justice Department concluded that many of Edmonds’ accusations “were supported.”

When she attempted to go public with her story, the U.S. government used the corrupt court system to silence her.

Turkish prime-minister Erdogan, said to be a crypto-Jew.

In the banned Sunday Times story, Edmonds described a mafia-style organisation in Israel which worked alongside the Turks in the illegal sale of weapons and military technology.

Israel and Turkey operated a range of front companies, supported by U.S. officials

These front companies sold military secrets to the highest bidder.

General Mahmoud Ahmad, who was friends with the CIA and with the chief 9 11 ‘hijacker’.

One of the buyers was Pakistan’s secret service led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, from 1999 to 2001.

Ahmad, as the Times noted, “was accused (by the FBI) of sanctioning a $100,000 wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, immediately before the attacks.”

In 2001, Ahmad held several “mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council”, including with CIA director George Tenet.

McCain with Syrian fighters linked to al Qaeda 

According to the Sunday Times:
1. “Following 9/11, a number of the foreign operatives were taken in for questioning by the FBI…”

2. The senior State Department official received a call from a foreign agent asking for help to “get them out of the U.S. because we can’t afford for them to spill the beans.”

According to Sibel Edmonds, corruption helped guarantee Congressional silence.

She says that “both Republican and Democratic representatives in the House and Senate came up in FBI counterintelligence investigations for taking bribes from foreign agents.”

Sibel Edmonds says that the Pentagon’s use of al Qaeda is an ‘extension’ of the ‘Gladio’ operation uncovered in the 1970s in Italy, part of an EU-wide NATO covert operation that began as early as the 1940s.

An official Italian parliamentary inquiry confirmed that MI6 and the CIA set up a network of secret ‘stay-behind’ paramilitary armies, staffed by fascist and Nazis.

The CIA-NATO terrorists carried out terrorist attacks throughout Western Europe as part of the ‘strategy of tension’.

Gladio operative Vincenzo Vinciguerra said:

“You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game.

“The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people… to turn to the State to ask for greater security.”

Gladio is a matter of historical record.

Boston bombs – Strategy of Tension, using Moslems working for the CIA, reportedly.

Sibel Edmonds says the same strategy of terror is now being used by the Pentagon, using Moslems.

This is Gladio B.

According to Sibel Edmonds:

“In 1997, NATO asked Hosni Mubarak to release from prison Islamist militants affiliated to Ayman al-Zawahiri.

“They were flown under U.S. orders to Turkey for (training and use in) operations by the Pentagon.”

In 1998, NATO got Al Zawahiri’s brother, Muhammed, to lead an elite unit of the Kosovo Liberation Army which has been involved in the drugs trade.

Strategy of Tension – using fake Moslems.

According to Sibel Edmonds, the key supporters of the CIA’s Gladio B have been the UK, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Belgium.

Sibel Edmonds says that the CIA may be using al Qaeda to help it grab energy and mineral reserves, and, help it carry out illegal arms and drugs trafficking.

Sibel Edmonds says:

“I know for a fact that NATO planes routinely shipped heroin to Belgium, where they then made their way into Europe and to the UK. 

“They also shipped heroin to distribution centres in Chicago and New Jersey.

“FBI counterintelligence and DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) operations had acquired evidence of this drug trafficking in its surveillance of a wide range of targets, including senior officials in the Pentagon, CIA and State Department…”

According to a Sunday Times journalist:

“We’d spoken to several current and active Pentagon officials confirming the existence of U.S. operations sponsoring mujahideen networks in Central Asia from the 1990s to 2001.

“Those mujahideen networks were intertwined with a whole range of criminal enterprises, including drugs and guns.

“The Pentagon officials corroborated Edmonds’ allegations against specific U.S. officials, and I’d also interviewed an MI6 officer who confirmed that the U.S. was running these operations sponsoring mujahideen in that period.”

Continued here: The Sunday Times report on the US government’s ties to the boss of al-Qaeda was spiked on the orders of the US government




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US Navy SEAL team member in Afghanistan 2002

US Navy SEAL team member in Afghanistan 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parents of fallen SEALs speak out, blame US government for deaths

09 May 2013 Families of three Virginia Beach based Navy SEAL Team Six members and a national guardsmen are blaming President Obama and top military leaders for the August 6, 2011, helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 30 U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan. “The U.S. government and many high-ranking military people own more credit for the shoot-down than the Taliban,” said fallen Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn’s father Billy during a Thursday morning news conference in Washington, D.C. Military leaders said the servicemen were all on one Chinook helicopter when Taliban members launched the rocket-propelled grenade that killed them. The families said a meeting with top military leaders after the crash led them to believe the men were not on the right helicopter and they were ordered not to fire back at the Taliban that night.

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English: Modified version of File:CDC-11214-sw...

English: Modified version of File:CDC-11214-swine-flu.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More here:   Killer cure: why is the US creating new viruses and stockpiling the vaccines?

Is the US government prepared to respond to a major biological weapons attack or lethal outbreak of disease in this country? If you look at one effort — a quietly growing national stockpile of vaccines and drug treatments for such horrors as anthrax and avian flu — the answer is yes. But one agency in charge of building that stockpile is also funding the creation of deadlier and more infectious varieties of avian flu, and other animal-borne diseases, which could pose the threat of an outbreak if not handled properly. The paradox has raised alarm bells among some researchers across the country that the government may be undermining its own biodefense strategy.

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A political analyst says the US policy of calling for talks with Tehran at the same time that Washington is imposing sanctions against the Iranian nation is “silly and hypocritical,” Press TV reports.

“What has Iran done to the United States? The Iranians did not try to overthrow the US government.… What did Iran do to the United States other than being disobedient, i.e., acting as an independent nation,” Saul Landau said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.



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Alternative title: USrael’s global reign of terror.

Glenn Greenwald writes in his article, “The ‘war on terror’ – by design – can never end”:

“There’s no question that this “war” will continue indefinitely. There is no question that US actions are the cause of that, the gasoline that fuels the fire. The only question – and it’s becoming less of a question for me all the time – is whether this endless war is the intended result of US actions or just an unwanted miscalculation.

It’s increasingly hard to make the case that it’s the latter. The US has long known, and its own studies have emphatically concluded, that “terrorism” is motivated not by a “hatred of our freedoms” but by US policy and aggression in the Muslim world. This causal connection is not news to the US government. Despite this – or, more accurately, because of it – they continue with these policies.

One of the most difficult endeavors is to divine the motives of other people (divining our own motives is difficult enough). That becomes even more difficult when attempting to discern the motives not of a single actor but a collection of individuals with different motives and interests (“the US government”).

But what one can say for certain is that there is zero reason for US officials to want an end to the war on terror, and numerous and significant reasons why they would want it to continue. It’s always been the case that the power of political officials is at its greatest, its most unrestrained, in a state of war. Cicero, two thousand years ago, warned that “In times of war, the law falls silent” (Inter arma enim silent leges). John Jay, in Federalist No. 4, warned that as a result of that truth, “nations in general will make war whenever they have a prospect of getting anything by it . . . for the purposes and objects merely personal, such as thirst for military glory, revenge for personal affronts, ambition, or private compacts to aggrandize or support their particular families or partisans.”

If you were a US leader, or an official of the National Security State, or a beneficiary of the private military and surveillance industries, why would you possibly want the war on terror to end? That would be the worst thing that could happen. It’s that war that generates limitless power, impenetrable secrecy, an unquestioning citizenry, and massive profit.”


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Published on Nov 7, 2012 by

The systematic failure of every level of the US air defense on the morning of September 11th provides one of the clearest “smoking guns” in the full complicity of key elements of the US government and defense department in those attacks. In his new peer-reviewed article published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, author and researcher Paul Schreyer outlines many of these key anomalies and the way they have been carefully covered up by the so-called 9/11 investigations. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Paul Schreyer.

Find out more in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview

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Russell Means, 2008 (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)

Russell Means, 2008 (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)

source link

The prominent Native American activist Russell Means passed away on Monday. In 2008 he met with RT to talk about the Native Americans withdrawal from the US, their fight for recognition and his unhappiness with US citizenship.

­At the end of 2007, a large group of Native Americans from South Dakota declared the independence of the Lakotah Republic from the United States, and renounced their US citizenship.

Following the incident RT’s Nadezhda Kevorkova met Russell Means, who told her about his struggle for independence.

RT: Russell, you are no longer a U.S. citizen, are you?

Russell Means: I am not. I am a Lakotah citizen, and I really regret about those who are hesitant to terminate their U.S. citizenship.

RT: In Russia many people dream of getting US citizenship, and they consider it stupid if anyone could’ve stayed in the U.S. under any pretext but failed to do so. What do you make of that?

RM: The United States is a fake country that has no culture. It’s easy to manipulate such a country, and to channel its people. The U.S. has a façade shown to the rest of the world, but few know of its reverse side as thoroughly as Indians do. The picture people see is not the reality of today’s United States. Even the President who’s in office today wasn’t really elected, like back in the year 2000. Young people certainly strive to get here to achieve their dreams. But really anyone coming only has one reason: they want to become rich and successful, and they want to get their opportunities [to succeed]. Once you talk to them you realize they don’t even dream of anything beyond money-making. This was the reason Europeans came here. This is the principle of the American life. The world is sick and tired of American prosperity. The world is waking up.

RT: You have declared the Republic of Lakotah’s independent from the United States. What has the response been like?

RM: The world has shown a great response that’s been growing by the day. Thanks to the internet, we see how keen people are about our freedom. A large number of people support us, and welcome us. People are vividly interested in our independence. The world understands us; while the US government doesn’t.

RT: Who’s been supporting you?

RM: People don’t merely support us; thousands of people demonstrate their willingness to come to the Republic of Lakotah. Unlike the unfortunate refugees fleeing to the U.S., those willing to join us are highly qualified professionals – doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, scientists, various profile engineers, computer specialists, farmers. When people employ their minds they understand the meaning, and value, and the true meaning of freedom. We’re excited about anyone. If Americans want to join us we welcome them as well. The Lakota are a free people in their free country. The global situation has never been more favorable for us.

Chief Oliver, descendant of the legendary Chief Red Cloud, a supporter of Russell Means (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)
Chief Oliver, descendant of the legendary Chief Red Cloud, a supporter of Russell Means (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)

RT: There’s a notion that Native Americans are now running casinos in their reservations, and making huge profits from them.

RM: Casinos are legalized robbery. Only weak-minded and weak-spirited would want to spend their time playing in them. There won’t be any casinos in the Republic of Lakotah. We don’t want people to be robbed under a pretext that this kind of business is profitable for a tribe.

RT: What kind of difficulties do you expect to face, such as traveling outside the U.S. without a passport?

RM: A passport is required to be able to return to your home country. You only need an ID within the country; and the same applies to Europe. People will need their Lakotah passports to travel the world; this is something we’ve been working on now. As for me, I don’t expect any problems leaving the country; but they may want stop me from getting back in, that’s a possibility. It would be interesting if an American-born wouldn’t be allowed to return to his homeland. According to a UN convention, all groups of nationalities have the right to their own passports. So we are operating within international law.

RT: What is the meaning of freedom that Lakotah represents?

RM: Today the world lives by 17th-century values. That’s when the idea emerged that interests of an individual were protected by representative democracy. Few understand that a national government isn’t the most balanced kind of representation.

The strongest kind of representation is an association of communities where each community is a group of free citizens that guarantees their protection. The United States was intended as such a union of communities but they are no longer that way. They became an old-fashioned system of hierarchal governance.

The Republic of Lakotah will be designed on a communities principle based on consensus between them. Each community will have their own judges, law enforcement teams, and electoral councils. A community governed by its people doesn’t need police.

The patriarchal governance system is based on fear that produces various phobias. Men fear women, and women gain so much power that their identity gets modified. Refugees storm the state borders, and states protect their borders, maintain armies of prisoners, and practice torture and execution. The entire society is saturated with fear that’s been stirred up artificially. A patriarchal state believes in negative only, and expects negative only from its people. It was generated together with the market; and it made people its slaves.

A union of free communities is based on the principle of freedom rather than fear. A lot of people worldwide do realize it; this is why the Republic of Lakotah has so many supporters. If racists want to join us they are welcome to come here and live in a racist community. Freedom implies an opportunity to be an idiot and to live in a community of the likes.

RT: Native Indians aren’t represented in the U.S. Senate, or Congress, or the Supreme Court, are they?

RM: They aren’t, and they haven’t been throughout all these centuries. We intend making the U.S. government liable for the genocide of ethnic Indians. We’re now preparing paperwork to start a case at the International Court in The Hague. We are convinced that many countries will support our cause.

RT: Many journalists paint a picture of your program as a return to wigwams, fires and ritual dances, is it not true?

RM: Some would probably find this picture quite attractive, but this isn’t a possibility. We have to proceed from the reality. By returning our culture we mean using all the opportunities. I’ve traveled to Europe many times, and I’ve learned of various approaches to preserving the national culture. Back in the Soviet times, I visited Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, and East Germany – everywhere except Russia and the Arctic region. So I can make comparisons between places. The United States doesn’t even have opportunities for culture; it is only focused on money and on those forms of culture that yield money. Any art that sells is the kind of art that generates profit. It’s a terrible fodder turned into a machine for generating profit.

What we see now is the world being Americanized, the profitability principle, expanded. It’s caught up even with Russia which is however trying to resist it. We don’t want to see any further Americanization, but are no revisionists either – we aren’t calling people to going back to the Stone Age, to isolation, to an ethnographic museum type of life. Or to perform paid rituals, a kind of a spiritual prostitution that’s been involving Indians under the pretext that this is our way to preserve our identity by publicly performing our sacred dances.

So they say, if you don’t like Columbus, and progress, and democracy, you should give up using electricity, and computers, and phones. This is exactly what we will do immediately, as soon as those strangers and immigrants get on their boats and go back to their countries.

One of Russell Means’ achievements: A school for Native American children in Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)
One of Russell Means’ achievements: A school for Native American children in Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)

RT:What do you have to offer instead of the pragmatic American system?

RM: We have a special group that’s developing a whole new system, from creating alternative energy sources to our own banks that won’t be robbing our citizens. You have no idea just how positive people are about Indians. This is something I felt quite strongly in my travels – they were positive about me just because I was an ethnic Indian rather than an American. With this kind of trust credit, we will overcome all our difficulties, together with our allies.

The governments will have to recognize us and give us sovereignty. Their laws say it’s our land. If they refuse to do so, we will file a suit to the Supreme Court. They will have to make that decision – you know they keep talking about the supremacy of law. Now it will backfire. So far they’ve been trying to ignore us, with the American press marginalizing us. But now, with the advent of the internet, these tricks have stopped working. The best idea for them would be to sit down and negotiate. Otherwise our next step would be going to the International Court in The Hague and demanding that genocide against American Indians be recognized. And we hope that as a founder of this court, Russia will support us.

Gandhi once said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then condemn you, then you win.

RT:Vladimir Putin also holds Gandhi in high esteem. He says that after Gandhi died, there is no one to talk to.You have something to build upon.

RM: Putin was talking of the double-standard democracy in America. The US supports the sovereignty of all peoples, save for those who live in the US. So we are certain Russia will back us. There’s more on this. China’s resources are now worth around 40% of what the US has. Few people at all know that China has promised Bush a market collapse if the US attacks Iran. So there is a variety of tools for peoples to support one another.

RT:What if special services assassinate you?

RM: We the Indians are not afraid of death.And I haven’t been, either. Thirty-four years ago at Wounded Knee we defeated a whole army of special services. We will defeat it now, too.

You know the best thing about the Republic of Lakotah people? For centuries they slaughtered us, sacrificed us, fenced us into reservations, and stole our land, our air, our water. But we survived! We have things to offer. By contrast, they have nothing to offer. So they pretend we are non-existent.

RT:What are your arguments against the US government?

RM: According to the US data, when Europeans came here, there were around 12 million Indians across 48 states. By the early 20th century, only 250,000 Native Americans survived. About 70% of Indians are refugees in their own country; they have been displaced from their own land. The US carried out an unparalleled genocide: they killed 99.6% Indians.

The US takes pride in its commitment to law and democracy. But throughout the years, there has been no respite in wars. There are only two countries in the world that keep breaching international law non-stop: the US and Israel. The US goes as far as neglecting its own constitution, which says that we are all free and can declare independence any time.

Right now the Republic of Lakotah is a five-state area. Six more have already supported us and would like to join us, too.

RT: Do you want to stick to peaceful means? And if it doesn’t work out, will you take up arms?

RM: Never. This is inefficient. If you want to fight your way to freedom, you are no different from your enemies. You can’t protect your independence by throwing swords into the scale. Look at the Soviet experience: it was a failure.

Russell Means poses for a portrait at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, October 28, 2011 (Reuters / Joshua Lott)
Russell Means poses for a portrait at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, October 28, 2011 (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

RT: I was shown the houses of drug dealers in the reservation. What should one do about them?

RM: The communities will sort it out by themselves. There are two legal drugs in the US: alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol kills 75% of the population, while tobacco kills 24%, and the remaining 1% dies of illegal drugs. One day the six of us decided to block alcohol traffic to the reservation and formed a barrier on the border with Nebraska. But then came the police. They arrested us and let the dealers get away scot- free.

RT: But it was the Indians who introduced tobacco to the world, wasn’t it?

RM: Indians smoke a pipe with unadulterated tobacco as part of a ceremony, while the US produces cigarettes for daily consumption without any ritual meaning but with a lot of lethal chemical drugs.

RT: Do you smoke?

RM: I do smoke a pipe, but no cigarettes. Anyway, I don’t inhale the smoke – just like Bill Clinton.

RT:Americans killed all the buffalo.Now the buffalo are back and white people eat their meat in restaurants. Have they turned your basic meal into fast food?

RM: Americans crossbred the bison bull with domestic cattle. What they eat is the meat of this hybrid. They also add beef to buffalo meat. You can only taste buffalo meat at a dancing ceremony in our state and in Wyoming.

RT:Thanks to you, South Dakota no longer celebrates Columbus Day. Instead, it observes Native American Day. Now what about Thanksgiving? What is the true background? There are conflicting accounts that come from Europeans: that it is a celebration of the first harvest, or that Indians brought gifts and saved the settlers…

RM: This is all a lie. Native Americans have repeatedly saved the settlers, but there are no holidays to mark this. The true story is that the pilgrims massacred Indians, so the governor of Massachusetts issued a message to thank God for that and called on the other states to follow suit. Later on they tried to give the holiday a more peaceful meaning, but there’s no changing the past.

RT: Now what do Indians do on Thanksgiving Day?

RM: They eat turkey. Many of them don’t know a thing about it. They are a colonized people with a changed mentality and memory. Schools don’t teach them anything. Most of them don’t even know a thing about me. They believe I’m just a cinema star. Maybe the 1890 massacre rings some bell. But they are fully unaware of our 1973 victory at Wounded Knee. And that was a true triumph of Native Americans over the US government.

A sacred Native American mountain in South Dakota, which was destroyed to create a privately owned museum about the great indigenous Chiefs (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)
A sacred Native American mountain in South Dakota, which was destroyed to create a privately owned museum about the great indigenous Chiefs (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)

RT: Could you please share some statistics on how American Indians live today?

RM: They are struggling. The life span is getting lower by the year. Men hardly live longer than 44 years, and few women are older than 47. This is worse than in the poorest African countries. The unemployment rate is about 73%. The only fluent speakers of the Lakota language are at least 65 years old, and they are few and far between. Here’s why I built a school at my ranch, where all the subjects there are taught in Lakota only.

Every fourth baby dies. Pharmaceutical companies take the healthiest kids away from their families, send them to orphanages and test drugs on them, including psychotic ones. To make matters worse, people kidnap children from reservations and sell them for organ removal or psychiatric experiments. A few cases have been started against these kidnappers. Beating and corporal punishment is rampant in schools. For kids from the reservations school embodies violence.

Scores of reservation dwellers are infected with tuberculosis, polio, and other diseases which have been defeated in the US. There are many more instances of hypertension and diabetes in reservations than in the areas populated by white Americans.

The reason for that is this particular free fodder that generations of our people have been fed. This free food contains nothing but carbs, while two thirds of our people cannot afford buying proper food. No other place in the United States has such death and disease rates as we do. Our water is intoxicated by uranium mines located in the Reservation. People living near uranium deposits suffer from cancer and all the associated diseases; women suffer miscarriages, and deliver unhealthy babies. Poor living conditions, uranium-intoxicated water and bad nutrition are the three reasons that have been killing off my people. We tried going all kinds of other ways such as rebellions, protests, marches, addresses, and strikes, but nothing got changed. The Republic of Lakotah was declared in the name of rescuing our people that the U.S. government didn’t care about. We began to die out, but we don’t want to anymore.

Most of tribal unions aren’t doing anything but cooperate with the colonial regime. They are like the Vichy Government under Hitler – merely making an impression of self-governance in the reservations. But they are even worse than the occupants. They are now spreading rumors that we hadn’t consulted with our people and chiefs. This isn’t true. We did consult with those who are respected by people rather than the authorities. We reached an agreement with a hundred out of over 500 tribes, and with 480 families of several hundred people each. There are those in our tribes who we call miniature oligarchs, the caricature millionaires who made money on troubles of their people by selling alcohol and TVs. They also want to keep the current state of things otherwise they would lose their platform for developing their business. This mockery of life had ended on 17th December 2007. We are free. The Indian ‘Vichy’ wanted to keep their power over the Indian souls; but the Republic of Lakotah put an end to it.

Vietnam War veteran Harry Roland, the director of the Wounded Knee Museum (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)
Vietnam War veteran Harry Roland, the director of the Wounded Knee Museum (Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova)

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