‘The HuffPo* article posted below lays bare the real agenda behind the Paris false flag terror attacks. Just like what occurred throughout the USA in the wake of 9/11, the conditions in Paris are ripe for the globalist cabal to literally impose their New World Order on the world community of nations.

Clearly, Paris provides neither a safe place nor an hospitable environment to conduct the people’s business. As a matter of fact, the conditions are quite similar to New York City and Washington D.C. right after 9/11. That was when the same ruling elites foisted the draconian Patriot Act and Stasi-like Department of Homeland Security on the American people. Is this not a replay shaping up in Paris during this November and December of 2015? Only this time the far-reaching and devastating ramifications will be much, much greater … for every single resident of the planet.’

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  • Fay Wells called in a locksmith after she accidentally shut herself out of her home in Santa Monica, California 
  • A neighbor called the police thinking she was a Latino woman breaking into the apartment with two accomplices 
  • 19 cops and a police dog arrived on the scene and the businesswoman was ordered out of her apartment at gunpoint
  • She claims she explained she lived there and had a receipt from the locksmith but the officers would not believe her at first 
  • Ms Wells believes the response was heavy-handed because she isn’t white
  • Police are now investigating her allegations but said they would usually send a ‘very substantial response’ to what they thought was a live burglary


Homeowner Fay Wells (pictured) is a vice president at a media company in California

Homeowner Fay Wells (pictured) is a vice president at a media company in California

A black woman has spoken of the horrifying moment 19 cops showed up at her apartment after her neighbor thought she was breaking into her own home.

Fay Wells locked herself out of her apartment in Santa Monica, California, and called in a locksmith after returning from a soccer match.

But just a few minutes after getting back into her flat, the businesswoman found herself face-to-face with a pistol trained on her by an armed police officer.

Ms Wells wrote in the Washington Post that she poked her head out of her door after hearing a strange noise outside her flat.

Seeing a large dog bounding up the stairs towards her, she stepped back into her flat and locked the door.

Peering through her blinds to see what was going on, Ms Wells suddenly found herself staring down the barrel of a pistol.

The police officer wielding the weapon demanded she ‘come outside with her hands up’, claimed the homeowner, who is a vice president at a media company in California.

She said: ‘I left my apartment in my socks, shorts and a light jacket, my hands in the air. “What’s going on?” I asked again. Two police officers had guns trained on me. They shouted: “Who’s in there with you? How many of you are there?”’

Ms Wells, who said she remained calm and slowly walked down the stairs towards the officers as she explained that she was the only person home, claimed one of the cops looked scared and angry.

Later she would learn that the reason the police sent so many officers was that one of her neighbors – who is white – reported seeing a Latino man and two Latino women using tools to break into her apartment.

by Frank Scott


After the latest tragedy in Paris, the outpouring of heartfelt sympathy from ordinary human beings and cynical posturing from political leadership, it is time for people to stop, think and take democratic action before it gets much worse. And in the short run it will get worse.


The Islamic State is a reaction to what the west has been doing to the arab-Muslim world for longer than any of us have been around, even longer than “decades” in time-meaningless media speech.


After the First World War destroyed the Ottoman Empire and Europe began creating national boundaries in the arab-Muslim world having more to do with western real estate economics than native populations wishes, the seeds were planted for the present destruction of those Middle Eastern nations and the reaction to it by Islamic fundamentalism. But western intrusion began long before then, which is why some Islamic Jihadist writings of the present refer to their enemies as “crusader-Zionists”, linking political economic cultures of supposedly different eras and religious beliefs but really as different as the two sides of a coin to the people they have dominated for far too long.


To hear the master race of self-chosen people who have ruled the world from the time of past crusades to present Israel, theirs was and is a project to civilize and democratize those with no idea how to conduct themselves as an advanced population of organized freedom loving people. Of course it may have to murder hundreds of thousands, even millions, in the process of civilizing these unfortunates, especially if they not only fail to obey their dominators but even insist on making rules for themselves, but mass murders and the destruction of secular governments are simply part of the process of building democracy and respect for life. Got that?


It should be common knowledge by now that the origins of Islamic fundamentalist warrior groups had to do with financing and training by the USA, its Arab fascist allies and its NATO lap dogs. The jihadists were originally employed to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan, after they had come to the aid of a secular regime the west worked to destroy because it was seen as too friendly to the Russians, who were their next-door neighbors. If you believe you are a master race of self-chosen people, brainpower takes a back seat to killing power. When that bloody war ended with the soviets out and the fundamentalists in power, the westerners watched in blissful ignorance as a former secularly ruled nation became overtly religiously orthodox and where, among other radical changes, women once of the professional educated class were returned to servitude and obedience to men, covering themselves in public in dress codes that could seem puritanical to westerners but were at least partly enforced to keep them from looking like cheap tramps, which was how islamic fundamentalists saw many western women.


What bungling supremacist policy makers also failed to notice was that the jihadists didn’t just hate communists; they hated the entire materialist west, wanted to rid themselves of all its social contamination, and go their own way. Oops.


After 911, the terror attack that provoked the mindless assault on the people and nations of the Middle East that continues today, the first stage of the bigger bloodbath started in Afghanistan. Easily blamed, after the fact, on a president treated as a dunce by cowards – only Barbara Lee, of more than 500 “democratically elected representatives” in congress spoke against the action – it has continued to Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and of course has seen retaliation in the USA, Europe and other points west.


The Islamic State, treated by western consciousness control as a bunch of bloody killers bent on replacing the commercial televised mayhem of wrestling, kick boxing and Fox News with actual beheadings, is, whether slandered and cheapened by being called self proclaimed or so-called, a state of Islamic people with territory, currency and trade policies, which wishes to have no connection to or relationship with the forces which have colonized, tormented and brutalized its people for so long. That their tactics are brutal and dedicated to frightening the west and creating chaotic tendencies is clear, and that they are and have been successful is equally clear. What is to be done?


Obviously, not having well meaning if silly debates over whether or not to take in helpless refugees who are fleeing bloodshed we play a major role in creating and sustaining. The biggest help we can extend Syrians escaping war is to stop making the war. The same is true for all the other nations and people we have dominated in the area and in whose affairs we have meddled by supporting oppressive dictatorial regimes which do our bidding and thus become acceptable butchers. We are presently informed – repeatedly, and by sources from the extreme right to what passes for a left in the USA – that the horrendous Assad is brutal and must be replaced and that is why we have helped if not created various groups in Syria to take up armed struggle against his government. Of course they now amount to nothing and foreign jihadists, from all over the arab world as well as europe, are the fighters threatening the Syrian regime, as once again the formidably armed but mentally crippled leadership of western nations sounds a collective “huh?” while it continues to destroy people and nations because, um, that’s what it does.


Thanks to the Russians awakening to potential disaster in their neighborhood and taking both military and diplomatic action to bring about peace talks to attempt solving the future leadership problem in Syria, there are signs of hope. Even Obama, who only looks peaceful by comparison to Killer Clinton and the idiot republicans, seems to see that America will lose, badly, if the warfare continues. But that is not nearly close enough to what really must be done.


The USA must get out of the empire business, end its warfare economic entrapment and stop slaughtering people to allow the minority corporate rich and their cowardly minority politicians to use other people’s lives and money to feel like macho women and men who rule the world. If we don’t take democratic action to stop them, we will pay a heavier price in future than we have paid in the past. And it won’t just be financial.


We need to get out of all the places in the middle east – and the rest of the world – where the people don’t want us, stop performing as Israel’s servant and insist they stop butchering Palestine by cutting off all financial and especially military aid until they do so, and only attempt to help others when they have truly democratic rule – so far evading us! – and ask for our help, and then only after we have seen to it that all our people have homes, health care and jobs. In our very near future, we’ll either have real democracy or unbelievable barbarism. What’s your choice?


email: fpscott@gmail.com

Frank Scott writes  political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.43.04 PM

The Clinton Foundation is operating a $20 million private equity firm in Colombia, raising concerns from government and consumer watchdog groups who say the practice is unusual and could pose a significant conflict of interest.

The line between the firm and the Clinton’s nonprofit world is hazy. Fondo Acceso is run out of the Clinton Foundation’s Bogota office and staffed by foundation employees, a representative at the office told the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday.

A charitable foundation running a private equity fund is “not something one hears about commonly” and is “very concerning,” according to Craig Holman, the government affairs lobbyist at the watchdog group Public Citizen.

Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, said the lack of transparency was a troubling. He said the public has a right to know whether any of Fondo Acceso’s companies received U.S. government support while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

MORE: http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2015/11/18/exposed-the-clinton-foundation-is-running-a-20-million-private-equity-firm-in-colombia/

‘Minneapolis police said they deployed chemical irritants to disperse activists protesting the death of Jamar Clark, killed by officers who have now been named. As details emerge, officials say Clark provoked the shooting when he tried to disarm a cop.
The death of Clark, who was shot in the head by a white police officer, triggered mass protests that lasted through Wednesday afternoon, when police broke up the activists’ makeshift camp outside the department’s Fourth Precinct, citing safety reasons.’
Read more: Police use chemicals on protesters as officers who shot Jamar Clark in head named

‘The Department of Defense is developing its next-gen weapons with the goal of pairing men and machines to give U.S. fighting forces a battlefield advantage, Defense One reported recently.

At the heart of the ambitious Pentagon effort is a concept called the “third offset,” a strategy that attempts to deter countries like Russia and China from ever considering waging war against the U.S.

Defense One noted further:

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who is leading the offset project for the Pentagon, touted what he called “human-machine collaboration and combat teaming” at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum, a gathering of American national security leaders.’

Read more: Pentagon seeks to pair soldiers with battle-ready robots on the front lines

Some 20% of the 2.7 million Americans that served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from Post Traumatic Brain Disorder, but now the Pentagon thinks it may have an answer – Brain implants designed to rewire the brain to erase memories.

Read more: US Military developing ‘Brain Chips’ To treat PTSD

‘The alleged Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacks in Paris last Friday have been seized upon by the Australian political and media establishment to justify the country’s involvement in the US-led wars in Iraq and Syria and the abrogation of democratic rights at home that has taken place on the pretext of combatting terrorism.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in Turkey for the G-20 Summit, gave his official sanction to a frenzy of fear-mongering and anti-Muslim xenophobia. In his initial statement, he declared that the terrorist attacks were “truthfully the work of the devil.” On the weekend, he asserted that, while there was no evidence, “attacks in this environment are likely to happen in the future” in Australia.

Turnbull lauded the sixth tranche of anti-terrorism legislation which includes sweeping measures to strip dual citizens of their Australian citizenship if they are deemed to have been involved in terrorist –related activities or display a lack of “allegiance” to Australia. Control orders—state restrictions on peoples’ movements and contacts, up to outright house arrest—can now be imposed on children as young as 14.’

Read more: Australian establishment seizes on Paris attacks to justify war and police state measures

“Ladies and gentlemen, not all lives are precious. Some are more worthy than others.

The Empire of Chaos

Has been wrong on everything they’ve predicted

Released on 15 Nov. 2015 @ 15:09

A movie displayed by an Arab news website showed that a long convoy of the ISIL terrorists’ military vehicles was going on a Highway towards battlefronts with the aerial back up of a US military Apache helicopter.

The UAE-based al-Sa’a displayed a video clip of over 200 Toyota vans carrying the flag and members of the ISIL terrorist group driving on one of the main highways of Syria while an Apache chopper of US military was accompanying them in a friendly manner.”

The U.S. Military personnel on board the Apache, will rue this day

before this month is out…

The Arab media reported that the ISIL convoy did not open fire at the US chopper, which was flying in a very low altitude.

Early in October, former CIA counter terrorism officer and Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior investigator John Kiriakou said the US congress armed the ISIL terrorists by providing weapons to the “moderate” opposition.

The FSA is an armed Syrian opposition faction, considered “moderate” by the western countries, fighting the Syrian army loyal to President Bashar Assad since the beginning of the war in 2011. In 2014, the US Congress allocated $500 million to create FSA force of more than 5,000 men by the end of 2015…”

Terrorist ISIL Sends Long Military Convoy towards Battlefields with US Chopper’s Back Up

The people of the world can no longer “blindly trust” anything that any ‘government’ continues to say about anything that “happens” in or near any war-zone, because of the spread of the global-infection of Political-Correctness that has just swept up Europe in its international claws.

Busted: Totally Proven Beyond All Doubt: The French Government
Staged The Attacks | Alternative


The global scene is working it’s way up to bombing Syria, without Syria’s permission, and in-spite of the facts on the ground which the Russian Air Offensive has only halfway completed: Which is what sparked the supposed “Terror Attack” in Paris: As the West’s justification for continuing their war on Assad, while continuing to support the terrorists we have paid for and created every step of the way.

Once the farce gets going once again, to justify US bombing raids, despite the fact that they’ve been a total failure for the entire year before the Russian’s arrived in Syria; The new state of Terror in France and elsewhere will continue to drag Europe and the rest of humanity ever-deeper into that hopeless hole that “The Empire” will try to sell the global public on, again, just like they did to America on 911.

The only thing that will change, because of this false-flag operation in Paris, will be the massive loss of freedom in France and throughout Europe ­ especially now as the full force of the invading hordes have already gotten inside the gates of Europe, that now sees the point behind the ‘migration’ and is trying to keep them out, but for too many ‘nations’ it’s already too late. So what have we learned?

All Victims of Terror are Not Equal”

And only the truth will be able to push back

This global attack on civilization.

Smoke & Mirrors

All of the terror on display of late was created to obtain a NATO license to make war on Syria, in the same way NATO, the UN, US, Britain, France, Germany, and others obliterated Libya, but because of Russia, and the fact that the shitheads from Amerika and Israel just got caught trying to stage this false-flag to the nines… So maybe, just maybe, the world might finally reject this latest false-flag event before the illegal bombing of NATO can get off the ground…


– See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/empirechaos.html#sthash.H6x641Zd.dpuf

21st Century Wire with video says…

Putin isn’t afraid to let the world know exactly how these terror groups are really funded, and therefore they’ve come to be such a great threat to peace.

Watch a video of this report here:
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has shared Russian intelligence data on ISIS financing with others at the G20.

His findings do not bode well for some of the G20 members themselves:

“I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them.”

How can G20 nations allow the financing of ISIS to occur?

Who exactly are these ‘private individuals’ and why are G20 financial institutions apparently facilitating their support for terrorism?

‘Reporting from Beirut, New York Times’ Anne Barnard has a piece titled, “Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten” out today. In the article she details the double sucide-attack that took place in Lebanon on Thursday and killed 43 people. She contrasts the outpouring of support that Paris has received over the past two days with the lack of solidarity being shown for Beirut.

The perception of being ignored has seemingly taken hold in Lebanon. She quotes the blog of Elie Fares, a Lebanese doctor, who wrote, “When my people died, no country bothered to light up its landmarks in the colors of their flag. When my people died, they did not send the world into mourning. Their death was but an irrelevant fleck along the international news cycle, something that happens in THOSE parts of the world.”’

Read more: The Horrifying Terror Attack Last Week that You Aren’t Hearing About

Report: Spain issues arrest warrant for Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and seven other former and current government officials are at risk of arrest if they set foot in Spain, after a Spanish…

In an undisclosed location within the Czech Republic lies The Oppidum. Containing luxury amenities, it’s marketed as “the largest billionaire bunker in the world.”




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