‘Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the lead in the hostile reception accorded to Russian President Vladimir Putin at last weekend’s G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia.

In an incident widely reported in the Canadian and international media, Harper grudgingly accepted Putin’s offer of a handshake and declared, “You need to get out of Ukraine.” Harper’s aggressive pose set the tone for the conference, where the western powers worked to further isolate Russia, including discussing plans to step up economic sanctions over Ukraine.’

Read more: Canada’s Prime Minister Spearheads Attack on Russia at G-20 Summit

SIGAR: Pentagon’s $700M – $800M economic development in Afghanistan ‘accomplished nothing’

18 Nov 2014 The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) says he is investigating the Pentagon’s efforts to spark that country’s economic development, which cost between $700 million and $800 million and “accomplished nothing.” SIGAR’s chief, John Sopko, told reporters Tuesday, that the agency has opened an “in-depth review” into the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), a Defense Department unit aimed at developing war zone mining, industrial development and fostering private investments…More broadly, Sopko faulted the US government’s economic development efforts in Afghanistan as “an abysmal failure,” saying it lacked a single leader, a clear strategy or accountability.

The head of the Ukraine Central Bank just announced on Ukrainian TV: “in the vaults of the Central Bank there is almost no gold left.”

  • 20 tons unaccounted for
  • Likely didn’t just disappear, but has been quietly depleted over the past year
  • Or has been spirited away to the US
  • Historically this is a trend preceding failed states i.e. USSR
  • Serious reason to believe US has possession
Tyler Durden (Zerohedge)

7 hours ago | 2006 6

Was it a heist?
This article originally appeared at Zero Hedge

Back in March, at a time when the IMF reported that Ukraine’s official gold holdings as of the end of February, so just as the State Department-facilitated coup against former president Victor Yanukovich was concluding, amounted to 42.3 tonnes or 8% of reserves…

… and notably under the previous “hated” president, Ukraine gold’s reserves had constantly increased hitting a record high just before the presidential coup…

… we reported of a strange incident that took place just after the Ukraine presidential coup, namely that according to at least one source, “in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine’s gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.” To wit:

Tonight, around at 2:00 am, an unregistered transport plane took off took off from Boryspil airport. According to Boryspil staff, prior to the plane’s appearance, four trucks and two cargo minibuses arrived at the airport all with their license plates missing. Fifteen people in black uniforms, masks and body armor stepped out, some armed with machine guns. These people loaded the plane with more than forty heavy boxes.

After this, several mysterious men arrived and also entered the plane. The loading was carried out in a hurry. After unloading, the plateless cars immediately left the runway, and the plane took off on an emergency basis.

Airport officials who saw this mysterious “special operation” immediately notified the administration of the airport, which however strongly advised them “not to meddle in other people’s business.”

Later, the editors were called by one of the senior officials of the former Ministry of Income and Fees, who reported that, according to him, tonight on the orders of one of the “new leaders” of Ukraine, all the gold reserves of the Ukraine were taken to the United States.

Needless to say there was no official confirmation of any of this taking place, and in fact our report, in which we mused if the “price of Ukraine’s liberation” was the handover of its gold to the Fed at a time when Germany was actively seeking to repatriate its own physical gold located at the bedrock of the NY Fed, led to the usual mainstream media mockery.

Until now.

In an interview on Ukraine TV, none other than the head of the Ukraine Central Bank made the stunning admission that “in the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left. There is a small amount of gold bullion left, but it’s just 1% of reserves.”

As Ukraina further reports, this stunning revelation means that not only has Ukraine been quietly depleting its gold throughout the year, but that the latest official number, according to which Ukraine gold was 8 times greater than the reported 1%, was fabricated, and that the real number is about 90% lower.

According to official statistics the NBU, the amount of gold in the vaults should be eight times more than is actually in stock. At the beginning of this month, the volume of gold was about $ 1 billion, or 8% of the total gold reserves. Now this is just one percent.

Of course, considering the official reserve data at the Central Bank has been clearly fabricated, one wonders just how long ago the actual gold “dmsplacement” took place.

We can get some additional information from Rusila

According to recent data, the value of Ukraine gold should be $988.7 million. That is the value of gold proportion of gold in gold reserves is 8%. If you believe Gontareva, it turns out there is a mere $123.6 million in gold remaining.

The figure is fantastic, considering that the amount of gold at the end of February (when the new authorities have already taken key positions) was $1.8 billion or 12% of the reserves.

In other words, since the beginning of the year gold reserves dropped almost 16 times. Gold stock in February were approximately 21 tons of gold, the presence of which was once proudly reported by Sergei Arbuzov, who led the NBU in 2010-2012. So what happened to 20.8 tons of gold?

Explaining the dramatic reduction in the context of the hryvnia devaluation through gold sales is impossible. After all, 92% of the reserves of the National Bank is in the form of a foreign currency that is much easier to use to maintain hryvnia levels and cover current liabilities. Besides since March the international price of gold has plummeted. Selling ??gold under such circumstances is a crime. In fact it would be more expedient to increase gold reserves through currency conversion in precious metals.

But apparently the result is not due to someone’s negligence or carelessness. The gold reserve has been actively carted out of the country, as a result of the very vague economic and political prospects of Ukraine. Something similar happened to the gold reserves of the USSR – when the Gorbachev elite realized that perestroika is leading the country to the abyss, gold simply disappeared in an unknown direction.

The article’s conclusion:

As history shows, the reduction of the gold reserves in the context of an acute political crisis is usually preceded by the collapse of the state.

Oddly enough there was no official gold reduction just prior to the time when Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland was planning Yanukovich’s ouster, and as shown above, quite the contrary. It is a little more odd that it was during the period when Ukraine was “supported” by its western allies that several billion dollars worth of physical gold - the people’s gold - just “vaporized.”

In any event, now that the disappearance of Ukraine’s gold has been confirmed, perhaps it is time to refresh the “unconfirmed” story that a little after the current Ukraine regime took power the bulk of Ukraine’s gold was taken to the United States.

As of this writing, The NY Fed has still not answered our March request for a comment whether Ukraine’s gold has been redomiciled at the gold vault located some 80 feet below Liberty 33.


Kiev’s foreign reserves plunged last month by a whopping 23.2 per cent to a paltry $12.6 billion.

By the end of the year it will be even messier.

Kiev’s gotta pay a $3.1 billion gas bill to Gazprom, or else…

The central bank will have to sell more foreign currency to support the hryvnia. And there are MORE hefty gas bills as General Winter advances.

Is the austerity-devastated EU lending them at least one euro? Of course not.

Ukrainians take a bath


It’s up to the IMF, who now OWNS Ukraine.

Yet there will only be “emergency funding” if Kiev applies that good ol’ “structural adjustment” – as in turning the overwhelming mass of Ukrainians into beggars for life.

These are the facts. The rest is rubbish.


(Photo: Bob Jagendorf / creative commons)

(Photo: Bob Jagendorf / creative commons)

Out of California’s years-long litigation over reducing the population of prisons deemed unconstitutionally overcrowded by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010, another obstacle to addressing the U.S. epidemic of mass incarceration has emerged: The utility of cheap prison labor.

In recent filings, lawyers for the state have resisted court orders that they expand parole programs, reasoning not that releasing inmates early is logistically impossible or would threaten public safety, but instead that prisons won’t have enough minimum security inmates left to perform inmate jobs.

The dispute culminated Friday, when a three-judge federal panel ordered California to expand an early parole program. California now has no choice but to broaden a program known as 2-for-1 credits that gives inmates who meet certain milestones the opportunity to have their sentences reduced. But California’s objections raise troubling questions about whether prison labor creates perverse incentives to keep inmates in prison even when they don’t need to be there.

The debate centers around an expansive state program to have inmates fight wildfires. California is one of several states that employs prison labor to fight wildfires. And it has the largest such program, as the state’s wildfire problem rapidly expands arguably because of climate change. By employing prison inmates who are paid less than $2 per day, the state saves some $1 billion, according to a recent BuzzFeed feature of the practice. California relies upon that labor source, and only certain classes of nonviolent inmates charged with lower level offenses are eligible for the selective program. They must then meet physical and other criteria.

In exchange, they get the opportunity for early release, by earning twice as many credits toward early release as inmates in other programs would otherwise earn, known as 2-for-1 credits. In February, the federal court overseeing California’s prison litigation ordered the state to expand this 2-for-1 program to some other rehabilitation programs so that other inmates who exhibit good behavior and perform certain work successfully would also be eligible for even earlier release.

As has been California’s practice in this litigation, California didn’t initially take the order that seriously. It continued to work toward reducing its prison population. In fact, the ballot initiative passed by voters in November to reclassify several nonviolent felonies as misdemeanors will go a long way toward achieving that goal. But it insisted that it didn’t have to do it the way the court wanted it to, because doing so could deplete the state’s source of inmate firefighters.

The incentives of this wildfire and other labor programs are seemingly in conflict with the goal of reducing U.S. reliance on mass incarceration. But the federal judges overseeing this litigation were nonetheless sensitive to the state’s need for inmate firefighters. That’s why they ordered the state to offer 2-for-1 credits only to those many inmates who weren’t eligible for the wildfire program. This way, inmates who were eligible would still be incentivized to choose fighting wildfires, while those that weren’t could choose other rehabilitative work programs to reduce their sentence.

The Department of Corrections didn’t like this idea, either. It argued that offering 2-for-1 credits to any inmates who perform other prison labor would mean more minimum security inmates would be released earlier, and they wouldn’t have as large of a labor pool. They would still need to fill those jobs by drawing candidates who could otherwise work fighting wildfires, and would be “forced to draw down its fire camp population to fill these vital MSF [Minimum Support Facility] positions.” In other words, they didn’t want to have to hire full-time employees to perform any of the work that inmates are now performing.

The plaintiffs had this to say in response: “Defendants baldly assert that if the labor pool for their garage, garbage, and city park crews is reduced, then ‘CDCR would be forced to draw-down its fire camp population to fill these vital MSF positions.’ That is a red herring; Defendants would not be ‘forced’ to do anything. They could hire public employees to perform tasks like garbage collection, garage work and recycling … ”

In a short order Friday, the federal court seemingly agreed with this argument, ordering California to expand its 2-for-1 credits program.

California’s resistance to the initial federal court order is not surprising. Despite making some real strides in reducing its prison population relative to other states, the state has fought court orders every step of the way, as Gov. Jerry Brown claimed that the prisons were on the verge of being “gold plated.” But its newest line of argument reveals another obstacle to prison reform that may affect many other states without a court order for reform.


Video taken with Canon 5D from 31st Floor of One Seneca Tower in Downtown Buffalo, the tallest building in Buffalo.

Radioactive water to tunnels unlikely stopped http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20141118_03.html

 Nov. 17, 2014 The officials overseeing the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant say a barrier designed to prevent radioactive water from entering underground tunnels is likely not doing its job.

The decommissioning work includes a plan to remove highly-radioactive water from tunnels under the facility grounds and then fill them with concrete to prevent leaks to surrounding soil.

A barrier to hold out water during this process was under construction until November 6th.
On Monday, workers removed 200,000 liters of water, estimating that water levels in the tunnels would drop by 80 centimeters.
However, the levels went down by only 20 centimeters. This led officials to conclude that more water was likely entering the tunnels from the reactor building while water was being pumped out.

The officials considered the effects of radioactive water on ground water, and decided on a plan to fill tunnels in with cement before they are completely drained.

They say the operation will require carefully handling to prevent any overflow of contaminated water.

By PD Lawton
Exclusive To Rense.com

What do Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have in common?

Strangely enough more than just Ebola. Western Liberia is part of an Archaean age craton which spreads into Sierra Leone and Guinea. This type of rock strata is full of diamondiferous kimberlites.

What makes the diamonds of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia so special is that this is one of the rare regions in the world containing large alluvial diamonds, ie. whopping huge rocks of 300 plus carats.

March 2014 ­ first outbreak of Ebola in Liberia

August 2013 ­ Youssef Diamond Mining announces “exciting new discovery of diamonds in Liberia`s cratonic region” at their Camp Alpha Project in Liberia. Exciting because this kimberlite `pipe` may well be economically feasible to mine. Only 1% of the 6500 kimberlites discovered world-wide are feasible to mine.
So does this make Ebola Operation Jungle Storm? (Operation Desert Storm-Kuwait-NATO invasion-downfall of Saddam Hussein and the entire state of Iraq)
Zimbabwe has recently hosted an international diamond conference. The outcome of the conference established the fact that the demand for polished diamonds is expected to outstrip supply over the next decade. The president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses stated that the demand for polished diamonds will grow to 6.4% over the next decade while rough diamond supply will only grow at a compound rate of 2%.

You may wonder how these people know such precise future figures!???That is because the world diamond trade is a cartel. They set the prices, supply and demand. Diamonds are not scarce. But apart from that, we can understand through the forecast of the diamond trade  that the big money will be in the big polished stones as the growing middleclass of China and India look to invest their money in assets.

Liberian diamonds are 25% gem quality. 40% near gem and 35% industrial. The Star of Sierra Leone was dug up in the Koidu area in 1972. It is the largest alluvial diamond ever discovered. It is 968.9-carat and is of perfect chemical purity. It was sold to a private buyer for $2.5 million 42 years ago.
In neighbouring Sierra Leone, an Israeli mining magnate and member of the shining super-rich elite, Beny Steinmetz is operating within the Koidu area with his Octea Group, part of Steinmetz BSG Resources. Beny Steinmetz is connected to Dan Gertler connected to Maurice Tempelsman connected to diamond mining genocide wherever they go especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you think that diamonds cannot be the reason for the destabilization of entire nations, then think again.

We do not as yet have the documents to prove that DeBeers/Anglo American financed Executive Outcomes which was a private South African based mercenary company (3000 man and hind helicopters-strong) which was used to destabilize Sierra Leone in the 1990s civil war. But we have every bit of evidence to point to the fact this is what happened.

“Our problem in this country is that we have too many DeBeers interested in our mineral resources who stirred up this war. When I saw that people were playing with our country I called upon the RUF in the name of peace.” Major Johnny-Paul Koroma of the Sierra Leonean Army, 1997.

Ebola is a man-made disaster. The Ebola virus was patented by the United States department for health (CDC). The patent number is US20120251502A1.  Ebola is part of the new Humanitarian Imperialism/Fascism. It is a cover-story for increased US/UK presence in countries where resources are wanted. Ebola is about corporations wanting to control resource-rich areas, it is about de-populating areas, it is about gaining control of DIAMOND FIELDS. It is about having a cover-story to look good in the eyes of the public.

The International Charter for Space and Major Disasters (UK based) has been called in to assist in the management of Ebola. This Charter is an international agreement to provide free satellite images but its activation in October 2014 was the first time it has been used to assist with the response to a disease (info from AllAfrica.com) The Charter will allow the World Health Organization to acquire satellite pictures of Sierra Leone and Guinea and will provide maps and aerial overviews of rural locations.

Now get this straight folks….`They` need satellite images of diamond fields to help people with an haemorrhagic fever?
PD Lawton 09/11/14


Google is now using a new search system (a new search algorithm) for searches.

Google started using its new system, Hummingbird, around the beginning of September 2014.

Google Hummingbird – Wikipedia.

Who has benefited?

New York Times.
Large American news corporations are among those who have benefited.
Who has suffered?


Any site that criticises the USA has suffered.
So, Google is as rigged as the crime statistics, the stock market or the price of Gold?
Google is very much the CIA.
Expect your future Google searches to turn up American commercial junk.

Economists, Military Strategists and Others Warned Us … Long Ago

We’ve known for 5,000 years that mass spying on one’s own people is always aimed at grabbing power and crushing dissent, not protecting us from bad guys.

We’ve known for 4,000 years that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire economy will collapse. And see this.

We’ve known for 2,500 years that prolonged war bankrupts an economy.

We’ve known for 2,000 years that wars are based on lies.

We’ve known for 1,900 years that runaway inequality destroys societies.

We’ve known for thousands of years that debasing currencies leads to economic collapse.

We’ve known for millennia that torture is a form of terrorism.

We’ve known for thousands of years that – when criminals are not punished – crime spreads.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that the failure to punish financial fraud destroys economies, as it destroys all trust in the financial system.

We’ve known for centuries that monopolies and the political influence which accompanies too much power in too few hands are dangerous for free markets.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that companies will try to pawn their debts off on governments, and that it is a huge mistake for governments to allow corporate debt to be backstopped by government.

We’ve known for centuries that powerful people – unless held to account – will get together and steal from everyone else.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that standing armies and warmongering harm Western civilization.

We’ve known for 200 years that allowing private banks to control credit creation eventually destroys the nation’s prosperity.

We’ve known for two centuries that a fiat money system – where the money supply is not pegged to anything real – is harmful in the long-run.

We’ve known for 200 years that a two-party system quickly becomes corrupted.

We’ve known for over a century that torture produces false and useless information.

We’ve known since the 1930s Great Depression that separating depository banking from speculative investment banking is key to economic stability. See this, this, this and this.

We’ve known for 80 years that inflation is a hidden tax.

We’ve known for 79 years that war is a racket that benefits the elites but harms everyone else.

We’ve known since 1988 that quantitative easing doesn’t work to rescue an ailing economy.

We’ve known since 1993 that derivatives such as credit default swaps – if not reined in – could take down the economy. And see this.

We’ve known since 1998 that crony capitalism destroys even the strongest economies, and that economies that are capitalist in name only need major reforms to create accountability and competitive markets.

We’ve known since 2007 or earlier that lax oversight of hedge funds could blow up the economy.

And we knew before the 2008 financial crash and subsequent bailouts that:

  • The easy credit policy of the Fed and other central banks, the failure to regulate the shadow banking system, and “the use of gimmicks and palliatives” by central banks hurt the economy
  • Anything other than (1) letting asset prices fall to their true market value, (2) increasing savings rates, and (3) forcing companies to write off bad debts “will only make things worse”
  • Bailouts of big banks harm the economy
  • The Fed and other central banks were simply transferring risk from private banks to governments, which could lead to a sovereign debt crisis

Postscript:  Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it … and we’ve known that for a long time.


Aldous Huxley, the brilliant English writer and philosopher who authored Brave New World, described a future world in which an oligarchical elite would produce a psychological tyranny where the masses would actually enjoy their servitude.

Ignorance is bliss?

The following video demonstrates exactly what is wrong with America. Namely, the fact that we have a country filled with abysmally ignorant, moronic individuals who do not know how to properly use their brains. Most people, especially the younger generations of Americans, strictly concern themselves with watching television, cheering for their favorite sports team, and following the lives of degenerate Hollywood celebrities.
Aldous Huxley smoking, circa 1946
Aldous Huxley, (1946 photo) the brilliant English writer and philosopher who authored Brave New World, described a future world in which an oligarchical elite would produce a psychological tyranny where the masses would actually enjoy their servitude, and would be completely ignorant as to the reality of their slavery. He once stated:
There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.
Is this not exactly what we see in America today? The vast majority of people are totally uninterested in anything serious. They are completely ignorant and clueless about the true nature of our history and political system. Most are literally living in a “painless concentration camp” where the only things that matter are degenerate, disgusting Jewish-promoted “entertainment”, useless and unnecessary consumer products, and fulfilling their base sexual and physiological needs.
As they say, ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, what most people assume to be bliss is in actuality tyranny and perversion.
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Bingo, all the Dots connect–NO Dead Kids at Sandy Hook !

This is truly Great news for all Americans. Yes, Happy Days can be here Again in America !

Shout it out from the Rooftops of America, NO DEAD KIDS !


Sandy Hoax 1Lately it seems like everything in the news is gloom and doom.

The economy is as bad as it has ever been, unemployment and underemployment at all time highs. Wars and rumors of wars. A sense of gloom and doom has descended on America.

Sandy hook was the final straw, even our kids aren’t safe at school from guns and nutty gun-owners of any age, at least that is what the American Masses were led to believe by Mainstream Media News Reports about the events at Sandy Hook Public School.

The reports from Sandy Hook alone generated thousands of cases of Post Traumatic Stress type reactions in sensitive, caring Americans, especially mothers and dads with young kids in grade school, with the same approximate ages of those kids the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) announced as murder victims there.

And on top of all that some economic experts have predicted a soon to come major economic collapse inside America or even another major World War, this time perhaps a nuclear WW3 with Russia and China starting in either Iraq, the Ukraine or both.

Finally, there is some light in the darkness. I bring this good news to you with great happiness and joy. This is the kind of Good News we can all rejoice in and celebrate.

But don’t ever expect any really good news to be truthfully reported in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). It always has to originate in the Alternative News on the worldwide Internet, on Websites like Veterans Today and then can be driven in the the CMMM through the mass power of numbers of those who have learned the truth if there are enough of them.

It takes an extraordinary amount of public disclosure by word of mouth of these real facts of any Major News Event learned from the Internet, in order to drive them into the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

It is always and uphill battle but now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press, it can be done through the power of mass awareness and elevations in the Conscience-Collective.

The Conscience-Collective (discussed extensively by famous French Sociologist Emil Durkheim), is the group morality, or the emergence group conscience that arises in the society over certain moral outrages that become apparent to a large portion of the society.

Of course any time Covert Acts of State Sponsored Terror such as 9/11/01 or Sandy Hook become known to a large sector of the society, Moral Density will quickly rises to the point where the society demands correction and resolution, often accompanied with strong demands for extreme Judgement and Justice to be delivered as a permanent resolution. This become especially salient when the State (as in USG) initiates Big Lies and/or False-Flag attacks accompanied by supporting Narratives that are clearly concocted to be false and to mislead away from the truth, all done in order to frighten the masses into giving up basic human and Constitutional Rights.

Truth dispensed to the masses which become believed can easily result in intense elevations in Moral Density which then lead to intense mass public demands for Judgement and Justice.

Here is what John Swinton, a well known prominent Journalist and a contributing writer for the New York Times said at his private retirement party one night in 1890 where he was the guest of honor. Someone asked him to make a toast to the Independent Press. Here is what he stated:

There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

(Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)


Obviously the Major Press was controlled then according to John Swinton and now it is even more controlled with an illegal News Monopoly aka News Cartel monopoly consisting of six major International New Corporations controlling over 95% of all news.

Three are major Defense Contractors and the other Three are interlinked major Corporations all controlled by the WZs. All six play to the demands of the WZ establishment lackeys that run the USG.

In order for the truth to reach the Masses and go critical, it must be diffuse word of mouth or by the Alternative media on the Internet because the Controlled major Mass Media avoid truth until it is forced by the masses to cover it.

In order for the Truth to be reflected in appropriate mass societal demands for change, Judgement and Justice in regards to USG and Establishment covert crimes against We The People, it must be diffused to the masses outside the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

This is always necessary since the CMMM refuses to cover the story until a Critical Mass accompanied by a subsequent major turning point are reached in society. At that time it is usually driven into the CMMM’s major news stories even though they fight this as long as possible.

So we know for sure that the important link between getting the Truth being released for all to know, to the delivery of Judgement and justice, is to bring this truth to the societal mass. And this societal mass should preferably be a majority which always serves as a tipping point for serious change and powerful mass demands for Judgement and justice.

This article is a strategic attempt to assist getting the truth out to a majority of society and to make an end-run around all the usual USG and establishment misinformation designed to lead away from the truth and keep the masses from ever knowing it. For if they did as Bush1 told famous DC Investigative Reporter Sarah McClendon one time that if the public ever learned what they did, “they would chase us down in the streets and hang us from the street lights.”

So the real job of the CMMM has been to mislead and direct the mass-mind of America away from the truth about 9/11/01 and from Sandy Hook which many now refer to as Sandy Hoax.

Yes, chances are you will only find the most important stories truthfully reported at Veterans Today or other Alternative news outlets provided by the Worldwide Internet which specialize in real truth, those Websites which are not intercept or coverup operations like the CMMM.

Now for the First Time in a long time, VT can report Major Breaking GOOD NEWS for all to get really excited about.

The major breaking GOOD NEWS which the CMMM refuses to cover (for reasons to be explained later) is the recent research and 100% rock solid findings by Professor James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig and other research associates on SANDY HOOK.

Yes, there were No Dead Kids and No Dead Teachers at Sandy Hook, None at all as in ZERO!

Their findings conclusively show that there were NO DEAD KIDS at Sandy Hook, none at all, not even one. That’s right No Dead Kids, but also it can now be conclusively proved in a Court of Law that not only were there No Dead Kids, but there were NO DEAD TEACHERS either, none at all, not even one.

No Dead Lanzas either.

And there is also some substantial evidence that there were NO DEAD LANZAS, that is, no Dead so-called Shooter Adam Lanza and no dead Nancy Lanza either, his so-called mother. In fact there is substantial reason to believe that Adam Lanza or Nancy Lanza never even existed at all and were virtual creations as part of one of the greatest Psyops in history ever perpetrated on the American Public.

Not the greatest however which is now known to be the False-Flag attack on America on 9/11/01 which was initiated to create the false narrative needed to justify illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, un-winnable, perpetual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in 2008 and there was no Internet traffic to that address after it was closed and vacated.

The most impressive fact discovered which quickly exposed this Sandy Hook event as a HOAX was that the Sandy Hook school was closed in 2008 and used for storage. It had been closed because it developed a known asbestos problem and it was far to expensive to abate it.

Now even the FBI official crime statistics showing that no deaths occurred at the sandy Hook “Event”.

Capture xx - Copy

Sandy Hook was a FEMA/DHS Capstone “live-shooter” drill, that is a faked, staged exercise only and everything the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) has reported has been a series of BIG LIES and False Narratives.

Yes, anyone who carefully studies all the facts related to the Sandy Hook “Event”, will quickly come to understand that it was a FEMA/DHS Capstone “live-shooter” drill only, run from a carefully prepared but yet highly flawed script from a defense contractor that was delivered to the major players before the event.

And when that the actual facts prove conclusively in a suitable Court of Law that Sandy Hook never occurred as claimed by the Government and the Connecticut State Police it will be shown that those  who donated 27 Million Dollars to these so-called Sandy Hook survivors were actually defrauded, they will have a legal right to recover their donations given under false, fraudulent representations.

Yes, when these Donators who got “suckered” go ahead and actually sue to recover the funds they were defrauded out of by the paid actors for the BIG SANDY HOOK BIG LIE, that is, the Sandy Hook False Narrative, all these facts will be forced into the CMMM for the very first time.

And as you can imagine once the public understands all the facts that prove that Sandy Hooks was a FEMA/DHS Capstone “live-shooter” drill only with NOBODY MURDERED this will be a major GAME-CHANGER. No longer will the American Masses simply trust their State Governments, the Federal Government or the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

A major Class Action Lawsuit will publicly unravel this Sandy Hoax Big Lie lie to be the House of Cards that it is.

When this major Class Action Court Event occurs, this will be a major turning point for America and for American History in General. No longer will Mainstream America be so easily duped by such pre-planned and coordinated False-Flag attacks and a supporting False Narratives dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to cover them up.

No Dead Adam Lanza because he never existed at all, just like his imaginary mother Nancy Lanza.

You can’t be killed if you are a non-existent imaginary figure created as part of a false narrative related to a major Psyop against the American People. When this case fully unravels as it will for anyone who takes the time to read most of the following recommended articles, it will be like a hard slap to the face.

And folks will begin to understand that every single False-Flag event like this has an intended goals. In this case the intended goals were to create a believable pretext to gain more restrictions on gun ownership. And also to provide a believable pretext to obtain billions of dollars for the deployment of a secret quite sinister program in the public schools to Mind-kontrol our children, presented as a way to weed out disturbed children like the imaginary Adam Lanza, who never existed at all.

Before access to all the relevant facts is presented, those responsible for setting up this massive Sandy Hoax False-Flag Psyop, the groups responsible will be identified and why the Controlled major Mass media and the Federal and Connecticut state Governments have been so busty covering it up.

Sandy Hoax was a major FEMA/DHS Capstone “live-shooter” drill using a major custom written script by a Defense Contractor on behalf of the Mossad (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) section of the CIA. It is a known fact that the Israelis set up and now run the Department of Homeland Security and also control FEMA. The Israelis are claim to be the World’s top experts of Terrorism and run anti-terror training for many major Urban Police Departments, often offering all expenses paid junkets to Police Chiefs and Police managers.



The Sandy Hoax False-Flag Psyop was deployed by the World’s biggest Terror Experts who just turn out to also be the World’s biggest originators of terror operations all over the World.

Many Intel insiders agree that the Israelis are the World top experts in terrorism because they run almost every terror operation that was ever enacted even those against their own countrymen. Some Intel insiders believe that Israel and their stateside NeoCon and PNACer Israeli-American Israel-first “Dual Citizens” with help from some Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA were responsible for attacking America on 9/11/01. And that these men also blackmailed the US Administration into allowing them to consolidate all Law Enforcement and Alphabets inside America into one central Occupation Force run by them, thus having their own Israeli Army inside America so they can essentially run America and all of its Law Enforcement. Yes, most American Law Enforcement and Alphabets has been infiltrated and hijacked by these Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) members.

Could these same men have been involved in the planning and deployment of the Sandy Hook False-Flag attack which was at least two years in the planning and involved the use of a Defense Contractor to write the script from which this FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill was run from?



 This immediate need to consolidate All American Law Enforcement and the Alphabets was sold to Congress. the Administration and the American Sheeple with the phony cover story that many different Agencies knew about the impending attack to come on 9/11/01 but didn’t coordinate Intel or connect the dots until it was too late.

Thus it was claimed this Intel fiasco necessitated the formation of DHS to keep this from ever happening again.

Instead, this consolidation is really designed to make it easy for Israel to control all American law Enforcement and Alphabets from top to bottom, thus transforming America into a satellite and slave State of Israel.

All these False-Flag Psyops being instigated by Israel inside America are designed to frighten the American masses at a subconscious primal level to the point they will easily give up their basic human and Constitutional rights and allow the USG to transform itself into a major Police State with such extensive Police and surveillance powers rivaling the East German Stasi, that the American People will never be able to take their Republic back from the enemy within Our gates.

This similarity of DHS to the East German Stasi is no coincidence because Marcus Wolf, former head of the Stasi was hired to set up Homeland Security two years before he mysteriously died.

There are major problems that prevent the American Masses from ever learning the real truth about any Major News Events. The first is that many view the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and the Government as a benevolent Parent Figure and assume that these entities always act with their best interests in mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The second major problem preventing Americans from learning the truth about Major News Events is the crazy, hyperactive American Lifestyle which is so complex and so busy that few have time to settle down and seriously study the available facts behind any of these Major News Events.

Most folks are so easily distracted with instant drive-through fast food, instant 24 hour news and weather. For families an obvious problem is the complexity caused by mothers having to work outside the home and use Daycare. Many Americans are so caught up in the mad pace of very complex lives that a majority do not even get enough sleep to function effectively according to numerous sleep experts.

Basically most Americans have drank the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Koolaide and are notably reluctant to question the official Government narrative that is dispensed by the CMMM. In practical terms this means that most immediately believe these frequent false Government narratives dispensed by the CMMM.

Capture 8

High Trauma produces increased suggestibility and increased “believability”.

The more traumatic these public reported tragedies appears, the more suggestible the American masses are and the more likely they are to believe the CMMM reports at face value without questioning them at all. This was especially true at Sandy Hook.

But is was also true at the Boston Bombing Psyop which we now know for certain also was a staged FEMA/DHS drill that uses “Crises Actors” with prior amputations, stage blood packs, and black powder puffer-bombs with little explosive power.

Social Scientists now know for certain that any extremely traumatic public event narrative such as Sandy Hook, even if if it turns out to be as dramatically false as Sandy Hook turns out to be, it is much more readily believed because narratives of very serious and dramatic trauma tend to quickly make most of the public very suggestible and vulnerable to believing such false narrative even when they make no sense at face value.

What this means in practical terms is that even when actual facts of any Major News Event is presented to Americans, they are typically quite reluctant to be disbelieved because it is being presented by Alternative media on the Internet. And since so many Americans trust the Government spokespersons and the Controlled major Mass media and view them as a benevolent, caring Parent they are reluctant to carefully examine any facts presented by the Alternative media on the Internet.

Now you will have access to all the relevant facts and can share this will anyone you know who was fooled and defrauded by the CMMM, FEMA and DHS and the State of Connecticut and Lt. Vance of the Connecticut State Police.

Now you the reader will have easy access to a set of articles on Sandy Hoax which clearly prove it was nothing but a major FEMA/DHS Capstone “live-shooter” drill. These are listed here. It is suggested that you share this article and list with all your family, friends, neighbors and close associates.

It is also a good idea to send it to your local representatives in City Government, your State Legislators and your Senators and Members of Congress. The truth is going to eventually come out in full anyway so why not help speed up the process now?

It turns out that every casket buried which supposedly held little bodies are EMPTY. Eventually they will be forced to be exhumed by Court Order and will be be pulled up EMPTY. The so-called Sandy Hook Survivors received 27 Million Dollars in donations and a great deal more on top of that to the community. They all may have received free homes and been moved into New Town two years earlier. This staged fake event presented as a real time tragedy claiming that 20 little school kids and six teachers were murdered is all a big pre-planned, staged Hoax, major Psyop against the American people and actually a False-Flag attack on America too.

This Sandy Hoax False-Flag Psyop is a major RICO Crime with no Statute of Limitations at all. Lots of folks could end up going to prison for some very long sentences with this is all fully prosecuted.

Folks, this is major RICO crime and there is no statute of limitation on FRAUD. And there is some reason to believe that three witnesses have been murdered as a part of the coverup and as we know there is no statute of limitations on Murder. Wolfgang Halbig has been assaulted twice and those who planned and operated this Sandy Hoax False-Flag event.

Here are the key article below which report on the findings of the very best investigative researchers anywhere. they have truly cracked this case and completely shown it to be a major completely pre-staged FEMA/DHS Capstone “Live-Shooter” drill.

Let us share this important truth about Sandy Hook and let us all rejoice at the fact that 20 little Children WERE NOT MURDERED at all. The only thing that was murdered on that day was the Truth and the authors listed below have been working very hard to resurrect the truth which they have done quite successfully.

Here are 26 of the best articles which fully expose Sandy Hook as a complete Hoax with NO DEAD KIDS: Read one a day and you will become an expert on what really didn’t happen at Sandy Hook.

1. “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax” with Vivian Lee, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer and other members of the Sandy Hook Research Group (7 January 2014).

2. “Sandy Hook: My pick of the ‘Top Ten’ articles / videos / interviews” (21 June 2014) videos-interviews/

3. “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died” with Sofia Smallstorm interviewing (13 June 2014)

4. “A FEMA Capstone Event unraveling: More proof Sandy Hook was staged” with Wolfgang Halbig (13 September 2014)

5. “Sandy Hook: CT crime data confirms FBI report” (28 September 2014).

6. “Wolf meets with Oath Keepers / CIA Spy confirms Sandy Hook and Boston bombing false flags”:

7. “Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″ with Amanda (15 April 2014).

8. “School closed, actors used: Robbie Parker, entertainer, exposed” with Victoria Muramoto (14 May 2014).

9.  “Sandy Hook and the real ‘Robbie Parker’: SpotterRF, DHS and the CIA” with Dr. Eowyn (16 May 2014).

10. “Sandy Hook: Free homes and ‘big bucks’ incentives for leaders and players” (16 February 2014).

11. “Wolfgang Halbig: Sandy Hook 11,000 page ‘script’ / CT State Police gave false affidavits” (16 July 2014).

12. “Sent worldwide, Shannon Hicks’ ‘iconic’ photo was faked” with Dennis Cimino (18 July 2014).

13.  “Sandy Hook: knowingly broadcasting hoax as real violates FCC regulations” with Wolfgang Halbig (19 September 2014).

14. “Twists and Turns: Major Sandy Hook motive emerges/Wolfgang forced off the road”

15. “Sandy Hook: GoFundMe deletes Wolf’s donation site, supports obvious fraud”

16. “Sandy Hook: Ten more proofs that vitiate the official account” (3 September 2014).

17. “Threats and Bribes used to suppress information about Sandy Hook as gun control moves forward” with Connecticut Resident (16 September 2014).

18. “A Sampler of Sandy Hook videos: pick and choose your favorite” (8 September 2014).

19. “Sandy Hook, Stephen Sedensky, William Shanley and the Elaborate Hoax” with Dennis Cimino (28 July 2014).

20. “An Open Letter to FAU Faculty, Staff and Administration about Sandy Hook” (15 February 2013).

21. “The Newtown School Board meeting and the meaning of silence” (9 May 2014).

22. “Sandy Hook: No Murders in Newtown in 2012 / “The Power Hour” and Alex Jones interviews” (26 September 2014).

23. “The Sandy Hook ‘hat trick’: more twists and turns” with Wolfgang Halbig and William Shanley (28 August 2014).

24. “The Sandy Hook ‘smoking gun’: Game, Set, Match!” with Dan Cady (22 July 2014).

25. “Twists and Turns: Major Sandy Hook Motive Emerges/Wolfgang Forced off the Road”  (8 November 2014).

26. “Sent Worldwide, Shannon Hicks “iconic” Sandy Hook photo was faked” (18 July 2014)


‘For years, the corporate media was reluctant to admit that it even existed. But the special court system designed to handle vaccine injury cases — and ultimately sweep them under the rug as quickly as possible — has hit the mainstream news for its failure to adequately and propitiously compensate families of vaccine-injured children.

An Associated Press (AP) investigation has revealed that many cases evaluated through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) leave families hanging, sometimes for years or even decades. During this time, injured parties suffer without the support and financial assistance that they need to survive, and that they deserve under the program.’

Read more: Mainstream media finally exposes secretive vaccine court

‘Poland seized private pension funds and have mandated those money to be invested in government bonds last February. Beware – this is coming to a theater near you. The Polish government seized $51bn of privately run pension funds and transferred them back into “state control” in a dramatic reversal of a reform that central and eastern European countries had once embraced to help develop capital markets after the fall of communism.

Warsaw shifted the assets, which are made up of Polish government bonds accounting for more than half the amount under private fund management and the benefit obligations back into the state-run pay-as-you-go component of the scheme. Polish pension funds OFEs transferred PLN 3.3 bln to social security ZUS in preretirement asset shift. Sources say they have some up $1 billion short of expectations. Guess people withdrew?’

Read more: Polish Pension Funds Seized by Government – Who is Next?


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