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“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

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‘On this morning’s 700 Club, Pat Robertson made it very clear that he’s very upset at President Obama for acting like a “petulant teenager” when it comes to Bibi Netanyahu and Israel. It matters not to the evangelical leader how insulting and dangerous Netanyahu has been to the United States government while we’re in the midst of negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, (I thought US religious leaders were for peace?) because Republicans are turning over US foreign policy decisions to foreign leaders, apparently. And now a US president is forbidden to voice his frustration at one of our strongest allies for trying to undermine our goals.

Not only is he angry, but he issued a doomsday warning against the Obama administration if they turn against Israel. ‘

Read more with video: Pat Robertson On Netanyahu: ‘Touch Not My Anointed’ Or Else!

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‘“The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians. But the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt or Palestine. Actually they never left Ancient Arabia and North Yemen, their origin land, before the Babylonian Captivity”’                                                                                                                  

Read more: ISIS helps Israel Conceal Historical Origin

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‘The Wall Street Journal has released an article stating that Israel, which has long been known to engage in aggressive espionage against the United States, has been feeding stolen information on the U.S.

Nuclear talks with Iran to Congressional stooges in order to thwart any deal with Iran that could get in the way of an attack on that country. Lindsey Graham, who piles up frequent flier miles from his junkets to Israel, made the implausible statement that “No one from Israel’s ever briefed me about the agreement. If they’re spying, they’re not telling me about it.”

House Speaker Boehner, fresh from hosting PM Netanyahu over the objections of the Obama Administration, feined “shock” at the reports of information stolen by Israeli spies being fed to Congress. (See the article from The Times of Israel below.) He will be leading Congressional Republicans on an Easter recess homage to Israel next week.’

Read more: Rothschild Zionists Boehner and Graham deny complicency in Israeli spying … as they dash to Israel for Spring Break

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Curious to learn more about Yemen, and why over just 24 hours it has become the location of the latest war in the middle east? Then the following brief summary on the balance of power, or lack thereof, in Yemen from Stratfor should provide some useful background information.

From Stratfor

Who controls Yemen?

While the al-Houthi movement struggles to manage multiple regional challenges in northern Yemen, its rise to power is a setback for Saudi Arabia. After the fall of the Yemeni government, Riyadh will have to capitalize on the al-Houthis’ need for political and financial support to re-establish its influence in the country. But because Iran is trying to fill that support gap, too, Yemen has become another battlefront for the two sectarian rivals.

Since Yemen’s president was driven from the capital of Sanaa in September, Yemen’s government has been at war with itself. President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi issued a statement March 19 denouncing the airstrikes on his compound in the southern port city of Aden as an attempted military coup by forces loyal to his predecessor and onetime ally, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Earlier that day, soldiers and militiamen loyal to Hadi battled their way into Aden’s airport and stormed a nearby military base, both of which were under the control of Gen. Abdel-Hafez al-Saqqaf, a Saleh loyalist.

The al-Houthis represent a change in the balance of power in Yemen that has opened the door for Iran to become a major player in what was the exclusive domain of Saudi Arabia not long ago. While Saudi Arabia has long meddled in Yemen, Riyadh lost sight of developments in the country while focusing on other regional fights. It was not that Saudi Arabia was not paying attention to Yemen, it just was not expecting Iran to gain ground on its southern frontier via a movement that is not traditionally Shiite and, in fact, is theologically closer to Sunni Islam.

The Saudis see the al-Houthis as a possible threat from Iran. How the Saudis engage with the group and try to distance it from Iran will be a key factor to watch. Meanwhile, Yemen’s deteriorating security situation has created another Saudi-Iranian geopolitical struggle that will last into the foreseeable future.

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Electronics Gadgets

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The is a heckuva sermon by Chuck Baldwin: “Killing in the Service of God.” He says that people in the U.S. today are filled with hatred and bigotry in the name of Jesus.” Even if you are not religious, even if you are not a believer, please listen to this message from Chuck Baldwin

This message was preached by Chuck Baldwin on Sunday, February 15, 2015 during the service at Liberty Fellowship.

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‘When I first came across the title to this article, I didn’t think much of it. In fact, I almost didn’t even click the link thinking it was just a repeat of a prior expose I highlighted in the post: Hillary Clinton Exposed Part 2 – Clinton Foundation Took Millions From Countries That Also Fund ISIS.

Fortunately, I did decide to take a look and pretty soon my jaw absolutely hit the floor. Although the Wall Street Journal didn’t play up the connection, I was stunned to see that of all the oligarchs connected to foreign governments who donated to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State, Ukraine was at the very top. I thought this to be strange, but as I read on I just couldn’t believe how connected the main donor was to the current regime in power. Considering this is the main geopolitical hotspot on earth right now, many, many questions need to be asked.’

Read more: Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Who Pushed for Closer Ties to EU Revealed

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Attendance at Ted Cruz’s 2016 announcement was mandatory for Liberty University students

[OMG. Can you *imagine* the Washington media repercussions if a university forced students to listen to President Obama? Fox News [sic] — and all the Operation Mockingbird turds’ (Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Cillizza, Susan Page, and ZioNazi Wolf Blitzer) heads would explode.]

| 23 March 2015 | To casual viewers of Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign announcement, the youthful faces suggested the senator had tapped into a broad base of support amongst the newest generation of conservatives. The speech, which Cruz delivered to thousands of students at Liberty University, was broadcast live by at least two networks and streamed in real time on the web, marking the Republican’s first official foray into the 2016 presidential campaign. The event, however, was no typical political rally, at which the most fervent supporters of the candidate are usually in attendance. The students, some of whom wore Rand Paul T-shirts, were required to be there, giving Cruz the appearance of a packed house for the first nationally broadcast campaign event of the 2016 presidential election.

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Bill Clinton, exactly like Bill Cosby, is a multiply-accused rapist with allegations stretching back decades. And exactly like Cosby, Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court. But unlike Cosby, Clinton continues to enjoy the adoration of the public and the benefits of his personal fortune. Why? Because we haven’t made it an issue yet. Let’s start: Google “Bill Clinton rape.”

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‘The White House office in charge cataloging and archiving government emails is no longer subject to Freedom of Information Act requests after a new regulation went into effect — meaning that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco will likely disappear into the abyss altogether.

The move, which get this, ironically came on National Freedom of Information Day, Mar. 15, shows yet another facet of the now highly corrupt U.S. government.

It looks as they all [the Administration] knew what was in Clinton’s emails all along and likely even instructed her to use such a private account to avoid the exposure of details regarding the Benghazi incident and more.

Welcome to Amerika!’


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Mike Segar/Reuters

Responding to mounting questions, Hillary Clinton—the former U.S. secretary of state and a presumptive presidential candidate—said this week that she “opted for convenience” by using a personal email account instead of her official one.

But let’s be real: There’s absolutely nothing convenient about setting up a private email server, as Clinton says she did in her Chappaqua, New York, home. And security experts say her system may have had vulnerabilities that could have exposed correspondence to hackers and government snooping.

Setting up a server is no simple task. “It’s a pretty big job to maintain a server like that and make sure it’s properly configured,” says Peter Firstbrook, an Internet security researcher at Gartner. Firstbrook says such an endeavor is “highly unusual.” He has not heard of any companies whose executives had set up personal servers for work emails, let alone government officials.

To set a personal email server, someone would need to:

  • Buy a server, which is about the size of a desktop computer.
  • Buy an operating system to run the server, most likely a version of Microsoft Windows or Linux.
  • Buy an exchange program to manage the flow of emails (Microsoft Exchange Server is the most common).
  • Buy a digital certificate to certify that the server has been encrypted.
  • Buy a domain name (in this case, clintonemail.com).
  • Install the software.
  • Install virus and spam filters.
  • Set up firewalls, including a message-transfer agent, an email-specific firewall.
  • Get a business-class Internet connection—a regular consumer connection likely isn’t reliable enough.
  • Configure the devices using the server, such as Clinton’s BlackBerry.

A private server would need to be set up by someone who knows what they are doing, Firstbrook said—most likely, some sort of IT professional employed specifically to set up the system. This professional presumably would then have to continue working to maintain security systems and deal with any breaches.

This server system could have cost thousands of dollars to set up, Robert Siciliano, an Internet security expert, said. If the Clintons used high-end equipment, purchased licenses for operating systems and email programs, and bought powerful antivirus and anti-spam software, the costs would have been considerable. “The more security, more money it would’ve cost,” Siciliano said.

Why would someone set up a home server? More @ http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/03/how-to-set-up-a-clinton-style-home-server/387841/

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‘Like any good con, advertising relies on sleight of hand. There’s an art to convincing an increasingly ad-weary and debt-saddled American public that it should spend money on products it neither needs nor can afford, and as it turns out, that art is mostly built on fear.

If you cannot remember the last time you were essentially terrified into buying something, that’s only because savvy advertisers have gotten incredibly good at their jobs. Evidence of fear’s efficacy in advertising is everywhere, from off-road vehicles that never leave the streets of the Upper East Side to anti-perspirants that do nothing to help wearers find their soulmates.

Studies confirm that the “interest [in] and persuasiveness of” ads is increased by fear, which explains why “fear appeals are one of the most frequently used motivators” for getting people to respond to marketing of every sort. From snake oil salesmen to digital marketers, advertisers have long preyed on our insecurities to sell us products that don’t so much solve our problems as they do allay our darkest fears.’

Read more: Fear Sells, and We’re All Buying: How Marketers Channel Dark Forces to Rake in Billions

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While John Kerry and Jen Psaki are trying hard to deny US involvement in color revolutions, history tells a different story

‘Even a seasoned cynic sometimes gasps in disbelief. “President Putin misinterprets much of what the U.S. is doing or trying to do,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told a press conference in Geneva on March 2. “We are not involved in ‘numerous color revolutions’ as he asserts. In the case of Ukraine, such assumptions are also wrong. The United States support international law with respect to the sovereignty and integrity of other people.”

This is akin to Count Dracula asserting his strict adherence to a vegan diet and his principled respect for the integrity of blood banks worldwide.’

Read more: The US State Department’s Regime Change Mania

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