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Governor Jerry Brown signs controversial school vaccination bill

| 30 June 2015 | A controversial [deadly] bill that requires almost all school children to be vaccinated has been signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Senate Bill 277 strikes California’s personal belief exemption for immunizations,applies to public and private school students and children enrolling in day care. It’s among the strictest vaccination guidelines in the country. While medical exemptions would still be granted to children with serious health issues, other unvaccinated children would need to be homeschooled.

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  • Adonay Dixon, 23, John Childs, 20, and Raeshawn Rivers, 14, were indicted on murder, rape, kidnapping, arson and other charges
  • The three allegedly raped and strangled Arnesha Bowers, 16, to death on June 7
  • Rivers will be tried as an adult, police say he and Bowers occasionally hung out
  • Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts called the crime ‘pure evil’ 


Three men have been indicted in the brutal sexual assault and slaying of a teenage girl whose body was discovered inside a Baltimore home that had been intentionally set on fire.

Adonay Dixon, 23, John Childs, 20, and Raeshawn Rivers, 14, were indicted Tuesday on first-degree murder, first-degree rape, arson, kidnapping, and other charges stemming from the death of 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers, a junior at Baltimore City College high school.

If convicted, they could face life in prison.

Murder: The body of Arnesha Bowers, 16 (pictured) was found burned along with the Baltimore home where she lived with her mother; she was raped and strangled to death 

Murder: The body of Arnesha Bowers, 16 (pictured) was found burned along with the Baltimore home where she lived with her mother; she was raped and strangled to death

Police said the killing was part of a gang initiation. Detectives previously said that Dixon and Childs are Bloods members, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Bowers’ body was discovered June 7 inside her grandmother’s home, which investigators say was set on fire in an attempt to conceal the crimes.

According to authorities, the men broke into the home Bowers shared with her grandmother in northeast Baltimore, sexually assaulted Bowers and then strangled her with an electrical cord before stealing electronics and setting the house ablaze.

Authorities said Bowers knew her attackers. She had been hanging out with them just hours before the crime, WBAL-TV reports.

Bowers’ grandmother took her home and left for an overnight shift of work at a hospital.

Police say Childs followed them home and, after learning where Bowers lived, returned with Dixon.

The three robbed the home, stealing $500 worth of valuables, WBAL-TV reports.

Adonay Dixon
John Childs

Indicted: Adonay Dixon, 23 (left) and John Childs, 20 (right) were indicted Tuesday on first-degree murder, first-degree rape, arson, kidnapping, and other charges stemming from Bowers’ death

Tried as an Adult: Raeshawn Rivers, 14, faces the same charges and is being tried as an adult in the case 

Tried as an Adult: Raeshawn Rivers, 14, faces the same charges and is being tried as an adult in the case

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  • The teenagers stormed a Walmart in Macon after a night of partying
  • The group destroyed property around the store and even pulled an elderly man from his motorized scooter causing $2,000 of damage
  • They dispersed when police arrived, but the ringleader Kharron Nathan Green left behind his phone and was arrested when he returned to get it
  • Green, 17, has been charged with inciting a riot and second-degree damage to property but would not tell police the names of others involved  

Authorities in Georgia say up to 50 teenagers bent on destruction raced into a Walmart in Macon, smashing merchandise and causing an estimated $2,000 in damage.

Bibb County sheriff’s officials say some of the young people even snatched a man from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor during the rampage around 2am on Sunday.

Sheriff’s officials said one of the teens later told a Walmart employee the goal was to see how much damage they could cause after the group had just come from a party.

Scroll down for video 

Horrible: 50 teenagers in Macon, Georgia stormed at Walmart at 2am on Sunday after a night of partying (destruction pictured above)

Horrible: 50 teenagers in Macon, Georgia stormed at Walmart at 2am on Sunday after a night of partying (destruction pictured above)

Scene: The group destroyed property around the store and even pulled an elderly man from his motorized scooter (Macon store above)

Scene: The group destroyed property around the store and even pulled an elderly man from his motorized scooter (Macon store above)

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‘This week the US Congress gave a big boost to the International anti BDS Campaign.

On Wednesday, Congress passed another piece of anti-boycott legislation, potentially even more important in its impact, as part of a trade deal with the European Union’s Trade Promotion Authority.

Essentially, the amendment states that if EU countries want free trade with the US, they can’t engage in politically motivated boycotts against Israel, including areas that came under Israel’s control in the Six Day War.

Needles to say, Zion reacted favourably to this move as is reflected in their ‘battle’ as it moves from headlines in their press to the Editorial Pages. Below is how the English language mouthpiece of the Israeli Government, The Jerusalem Post views the situation in today’s Editorial.’

Read more: This Blog is Now Illegal on Both Sides of the Pond

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We all know that cell phones track us everywhere we go.

But did you know Samsung cellphone batteries have location chips in them which allows people to track your phone even when the battery is turned off?

Crazy right?

Watch the video and leave and comment below.

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California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation

–Hundreds of parents besieged the Capitol during a series of legislative hearings to oppose the bill

| 25 June 2015 | California lawmakers on Thursday approved one of the toughest mandatory vaccination requirements in the nation, moving to end exemptions from state immunization laws based on religious or other personal beliefs. The [insane] measure, among the most controversial taken up by the Legislature this year, would require more children who enter day care and school to be vaccinated against diseases including measles and whooping cough. Those with medical conditions such as allergies and immune-system deficiencies, confirmed by a physician, would be excused from immunization.

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A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. Hastert was third in line for the presidency, and a major force for the continual moralizing of the right wing.


His real crime is serial rape of students when he was a secondary school coach and scout leader. His criminal charges are for hiding millions paid in blackmail to silence victims. ABC News published photos of teenagers he had taken on an “Explorers” trip to the Bahamas.

Lots of beds and underwear shots but nothing said as Dennis Hastert had become a very powerful man, powerful enough to pay enormous bribes but powerful enough to crush careers or worse, arrange arrests, mental hospital stays and prison.

Those railroaded into prison by Washington power brokers seldom live very long, often developing strange cancers like with my good friend Congressman Mark Siljander, oddly a longtime friend of Hastert.  Siljander was indicted for money laundering related to terrorism when he went to Bush (43) with evidence that should have stopped the 2003 invasion.

Hastert is also powerful enough to arrange murders as well.

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds had accused Hastert of espionage, money laundering and drug trafficking in Chicago. Edmonds had phoned in on a C-Span television segment, putting the charges, quickly pushed “under the table,” on the record.

Our social and security institutions have been accessories after the fact on this abuse

Hastert had been “burned” by both Israeli and Turkish intelligence during GOP “sex junkets” to Israel. There, Hastert and other key congressional Republican leaders were photographed having sex with children in exchange for using their security clearances to give Israeli and Turkish intelligence full access to America’s most vital secrets.

In return, drug money laundered into election coffers guaranteed Hastert and his cohorts continual reelection and generous financial rewards after leaving office. All they had to do in return is keep Israel stocked with cluster bombs, napalm and white phosphorous. Israel tends to use up their stocks rather quickly.

Hastert, along with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston led the impeachment drive against President Clinton. They are also the voice of all that is moral and religious in Washington.

We know about Hastert. He was chosen as Speaker of the House because his predecessors, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, both Republicans, had to resign because of “non gay” sex scandals. To the GOP, it was safer to promote a serial pedophile, like they do in Britain, than risk a womanizer.

There is little question about Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham recently retired from the US Air Force where, for decades, he had serial affairs with young male airmen. His command, in Charleston, South Carolina, was a center for gay antics in the military just like George W. Bush’s Air National Guard unit in Houston was during the Vietnam War. We might well be honest, “while George W. Bush avoided serving in Vietnam” though both his opponents,  John Kerry and Al Gore, served in Vietnam.


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‘The White House has expressed opposition to a bid by the Palestinian Authority to prosecute Israel for war crimes in Gaza.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki has submitted a dossier to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The files detailed Israeli war crimes in Gaza and its illegal construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The files were prepared by a 45-member committee, appointed by President Mahmoud Abbas in February, and chaired by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiator Saeb Erekat.

They complement a preliminary investigation done by ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda into probable crimes on Palestinian territory.’

Read more: White House opposes Palestine’s bid to sue Israel

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‘The Australian Government is wrestling with a double game it has created by backing sectarian terrorists in Syria, encouraging the export of young Australians to these groups, then entering into a fake war against terrorism and ringing alarm bells over the threat of them returning home.

In the name of anti-terrorism Canberra has cancelled dozens of passports and, more recently, passed a law to strip citizenship from dual citizens believed to be involved with some of the armed groups plaguing Syria and Iraq. Since 2012 about 200 Australian citizens are thought to have joined these groups and several dozen have been killed.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently attacked the state-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for allowing Zaky Mallah, a notorious supporter of anti-Syrian Islamists, to speak on national television. Yet Mallah, who boasts of his close relations Australia’s domestic intelligence, has enjoyed substantial media attention in recent years.’

Read more: Australia’s Double Game on Terrorism

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‘With recent allegations coming out against former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert regarding not only financial impropriety but a number of sexual abuse accusations, one can scarcely pay attention to current events without recalling child sex abuse scandals that have taken place in the past, especially since many of the names appearing next to Hastert’s in media reports are the same names that have appeared in previous scandals.

Only a few weeks ago, Hastert was indicted on charges that he “structured bank transactions to avoid triggering red flags and then lied about those cash withdrawals to the FBI.”’

Read more: Hastert Allegations Open Window To History of Satanic Ritual Abuse Of Children

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The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes an amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public, reports Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed.

The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion.

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‘International law is clear. Fourth Geneva’s Article 33 states:

“No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”

It doesn’t matter. Israel systematically ignores all international human rights, humanitarian and other laws it objects to – as well as dozens of earlier Security Council Resolutions condemning or censuring its actions and demanding they end, none in recent years because of US vetoes.

It attacks entire Palestinian communities because of alleged crimes committed by one or more residents. It wages wars based on phony pretexts. It commits numerous other high crimes against humanity because it knows who’ll stop its abusive practices.’

Read more: Israel’s Response To Everything – Collective Punishment

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‘The High Level International Military Group—a UN-commissioned group made up of 11 former chiefs of staff, generals, senior officers, and political leaders from the U.S., Germany, Spain, Holland, the U.K., Italy, Australia, and Colombia—dismissed all charges and allegations of Israel’s war crimes after investigating last summer’s attack on Gaza.

The report was issued on Saturday following the group’s five-day trip to the region in March. It ultimately claims that Israel acted responsibly and with much restraint when the IDF bombarded Gaza last summer during what is known as “Operation Protective Edge.” The report even refers to the attack as “legitimate.”’

Read more: Israel Bombing Elementary Schools Not Considered War Crimes, ‘Collateral Damage’ according to UN Commissioned Task Force

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