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Can you tell truth from lies in mass media? RTD’s Miguel Francis-Santiago delves deep to try to understand the intricacies of information war. He meets media experts and puts together the Mosaic of Facts, showing how public opinion is manipulated, not just over the Ukrainian Crisis but throughout the world.

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‘In an interview with the Metro, Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper got serious about pervasive, all consuming danger. The opening lines from the paper suggest as much, noting the prime minister’s insistence that the world was full of it.

The vehicle for harnessing this is the idea that expert opinions – call it that preserve of babbling elites – counts little in the populist manipulation of the demos. “Look, it’s not that elite opinion doesn’t matter, and in all matters expert opinion always counts, but you cannot govern well and you cannot govern properly unless you understand the values and the realities of ordinary Canadians.”’

Read more: Prime Minister Harper’s Slippery Slope: Stripping Canadian Citizenship

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Greg BucceroniBy Victor Thorn

On November 11, 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania radio talk show host Mark Madden dropped a bombshell during an appearance on Boston’s WEEI when he told radio talk show hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the The Second Mile (TSM)—and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross—that Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors.”

Now, further evidence that Jerry Sandusky’s TSM was being used to traffic underage boys to wealthy donors took a major step forward via a July 19 interview with Greg Bucceroni, currently employed as a school police officer in the Philadelphia, Pa. school district while also volunteering with the District Attorney’s office.


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Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos has just made $16 billion in a single year.

Amazon workers are treated like dirt.

Working four days in a row without sleep; a woman with breast cancer being put on ‘performance-improvement plans’ together with another who had just had a stillborn child; staff routinely bursting into tears; continual monitoring; workers encouraged to turn on each other to keep their jobs.”

Amazon: Devastating expose

Bill Gates, technology advisor at Microsoft, is now worth $76billion.

But some people want to throw Microsoft Windows 10 out the window

Recently Toshiba was involved in a $1.2 billion accounting scandal.

Volkswagen has had a major push to sell diesel cars in the US, backed by a huge marketing campaign advertising its cars’ low emissions.

Yet, reportedly, the cars have now been shown to emit 10 to 40 times the legal amount of dangerous substances while on the road.

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‘Four out of five Supreme Court justices in the State of Maine think that parental rights concerning vaccination are moot in the event that the State takes custody of a child. In a landmark ruling that sets a dire precedent for health freedom, the Court decided in a recent case that a mother whose child was taken into custody by the State of Maine no longer has authority to opt out of vaccinations for her own child.

Reiterating why we need a constitutional amendment that clearly delineates the fundamental right of parents to make health decisions for their own children, the Court declared that the statutory rights of parents are terminable at will, even when there’s no “clear and convincing evidence” that such rights need to be revoked for a child’s safety.’

Read more: Maine Supreme Court rules that State can vaccinate children against will of parents

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Headquarters of Glencore in Baar, Switzerland

‘Are we about to witness the most important global financial event since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008? Glencore has been known as the largest commodities trading company on the entire planet, and at one time it was ranked as the 10th biggest company in the world. It is linked to trillions of dollars of derivatives trades globally, and if the firm were to implode it would be a financial disaster unlike anything that we have seen in Europe since the end of World War II.

Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to an inescapable death spiral for Glencore at this point. The stock price was down nearly 30 percent on Monday, and overall Glencore stock has plunged nearly 80 percent since May. There are certainly other candidates for “the next Lehman” (Petrobras and Deutsche Bank being two perfect examples), but Glencore has definitely surged to the front of the pack. Right now many analysts are openly wondering if the firm will even be able to survive to the end of next month.’

Read more: Is Glencore The Next Lehman? The World’s Largest Commodities Trading Company Is Toast

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© Liberty Blitzkrieg

Earlier this year, I highlighted how the UK government was cheerfully stretching the boundary of terrorist fear-mongering when it made it policy for registered childminders to “report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists.”

No, that’s not a joke. Here’s an excerpt from the post, The War on Toddler Terrorists – Britain Wants to Force Nursery School Teachers to Identify “Extremist” Children:

Nursery school staff and registered childminders must report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists, under counter-terrorism measures proposed by the Government.

The directive is contained in a 39-page consultation document issued by the Home Office in a bid to bolster its Prevent anti-terrorism plan.

But concern was raised over the practicalities of making it a legal requirement for staff to inform on toddlers.

Clearly not wanting to be outdone when it comes to bureaucratic buffoonery, the Commonwealth of Australia is fighting back.

We learn from ABC Online:

Environmentalists and teachers are up in arms over a new Federal Government anti-radicalisation kit that links green activism and “alternative music” to terrorism.

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Terrorism Michael Keenan launched the Radicalisation Awareness Kit in the form of a 32-page booklet on Monday.

Australia has a Prime Minister on Terrorism? Are you kidding me. You’re more likely to get scratched to death by a koala than die in a terrorist attack.

Through a series of examples and fictitious case studies, the booklet aims to illustrate the circumstances which can lead young people to become radicalised.

But one surprising example cites the power of the alternative music scene and environmental activism in the radicalisation process.

He said the kit was designed to help teachers understand how the radicalisation process worked, and how to respond if they felt there was somebody in their community who is susceptible to it.

“We wanted to explain to teachers who are really on the frontline of this – because we know that school children are being radicalised – to look out for certain signs that would lead them to be concerned about somebody, and if they are concerned about somebody moving down the dark path of radicalisation, moving down the path of violence, then they’ll know what they can do about it,” Mr Keenan said.

Should we really be surprised? After all, here are a few headlines from Australia over the last couple of years…

October 13, 2015 – The Day Digital Privacy Officially Dies in Australia

Australian Senate Kills Civil Liberties with Draconian New Anti-Terror Law in Orwellian Orgy of Baseless Fear-Mongering

Australia’s Prime Minster Admits Metadata Collection is for “General Crime” Not Terrorism

Video of the Day – Meet Australia’s Creepy Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

Anti-Protest Law Passes in Australia – Punishment Includes Fines and Imprisonment

Australian Government to Seize Cash from Inactive Bank Accounts

Australia’s New Law Destroys Internet Freedom


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‘When Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was at the helm of Hewlett-Packard, she oversaw HP’s lobbying of the U.S. government for a temporary tax holiday on corporate profits so it could use the money to create new jobs. Much of that money, however, was used to buy back HP stock while then-CEO Fiorina fired 14,500 employees, according to a new report from The Daily Beast.’

Read more: Carly Fiorina and Hewlett-Packard ‘Scammed’ U.S. Government Out Of $4 Billion, Says Report

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Carly Fiorina’s Ex-Husband: ‘She’s the Ultimate Clown’

| 22 Sept 2015 | Carly Fiorina tries to play up that she started from the bottom and worked her way up. The truth couldn’t be much farther from that. Her father was the dean of the Duke University School of Law and deputy attorney general under Richard Nixon…Fiorina was a complete disaster as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. A former employee of Fiorina was even more blunt: “She is an a**hole of magnificent proportions…pathologically unable to give a s**t about anything but herself.”

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Part I: What’s the ‘Real Case’ in the Hastert Case?Welcome to our 22nd edition of Probable Cause. This is the introductory episode in our new series on the Dennis Hastert case, prompted by the silence of the US mainstream media per Washington’s calculated design.

With this new series I intend to shed light on obscured facts surrounding Dennis Hastert and his case, his Chief of Staff and loyal partner in crime, the illegal and immoral conduct involving Hastert and several other US officials that took place between 1997 and 2002, other high-profile participants, the parties that were not only fully aware of these activities but were also documenting-recording them, and the highest-level beneficiaries that have much to lose if real trials were to take place or real reporting were to be made public by the mainstream media.

For this episode I’ll begin to explain why the case is highly likely to be dropped or lost-on-purpose by providing you with the broad picture of the real case, talk about those with much at stake if the case were to proceed as a ‘real’ case, and various methods that could be implemented to limit and or end the case.

As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

*To listen to our previous episodes on this topic click here

Listen to the full episode here:

See more at: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2015/09/17/probable-cause-with-sibel-edmonds-dennis-hastert-why-prosecutors-will-be-forced-to-lose-or-drop-the-case/#sthash.wQkTWGux.dpuf

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In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, western governments are moving fast to legitimize expanded powers of mass surveillance and controls on the internet, all in the name of fighting terrorism.

US and European politicians have called to protect NSA-style snooping, and to advance the capacity to intrude on internet privacy by outlawing encryption. One idea is to establish a telecoms partnership that would unilaterally delete content deemed to “fuel hatred and violence” in situations considered “appropriate.” Heated discussions are going on at government and parliamentary level to explore cracking down on lawyer-client confidentiality.

What any of this would have done to prevent the Charlie Hebdo attacks remains a mystery, especially given that we already know the terrorists were on the radar of French intelligence for up to a decade.

There is little new in this story. The 9/11 atrocity was the first of many terrorist attacks, each succeeded by the dramatic extension of draconian state powers at the expense of civil liberties, backed up with the projection of military force in regions identified as hotspots harbouring terrorists. Yet there is little indication that this tried and tested formula has done anything to reduce the danger. If anything, we appear to be locked into a deepening cycle of violence with no clear end in sight.

As our governments push to increase their powers, INSURGE INTELLIGENCE can now reveal the vast extent to which the US intelligence community is implicated in nurturing the web platforms we know today, for the precise purpose of utilizing the technology as a mechanism to fight global ‘information war'”–“a war to legitimize the power of the few over the rest of us. The lynchpin of this story is the corporation that in many ways defines the 21st century with its unobtrusive omnipresence: Google.

Google styles itself as a friendly, funky, user-friendly tech firm that rose to prominence through a combination of skill, luck, and genuine innovation. This is true. But it is a mere fragment of the story. In reality, Google is a smokescreen behind which lurks the US military-industrial complex.

The inside story of Google’s rise, revealed here for the first time, opens a can of worms that goes far beyond Google, unexpectedly shining a light on the existence of a parasitical network driving the evolution of the US national security apparatus, and profiting obscenely from its operation.

The shadow network

MORE HERE: http://www.opednews.com/articles/How-the-CIA-made-Google-by-Nafeez-Ahmed-Artificial-Intelligence_DARPA_Defense_Google-150127-533.html

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  • Thousands of members of the Guarani Indian tribe have been aggressively evicted from their ancestral land in Brazil
  • Guarani people claim land owners – or ‘ranchers’ – are paying mercenaries to assassinate leaders and scare them off
  • Violence escalated recently as groups of Guarani tribesmen attempted to retake the land that was stolen from them
  • 400,000 lived in continent when European colonisers made contact in 16th Century – but tens of thousands remain


One of South America’s oldest tribes is being wiped out by land owners who pay mercenaries to assassinate its leaders and force them off their ancestral land, human rights group Survival International has warned.

More than 400,000 Guarani Indians lived in sprawling communities throughout South America when European colonisers first made contact in the 16th Century.

Only 51,000 remain in Brazil today, while their population in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia has decreased by hundreds of thousands.

In Paraguay, the tribespeople are forced to sleep rough in public squares where they are removed by policemen armed with truncheons.

Meanwhile landowners – or ‘ranchers’ – in Brazil evict them from the land their ancestors have lived on for more than 500 years – so they can turn it into soya, sugar cane and cattle farms, Survival International told MailOnline.

Brazil’s government promised to allocate them new land by 1993 but, two decades later, most of them still live in squalid road-side camps where disease is rife, children die from starvation and suicide rates are shockingly high. The country ordered even more evictions in July this year.

The violence and bloodshed escalated recently as Guarani tribesmen tried to retake the land that was stolen from them.

Vengeance: The ancient Guarani tribe (pictured in 2004) is being wiped out of Brazil by land owners who are evicting them from their land and 'assassinating their leaders'

Vengeance: The ancient Guarani tribe (pictured in 2004) is being wiped out of Brazil by land owners who are evicting them from their land and ‘assassinating their leaders’

Going extinct: The violence against Guarani (pictured) escalated recently as tribesmen tried to retake the land that was stolen from them

Going extinct: The violence against Guarani (pictured) escalated recently as tribesmen tried to retake the land that was stolen from them

Sprawling: More than 400,000 Guarani (pictured) lived in Brazil when European settlers first arrived in the 16th Century

Sprawling: More than 400,000 Guarani (pictured) lived in Brazil when European settlers first arrived in the 16th Century

Sprawling: More than 400,000 Guarani (pictured) lived in Brazil when European settlers first arrived in the 16th Century

Standing tall: Only 51,000 remain and most of them have been forced to leave their indigenous homes (pictured), where their ancestors have lived for more than 500 years

Standing tall: Only 51,000 remain and most of them have been forced to leave their indigenous homes (pictured), where their ancestors have lived for more than 500 years

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Carly Fiorina

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Carly Fiorina is ready to take on Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

I think Mr. Trump’s going to be hearing quite a lot from me,” said Fiorina in an interview with CNBC ahead of the second Republican debate.

Donald Trump and I are in totally different businesses,” said Fiorina. “He’s in the entertainment business. And he’s also in a privately held business. In the business I was in, we had to report our results publicly, as you well know, in excruciating detail, quarter after quarter after quarter.”

She added, “If you file for bankruptcy four times, I think it suggests either lack of judgment or lack of discipline.”

So far, no attacks on Trump have stuck. Maybe this one will stick. Maybe people will question Trump’s business credentials.

But Fiorina better be careful because her biggest business achievement, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is widely regarded as a disaster.

She has been frequently called out as one of the “worst” CEOs.

In an article about worst CEOs in USA Today in 2005, Yale business Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld said that Fiorina was “the worst because of her ruthless attack on the essence of this great company. … She destroyed half the wealth of her investors and yet still earned almost $100 million in total payments for this destructive reign of terror.”

Trump is quick-witted, and incisive. He is really good at delivering campaign-ending insults. Fiorina appears ready to serve Trump a softball if she’s going to run on her business record.

more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/yale-professor-carly-fiorinas-business-193457030.html

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