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‘“The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians. But the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt or Palestine. Actually they never left Ancient Arabia and North Yemen, their origin land, before the Babylonian Captivity”’                                                                                                                  

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‘Meet little Hamza Mus’ab Almadani of Khan Younis, Gaza.

Look carefully, look tenderly, don’t turn away. Please don’t turn away as all the nations of the world have, for decades, turned away from Palestine.

Hamza is Palestine.

Look carefully at Israel’s savage violation to his once perfect little body when on the 25th July 2014, Israel’s soldiers loaded and fired pale blue artillery shells that discharged white incendiary rain on Gaza in hundreds of phosphorous-impregnated felt wedges as Hamza and his family slept.’

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Marketwatch posted an article this week titled Why the American Dream is Unraveling, in 4 charts. As usual, the MSM journalist and the liberal Harvard academic can create charts that reveal a huge problem, but they completely misdiagnose the causes and offer the typical wrong solution of taking more money from producers and handing it to the poor, with no strings attached. This has been the standard operating procedure since LBJ began his War on Poverty 50 years ago. Do these control freaks ever step back and assess how that war is going?

The poverty rate had plunged from 34% in 1950 to below 20% before LBJ ever declared war. It continued down to 15% just as the welfare programs began to be implemented. The percentage of people living in poverty hasn’t budged from the 15% range since the war began. This war has been just as successful as the war on drugs and the war on terrorism. Any time a politician declares war on something, expect a huge price tag and more of the “problem” they are declaring war upon.

The Federal government runs over 80 means-tested welfare programs that provide cash, food, housing, medical care, and targeted social services to poor and low-income Americans. Over 100 million Americans received benefits from at least one of these programs. Federal and state governments spent $943 billion in 2013 on these programs at an average cost of $9,000 per recipient (not including Social Security & Medicare). That is 27% of the total Federal budget. Welfare spending as a percentage of the Federal budget was less than 2% prior to the launch of the War on Poverty.

In the 50 years since this war started, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all U.S. military wars since the American Revolution. In terms of LBJ’s main goal of reducing the “causes” rather than the mere “consequences” of poverty, the War on Poverty has utterly failed. In fact, a large proportion of the population is now completely dependent upon government handouts, incapable of self-sufficiency, and enslaved in a welfare mentality that has destroyed their communities.

more: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/real-reason-american-dream-unraveling.html#more-43398

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‘Desperate to win reelection, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stripped off Israel’s mask and exposed the ugliness that has deformed his country over the past several decades. He abandoned the subterfuge of a two-state solution, exposed the crass racism that underlies Israeli politics, and revealed Israel’s blatant control of the U.S. Congress.

For years, these realities were known to many Americans, but – if they spoke up – they were condemned as anti-Semites, so most stayed silent to protect their careers and reputations. But – given Netanyahu’s brazen admissions – the American people may have little choice but to finally take notice of this troubling reality and demand a change in U.S. policy.

The truth is that the two-state solution has been a fiction for at least the past two decades, dying in 1995 with the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. But the two-state illusion still served important political purposes both for Israelis, who would pay it lip service while continuing their steady encroachment on Palestinian lands, and for U.S. politicians who could point to the mirage as an excuse not to pressure Israel too hard on its human rights violations.’

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‘Like any good con, advertising relies on sleight of hand. There’s an art to convincing an increasingly ad-weary and debt-saddled American public that it should spend money on products it neither needs nor can afford, and as it turns out, that art is mostly built on fear.

If you cannot remember the last time you were essentially terrified into buying something, that’s only because savvy advertisers have gotten incredibly good at their jobs. Evidence of fear’s efficacy in advertising is everywhere, from off-road vehicles that never leave the streets of the Upper East Side to anti-perspirants that do nothing to help wearers find their soulmates.

Studies confirm that the “interest [in] and persuasiveness of” ads is increased by fear, which explains why “fear appeals are one of the most frequently used motivators” for getting people to respond to marketing of every sort. From snake oil salesmen to digital marketers, advertisers have long preyed on our insecurities to sell us products that don’t so much solve our problems as they do allay our darkest fears.’

Read more: Fear Sells, and We’re All Buying: How Marketers Channel Dark Forces to Rake in Billions

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While John Kerry and Jen Psaki are trying hard to deny US involvement in color revolutions, history tells a different story

‘Even a seasoned cynic sometimes gasps in disbelief. “President Putin misinterprets much of what the U.S. is doing or trying to do,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told a press conference in Geneva on March 2. “We are not involved in ‘numerous color revolutions’ as he asserts. In the case of Ukraine, such assumptions are also wrong. The United States support international law with respect to the sovereignty and integrity of other people.”

This is akin to Count Dracula asserting his strict adherence to a vegan diet and his principled respect for the integrity of blood banks worldwide.’

Read more: The US State Department’s Regime Change Mania

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‘If this does not get the skeptics going wild on the moon debate, we don’t know what will.

In the video presentation above, NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains about many of the risks and pitfalls surrounding the new Orion Deep Space Mission to the planet Mars.

Surprisingly, chief among Kelly’s concerns is whether or not his spacecraft can successfully pass through the perilous Van Allen Radiation Belts. Such is the prospective danger in fact, that NASA will have to send a dumbie craft first in order to ‘test out’ what the potential radiation effects will be on future human crews, as well as on the ship’s delicate sensors and equipment.’

Read more: NASA’s Orion Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Radiation Belts

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If the public is systematically lied-to by the Government and by a virtually uniformly cooperative press suppressing key facts in order to pump that lie, such as was the case during 2002 and 2003 in the lead-up to America’s invasion of Iraq, then there can’t possibly be an authentic democracy, because democracy is founded upon a truthfully informed public, and so any ‘news’ institution that violates its solemn public trust of reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is traitorous to democracy itself.

That’s why the press has been called “the fourth estate” of government. The first three “estates” are the aristocracy, the clergy, and the public. If the press represent not the public, but instead one of the two other classes — the aristocracy and/or the clergy — then what exists is a dictatorship by that actually ruling class against the public, not a democracy by the public. The public cannot rule in such a country. They instead are manipulated in it.

They may be manipulated to believe that they rule, but it’s only a manipulated illusion then; it’s not real; it’s a fraud, of the most massive type. Such a country cannot possibly be a real democracy; it’s a fraudulent ‘democracy.’


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Lucas Jackson/Reuters


The Clintons have turned the press conference into an art form. Tuesday’s gaggle at the UN was no exception.
It is perhaps only the Clintons who decide to hold a press conference offering full disclosure about a question of secrecy inside a building that is not technically on national soil.

And it is perhaps only the Clintons who would ask (and expect) the media covering the press conference to receive a United Nations press credential before being able to get answers on what has been the most consuming political issue of the moment: Why Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, set up a separate, private email account that appeared to violate federal rules.

And it is perhaps only a Clinton, a family that made answering questions by not answering questions into an art form, a family whose patriarch famously parsed the word “is,” that could have pulled off a press conference quite like the one Hillary Clinton did Tuesday.

She spent the first several minutes reiterating the findings from a report on gender equity the family foundation released yesterday and then knocked Republicans for interfering in Iran’s nuclear negotiations.

As the foot-tapping from the media became almost audible, Clinton finally acknowledged wrongdoing while insisting that she did nothing wrong.

“Looking back, it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two email accounts. I thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn’t worked out that way,” Clinton said and then a few minutes later insist, “It was allowed, others had done it.”

It was for 21 minutes, the full Clinton experience—ask for a zone of privacy, much as the Clintons first did when they sat down for that famous 60 Minutes interview two decades ago to discuss their marriage.

“I think next year we just won’t invite Hillary Clinton.” —UN Security Guard

Give no ground. Drop personal details about the emails you want to keep under wraps—your daughter’s marriage, your mother’s funeral, your yoga routine.

Insinuate that you are being targeted.

“You would have to ask that question to every single federal employee,” Clinton said in response to a question about the American people could be expected to trust her in determining which emails were private and which were personal.

Why Hillary Clinton is not just like any other bureaucrat is, of course laughable on its face—most functionaries in the Agriculture Department aren’t American political royalty who still command a sizeable security detail. They also aren’t the presumed Democratic presidential nominee.

And with the Clintons, the personal and the political have always been so mixed up that it is nearly impossible to know where one stops and the other begins.

That’s why foreign governments gave so freely to the Clinton Foundation, an entity that, like much the rest of Clintonia, straddles that personal and political line.

Tuesday, Clinton refused to even acknowledge that there was a political side to her, or that there may be one in the future. She didn’t use that phrase that liars always do—“Trust me”—resorting instead to its more subtle ancillary: “I trust you.”

“Now, with respect to any sort of future issues,­ look, I trust the American people to make their decisions about political and public matters,” she said, not quite being able to venture the words “presidential” or “campaign.”

The emails, she said instead, “are going to be in the public domain and I think that Americans will find that interesting and I look forward to having a discussion about that.”

And of course, whenever the Clintons come to town, chaos follows. Since they decided to hold the press conference at an extraterritorial governing body on Manhattan’s farthest east side, reporters were forced to wait hours in a holding pen in order to obtain a media credential, while a single UN employee forewent his lunch break to pass them out.

As the line stretched out the door and around the block, a security guard muttered, “I think next year we just won’t invite Hillary Clinton.”

Another United Nations employee said that any word of a Clinton press conference hadn’t gone out to the staff, even a couple of hours before it was supposed to start, and it was unclear where in the vast warren of office and conference rooms it would be held.

At last, after a wait of hours, Clinton emerged down a long UN corridor, only to stop for several more minutes to greet well-wishers and to sign autographs.

That she then began the most important press conference of her non-campaign talking about a report on gender equity that the Clinton Foundation released Monday, and that nobody much cared about then, was the perfect final kick in the shins.

Meanwhile, the regular UN press corps seemed quite thrilled to have the secretary back in their house. One Pakistani reporter, standing off to the side, tried getting a question in during the whole news conference, asking, over and over again “IS THIS MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING?”

Clinton never responded as his words trailed her entourage out of the room. “MUCH ADO? IS THIS MUCH ADO?”

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It’s enough to drive you cuckoo. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


If you’re looking for someone to blame for Daylight Saving Time, allow us to suggest the Germans.

After all it was Germany which, in April, 1916, first started moving clocks forward by an hour, to conserve energy during the World War I. The rest of Europe followed, as did the US, in 1918. They dropped it after the war. But in WWII they adopted it again.

The US went to summer DST after the war. (It tried year-round DST at the peak of the oil embargo of 1970s.) Then sky-rocketing oil prices pushed the US to extend DST by four-weeks in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which took effect in 2007.

The idea behind daylight savings time is to cut back on residential electricity use, which is heaviest at night. By moving the clocks forward in the spring, human activity would start and end earlier, and when people return to their still-sunny houses after work, they wouldn’t need to turn on the lights until an hour later than normal. The result? Energy savings.

But there’s little empirical proof it actually works.


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‘The curtain is now being pulled back to fully expose the Khazarian Mafia and it’s evil plan to infiltrate, tyrannize the whole World and eradicate all Abrahamic Religions and allow only their Babylonian Talmudism also known as Luciferianism, Satanism or ancient Baal worship.’

Read more: The Hidden History of the incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

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The Hebrew word Shemitah means to drop. In ancient Sumer and Babylon debts were periodically cancelled by the King. The reasoning was that the King needed an army to defend his kingdom. Unarmed debt slaves were of no use in battle.

The Book of Jeremiah was written long after the period which describes the Babylonian Captivity. The writer concluded one of the lessons learned was that they should have had Debt Cancellation back in Judah. You can read about Debt Cancellation in the Old Testament. They called it the Jubilee but it was something they never actually practiced. According to Dr Israel Finkelstein, the author of the Bible Unearthed, there never was a unified kingdom of Israel and Judah. There never was a Temple of Solomon. And there were only 1,600 people in Jerusalem at the time of David. The Jubilee and the Temple of Solomon existed only in the imagination of the Bible writers.

Modern democracy fostered the illusion the people had become the Sovereign in place of the King. What that myth did was to make life better for the Bankers. In the Bad Old Days the king’s debts died with him. But the rise of democracy in Britain and the Netherlands meant that the people had become the sovereigns and their debts did not die with them. The reality is that the Banks have become the Sovereigns because they issue our currencies. Perpetual Debt became possible because public debts would live forever as the obligations of their offspring.

By comparison, the autocratic states of France and Spain suffered from an inability to finance modern military adventures. It is not an accident that the two great empires of the modern era were the British and American democracies.

Lost in all this history is the original economic boom created by Debt Cancellation.

more @ https://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/shemitah-2015-demystified-will-the-economy-drop-like-a-rock-in-september/

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Unearthed articles from the 1960s detail how nuclear waste was buried beneath the Earth’s surface by Halliburton & Co. for decades as a means of disposing the by-products of post-World War II atomic energy production.

Fracking is already a controversial practice on its face; allowing U.S. industries to inject slurries of toxic, potentially carcinogenic compounds deep beneath the planet’s surface — as a means of “see no evil” waste disposal — already sounds ridiculous, dangerous, and stupid anyway without even going into further detail.

Alleged fracking links to the contamination of the public water supply and critical aquifers, as well as ties to earthquake upticks near drilling locations that are otherwise not prone to seismic activity have created uproar in the years since the 2005 “Cheney loophole,” which allowed the industry to circumvent the Safe Drinking Water Act by exempting fracking fluids, thus fast tracking shale fracking as a source of cheap natural gas.

Now, it is apparent that the fracking industry is also privy to many secrets of the nuclear energy industry and, specifically, where the bodies are buried, err… dangerous nuclear waste is buried, rather — waste that atomic researchers have otherwise found so difficult to eliminate.

More @ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/03/05/fracking-used-to-inject-nuclear-waste-underground-for-decades/

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21st Century Wire says…

If you are interested in avoiding another major war, then consider it your duty as a human interested in world peace to get this article out to as many people as you possibly can.

The speech Netanyahu gave to the U.S. Congress today is nothing less than the case for war against Iran. Voters should not, under any circumstances, allow this to hold any weight at all with policy makers – as they did with Iraq in 2003.

Here’s our rundown of the Top 10 points from his speech proving that Netanyahu has lost the plot

Number One

“I deeply regret that some perceive my being here as political.”

Despite his opening rhetoric praising Obama, Netanyahu and the U.S. President have been known to be in what some have dubbed a hate-hate relationship. This accelerated after Obama won his second-term election, setting Netanyahu’s Republican and Neocon-friendly agenda back at least another four years. His speech in Congress has been seen as a massive breach in diplomatic protocol; so of course his presence is political and it would be crazy to think otherwise.

Number Two

“The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics and it must always remain above politics.”

Contrary to popular belief Israel and United States are not, at least officially, allies. There is no treaty between the two states detailing any mutual obligations, which stems back to American ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; as it would be much harder for the Saudis to work with the U.S. if they were ‘officially’ tied to Israel. If it so wished, the United States could drop Israel literally overnight. So, it might be crazy to assume an alliance, especially with the presence of the tensions mentioned above.

Number Three

“In 1979 Iran was hijacked by religious zealots.”

Interestingly, Netanyahu failed to mention Operation Ajax. This was a covert operation led by the American CIA and British MI6 to ‘hijack’ Iran from the rule of the democratically elected Mohammad Mossadegh, who had refused foreign companies access to Iran’s oil fields, and install the Shah; who promised to do the opposite. Calling the 1979 Iranian revolution a ‘hijacking’ is crazy, it wasn’t pretty, but it is one of the few documented cases of a legitimate revolution against Anglo-American domination and the reason why Iran is constantly framed as an enemy to this day.

This popular bit of historical fantasy also ignore the US and Britain’s role in the installation of the Ayatollah Komeini in 1979. As the deposed Shah himself lamented some years later:

“If you lift up Khomeini’s beard,” he said, “you will find Made In England written under his chin.”

We’ll refer any further questions on this matter over to Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Number Four

“Backed by Iran Assad is slaughtering Syrians, backed by Iran Shi’ite militias are rampaging through Iraq, backed by Iran Houthis are seizing control of Yemen; threatening the strategic straights at the mouth of the Red Sea. Along with the Straight of Hormuz, that would give Iran a second choke point on the world’s oil supply.”

Where do we start with this one? Assad is fighting off an invading army of foreign terrorists, and has said himself that civilian casualties are the unfortunate reality of war – like they would be in any country facing the same situation. Netanyahu’s comments mentioning ‘strategic’ points should be recognised as carefully assembled talking points for a war agenda. He is implying that such ‘strategic’ elements should not be allowed to be under Iranian control. It is crazy to think that Iran should not have a sphere of influence like every other powerful country on Earth.

The denial of a sphere of influence is what this rift is really all about.

Number Five

“Iran is now gobbling up the nations! We must all stand together to stop Iran’s march of conquest, subjugation and terror.”

Now we’re really getting into the depths of Netanyahu’s special breed of crazy. Where exactly is this ‘march of conquest’ occurring? Netanyahu makes reference to Iranian support for Assad and Hezbollah, but in what way is this any different from American support for the Kiev coup-installed leaders and rebels in Syria?

If we want to talk about conquest, we should really examine the case of Israel’s conquest via the building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land; some would go as far to argue that the entire state of Israel is itself an illegal entity.

Number 6

“Don’t be fooled, the battle between Iran and ISIS doesn’t turn Iran into a friend of America. Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam … In this deadly ‘game of thrones’ there is no place for America or Israel.”

By invoking the title of a popular TV series, ‘Game of Thrones‘, Netanyahu and his controllers are undoubtedly attempting to appeal to a wider, perhaps non-politically inclined, dumbed-down audience; in the hope that this quote will run in headlines to attract the a few young clicks of the general public.

Psychological factors aside, Iran’s competition for the crown of Islam is actually waged with Saudi Arabia. It would be crazy to think that Iran cannot help in the fight against ISIS, in fact, now that is the recommended course of action from numerous mainstream analysts. So when you factor in Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s support of ISIS and al Nusra terrorists, then Iran is genuinely at war with Saudi Arabia now. So even by Washington’s measure, Iran is on the right side of the War Against ISIS, but Saudi Arabia may not be.

Number Seven

“Like North Korea, Iran too has defied international inspectors … like North Korea Iran broke the locks and shut off the cameras … Iran not only defies inspectors, it also plays a game of hide and cheat with them … Right now Iran could be hiding more facilities we don’t know about.”

When discussing a hidden nuclear program, no discussion can be complete without mentioning Israel itself. The Israelis have ‘been stealing nuclear secrets and covertly making bombs since the 1950s‘. This fact is conveniently ignored by Western powers. When does Netanyahu plan on allowing IAEA inspections of his nuclear facilities and weapons? Not only is it crazy, but, it’s also immensely hypocritical to try and hold Iran to some gold-standard of nuclear activities when the Israelis themselves fail meet the same standards.

It’s also worth noting that with regards to North Korea, there is still scant, if any proof that North Korea actually has a functioning nuclear weapons arsenal, even though many US politicians insist the regime in Pyongyang is some sort of existential threat to the US.

Number Eight

“I don’t believe Iran’s radical regime will change for the better after this deal … its voracious appetite for aggression grows with each passing year.”

More over-the-top, loaded language. We’ve already discussed above that Iran is far from aggressive, and unlike Israel, it has not repeatedly attacked or invaded its neighbors ‘preemptively’. An ‘appetite for aggression’ is what Netanyahu himself seems to have. Consider last summer’s IDF attack on Gaza under Operation Protective Edge. The original aim of this was to stop homemade rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, which expanded into a ground invasion aimed at destroying “secret tunnels” used to infiltrate Israel. Approximately 2,300 Gazans were killed, over 500 of those were children, and over 50,000 homes were also destroyed by the IDF. If Netanyahu doesn’t see that as aggression, he’s either hiding his own hypocrisy, or he’s crazy.

He doesn’t even like it when Iran is fighting ISIS:

“When it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy… is your enemy!” , quipped Netanyahu

The ravings of a madman? He’s just making it up as he goes along.

Number Nine

“Stop threatening to annihilate my country, Israel, the one and only Jewish state … If Iran wishes to be treated like a normal country let it act like a normal country.”

Just because Israel is the only ‘Jewish State’ does not necessarily mean that it is the best Jewish state it could possibly be. Moreover, a normal country, in the Westphalian sense, is a nation state that has exclusive control over its territory and domestic political decisions; it is sovereign. Iran is a sovereign state. So what does Netanyahu mean by a ‘normal country’? One that bends to the will of the Anglo-American oligarchy? One that holds 4.5 million Palestinians in a giant open prison system? One could make the argument that Israel is not a sovereign state, at least to some extent, due to its vast dependence on foreign aid; which invariably influences its domestic political decisions. Attempting to frame Iran as out of the ordinary is simply crazy, just look at how booming and modern Tehran is today.

In addition to this, is the painful truth that Iran has not threatened to annihilate Israel. 21WIRE explained recently:

“Israel and its neoconservative supporters are still claiming that “Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map”. Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed that, “Iran vows to annihilate Israel.” This is a lie. In fact,this lie will eventually go down in history as one of the biggest lies ever. In both 2005 in Tehran and again in New York City in 2007, Iran’s then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave speeches that Israel has used this lie in order to justify its permanent war stance against Iran. In both cases, his words were not only taken out of context, but misquoted altogether. The rumors were quickly transformed into justifications for war, with catastrophic implications. Predictably, Netanyahu used these straw man incidents to sound the international alarm that somehow Iran is “preparing another holocaust for the Jewish state”, and even called for Ahmadinejad to be tried for war crimes for “inciting genocide”.

Then it happened again. In November 2014,  Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei went on a nonsensical Twitter rant, assailing Israel and the United States. Sure, it was a mad social media rant, but hardly a basis for the type of preemptive strike being talked about by Republican members of the US House and Senate. Again, this was immediately seized upon by the Israeli lobby and the reactionary right-wing in the US, who both claimed (once again) that “Iran has vowed to wipe Israel – AND the US off the map!” Of course, when you actually go and read the Twitter rant (which no one seems to have actually done) it’s pretty clear that nothing even remotely threatening on that level was said.”

Number Ten

“I can guarantee you this. The days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over … I can promise you one more thing, even if Israel has to stand alone Israel will stand. But I know that Israel does not stand alone, I know that America stands with Israel, I know that you stand with Israel.”

Hold on a second. When were the ‘days when the Jewish people remained passive’? The methods and organization of the Nazis in their hostilities against the Jewish populations were indeed historic in their brutality, yet, not all Jewish people ‘remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies’, and to use such a sweeping statement is crazy as it dishonours both their name and actions. The Jewish resistance mounted a valiant and fierce resistance during uprisings that occurred in numerous ghettos and concentration camps, while some Jews even managed to assassinate Nazi leaders. The picture below shows members of Jewish militia operating in the Vilinus Ghetto.

Also of importance here is Netanyahu’s assertion of what he believes to be guaranteed American support if he were to attack Iran. As mentioned above, there is no formal alliance and American hegemony is slowly, but surely, on the decline. Netanyahu would be crazy to assume American support for such actions, and even crazier if he thinks American lives should be sacrificed for his genocidal and suicidal ambitions.

Jewish militia pictured in the Vilinus Ghetto.


Sick of Netanyahu’s crazy tendencies and wild hyperbole? Currently, due to his own failing policies, leading to a disastrous economic situation at home, he is set to lose the next Israeli election in two weeks time. His over-step this week may also help contribute to that end.

We’re surprised we didn’t hear something along the lines of the ‘Axis of Evil‘, although we did come relatively close with the comments documented above. Netanyahu’s rhetoric is from what should be a by-gone era of ‘War on Terror’ fear-mongering.  Do not under any circumstances allow this speech to be used to push the world into yet another war.

In closing, we offer some food for thought to American constituents. If your congressman was standing in applause looking, in the words of George Galloway, ‘foolish, craven and suckered’, then you might know who is sending them money. On the other hand, if your congressman was one of the ‘nifty fifty‘ who refused to attend, be sure to reach out and thank them for doing so; make sure they know those actions of war-avoidance are what will get them reelected next term.

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