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JNS.orgThe United States has proposed a $1.9 billion military package for Israel amid growing concerns over Iran.

The massive package, which was announced by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency and must be approved by Congress, includes 750 bunker buster precision-guided bombs and 3,000 Hellfire missiles, among several other items.


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This Video will be Attacked by ADL so please share it before they remove it
Ariel Sharon: “We, the Jewish People, Control America, and The Americans Know it”!
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA)dvisory board includes such notable figures as Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, and R. James Woolsey, while Vice President Dick Cheney, former U.S. Representative to the United Nations John Bolton, and former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith were all on JINSA’s Board of Advisors before they entered the Bush administration
Jason Vest, writing in The Nation,alleges that JINSA, along with Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, are “underwritten by far-right American Zionists” and both believe strongly that “‘regime change’ by any means necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative.”

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With her family protected from death threats, Martin is ready to get on with her real work: “Exposing the criminals and exposing nationalism as a toxic cancer that perpetuates death and destruction.”
Outspoken journalist and activist Abbey Martin is receiving rape and death threats from Chirs Kyle fans, for pointing out their propensity to laud violence and glorify death.
Journalist and activist Abbey Martin is receiving rape and death threats from Chirs Kyle fans, for pointing out their propensity to laud violence and glorify death. 

MINNEAPOLIS — Journalist Abby Martin has never been afraid to speak her mind, no matter how controversial the topic. What she didn’t expect was that her choice of T-shirt would result in her address and other personal information being leaked online and provoke a storm of death and rape threats.

It wasn’t the first time she’d spoken out against the overwhelming popularity of “American Sniper,” or the way the cult of personality surrounding the film’s inspiration, deceased U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, supports America’s military-industrial complex, so the intense reaction to a recent social media post was unexpected. A week after Martin shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a “Fuck Chris Kyle” T-shirt, a military veteran leaked her home address and other personal information to the Internet, sharing it on popular forums for current or former snipers:

more: http://www.mintpressnews.com/the-price-of-dissent-abby-martin-gets-graphic-rape-threats-from-chris-kyle-fans/205456/

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Quite rightfully, there appears to be an increasing amount of debate around the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Ah yes ‘free trade’.  If I had a nickel for every time I got into a free trade debate I’d be a very rich man.  This is one of those great topics for which both sides can make a very strong academic case and so everyone walks away from the discussion feeling they won.  This is why it’s such a popular debate amongst academics.  But this particular free trade discussion needs to address not so much the deal itself but the delivery process.  Allow me to explain.

The thing about free trade is that it really has nothing to do with free trade.  It’s a regulatory maneuver pure and simple.  We know the champions of free trade are corporations because they are the profiteers of reallocating working capital out of heavy US regulatory environments and into much lighter emerging market regulatory environments.  This is very much a distinction that needs to be made.

What supporters of free trade argue is that it allows a free flow of trade to regions with competitive advantages and thus putting capital to use in the most efficient ways (if they don’t, that is the argument they should be using).  However, the stark reality is emerging markets rarely have competitive advantages in any realm over developed industrial nations.  For instance, the Chinese workers are less productive than American workers and so the cost advantage from labour is not due to higher productivity in China but to much softer wage regulations.

The result is that Americans are losing out on critical manufacturing sector jobs, which is where the American middle class was built.  The free trade champions will argue that because we no longer have a competitive advantage in that type of work we should retrain workers into areas we still have that advantage.  But again, this has nothing to do with competitive advantage.  It’s a convenient argument because it sounds logical if the facts are true.  But the fact that we don’t have a competitive advantage in manufacturing is just not true.  What we have are large dislocations in regulation.  For better or worse, American regulation require corporations to provide a much higher level of overall compensation for domestic employees than regulation does for foreign employees.  And the free trade deals very clearly provide a mechanism by which US corporations can swap heavy i.e. costly US regulation for very light foreign regulation.

Now that’s a fairly standard style free trade debate but the current debate over TPP is more about the legality of the executive branch request to fast track this free trade deal hidden behind a wall of secrecy, i.e. the details are classified.  I’m really at a loss on this one.  If you read my work regularly you are familiar with my angst on American apathy toward our Constitutional rights.  Every week another slew of Constitutional rights are being creatively and quietly withdrawn.  This has been ongoing for decades but at an extraordinary pace over the past 15 years.

The fact that Americans have been so willing to part with their guaranteed Constitutional rights has really emboldened our legislature and executive branches of government to go full bore against the Constitution.   We allow them to spy on us, to imprison us without due process and now to remove us completely from the legislative process.  So in effect we are no longer a self-governed democracy in any way, shape or form.  Somebody somewhere explain to me why that proposition is untrue.  And please do not go down the road of well we vote for a representative and that is how we impose our will on the legislative process.  Save that for whatever dumbshit, drunkass moron it worked on last night at the bar because that doesn’t meet the required standard of debate here sir.

In short we have yet another example of blatant disrespect and disregard for the very process that defines our nation as a self-governed democracy.  Each time we allow the President or legislature to circumvent the will of the people without prosecuting them we place another set of chains around our necks.  This nation has imprisoned millions of men and women for smoking marijuana, an activity that will be legal in all 50 states at some point in the near future.  At the same time, we have not prosecuted one president, policymaker or legislator for breaking Constitutional laws that have now resulted in the unjustified deaths of tens of thousands of American soldiers and innocent civilians and the immeasurable destruction of the very system promised us by those that created this once great nation.

That is heavy heavy stuff.  Yet for some reason we apparently feel much more threatened by a guy smoking a joint in his house than we do by the most powerful men in the world tacitly rendering our Constitution a paper tiger.

Is it that we don’t care?  Is it that we don’t see it?  Is it that we are masochists? What is it about us that makes us so apathetic to the atrocities against our Constitutional rights?  They are there for our protection and so, to we the people, they are assets that require maintenance but we are leaving them to be destroyed by the political elements.  I am really at a loss on this one.  It seems to go in the face of the basic instinct for self survival.

Now I get that inner cities are being supported by government hand outs and so they will be hesitant to rock the boat.  Although that is becoming less and less the case isn’t it.  But I mean even amongst well versed, well educated and very interested Americans there seems to be very little concern, judging by reaction, to the fact that our Constitutional rights are quite blatantly at this point, being taken away from us.  Why is that not creating more of an agitated response??

This is the discussion, this is the debate that needs to happen over TPP.  Corporations will always push for higher profits, that we know, but why does our government feel confident enough to blatantly negate our Constitutional rights so openly in America now?  That is with certainty, the most imminent and paramount question we need to be working on as a free society today or soon we won’t have the right to discuss such things.


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‘And while My Lai is acknowledged, some say that the massacre was only notable because of its scale, and that smaller-scale killings of civilians by U.S. troops were alarmingly commonplace. In his book “Kill Anything That Moves,” journalist Nick Turse argues that American authorities were aware of similar killings and often allowed them.

“The indiscriminate killing of South Vietnamese noncombatants — the endless slaughter that wiped out civilians day after day, month after month, year after year throughout the Vietnam War — was neither accidental nor unforeseeable,” Turse wrote.’

Read more: Largest Known U.S. Vietnam War Atrocity But Ignored by U.S. News Media

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‘Australia’s SBS channel sacked one of its top football commentators, Scott McIntyre, for a series of tweets on Anzac Day doubting the wisdom of glorifying Aussie troops in any theater of war.

As the country marked 100 years since the Gallipoli landings, in which the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) – as British Empire forces – fought Germany’s ally, the Ottoman Empire, McIntyre chose to condemn Australian troops in the campaign for the deeds of some in Egypt prior to the landings. He included ‘Diggers’ in Palestine and Japan in his broadside, and even declared his country guilty by association of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.’

Read more: Australian sports commentator fired for anti-war tweets

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CIA ‘mission accomplished’ in Afghanistan: Afghan poppy farmers say new seeds will boost opium output

–Production hit a record high in 2014, up 17 percent compared to the year before

| 05 May 2015 | This year, many Afghan poppy farmers are expecting a windfall as they get ready to harvest opium from a new variety of poppy seeds said to boost yield of the resin that produces heroin. The plants grow bigger, faster, use less water than seeds they’ve used before, and give up to double the amount of opium, they say. Afghanistan’s poppy harvest, which accounts for most of the world’s heroin, is worth an estimated $3 billion a year, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

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It’s well know about how the drugs trade in Afghanistan is in part being fueled by NATO’s military presence in that country. That’s not the only lucrative sideline though – there much more on offer for the American entrepreneur…

Back in 2010, 21WIRE reported on what appeared to be a growing trend of organized crime rackets in Afghanistan – all perpetrated by US military and contractor personnel partners in crime:

“According to a recent report from the BBC this week, some owners of oil tankers being used to supply fuel to NATO Forces in Afghanistan believe that some of the attacks on their convoys are suspicious. Yes, you heard that right. Contractors have been caught red-handed attacking their own vehicles whilst traveling from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

The reports explains, “Evidence suggests that bombs have been planted in the tankers by the “NATO contractors” – individuals or companies who have been contracted by NATO to supply fuel and goods to forces in Afghanistan.”

Dost Mohammad, an oil tanker owner from Nowshera district, stated that a NATO contractor had recently been caught trying to plant a bomb in an oil tanker. He added that the contractor had apparently sold off the fuel before staging a bombing of the vehicle. “Only 2,000 litres from the original 50,000 litres had been left in the tanker to cover up the crime,” he said.

That was then. Here’s the latest episode of The Sopranos in Kabul…


more here: http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/05/06/the-fraud-of-war-us-militarys-black-market-fuel-racket-in-afghanistan/

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‘It’s now been revealed that “gunman”, Elton Simpson, was already under surveillance by the FBI and was even the subject of a terror investigation. More importantly, we can also confirm Simpson was being handled by an FBI informant.

Court papers filed in Arizona name the FBI undercover informant as Mr. Daba Deng, a Kenyan and who, from 2007, was paid $132,000 by the FBI to “become friends with Mr. Simpson”, and who appears to have groomed Simpson through a local mosque, and helped to develop Simpson’s ideas about “jihad”.

Deng also helped to catch ‘Islamic convert’ Simpson on tape saying he wanted to travel to Somalia to join the terror orgaization al Shabaab. That recording was made on May 29, 2009, which shows Simpson telling his handler Deng, “It’s time to go to Somalia, brother… we gonna make it to the battlefield… it’s time to roll.” This recording was the basis for Simpson’s later FBI arrest, after which time he was ‘let off’ with 3 years probation.’

Read more: Garland Shooter Elton Simpson ‘Handled’ By Paid FBI Informant

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‘On Hardball with Chris Matthews, a U.S. mainstream media program interviewed President Barack Obama and was asked about Russia’s decision on lifting a ban on the sale of S-300 air-defense missile systems to Iran. According to the Jerusalem Post, Obama said “Our defense budget is somewhere just a little under $600 billion.

Theirs is a little over $17 billion. Even if they’ve got some air defense systems, if we had to, we could penetrate them.” Obama declares that the U.S. military would penetrate Iran’s defenses while ignoring the fact that the Iranian forces would respond decisively to such an attack.

The U.S. military would not be alone in its crusade against Iran. Israel and Saudi Arabia would also join their suicide mission. Let’s talk about facts concerning Iran and how it would defend its territory from an invading force.’

Read more: Suicide Mission: Why a War With Iran Will End in Another Defeat for the U.S. Military Machine

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The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth

Year-by-year timeline of America’s wars, which reveals something quite interesting: since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence.  In other words, there were only 21 calendar years in which the U.S. did not wage any wars.
To put this in perspective:
* Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year.
* No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president.  Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered “war presidents.”
* The U.S. has never gone a decade without war.
* The only time the U.S. went five years without war (1935-40) was during the isolationist period of the Great Depression.
*  *  *
Here is a graphic depiction of U.S. wars:
And here is the year-by-year timeline of America’s major wars:

Year-by-year Timeline of America’s Major Wars (1776-2015)

Here: http://refreshingnews99.blogspot.com/2015/04/america-has-been-at-war-93-of-time-222.html

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By Jim Kirwan

At the core of the global problem ­ everywhere today ­ is the total inequality between those who create whatever is being made or sold and those who supposedly “own” the products, the corporations, the governments and the banks – worldwide.

Throughout human history there has always been this inequality between those who produce and those who supposedly pay-for whatever is created: Be that an idea, a religion, a corporation or a supposed government ­ the filthy rich have always controlled the vast populations of this earth to the point of mass starvation that we’ve reached today.

What’s at issue now is food, water and shelter for the world’s populations, in virtually every country including the United States: Because the Barbarians at the top have finally been able to reach the point where they are now unwilling to pay anything for labor at all. This was made possible because too many people refused to demand their just share in the profits they have earned as the creators that have made all the profits possible; whether illicit or corporate: The world has gone from being permanently excluded serfs to slaves with no rights at all.

People cannot drink oil or breathe the fires of their destructions which they continue to create every single day. But what we can do, is decode the jigsaw puzzle parts which they present us with, every single day of every year we continue on in this nightmare they call “FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE” ­ worldwide.

Their lies cover everything from fast food franchises and the ‘big-box-criminal stores’, to weapons’ manufacturers, drug dealers, both legal and illegal, all the way throughout every society ­ we have reached the end of societies and the end of their insanity in the globally-corporate rip-off of the entire planet: Thanks in large part to the advertising lies that have trapped billions of people who need to free themselves by using “The Naked Truth” in advertising ­ worldwide.

For the last two hundred years the power-brokers have been using fake-advertising to keep us all enslaved, while they sell us on what they are “SEEKING” regardless of what that actually means for every man, woman and child on the planet.

‘Powerful brand’ of ISIS, Part ONE


The power-brokers sold most of us on the ideas inherent in CHALLENGE COMPROMISE, as an ‘attainable goal’ for each of us in the misery that our daily lives have now become. All the while downplaying the true reality which the reverse of this pyramid so clearly demonstrates: The dead end path that ends in nothing but total enslavement is the zero choice with no way out except the ignoble death that waits for anyone dumb enough to take this down-bound stairway to permanent silence. An unseen ending which they designed into the false promise of this fake-pyramid that’s been converted to their total control over the planet.

The real question for the public, worldwide, has always been how to counter this seemingly insurmountable nightmare that all of us are facing.

The answer is simple. All we need to do is use ‘Truth in Advertising’, which was once an inherent requirement in any and all advertising of any kind.

To do this effectively now, our hackers in tandem with the actual THINKERS of today need to “get creative”: Given that the Barbarians have been using millions of videos to sell the public on the dominance of the police, over every person on the planet: We need to use those same video’s with a few adjustments to use every one of their “damning ads for their illicit power” to instead condemn that power, by showing the world who is really doing what to whom.

All that NEEDS TO HAPPEN is for hackers the world over, to alter the word “POLICE” on every uniform, from every country in the world. CHANGE “POLICE” into the native language of every video that shows the Police in Action ­ to read: “FUCK YOU” ­ whether it’s a video in America or France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Briton, Chili, Brazil or the Philippines ­ wherever the iron boots of tyranny appear, the names on every official uniform and police shield, MRAP, tank, truck car or drone must show the truth spelled out in those two obscene words ­ in the native language of each country – wherever demonstrations are happening. To complete these “Ads” of course their international-sponsor must also be shown…

Of course the ‘logo’ which would probably be stronger artistically, if it was just an

Ordinary Star of David, but that will obviously vary

Depending on the hacker’s choice…
Just imagine what will happen if millions of police videos, worldwide were to be used to show the people in every country

Just who is really keeping them all enslaved?
The same videos which the corporate butchers have used to terrify

The global public of their supposedly massive police powers

Need instead to be used to insult the public, directly:

So that no one who sees these ‘corrected-videos’ will be left with

Any illusions about who is doing what to them:

Regardless of the country in which these wars are being promoted.
Ironically all the “police”, the world over, are no longer the police

They are just the enforcers of global terror.
If, for instance this, OR SOMETHING LIKE IT, were to be done with the hundreds of thousands of video’s in the United States prior to the coming attack on June 15, 2015 ­ then the public here might just wake-up and rise against this coming attack once they finally figure out what it means to have what was used so callously by our “police” ­ that have become an international occupying force: Using our own troops against us under the slogan that they really came to terrify us with, but who have so far not openly stated… These two words say it all, because that’s what every police confrontation with the members of the public has always been about…

If there was any “law” or any “order” anywhere in this world today, then

This entire situation would not be happening

Because the filth in uniform would have to obey the same laws

Which the thugs say they are here to enforce.
But that’s NOT happening, which is why we have to use the evidence

Of their massive crimes against them, by properly labeling

Everything that’s been going on in the world –

Since the beginning of the New Millennium, fifteen years ago.

This could definitely be a BENEFICIAL instance of “TRUTH in ADVERTISING”

When it’s used to decloak what we’re all being threatened with.

Around the entire planet, in each and every language

That’s now being used against their own people.

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The Israelification of American Law Enforcement, a clear and present danger. America’s law enforcement has been training in Israel for years with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces or more appropriately the Israeli Death Forces) and the Israeli police. This fact has been reported in the main stream media, but when you bring this issue up many people tend to attack you and suggest you go put on your tin foil hat.

Why shoot the messenger? What is the harm in looking at facts? How are we supposed to fix the police state, stop the illegal wars based on lies and gain some semblance of the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers fought and died for without looking at facts?

The recent killings and police brutality against its own citizens in America and the stripping of all things Constitutional and Bill of Rights like in Ferguson, MO has shed light on this alarming situation. Once again we have evidence of the brutal Police State in action, protest provocateurs and all!

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‘While skimming tens of millions of dollars from U.N. levies imposed on airline travelers, the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Aids Initiative worked closely with a pharmaceutical company in India to distribute “drastically substandard” generic antiretroviral drugs to Third World countries that had no chance of helping HIV/AIDs patients, according to a Wall Street analyst.

As WND reported Wednesday, over the past six weeks, Charles Ortel shared with WND, prior to publication, the results of his six-month, in-depth investigation into what he characterizes as an elaborate scheme devised by the Clintons to enrich themselves. WND reported Thursday the Clintons appear to have personally profited from an airline-ticket levy program run by the U.N. group UNITAID that used the Clintons’ international prestige to “leverage” manufacturers of prescription quality drugs and health-care products and sell them to developing countries at a discount price.’

Read more: Yet Another Scandal: Clinton Foundation distributed useless drugs to AIDS patients

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