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‘New York Congressman Peter King was spreading more of his brand of fear on Fox News last night, telling viewers that officials in New York are worried that there is going to be a dirty bomb attack this weekend.

Speaking to Megyn Kelly regarding the heightened chatter of a possible terrorist attack during 4th of July celebrations, King took things to a whole new level.

Saying he’s never seen this level of concern, King stated “You wouldn’t see the… nuclear explosion detection devices being used the way they are… if this were just a routine warning.”’

Read more: Terror panic: Rep. Says NYC Officials Expecting DIRTY BOMB Attack on July 4th

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Israeli military escorts Gaza-bound aid flotilla flagship to port of Ashdod

| 29 June 2015 | The ship that was trying to lead a flotilla of aid boats to the blockaded Gaza has arrived to the Israeli port of Ashdod after being apprehended by the Israeli military. It was detained earlier on Monday and there has been no contact with it for hours. It is unclear what is going to happen to the people aboard the vessel, RT reports from the port of Ashdod. They could be detained on the spot or escorted to the Ben Gurion airport to be sent out of Israel first thing Tuesday morning.

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‘Fears have emerged that the terror attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia may have been part of ISIS’s plans to mark the holy month of Ramadan with an unprecedented spate of violence ‘against the non-believers’.

The UN Security Council issued the attacks in ‘the strongest of terms’ but it remains likely that these trio of attacks may not be the last incidents of carnage during the holy month of Ramadan.

One year after ISIS announced its self-proclaimed caliphate, experts are already suggesting that the attacks, although geographically spread out, may have been linked as part of co-ordinated spate of violence.’

Read more: Coordinated terrorism by US-created ‘ISIS’ to frighten the world into docile acquiescence and deletion of freedom (by those you never see)

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‘The White House has expressed opposition to a bid by the Palestinian Authority to prosecute Israel for war crimes in Gaza.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki has submitted a dossier to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The files detailed Israeli war crimes in Gaza and its illegal construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The files were prepared by a 45-member committee, appointed by President Mahmoud Abbas in February, and chaired by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiator Saeb Erekat.

They complement a preliminary investigation done by ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda into probable crimes on Palestinian territory.’

Read more: White House opposes Palestine’s bid to sue Israel

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‘The Australian Government is wrestling with a double game it has created by backing sectarian terrorists in Syria, encouraging the export of young Australians to these groups, then entering into a fake war against terrorism and ringing alarm bells over the threat of them returning home.

In the name of anti-terrorism Canberra has cancelled dozens of passports and, more recently, passed a law to strip citizenship from dual citizens believed to be involved with some of the armed groups plaguing Syria and Iraq. Since 2012 about 200 Australian citizens are thought to have joined these groups and several dozen have been killed.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently attacked the state-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for allowing Zaky Mallah, a notorious supporter of anti-Syrian Islamists, to speak on national television. Yet Mallah, who boasts of his close relations Australia’s domestic intelligence, has enjoyed substantial media attention in recent years.’

Read more: Australia’s Double Game on Terrorism

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I have a hard time with people not being willing to recognize what’s obviously in front of their faces. It’s a voluntary mind game people play with themselves to justify whatever it is they think they want. This is massively exacerbated by an array of social engineering tactics, many of which are to create the very mind sets and desires people so adamantly defend.

But that’s no excuse for a lack of simple conscious recognition and frankly makes absolutely no sense.

We can’t blame these manipulators for everything. Ultimately we all have free choice. Plainly seeing what’s right in front of our noses, no matter how well sold or disguised, is our human responsibility. That people would relinquish this innate right and capability totally escapes me.

The Handwriting On the Wall

Actually, it’s much more obvious than even that. Pointless wars costing millions of innocent lives, poisoned food, air and water, demolished resources, manipulated economies run by elitist bankers who nonchalantly lend money with conditions for “interest”, corporate profiteering at any cost to humanity, a medical system built on sickness instead of health, media mindmush poisoning children and adults alike, draconian clampdowns for any reason, and on and on.

Why is this not obvious to people that something is seriously wrong, and clearly intended to be just the way it is? Do they really think it’s gonna iron itself out, especially with clearly psychopathic power mad corrupt maniacs in charge?

 That’s what they’ll tell you. “Give it time, we’re just going through a hiccup. Everything works out…” yada yada. Why? Because that’s what they want to believe. And the constructed world system is waiting with open arms to reinforce that insanity. And “Heck, if millions of others feel the same as me I can’t possibly be wrong.”


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‘International law is clear. Fourth Geneva’s Article 33 states:

“No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”

It doesn’t matter. Israel systematically ignores all international human rights, humanitarian and other laws it objects to – as well as dozens of earlier Security Council Resolutions condemning or censuring its actions and demanding they end, none in recent years because of US vetoes.

It attacks entire Palestinian communities because of alleged crimes committed by one or more residents. It wages wars based on phony pretexts. It commits numerous other high crimes against humanity because it knows who’ll stop its abusive practices.’

Read more: Israel’s Response To Everything – Collective Punishment

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‘The cost of global war in the year 2014 reached $14.3 trillion, or 13.4 percent of the global gross domestic product, a report by the Institute for Economics and Peace says.

Last year, the cost of global conflict equaled the combined economies of Britain, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, and Spain, according to a recent report by the Australia-based group.’

Read more: Global conflict cost world $14.3 trillion in 2014: Report

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‘Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham suggested over the weekend that he would fire military leaders who did not support his plan to send 10,000 troops back to Iraq.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that military officials had cautioned President Barack Obama against sending combat troops to fight the radical Islamic group ISIS in Iraq.

“After the past 12 years in the Middle East, there is a real focus by senior military leaders on understanding what the endgame is,” a military official told the Post.’

Read more: Rothschild Zionist Lindsey Graham: Military leaders ‘need to be fired’ if they don’t support my plan for war in Iraq

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‘The Isis militant group has seized enough radioactive material from government facilities to suggest it has the capacity to build a large and devastating “dirty” bomb, according to Australian intelligence reports.

Isis declared its ambition to develop weapons of mass destruction in the most recent edition of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, and Indian defence officials have previously warned of the possibility the militants could acquire a nuclear weapon from Pakistan.

According to the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, Nato has expressed deep concerns about the materials seized by Isis from research centres and hospitals that would normally only be available to governments.’

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Report: Israel built and exploded ‘dirty bombs’ in nuclear test

‘Israel built and exploded so-called “dirty bombs,” explosives laced with nuclear material, to examine how such explosions would affect the country if it were to be attacked by the crude radioactive weapons, the Haaretz daily newspaper reported Monday.

Israeli defense officials and scientists refused to comment on the report when reached by The Associated Press. However, Israel has what is widely considered to be an extensive nuclear weapons program that it has never declared.

The Haaretz report, which included photographs, said the project conducted 20 detonations with explosives laced with a radioactive substance. Mini-drones measured radiation levels and sensors logged the force of the explosions, Haaretz reported.’

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The Saudis are ready to go nuclear

–The kingdom’s ambassador to London tells the Telegraph that ‘all options are on the table’ if talks fail to keep Iran in check

| 08 June 2015 | In the past two years, Saudi Arabia has beaten Britain into fourth place in the world’s military spending league with a defence budget of around £37 billion (compared with the UK at around £34 billion). The military offensive in Yemen has seen Saudi Arabia [war criminals, terrorists, and sociopaths] deploy an estimated 150,000 troops — nearly twice the size of the British Army — while Saudi fighter jets, many of them British-made, have flown thousands of sorties. Now the Saudis have raised the alarming prospect of the Middle East becoming embroiled in a nuclear arms race after the country’s blunt warning that “all options are on the table” if Iran fails to resolve the international stand-off over its nuclear programme.

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U.S. quietly starts channeling arms from $1.6 billion fund to Iraq

| 05 June 2015 | The United States has quietly started delivering promised arms for Iraqi soldiers from a $1.6 billion fund approved by Congress last year, officials said…The Pentagon said long-awaited equipment from the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF) started being fielded about two weeks ago and was moving as fast as possible. Officials noted extensive, previous arms transfers under different U.S. authorities. The first U.S. material provided to Iraqi forces under ITEF outfitted an Iraqi army brigade with rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars, protective masks and other gear. And more arms were on the way, Pentagon spokeswoman Commander Elissa Smith said.

Does anyone else see what’s happening here? I-CIA-SIS was created so the open money pit for US contractors supplying Iraq with arms and bogus ‘training’ programs can continue until the end of time.

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Been awhile since MOSSAD Studios, HDQ in Herzliya, Israel has sent a video allegedly showing some USA/Saudi Arabia funded IS/ISIS/DAESH/pick your own Zionist mob, chopping the heads off of some poor victims.

Why is that? Is it because Israel, most likely the most paranoid nation on the planet, is now more scared of the most excellent Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement than the ‘al CIA Duh’ groups they’ve helped to create?

From hip-hop singer Lauryn Hill canceling her concert in ‘Stolenland,’ to French corporate giant Veolia selling off nearly all of its business activity in Israel, to Brazil refusing to issue a security contract for its Olympics to an Israeli firm, International Security and Defence Systems, things are starting to get hot for the racists, murderers, liars, thieves, corrupters, illegal drug dealers, white slavers, bigots, back-stabbers and false flag experts in Apartheid Israel.

When the ‘Juden’ loving French start turning against the Talmud Terrorists, you know Bibi the Butcher and his cabinet of blood-soaked lunatics are getting edgy.

Sure, the 9/11 False Flag, masterminded by Israel and aided by American traitors in the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA was going as planned for a number of years, but as it is wont to do, truth finally emerges and is enlightening people’s minds as to who the real terror on this globe is, Apartheid Israel.

Zionist Jew horror movie producer Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence Group has been especially quite, making one wonder if she’s producing a really big flick that shows the next Israeli False Flag attack against the USA, framing the Muslims, be it from Gaza, Ukraine or Iran or just enjoying all that money she got paid from distributing all those fake beheading videos?
One of Rita’s buddies warning us American sheeple to be, well, sheeple!
6.4.15 photo SITE_1_zpsllkrwokk.png
Or maybe she’s having a torrid affair with some FBI agent, since she claimed in her comedy book, “Terrorist Hunter,’ that FBI agents find her sexual appeal overwhelming.

Or maybe Rita is living it up with another Zionist terror op, her good friend Steve Emerson, who likes to bully people until they push back, then cries to the Feds.
Brainwashing 101, Juden style
Whatever the reason, the Zionists and their Jew Overlords haven’t taken over the world yet, but still know how to play us GOY like fools. They use their choke-hold on the MSM to publish garbage to infect our minds, while ignoring the real problems, mainly because those problems are caused by Israel and the Jews.

Still think the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ are some kind of fraud or forgery?

When we should see in the MSM serious reporting on our problems, we instead see a round-the-clock freak show, purporting to be news, but nothing more than a sickness that is infecting people and breaking down their ability to think and worse, showing our children that repulsive filth like the ‘Brucie’ Jenner freak show is now the norm.


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