New polls show that – even after the Senate torture report showed that torture is unnecessary and doesn’t work – Americans still think torture is necessary and works.


Because they still don’t know the truth … because the mainstream media has hidden it from them. Specifically, Americans still believe that torture works to produce helpful intelligence that helps keep us safe.

Americans wouldn’t support torture if they knew the following facts, proven beyond any doubt:

They have, from the beginning, been trying to prevent an investigation into war crimes.

  • The detainees held up as “poster boy” justifications for torture actually prove the opposite


This article originally appeared at RT

RT’s five YouTube channels combined have hit the 2 billion views benchmark, strengthening the channel’s role as the leading news provider on the popular video hosting service.

RT content on Youtube has generated over 3 times as many views as CNN & Euronews respectively, and 2.5 times Al Jazeera’s viewership.

Over 540 million views were generated by the network to date in 2014.

A photo of the mangrove trees in the Sundarbans covered in oil.

On December 12, three days after a cargo vessel collided with a tanker, oil coats mangrove trees in the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh. The Sundarbans, extending into India, is a delta that forms the world’s largest contiguous tidal mangrove forest—a haven for a spectacular diversity of animals.

Photograph by Reza Shahriar Rahman, Counter Foto

Caroline Alexander

for National Geographic

Published December 16, 2014

Oil from a wrecked tanker is creating a disaster in the waters of Bangladesh’s Sundarbans, the largest contiguous tidal mangrove forest in the world and a haven for a spectacular array of species, including the rare Irrawaddy and Gangetic dolphins and the highly endangered Bengal tiger.

 “This catastrophe is unprecedented in the Sundarbans, and we don’t know how to tackle this,” Amir Hossain, chief forest official of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh, told reporters.

Named for the native sundari tree, the Sundarbans is a vast delta of densely forested, mangrove-fringed islands threaded by an intricate network of creeks and channels, or canals. The delta is a UNESCO World Heritage site that encompasses some 3,850 square miles (1,000 square kilometers), with roughly one-third lying in India and two-thirds in Bangladesh.

On both sides of the border, densely populated villages abut protected areas set aside for the region’s extraordinary biodiversity.

Map of the oil spill in Bangladesh

NG Staff. Sources: UNEP-WCMC; ProtectedPlanet.net

In the early hours of December 9, in dense fog, the tanker Southern Star 7, carrying some 92,000 gallons of bunker oil, was rammed by a cargo vessel in the Sela River, at the entrance to the Bangladesh Sundarbans, southeast of the river port of Mongla. The collision occurred inside the Chandpai dolphin sanctuary.

Seven crew members survived by jumping ship and swimming to shore. The body of Captain Mokhlesur Rahman was retrieved five days later.

Reportedly, some 52,000 gallons of fuel has already leaked into the brackish tidal water. According to Hossain, the spill has spread over a 40-mile-long (64 kilometers) area along the Sela and Pusur Rivers.

Official announcements have not yet clarified the extent of the damage. News footage shown on local television has revealed lines of oil-blackened shoreline and mangrove trees bearing a high-tide mark of black oil.

In television interviews, villagers and fishers have complained of the smell of oil. Sightings of dead fish and crabs have been reported in the Chandpai region’s channels.

An aerial photo of the shrimp farming ponds in the Sundarbans mangrove forest

This aerial photograph of the Sundarbans, made in 2010, shows a densely forested landscape interlaced with creeks and channels.

‘Believe it or not, Citigroup announced on Friday that it would move its headquarters from New York to the actual U.S. Capitol Building, in Washington, D.C., in early 2015. Yes! They might as well had since they got everything they wanted… Could you imagine.

Citi outbid JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to lease thirty thousand square feet of prime real estate on the floor of the House of Representatives.

This is just jumping off the cliff. Not only did these people grease enough palms to repeal Dodd Frank, they are now virtually leasing space right in the Capital Building and managed to increase the donation limitation from $32,400 to $324,000. They own Congress.’

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‘Iran repeatedly warned Australia about the criminal past of the perpetrator of the Sydney cafe siege and called for him to be kept under surveillance, top officials in Tehran said.

Man Haron Monis, the Iranian-born self-styled cleric who died along with two of the people he had taken hostage, was being investigated over fraud charges when he fled in 1996, police said.

But Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Asia and Oceania affairs, Ebrahim Rahimpour, said Australia ignored the guidance sent.’

Read more: Iran to Australia: We warned you about the gunman

Police officer won’t be charged with the 4-5 pounds of marijuana found in his home.

A Richmond police officer found with marijuana in his home earlier this year likely won’t be charged with a crime, authorities said, but his future on the police force is undetermined.

Veteran K-9 officer Joe Avila has been on paid administrative leave since September, pending an internal investigation, officials in the Richmond Police Department said.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office has been investigating since the case came to its attention earlier this year but is not inclined to file charges, said Robin Lipetzky, the county’s chief public defender. According to Lipetzky, the decision likely stems from evidence not strong enough to produce a conviction.

A search warrant affidavit obtained by this newspaper shows that Avila picked up a box containing about 4 to 5 pounds of marijuana from a UPS store on Nov. 25, 2013. Avila then radioed a dispatcher to say that he would file an incident report.

Avila never did so, according to the search warrant. Instead, in what several police sources have said is a violation of Richmond police policy, the marijuana ended up in his Oakley home instead of being placed into a department evidence locker.

The matter came to officials’ attention after an officer was assigned in January 2014 to investigate Avila’s alleged failure to write more than three dozen police reports, the warrant said.

As the investigation continued, internal affairs investigators informed Avila he would be placed on administrative leave for failing to file 37 reports, one of them the report of the marijuana he picked up at the UPS store. When questioned, Avila told investigators that he used 2 pounds of the marijuana to train his police dog in February 2014, and when pressed, he acknowledged there may be more in the trunk of his K-9 patrol car or at his house.

During their search, police found marijuana in the home.

According to police sources, Richmond police officers are required to follow strict guidelines about labeling, packaging and storing potential evidence and must file a police report before the end of their shift unless special circumstances dictate they don’t.

Jon Stewart spent the first segment of tonight’s Daily Show diving into a former vice president’s Meet the Press appearance and asking, “Is Dick Cheney a righteous warrior or a psychopath?” Stewart called Cheney the “best-slash-worst” on this particular issue, and mocked him for setting the nation’s moral bar pretty low by defining the event of 9/11 as torture that the U.S. has not sank to.

And what amazed Stewart is how after all these years, Cheney is “impervious to doubt” and the thought that maybe any of what he says is “complete bullshit.”

Stewart concluded, “George W. Bush, thank you for not dying while you were in office.”

From the Baltimore Sun:

A city police officer is accused of beating a Jack Russell terrier puppy with a mop, then choking the dog and sending a picture of its dead body to its owner — his girlfriend. Montgomery County Police have charged Alec Eugene Taylor, 27, of Silver Spring, with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse or neglect of an animal. Taylor’s girlfriend told police she received a text from Taylor on February 26 telling her that he killed the seven-month-old dog, named Rocko, after it defecated on the carpet. He then sent her a picture, according to a news release. She told police Taylor said he was tired of cleaning up the dog’s mess and that he had beaten it with a mop before throwing its body in a parking lot dumpster. Police said he later told investigators he used a mop to force Rocko from behind the dryer and then used his hands to choke the dog.


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Abby Martin talks to Laurel Krause, co-founder of the Kent State Truth Tribunal about the Kent State massacre cover-up 43 years on, and the news that the UN Human Rights Council will be looking into the US government’s actions on that day.

Activists Trash [FBI Snitch and Fraud] Sharpton for Silencing Speaker at DC Rally

16 Dec 2014 Critics denounce him a race hustler [FBI snitch, corporatist, and fraud], and now some grassroots activists are calling the Rev. Al Sharpton an elitist and questioning his self-appointed role as a civil rights leader for a younger generation. Sharpton angered some protesters at a weekend march in Washington, D.C., after he created a VIP section for special guests and pulled the microphone on an activist who wanted to address the crowd. “Youth protesters push back against Al Sharpton’s role in police brutality marches,” the website Mashable reports. “If Rev. Al Sharpton ever hoped to lead the ‘black lives matter’ movement that’s sweeping the United States, he likely lost that opportunity in one moment on Saturday.”

A Huntington Beach man was sentenced Friday to 36 years to life in state prison for sexually assaulting a disabled boy he was related to and producing child pornography.

Jeffrey Adam Tracy, 38, was found guilty on Oct. 16 of two felony counts of oral copulation of a child 10 years old or younger, four felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14 and a felony count of using a minor for sex acts, U.S. Immigrations and Customs spokeswoman Virginia Kice said.

A joint task force investigation of a suspect uploading child pornography videos on the Internet using various file sharing programs resulted in Tracy’s arrest on Sept. 27, 2013.

Tracy was described by federal officials as a church worship leader in Huntington Beach. Authorities declined to name the church Tracy attended.


Very interesting findings on my last airplane flight.    It was during the day, so good lighting, and no adjacent passengers, so I could do plenty of Geiger testing without getting anyone upset.

I have video and pictures are will place these into a post at Nukepro when I can

There was considerable radiation differences in different areas on the flight path, and at the same cruising altitude.    Basically 11 CPS to 15 CPS.   CLICKS PER SECOND!   not per minute, per second!

The upper atmosphere is FULL of radiation.    Much more so than 20 years ago.     Cosmic radiation is various stuff, and what you will pick up on an Inspector Geiger will be gamma.    There is no beta radiation in Cosmic.

A few centimeters of flesh will stop all Beta radiation

By putting the Pancake Style Geiger on my leg, I can effectively block all beta coming from the “downside”.     Beta from the “upside” will still hit the Geiger tube, so I can block half the Beta

In multiple repeated tests the readings quickly ramped down from 15 CPS to 11 CPS doing the Leg Beta Blocker test routine <LBB>(TM stock 2014).     This is a delta of 4 CPS due to Beta being blocked on one side of the pancake geiger.

Since I was blocking 50% of the Beta with the flesh of my leg (or stomach as shown in the video), this means there is 2 times 4 CPS beta in the aircraft.   8 CPS Beta, of 480 CPM Beta inside the air of the airplane.    I see.

This Beta, to repeat, is not Cosmic.   Fukushima is here.

Review the Nukepro Geiger interpretation chart here to see what 240CPM means.

Here are 2 videos shot back to back that shows the massive Beta reduction using “body shielding”.

VIDEOS HERE: http://nukeprofessional.blogspot.com/2014/11/massive-radiation-found-in-upper.html

NRA head signals massive release of tainted water to help decommission Fukushima site 
The head of Japan’s nuclear watchdog said contaminated water stored at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant should be released into the ocean to ensure safe decommissioning of the reactors.  Shunichi Tanaka, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, made the comment Dec. 12 after visiting the facility to observe progress in dismantling the six reactors. The site was severely damaged in the tsunami generated by the 2011 earthquake.
“I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of tanks (holding water tainted with radioactive substances),” Tanaka told reporters, indicating they pose a danger to decommissioning work. “We have to dispose of the water.”  
With regard to expected protests by local fishermen over the discharge, Tanaka said, “We also have to obtain the consent of local residents in carrying out the work, so we can somehow mitigate (the increase in tainted water).”

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